If you have read Part 1 then you know what's happening.

If not, then this is what is happening. The "Now" section sees Emily in the present day, staying with her Daddy in a cottage in Scotland. The "Then" section deals with Emily's back story whereby her Daddy has travelled from Scotland to California to collect his wayward daughter and they are now flying back to Scotland.

Part 2 continues in that mode, resuming where both sections left off.

If you haven't read Part 1 and don't want to read Part 1, don't worry. I won't take it personally.

All characters are over 18 and while they are fictional they do wear face masks, wash their hands and observe social distancing.


Emily comes in from the garden and enters the cottage's spacious kitchen. She loves the kitchen with its big island in the middle and the table where she has breakfast each morning with Daddy. The kitchen is important to them both because this is where they plan and cook their meals. Daddy had decided that he and Emily both needed to eat healthier and so it became something they planned and did together. They have fun trying to create their own Tex Mex/So Cal/ Scottish fusions that somehow avoids chips, French fries and fried chicken.

Three of the kitchen walls consist of the original stonework from the cottage while the fourth wall is a floor to ceiling glass window which looks over the patio and their garden. Beyond the garden wall and out over the water they can see the Isle of Arran. Next month Emily and Daddy have planned to get the Ferry over to the island and explore it on their bikes.

The cottage started as a renovation project for Daddy and some colleagues from work. When it was completed Daddy bought out his colleagues' shares and moved in. He had been staying here for about 10 months before he came for Emily and now he rented out his city apartment in Glasgow.

Much of the original stone walls and wooden ceilings of the old cottage had been saved and restored and, where possible, they had installed glass walls which ensured that rooms which would previously have been dimly lit now benefitted from lots of natural light.

The cottage had two large adjoining buildings which had also been renovated and now formed part of the new building. On one side there were previously stables and on the other side was a storage facility for farming equipment. The stables had been converted to provide a large bathroom which contained a small sauna and a large shower. What Emily liked best was the large jacuzzi which was just perfect for her and Daddy. The storage room had had been converted to provide two large bedrooms and an office.

In the kitchen Emily looked again at the breakfast table. It was a solid country-style wooden table and that very morning her Daddy had bent her over it. He had lifted her white cotton summer dress, pulled down her white cotton panties and spanked her bare bottom until it burned red. Emily had earned her spanking by pouting and being petulant when Daddy had told her he might need to work late.

She had muttered "Don't hurry back on my account."

It wasn't a harsh, punishment spanking but more like one of Daddy's "keeping Emily in line" spankings. They still hurt and turned her bottom crimson but they were not as physically painful as the punishments.

Now Emily bends over the kitchen table, her hands gripping the sides as they did that morning, and closes her eyes. She feels again the smooth wooden surface on her cheek and she slowly and gently grinds her pussy against the corner of the table. Daddy had been about to leave when she had made her sarcastic remark. He didn't say a word. He pushed her down, bared her bottom and spanked her.

He must have seen her wet pussy and he would have known what she was longing for, would have seen her raise her hips up, wanting him. He had his daughter pinned helplessly on the table and he could have taken her. He could have done whatever he wanted.

But instead Daddy had left there in her shame, slumped over the breakfast table, his handprints red on her cheeks and her pussy lips wet and glistening. Her need for him exposed. Only when she heard the front door close did Emily move herself off the table and pull up her panties.

Later Emily had texted him to say she was sorry for being bad and she was so happy when he replied. He forgave her but reminded her of her tasks for the day.

Now here she is bent over the table again, her pussy getting wetter as she imagines her Daddy standing behind her, his thick cock ready to penetrate her. Emily imagines his hands gripping her firmly, keeping her in place as he mounts her. Slowly she reaches one hand between her legs seeking out her clit.

But Daddy's reminder is fresh in her memory and her bottom is still tender so reluctantly Emily pushes up from the table, forcing herself to take control and to get back on task. She needs to subdue her desires and focus on pleasing her Daddy by doing what they had agreed she would do.

And so Emily heads to the bathroom for a shower to clean up after her work in the garden and then afterwards she will go online to continue her college course. When Daddy comes back from work he will see that she has been his good girl.


The journey from LA to Glasgow seemed to last forever. The 3 hour stop at Newark Airport didn't help but eventually they boarded the United Airlines jet for the 6 hour flight to Glasgow Airport.

After a couple of in-flight drinks and a movie Daddy reclined his seat and closed his eyes. Emily rested her head on his shoulder. She was still angry about him interfering in her life but she did enjoy being with him. She was still determined to come up with a plan that would result in Daddy sending her back to LA, hopefully after just a few weeks. And as they crossed the Atlantic Ocean she thought she had come up with a strategy that would get her what she wanted.

It was clear that Daddy was serious about Emily making positive changes and there would be no point in her fighting this. This wouldn't be a problem as the shock of Daddy's actions had given Emily the wake-up call she needed. She decided that she would work on her CV and send it out to potential employers in the hope of securing some part-time employment. She would ask for Daddy's help with this and that would let him see that she was trying to change and that his intervention had worked.

She would also look for a way to resume College or further education and again this would make Daddy think things were being turned around. In addition to convincing Daddy that she was acting like an adult she would also focus on her health and fitness. Daddy's harsh words about her appearance had stung.

If she could show Daddy that she was going to make changes in her life then he would be happy to have her back over in California.

This morning before they left the house for the airport, Emily had activated her spare mobile phone. It was a present from her Mom that she had never used. As Daddy had been able to access all her social media from her old phone she decided it would be a good idea to use Mom's phone to keep in touch with her friends.

Daddy didn't approve of Emily's friends but that was too bad because he didn't get to choose them. Yes they weren't like her old group of friends and they were a bit wilder but so what. They had been shocked when she told them about Daddy taking her to Scotland. But she assured them that she would keep in touch and would be back soon.

There was still one last strand to Emily's plan for getting Daddy to let her go back. She had been thinking about reminding Daddy that she was no longer a little girl. She was a young woman and she was going to make sure he saw her as that. The idea given to her by her friends was to find ways to freak Daddy out by wearing revealing clothes or accidentally exposing herself in a way that would make him feel really uncomfortable and desperate to get her out of sight and back home to LA.

She told herself it was just a part of a plan but when she thought about putting into practice her tummy did flip flops and she involuntarily clenched her vaginal muscles.

She couldn't escape the images of the things that had filled her head when she had fingered herself to an orgasm last night. Vivid pictures of what she imagined doing with her Daddy.

She couldn't ignore the sodden bed sheets. She had got up before Daddy the next morning, stripped her bed and washed the sheets. When Daddy saw her taking the sheets from the dryer he looked at her questioningly but said nothing. How could she have explained the sheets to her Daddy?

"Well you see Daddy, I imagined that after my spanking you roughly pushed me down on my knees, grabbed my hair and forced your hot, thick cock into my mouth and right to the back of my throat.

Then I imagined you fucking my face, before filling my mouth with your hot cum and I just came so fucking hard that I must have squirted. Not only did I need to wash these sheets but I had to turn the damn mattress!"

In the cold light of day she assumed these thoughts were to do with his sudden arrival at her house and that they were not that unusual. She had heard her friends talk about "Daddy" fantasies but they were surely passing feelings that went nowhere.

Emily felt sure that by appearing to make the changes to her life that Daddy was looking for and by making him uncomfortable around her by flaunting herself sexually, he would happily send her back to LA having done his job as a father. With her plan set, Emily closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep as the plane continued its journey.

After a few hours Emily woke up as the plane encountered a little turbulence. It was only a momentary disruption. The cabin lights were off and the plane was in darkness so she turned back towards Daddy, pulling up the blanket so it covered them both.

She couldn't remember getting the blanket but assumed it must have been Daddy or one of the cabin crew. It didn't matter as she was comfortable and cosy snuggled into her Daddy. She could feel him breathing, his chest gently rising and falling. She was drowsily aware of his arm and leg as she pressed against him and she realised that her hand was resting on his thigh.

How close was her little hand to her Daddy's cock she wondered? A smile crossed her sleepy face as she thought about her hand slowly moving until she could feel it. She could imagine rubbing it as Daddy slept, feeling it grow harder, bulging against his zip.

It was dark in the plane and people were either sleeping or wearing headphones. Who would know if, under cover of the blanket, Emily unzipped her Daddy and tugged his cock free? She could start stroking it, feeling its warmth and smooth hardness, enjoying how it grew thicker with her touch and Daddy stifling his moans. What if Daddy woke up, she thought, and realised that his daughter was slowly jerking him off while they were on a plane. Would he let her finish him off with her hand or would he take advantage of the darkness and a compliant daughter?

Perhaps Daddy would push Emily's head down under the blanket and thrust his cock upwards into her mouth and watch as her head bobbed up and down under the blanket until he finally shot his thick, hot cum into her mouth? Would he keep her head down until she had swallowed every drop and licked him clean?

A slight jolt from further turbulence startled Emily causing her to sit up in her seat so quickly that one of the cabin crew came up the aisle to see if she was okay.

"Were you dreaming?" the concerned cabin crew member asked.

"Eh, yes, I think so." replied Emily, hoping the dim lighting would hide her embarrassment.

When the crew member moved up the aisle Emily tried to get her thoughts and feelings in order. She was drowsy so maybe it was dream rather than her imagination running wild again. Her thoughts were so wrong, so bad and yet the sensations running through her body were so fucking hot. That's when she became aware of the dampness between her legs.

Beside her, Daddy woke up, stretching as best he could in his seat. He lifted the little window blind and the early dawn light shone through making them both squint a little.

Out the window they could see the Scottish coastline, lots of island shrouded in a low, morning mist.

As the lights came and the smell of coffee filled the cabin Daddy kissed Emily on the cheek, making her blush.

"Welcome home baby,"