She entered the kitchen and looked admiringly at his lean physique.

He was wearing an apron over his vest and track pants, engrossed in his cooking.

"What's for dinner?" She asked. He turned around and noticed her. She was sitting on the kitchen platform, smiling in her blue tank top and black shorts. She hopped down and walked towards him.

He was half a foot taller than her. "Nothing special, just our usual go-to chicken salad."

"Do you want anything?" He said, turning around and resuming his cooking.

"No no," she said as she came closer. She hugged him from behind and looked at the table from the side of his back. "I just wanna watch my man cook for me," she said, hugging him tightly.

He could smell her pleasant fruity fragrance. He could also feel her big perky breasts on his back. He couldn't concentrate now. "Ouch," he said.

"What happened?" She exclaimed with surprise. "Don't you like my tight hug?" she asked with a sense of fake sadness.

"Oh, you know exactly why I said ouch!" he said.

She started smirking. "Well well, you continue," she said and he resumed cooking. "I'll try to please my Man while he cooks for me, let me see my man's manly parts!" she said as she pulled down his trousers forcefully. "Oh, damn what is this!" She said and started smirking again.

He was wearing black thigh high stockings attached to black panties. He felt so embarrassed.

"What happened to my MAN! Why is he wearing this girly stuff!" She exclaimed, with her mischievous eyes teasing him.

"Are you kidding me! You literally made me wear this forcefully!" He exclaimed, looking down, still embarrassed, and his cheeks flushed.

"I know. I'm evil!" She said with a grin on her face. "You know what. You continue cooking while I please my girly man.".

She pulled down his stockings and panties. A little locked cage popped out. "Oh my god!" she said amusingly. "I forgot that you had to wear this for the week. It's your submission week. And it's been 3 days since my pretty boy last got erect. Hon, must be so frustrated, you can't even touch your cock." She said, enjoying the moment, kneeling down next to it and looking up to him.

They had both decided to spice things up, they agreed mutually to have a femdom week on the woman's day week. And as per the agreement, she had locked his cock up in a steel chastity cage they had bought. He had to wear it all the time throughout the week. He had to sleep in it, bathe in it, had to do his toiletries in it.

He couldn't get hard as the cage was only 1.5 inch long. He couldn't pee standing up like a man and had to sit down. Aarushi was happy because that solved the toilet seat problem for them. He'd no longer have to be reminded to keep it hygienic and the toilet seat could be down forever.

Raghav had been very affectionate towards her since he was locked up. He knew she owned his dick. And he was doing everything to get her to unlock him, it was all about her pleasure.

Aarushi meanwhile would walk around the house naked just to tease him, she'd strip him naked and masturbate with her vibrator while holding his locked cock and balls in her hands. Each time she'd get a wave of pleasure she'd moan loudly and squeeze his balls involuntarily. He'd be dripping precum by the time her pussy was satisfied. She also gave him a lapdance once in his locked 1.5 inch cage, moving her beautiful dusky body in perfect rhythm with those supple firm breasts and round ass, in lacy lingerie. He almost cried. She hugged him later and consoled him. But she didn't let him out. She was a natural domme.

"Do you know where the key is, baby?" She said looking up.

"Tell me please" he said with hopeful eyes.

She removed her blue tank top revealing her black bra. And pulled a shiny small key from her left bra cup. "See! I keep it close to my heart." she said with a warm smile. She clinked the iron bars of the cage with the key twice. "Okay you've been a good boy for the past three days, you've been so affectionate. I'll give you a little oral pleasure as a reward on the condition that you go back to cooking." She ordered.

He resumed his cooking while she fondled his trapped balls. And then to his surprise and horror, he felt her warm mouth on his cock through the cage! He stopped and looked down. She was giving him a blowjob without unlocking his cock.

She looked up and said "Look baby, I'll look into your eyes while I blow your cage." and she looked at him innocently and licked the outer metal tip of the cage.

"I can't, please stop." He requested.

"Awww" she said pausing for a bit, "You look so cute when you're humiliated." She resumed her gaze and continued giving the blowjob on the cage while he closed his eyes in frustration. He could feel the warmth of her mouth and her tongue on his dick through the bars. But the cage wouldn't let him get erect.

"Stop it! I'm warning you." he exclaimed.

"What are you gonna do if I don't!" she said mischievously provoking him further. "Look, I'm giving your little dick a deepthroat." she said as she put all 1.5 inches of his locked dick in her mouth.

"Nooo" he grunted in frustration.

"And I'll finger myself while I blow your locked dick, my vagina has the freedom, you know!" she said taunting him.

"That's it. I can't take it anymore." He said, putting his spatula down. "You went too far this time!" He said in a serious frustrated tone.

She removed his cock from her mouth. "What are you gonna do? Are you gonna fuck me with your 1.5-inch cock?" she said provocatively giggling.

He removed his apron and his vest, and removed his panties. She started running away from him, he started chasing her. "What are you doing! " She said in haste. "I didn't give you permission to remove your clothes!" She said with fake authority. She almost knew what was coming next and started getting butterflies in her belly.

Once he caught up with her, he confined her in a hug. She tried to resist, "Nooo! Bad boy" she said amusingly as he overpowered her, he loved doing this, he could feel her smooth hair on his face and it's fresh citrus scent. Her small petite body, pressed against his.

"Whoa" she said with surprise as he pulled down her shorts, caressing her round plump ass, leaving her exposed in her lacy panties. "Easy boy!" She exclaimed as he picked her up. "If you don't put me down right now, you're getting punished!" She ordered putting her arms around his head for balance as he started to move.

"Hang on tight love" He said as he started walking up the stairs to their bedroom.

"What are you gonna do to me huh!" She asked looking into his eyes.

"I'm gonna fuck your brains out, you won't be able to move once I'm done with you" he said with an evil smirk on his face.

"You're gonna fuck me with that 1.5-inch dick of yours?" She said tauntingly, trying hard to humiliate him even further.

He used one hand to hold her temporarily and slapped her pretty ass tightly with the other and started grinning.

"Owwww..." She let out a little cry of surprise. "Your ass is gonna be all red tomorrow night mister! You should know that." She said with a sting. "You're going to be tied up and spanked hard by my hairbrush and I'll show no mercy. When I'm done, you'll have to sleep on your side coz your red ass will hurt if you try to sleep on it!" she said with an amusing vengeance.

"We'll see, honey." he said as he opened the bedroom door with his right foot.

He walked next to the bed and dropped her on it. "Careful!!" She said, "I'm a Queen!" with fake authority. He jumped on top of her, pinned her down, and started kissing her beautiful dusky face. She was too aroused to fake resistance. She put her hand on the back of his head, feeling his smooth long locks. She could feel the weight of his steel cage on her panties, the key to which she held in her bra. She was even further aroused by the cold metal key on her breast and what it represented.

Their breathing got heavier, they started moaning, losing themselves as the kissing was getting more intense by the minute, with their tongues exploring each others mouth, his hands feeling and squishing her supple breasts over her bra and going down her waist and belly, all the while her hands exploring his back, occasionally squeezing his cute tushy. Everytime he'd shift position, his heavy steel cage would shift from one thigh to the other thigh to her groin. She could feel the weight of his locked little cock on her groin. The cold steel would brush against her warm skin and would send a shudder of arousal across her body. This went on for a little while until they couldn't bear her bra and panties in the way.

He pulled down a part of her bra in the haste of passion and started kissing and licking her right breast, relishing the soft flesh. He started circling the nipple with his tongue on and on, yet never sucking it. She teased him a lot in the past few days now was the time to get revenge. She was shivering with excitement and every time he got close to her nipple she'd feel a shiver.

Finally, he started sucking her right nipple, from gently to rigorously, while squeezing the left with varying intensity with one hand, using the other one to feel her waist, going down gradually and rubbing her pussy. "I'll punish you harder if you keep doing this on purpose bitc-- aaaahh" she tried to complete her sentence while moaning.

He then rose up and they both looked into each other's eyes. He put his hand on the left part of the bra and smiled. She realized what he was up to and gave him a little slap on the face. "Being oversmart huh! The key is mine! And so is your cock!" she exclaimed with authority.

She put her hands on his head, stroking his soft curls, and ordered him "maybe it's time for you to go down." after a pause, she added " If you do a good job. Maybe I'll let you out!" and started pushing him down. He pulled down her panties. She was already wet, oozing those fluids. He could feel the heat down there, he started teasing her hot pussy, slowly licking the lips of her pussy with his warm tongue, her breathing grew heavier and then he went deep, making his way to her clit, licking it with gently and then in full throttle, again and again.

She moaned with pleasure loudly and struggled to remove her bra. She put her hand on her breasts and started caressing them while moaning. Finally, she took the key to his cage in her hands. Then she took his hands and put them on her breasts, her nipples were hard and so was her breasts. He squeezed her breasts as he ate her wet hot pussy.

She was getting so much pleasure while his cock was struggling to get erect inside her prison. He went on eating her for a few minutes. Her juices started to come out on his face.

She pulled him up. Stood up herself. Pushed him into the bed and then straddled him and put her vagina on his face. Facesitting him.

"Tongue out!" she said in her fake authority voice. He started laughing. "I'm serious!" she said half-jokingly and gave him a little slap. "Hurry up or I'll put my ass on your face. You don't wanna die like that trust me" she said grinning wickedly. He started licking her.

After a few minutes of intense licking, she turned and laid down in the classic 69 pose. She turned the key in the lock and removed the cage and then the ring. His cock instantly grew erect. "Aha!" She said and started caressing his hard cock with her soft hands, his whole body could feel the shudder of arousal.

She slowly started licking the tip of his hard cock with her moist tongue, she could hear his heavy breathing. Finally, she put his cock into her warm mouth and started back and forth while using her tongue to lick all the while. He could feel the moisture and warmth of her mouth, the rhythmic movement of her tongue on his hard cock, he started moaning loudly between his heavy breaths.

After a while of rocking his world, he rolled her over and lay upside down, satisfied. Then he suddenly got up and started kissing her as her hand put a condom on his hard dick and then slid it into her pussy. They both started gasping and moaning again, feeling each other's warm soft flesh all the while.

"Careful now! I know you've been desperate for 3 days but don't you dare cum early." He was finally inside her, feeling the pleasures he hadn't felt for days now, which was spreading across his whole body now. He started thrusting up and down. He was on top of her. She felt a little suffocated, but with this much arousal, she couldn't think of anything but the heavenly feeling of his cock inside her.

He started slowly and kept going slowly, occasionally biting her neck. Her hands were wrapped around his back, at times digging into his flesh. She was moaning all the time and so was he. He knew he had to be slow otherwise his long-frustrated cock might betray him.

"Faster faster" she screamed as she got close. She moaned loudly and her moaning got him super aroused. "That's it that's it, cum with me" she screamed. Both of them finished close to each other.

He laid on top of her, in exhaustion. They both stayed like that for a while, too tired and content to move, then she shoved him to the side and told him to clean up and stood up to do some chore. He held her and pushed her back to the bed and spooned her.

"Don't go. Stay" he pleaded his tired voice.

"You know, you're still getting spanked tomorrow for this!" she said. He smiled. "I'm not kidding, I'm gonna make you cry!" She said cutely.

"I know, love" he said affectionately and put his hands on her supple breasts from behind and hugged her tightly, inhaling her fragrance. Both of them lied there happily for a while, reminiscing, before ordering dinner and snuggling with each other to sleep.