Neha sat on her sofa wearing her favorite dance outfit, a low neck, high slit floral dress with heels. In the background, played Shakira's music. She had just finished her solo dance practice, but her love was Salsa and Bachata. She didn't have many friends or a boyfriend and was a shy person. Not many people knew she loved dancing. She worked at an IT company, where she was known as the nerd.

Neha is a beautiful girl, no doubt about that, but her lively personality only came out when she danced. She had been taking classes for a year at a dance studio, but she quit as she never had time anymore. "Where will I find someone to dance with, I need a partner." She thought.

She snapped out of it when she heard the doorbell ring. It was the building guard Ranaji, who had brought her the Amazon package. He noticed her body and asked her, "Are you going out somewhere, madamji?" She said, "Oh, no. HAHA, I like dancing in nice dresses. How I would at my dance studio. I don't go there anymore, and such dresses are for home."

"I like dancing, can I watch?"

"The kind I like I very different than yours, uncle."

"I'll be the judge of that"

She let him in. She was excited to perform for someone after months. She played her favourite song, Senorita by Camella Cabello. As her body started moving sensually, he got comfortable on her sofa. She performed her well-choreographed moves while looking at him for facial cues. She played with her dress, lay on the floor, threw her legs in the air, played with her hair. Ranaji's eyes were wide open, he didn't know where to look, he knew his dream had come true.

Neha worked out six days a week and danced for five. She has long black-brown hair and stands at five feet eight inches tall. She has 34C breasts, and strong curvy legs. Her friend Puja always said that her butt will be the reason she breaks a glass someday.

As she finished her last move, her hands in their air, hair flowing over her right eye, and her leg dangling out of her dress slit till her thighs, she looked at him. His eyes were virtually licking her entire body. He looked up at her and said, "You are the most beautiful dancer I've ever seen."

"You liked it?"

"Yes! The way you move, your body. Wow! I wish I could dance with you."

"Thank you Ranaji."

She sat next to him. As she crossed her legs, the slit gave way to the view of her legs. She was enjoying the attention she hardly received, and she felt safe with him.

"So, what type of dance do you enjoy the most?" He asked. She put the laptop on her lap, moved closer and showed him a few Bachata and Salsa videos. "The problem is that I don't have a dance partner."

"Can I be your dance partner, madamji?"

"Umm, it's not easy. You need stamina and a fitness level." He looked upset.

"But we can try, let's choreograph a few moves." She went through the videos.

He wanted to perform moves where they stood close to each other. She laughed and hit his arm. They decided on 3 basic moves, and 2 moves where their body would be close to each other.

"This will be good for practice," she said. "Stand up and put your arms around me."

With one harm, they held each other's hand. She put her other hand on his shoulder, he put it on her waist. She started the count for a few rounds. "Wow, you're doing well. Good job, Ranaji."

Without saying a word, she moved close to him, put his hand on the small of her back. She moved her hands around his shoulders, neck and hair. Her legs would often touch his groin and thighs. Their eyes were interlocked, with lips only inches away. He had seen enough dance videos to know that hands wander. He explored her body as if it was a map.

She decided to try new moves. She turned around as they swayed, legs following the 1-2-3-4 moves.

She turned around again and put her right leg between his legs and straddled his leg with her left leg. The bodies touched each other's, and their faces were side by side. They wrapped their arms around each other and stopped. They could only hear each other's breath.

"Want to try a new move, Ranaji?"


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