Disclaimer everyone is over the age of 18. This is a continue of the first story I wrote.


I came back from a bike ride, hearing noises upstairs so I go up and as I get closer to Mimi's and Julie's room, I hear Julie moaning and talking as she is saying that she is so horny and wants me to come up to fuck her saying she wants it as I go to the door.

I knew it was Julie because if you have read my other stories you know my wife and I have made tt (Mimi) our fuck toy as well as Mimi's mother who is owned by my club.

I the open the door with her lying, legs wide open moving her hips as she puts a vibrator inside her cunt and she has her eyes shut. Hearing the door, she opens them to see me looking at her beautiful bald cunt as I walk in. She notices my hard cock as I ask her when she last had a cock sliding in her cunt? Turning red from being caught, yet dildo in that cunt I hear, "a week before moving in." She added she had been fantasizing about my cock after hearing my wife and myself using our play toy tt.

I say to her, "You do know if I fuck you that means you will become my bitch like Mimi. You will be pierced and inked showing the world you are my cunt."

I slip my cock out from my pants. I kiss her first, then stand, in less than a second Julies lips are wrapped around my cock. She surprises me as she lies back down with her legs wide open and ask me if I have ever fantasized about her? I tell her that I imagined her playing with tt. Two 18-year old horny bitch trying to outdo the other so they can be used first. I kiss her, she holds me as I rub her cunt up to the clit saying she has a great body. I am playing with her clit as she is moaning moving her hips as I take a hand full of hair, she is looking at my cock. I laugh as she said "me so horny." Something you hear if you are back in the 60's and 70's in Vietnam with a street hooker.

For me I lay down on her easing my cock in that wet tight cunt. She is moaning and telling me that she loves it so much and she asks if she is a better fuck than Mimi is? I respond, "You're a good fuck so far but we have much more to do before I can say your is better." Julie so far is a good fuck tighter than Mimi, but I have also fuck Mimi 100s if not 1,000s of time and I do not remember how tight she was the first time. I can't hold it any longer as I cum in her cunt, as I do I tell her that she is now one of my bitches and I also ask if she has ever been ass fucked?

I was surprised when she responded her mother has been fucked in the ass by a white guy who has made her his personal whore. Which she has seen the videos of the ass fuckings many times but personally never been ass fucked except her own fingers.

Then she said to me that she is so kinky and dirty telling me that she would like to get fucked like her mother and she begged me to make her a white cock whore like mom.

I told her with a big smile of course I will make her a white cock whore, but tonight when my wife brings back tt (tiny tits Mimi) from her play date she will play with tt and by the end of the night she will also be renamed.

As we wait for the two to return I grad a hand full of hair. Not that I have to guide that mouth to my cock but it is enjoyable as I let her know time to fuck once more.

Julie must like tasting herself on a cock because she licks my cock and balls clean first before sucking me hard again.

I like how this new bitch acts as I tell her I am going to fuck her ass next. Her response was sucking me faster and her right hand going to that tiny asshole fingering herself. I take my right hand slipping it down to my cock which is covered with spit as Julie keeps trying to deep throat me.

Then taking those spit covered fingers replacing her fingers in that asshole with mine. Yes, it is very tight and I am sure this bitch is an ass virgin. As my finger enters, she finally gets my cock in her throat. I like how her noise hits my balls. It seems she has to blow all the air out of her lungs in order to get me in all the way.

Hard and ready I pull that mouth off of my cock. I don't have to say or do anything as Julie squats above me. I see my cock is covered with spit so I am sure she will slide on it easily.

I keep my eyes on her eyes as I feel her guide my cock in that tiny asshole. I see the pain in the eyes yet she never stops as my cock slides in inch after inch. It takes a while but I feel her butt cheeks high my thighs.

I laugh when she starts to repeat "it's in, it's in, it's in," and then she starts to slide up and down. As I look at that cunt, I see it open also leaking out cum from the first fuck.

I see in Julie's eyes a change from pain to pleasure. By now she is bouncing faster and faster. All the while repeating "I'm a White Cock Whore" My mind has just found the bitches new name "White Cock Whore or WCW"

With such a tight ass I can't hold out any longer and blast my second load in that ass. Keeping my cock in her ass WCW lays back head by my feet, cock is in deep. I like the view of cunt and cock in that ass.

As am enjoying the view we hear from TT, "I take it I have a new sister?"