This is a multi-part story of how my girlfriend's friend (Rachel) turns out to be an anal slut and our numerous adventures together as she becomes my roomie for six weeks.

This story contains blowjob, butt plugs, anal play, ass fucking and cheating.

You can go from here or read the series where Rachel and I have all sorts of dirty things going on.

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That evening, no one was around and also when I glimpsed over to Ann's apartment,she noticed me but indicated that we'd meet the next day, as her husband was around and they had people over for dinner.

So, I decided to leave it at that for the day, after all I got an amazing fuck earlier in the afternoon with that tiny ass pixie in the restaurant, and went to bed early, saving myself for my killer secretary the next morning.

As I woke up, my dick was already hard as the first thing that came to my mind was the imminent anal defloration of that gorgeous 24-year old secretary of mine.

I quickly showered and skipped coffee as I didn't want Rachel to wake up before I left, as she probably would have managed to get the first cum load of the day out of me in some way, and I wanted to save that for Linda.

As I entered the office, the only person on the floor was Linda, standing at my office desk, sorting some paper work.

And she looked incredible.

She was wearing red, shiny high heels, her feet and legs covered by black, see-through tights.

Just below her knees, a light grey pencil skirt was tightly wrapped around her legs continuing all the way up until just over her belly button, cupping her firm ass and hips tightly.

A white plain shirt, unbuttoned to a daring low point exposing her cleavage, was tucked into the skirt.

Her fingernails were painted in the same red colour her shoes were.

Her red hair was again tucked together into a bun, leaving a few strands waiving about and into her face, brushing over her dark eyelashes and over her lips.

Her lips looked full today, covered in lipstick that again matched the rest of the red coloured accessories of hers.

She looked smoking hot, to say the least.

I went inside my office and closed the door behind me.

"Good morning Mr. Davies!" Linda cheerfully greeted me.

"Morning, Linda," I whispered as I advanced closer to her.

"I have all your documents sorted for the day," she nervously added.

"Thank you, put them aside for now," again whispered, now close to her ear.

I carefully ran my hand over her leg upwards to her ass, pulling the skirt upwards as my hand went up and above her waist.

With the motion, her bare ass cheeks were exposed, unveiling a sexy red thong, again matching the red colour.

I pulled on the thong until it fell down to the floor, resting around Linda's ankles, perfecting the red look with her high heels and black tights.

My hands caressed her ass cheeks and as I spread them, a new plug which I haven't seen before shined at me.It was of stainless steel in a brass colour and had a shiny red diamond sparkling at me from the end of the plug.

"Matching accessories, I like that!" I whispered into Linda's ear.

"Thank you Mr. Davies," Linda replied shyly.

As I started to pull on her new plug, she panted a bit, exhaling some air from her lungs.

"Did you have a good evening?" I teased.

"Yes, it was, very pleasant," she whispered, probably thinking about the numerous times she invaded her pretty little ass on the suction cup dildo.

I pulled the plug a bit harsher and it popped out.As I was guiding it to her face and into her mouth, I asked:

"Linda, are you ready for me?"

"Mhhmm, yesh!" she nodded, the plug cupped in her mouth.

"Kneel on my chair Linda!" I instructed.

She followed my instructions and soon, her knees rested spread on my office chair, skirt resting on her waist exposing her arched ass which formed a perfect heart.

Only the sight of her ass made my cock rock hard.

I opened my top drawer and next to Ellen's white panties, I found the lube that I was looking for.

I applied a generous amount of it on my cock and then with one finger, started to penetrate and lube my secretary's perfect bottom.

"Ahhhh, please," she panted.

"Are you eager, Linda?" I asked.

"Yes, please, I was looking forward to this so much!" she exhaled as I with drewmy finger from her ass which was now ready and lubed.

I positioned my cock on Linda's little anus and pushed the tip of it inside.

Then, I placed my hands on her cheeks and slowly started to push further.

"Oh my god, yes!" she moaned, as my cock slid further inside her butt quite comfortably.

"You are well prepared, Linda," I applauded, sensations running through my body.

"Oh my god, that feels so good!" she moaned, pushing her ass back on my dick.

This was amazing, this beautiful secretary of mine, arching her ass back on my cock as I slid in in her virgin but well-prepared anal hole.

I grabbed her ass harder and started to slowly push in my whole length before withdrawing it completely out of her ass, only to again point my cock at her anus and pushing it back in the whole length.

"Yes, yes, oh my..." she growled, tensing her ass muscles as my cock was buried in her ass, giving it a sensational massage.

"Yes, please, faster, please go faster Mr. Davies," she squirmed.

I obeyed her need and started to fuck her slowly.

"Mhhhm, uhh, uhhh, uhh, oh, oh" she moaned.

"Plopp!" it sounded as her plug fell out of her mouth and onto my desk.

"Oh my god, yes, fuck me, please fuck me harder!" she begged.

I picked up the pace and was now fucking her butt rhythmically, giving her the full length with each thrust.

"Oh yes, fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, oh my god, oh my god!" she panted breathlessly.

"Yes, please, I'm close Mr. Davies, harder, uh, deeper, fuck, ah, ah, ah" she joined me rhythmically with her moans.

"Oh my god, I'm coming, I'm coming, oh my god, ffffuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk!" she moaned out loudly, while having a hard orgasm on my cock.

This was enough for me to tip me over and I started to shoot my first load of the day deep inside my secretary's ass.

"Uhhhhh my god!" I hissed, as my balls emptied deep inside Linda's ass.

When we caught our breaths again, I took the plug from the desk in front of Linda and carefully withdrew my cock, only to plug my load inside her butt right after.

I pulled up her panties to secure the plug and adjusted her skirt as good as I could.

"How was that, Linda?" I asked, giving her a slap on her firm ass.

"Incredible, Mr. Davies, thank you so much!" she thanked me.

"Could you please clear my morning schedule for today, we need to practice a bit more today," I smirked.

"Sure, Mr. Davies," walking back to the front office.

I was sitting at my desk now, unable to do anything but think about that amazing ass fuck with Linda, when I heard Linda's desk phone ring, and as she finished her call, she looked at me confused and disappeared from my sight.

About fifteen minutes later, she came back and sat down at her place, her cheeks glowing, looking shyly away.

Then, my desk phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered, seeing it was Ellen's direct line calling me.

"I needsh you in my offish, now!" she muffled unclearly into my ear.

"Eh, okay, on my way." I replied, storming off and out of my office.

Linda gave me an embarrassed look as I passed her.

As I entered Ellen's office and closed the door behind me, she stood up, came close to me and opened her mouth, showing me a big load of cum sitting right on her tongue.

Then, she leaned forward and kissed my deeply, releasing all the cum into my mouth.

She turned around, pulled up her black skirt, dropped her panties and spread her cheeks, revealing her tight puckered hole to me.

"Now work that cum deep into my asshole!" she commanded.

Perplexed as I was, I sat down at the guest chair, grabbed her cheeks whilst spreading them and without hesitation started to fuck her ass with my tongue, trying to get as much of the cum from my mouth into her hole.

"Yes! Ahh, lick it, fuck it, yes, oh my god, yes, yes, yes," she moaned while impaling her ass on my mouth.

"Oh, yes, I think, uh, your secretary, uh fuck, has, fuck, a very sweet ass, uh,fuck!" she moaned, explaining to me how she got the load of cum in her mouth.

My dick got so hard at the thought of this, that I picked up the pace and fucked Ellen's ass relentlessly with my tongue until she came hard, her upper body leaning over her desk.

Finally, she reached for her panties and pulled them up, massaging the cum deeper into her ass through them.

As she finished fixing her skirt, she stood up, leaned down and gave me a deep kiss on my lips, licking over them gloriously and said:

"Thanks, you can go now!" giving me a smirk.

I stood up, didn't say a word and left for my office.

As I walked passed Linda, I asked her to come into my office with me and once the door was closed, I asked:

"Linda, how many orgasms did you have today? Be honest with me."

"I, I had, two..." she embarrassedly admitted.

"Did you like the second?" I smirked.

"Yes," she admitted shyly, a grin appearing on her mouth.

"But your ass doesn't have my cum in it anymore, does it?" I teased.

"No, it doesn't," she replied, looking away embarrassed.

"Well, then let's change that!" I smirked, sitting on my chair undoing my pants.

Linda got it, dropped to her knees and crawled under my table.

Soon, I was sitting in my chair, her lips tightly wrapped around my cock, that just recently was plowing her little ass, sucking it away.

I opened my top drawer, grabbed Ellen's knickers and inhaled deeply on them, making my cock even harder.

As Linda was sucking away, I placed them on her face too and she too inhaled deeply, the arousal in her eyes intensified.

"Yes, they're hers," I whispered.

As I was getting closer and wanted to reward Linda's blowjob with some spunk in her ass, I told her:

"Linda, I'm close, sit on my lap!" I commanded.

She stood up, pulled up her skirt and removed the plug, her panties to the side.

Then she put the plug into her mouth and lowered her perfect butt onto my cock.

Once fully in, she wanted to start fucking me but that wasn't my intention.

I placed my hands on her waist and kept her impaled on my cock.

"Clench your ass for me, Love" I whispered.

She did, and that was my tip over.

Holding her pressed deeply on my cock, I started to spurt my load into her ass, pressing Ellen's thong on her face.

Once my balls were empty, I took out her plug from her mouth and quickly inserted it back into Linda's ass, sealing my load.

"Give me your panties, Linda!" I asked.

She immediately obeyed and dropped her panties to the floor.

I took them, put them in my top drawer and said:

"Now, put on Ellen's panties!" she blushed but followed my order and corrected back her skirt.

"If she asks you for my load again, give it to her, but also give back her panties!"I grinned.

"Oh, one more thing, please bring back the cum soaked panties she's wearing at the minute!" I teased.

She too grinned now and left my office for her front desk place.

I decided to get Linda another ass lick orgasm and picked up my phone:

"Ellen, hi" I started.

"Linda's got a little something for you here!" I teased her.

"Did you fuck that poor girls ass again already?" She teased back.

"Ehm, well, kind of. Since you robbed the poor girl of her first anal creampie, I decided to refill..." I smirked, Linda looking at me horrified.

"Is she fine with me robbing the second one too?" Ellen asked seriously.

"I don't know, let's find out. Do you want to join us in my office?" I asked loudly,so Linda could clearly hear.

"On my way!" she said and hung up.

A few minutes later, I was lying on my back on the carpet, Ellen squatting over my face, pressing her ass on my tongue.

"Yes, make your tongue hard, uh, fuck, yes!" she yelped, fucking her ass on my face.

"Now, Linda, uh, can I, ah fuck, can I have your second creampie, uh, uh, fuck?" she asked Linda in between her moans.

Linda being asked by her boss's boss for her anal creampie, shyly nodded.

"Okay, get on all fours in front of me" she instructed.

Linda did, and was now in doggystyle position in front of my boss' face, her skirt over her hips, exposing her plugged ass to Ellen.

Ellen grabbed her plug and pulled it out of Linda's ass, and started to lick the cum of it.

Then her tongue met Linda's anus and she started to suck the remaining cum out of my secretary's ass and swallowed all of it, and continued to lick Linda's ass, until both of them had their second ass licking orgasm of the day.

Finally, Linda got up again and pulled down the white panties.

"I believe they're yours?" she shyly handed them to Ellen.

Ellen smirked, looking at me devilishly and proceeded to pull down her cum soaked panties, putting on the white one's Linda was handing her.

I looked at Linda indicative and she continued:

"Oh and, would you be so kind giving me your current ones?" she embarrassedly asked.

Ellen went closer to Linda and put her cum soaked panties slowly in Linda's mouth.

"There you go honey," she smirked at Linda.

As she left my office, Linda didn't know what to do.

"Put your plug back in and give me her panties!" I calmly said.

As she did, I told her to go back to her front desk and she did, looking a bit confused as I now had two pairs of thongs and she had none.

Ellen didn't have many meetings that day, which for me meant ass licking duty.

About every hour, she would call me into her office, a meeting room, my office, hell even the garage where she kneeled inside the trunk of her SUV, me pressing my face into her ass licking on that tight asshole until she'd have an orgasm.

I was getting desperate, to say the least.

This beautiful milf would only use me to get herself off on my tongue deep inside her ass, but wouldn't let me fuck nor let me do anything to get myself off.

I wanted to dick down Linda's ass again, but this would always take a while to prepare her and I didn't want Ellen to call in the middle, to have her ass eaten out yet again.

I decided to train Linda, so that we could have quick ass fuck sessions to relief both of us.

I started my Skype app on my computer and texted her:

"I'm desperate Linda!"

"Me too, do you want to fuck my ass again Mr. Davies?" she wrote back, giving me a smirk from where she was sitting.

"Yes, but it has to be quick. Do you think you can handle a rough anal quickie?" I replied, hoping I wouldn't overwhelm her with my request.

"I think so, maybe I need to pre-work a little tough," she replied.

"Ok, go on then, at your desk!" I replied.

Soon after, Linda pulled up her skirt, looked around so no one could see her, and started to fuck her ass with the plug that was tightly sucked into her ass.

I watched her as she got quicker, letting out silent moans, closing her eyes now and then.

"Good, go to the ladies room and wait for me, plug in your mouth, ass spread!" I commanded.

She didn't reply but immediately stood up and hurried herself to the bathroom.

I soon followed, and as I entered the bathroom stall, I saw Linda standing upright, leaned against the wall, ass sticking up to me, asshole spread nicely.

I undid my pants, pointed at her anal hole and slid in in one go:

"Uhhhmmmpf!" she moaned at the sudden intruder.

I continued and soon was relentlessly drilling her tight hole, giving her the full length with each thrust.

"Oh my gosh, ahhh, ffffuuuck, fffuuuckkkk!" she screamed into her plug.

I continued rhythmically and soon, I felt my lower body tense.

Linda too was close, barely able to hold up on her shaky legs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming, uhhhhhhhh!" I moaned, releasing myself deep into her bowels.

She too had a hard orgasm that caused her to collapse, holding herself up with one hand.

Immediately after, she pulled the plug out of her mouth and quickly sealed my load in her ass.

"This time, keep the load in you, don't mention it to Ellen!" I smirked.

She smiled, nodded and readjusted her dress again.

"Thanks Mr. Davies, I needed that!" she thanked me, and I gave her a smack on her bottom while walking out of the bathroom.

As I was sitting in my office again, I saw Ellen was gone for the day, at least that's what her Skype status said.

Then, I got another message from Linda:

"I really like the feeling of your cum in my ass!" smirking at me through the open door as I read the message.

"I like that too, Linda!" I replied, also smiling at her.

"Let me know when you want another quick relief!" I told her.

"I will, soon!" and she added a smirking smiley at the end of the message.