Witches and Warlocks - A Halloween Story

Ok folks, I know this is a fantasy but to anyone who has managed to seduce a straight guy while he is horny and drunk you will know that caution goes straight out of the window. I have been in Thailand enough to know that many straight guys don't even know they are having ladyboys so this story isn't as silly as it might initially sound. I can say I have had sex with straight guys whose horniness has overtaken their common sense when confronted with a willing mouth.

I have a broad circle of both gay and straight friends and though gay myself, I don't like to think I look camp or effeminate in any way. OK I'm slim and only 5 feet 5 inches but that is where is ends. One of my best friends is a girl called Lucy, who is of Chinese Heritage. I am from Hong Kong. Both of us have have a similar frame and are frequently and mistakenly taken for twins.

When I say she is one of my girlfriends I mean she is a girl who is a friend. When she mentioned a Halloween party at the house of one of the local rugby club players, I didn't fancy going. All that unavailable testosterone was going to be too much to bear

"The house is spectacular," said Lucy, "It seems his dad is a wealthy banker and they are in the Maldives at the moment so he has the house to himself, hence the party."

"Aw Lucy, I won't know anyone except you and I always feel a bit awkward in that situation."

"You'll be in fancy dress so no one will know you anyway." she continued. "It's a Witches and Warlocks theme with a bit of Harry Potter thrown in so lots of flowing robes and green face paint! Did I mention the free bar?"

Now I was becoming interested. We arranged to meet a week before it and sort out costumes but she said not to bother as she was working on both.

Exactly seven days before the party and I was at Lucy's house.

"What do you think?" she said pointing to the two flowing robes hanging on the back of the door.

"Where does Warlock come into this?" I questioned.

"That's just it," she said, "We both go as wicked witches. I can do your make-up and we'll have similar garb. That way you won't need to be embarrassed as no one will know who you are. It's not a couples party anyway, just a mix of people and as they are monied, I'm expecting some pretty flash costumes so that's why I've made these."

I had to admit they were pretty good with a lot of fine detail and even a pointy witch's hat on each.

"Let's try them on," she said.

By the time she had finished I was unrecognisable. The make up wasn't even tawdry as our darker skin tones meant it didn't have to be too thick so it actually looked good. For a witch I thought I looked great. I had never actually done any kind of drag before but was amazed at how good I looked. My gown was trimmed with a dark red and Lucy's with dark green but both looked similar and as she and I were the same height and build, even she said we looked like sisters.

I answered that with a growl in as low a voice as I could muster.

"You still sound like a witch," she giggled. "Well, are we on?"

I suppose the second bottle of white wine helped me make the decision and the date was set. We would dress at hers and taxi to the venue which was a couple of miles away. This was a year ago and the party was on a Friday night.

Roll forward to the night and we were set to go. Though we weren't drug takers, Lucy had acquired some pills to relax me and her so we would feel more part of the group. They were definitely working by the time we left.

At the door, Lucy introduced herself and me, as her female cousin Stephanie. Ok my name is Stephen so she was using poetic licence. I slightly raised the pitch of my voice, getting into the game we were playing. One thing she was right about, the costumes were not 'fancy dress hire tat,' but some pretty awesome stuff. Thankfully ours easily looked the part. The girls were predominantly witches and most of the guys were in black trousers with coloured jackets, pointed hats and a lot of wands though a number had gone for full flowing J.K. Rowling style warlock. None had make up so I felt quite "hidden" behind my pale green image.

There were some amazing hunks there and two immediately hit me. One was an actual player in the team. It seemed his name was Rory and he was about 6 feet tall, surprisingly slim for a rugby player and had eyes that melted me. He was dressed in a long flowing black warlock gown complete with a magic wand in hand. The other was in dark, tight trousers with a multi-coloured jacket and though a couple of inches shorter, his dark blonde hair and slightly heavier build still made him boyishly good looking. He was wearing black shorts, shoes and socks plus some kind of loose flowing, multi-coloured top. I wasn't sure what kind of Warlock he was but boy was he gorgeous.

Lucy was in full flow and speaking to everyone and anyone but, like the good friend she was, kept checking I was OK. I have to admit that instead of making people aware who I actually was, I was enjoying being Lucy's cousin and the anonymity it gave me. As I drank more, I camped things up a bit more. I assume the pills were helping the act and I seemed popular.

Lucy had scored with the shorter guy in the black shorts, the lucky sod. They were deep in conversation so I just kept mingling and tried to avoid too many prying questions about my love or work life. The less I said the less I would be lying. I was even asked to dance a couple of times and took to the floor quite happily with some of the guys. After about two hours I noticed Lucy standing on her own in a corner so I popped over to see her. It was immediately obvious she was pretty well pissed.

"Been chatting and drinking with Ryan," she slurred. "I think he wants his leg over as he keeps trying to get me into one of the rooms but I told him I wasn't that type of girl."

"Where is he now?" I asked.

"He went to get drinks but I saw him chatting to that tall warlock guy over there."

I couldn't see either of them.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Bit drunk," she said. I could do with a wee rest then I'll be party ready again."

I took her through the house and up a flight of stairs. We found a quiet room and I took her inside and suggested she lie down for an hour and I would come back and get her. She was asleep before I left the room. I went back down ready to start partying again when Ryan saw me and came towards me. I assumed from the recognition in his face that he realised I was Lucy's friend and was about to ask me where she was but I soon realised that in his drunk state, he thought I was her.

"Hello gorgeous, here's your drink," he said thrusting a wine in my hand. "Where were we?"

I found it quite funny so played along pretending to be a lot more drunk than I was. We made some small talk and I half expected him to twig I wasn't Lucy but he just kept chatting. Soon the conversation turned back to his needs.

"If you don't want to actually shag, then how about a blow job. I'm horny as fuck and I bet those cute little lips can suck like a limpet."

I genuinely backed off slightly.

"Look, no one will know. All we do is go back to that little room along there, lock the door, and you can give me a quick blow and I'll shut up. I'm just so horny. Fucking Rory over there suggested I take a fucking Viagra and now I'm as stiff as a pole."

Rory, of course was the tall warlock I had drooled over earlier.

"Feel it," he said, taking my spare hand and pressing it against his shorts front.

It felt amazing and thick and hard as steel rod. The tablet I had taken, whilst not Viagra, was certainly increasing, my libido and dropping my common sense.

"OK, just a quickie," I whispered.

My heart was thumping. This guy was dead straight, cute as hell, and this would be a chance in a million.

No one saw us and I assume he knew the house owner as we slipped into a small single bedroom and he was able to close the door. The light was dim from the outside floodlighting but enough to see what I wanted but not enough for him to get too suspicious. As I turned the key, he was already rubbing his cock up against my back. He lifted my dress and was rubbing against my thigh. I hadn't put any underwear on as the dress was long and I didn't see the point so he quickly cottoned on to this and was soon rubbing his cock between my buttocks. My fear was he would head further round to find my lack of vagina and that would be a game changer.

I turned and kissed him. Thankfully much of my make-up had come off and the rest was dry on my face. I then dropped down and pulled down his shorts. He moaned. I pulled down his tight hipsters and a sizeable piece of meat slapped me in the face. I engulfed it, tasting the salty pre-cum oozing from the head. This guy definitely was in heat.

"Oh fuck, that's awesome. Oh suck me baby, your tongue is just amazing. Let me fuck you please, please!"

I refused using the excuse I didn't have protection and was near to my time of month.

"You have such a beautiful butt, can I stroke it?"

I stood up to kiss him and his hands gathered up the fabric until he again reached my buttocks. He then headed towards the front and I stopped him.

"Oh sorry, of course," he said and returned to my bum.

He started to caress and then slowly penetrate my hole with his finger. The action got me quite excited but I was terrified he would somehow bump against my stiff cock which was thankfully pushed to one side caught in the fabric of the dress. I wasn't big down there but even five inches is hard to hide when it shouldn't be there. His drunkenness was certainly clouding his head and he was so set on getting something out of his sexual encounter it seemed to mar his judgement.

"Can I fuck your arse then?" he suddenly said.

"You would never get that thing in my arse," I replied.

"Wait a minute," he said and disappeared into what I now realised was an en-suite bathroom.

He returned with a tube of cream of some sorts.

"This'll do it for me," he said triumphantly.

He turned me round and made me bend over the bed end, lifting my dress up. I discreetly lifted my cock and balls upwards as he did it. Next I felt the cold cream rubbing into my hole and working it's way around. It was at times like these I was glad a horny young gay man always cleaned himself well when going out. His fingers were definitely doing their work and now it was me who was groaning.

When his cock started it's entry it hurt like fuck. It was only about six inches long but it was thicker than many I had seen before. I felt his foreskin slide back and it almost popped inside me. He started to fuck while holding my hips through the fabric of my dress. I was thankful the costume was so bulky.

"Aw fuck that is awesome. You're so tight. Is this your first time in the arse?"

I lied in the affirmative and that really got him going. He hammered my hole with a vengeance and I realised I was going to be filled with hot cum unless I stopped him.

"What about the blow job?" I asked.

"Oh yes please," he begged.

"Quick go and wash that cream off and I'll be on my knees waiting when you get back."

He ran to the bathroom and washed quickly before shuffling back with his shorts at his knees to stand before me. This time I took his ample balls in one hand and his cock in the other and gave him a "Stephen special!" One thing I was good at, was sucking cock and I swallowed him all the way to the back of my throat before releasing him, rolling my tongue under his foreskin, sticking it in the hole at the tip of his cock, and then plunging him back in my mouth. I then concentrated on the head. It's hardness was exciting and his whimpers above me were driving me onwards.

"Baby I'm going to cum. I'm going to fill your sweet mouth with my cum so brace yourself," he said.

He wasn't lying. Normally you feel a little warm liquid and then that salty sweetness and you know your partner has cum but this guy offloaded so much I thought at first he was pissing. The spurts hit the back of my throat and I swallowed but it just kept on cumming and with each of around nine spurts I could feel the jet of hot liquid hit my throat.

"Oh fuck, that was awesome. You are one hell of a cocksucker. I wish I could have fucked you to orgasm," he said.

"Another time maybe," I said huskily, mainly because my poor throat was coated in thick spunk.

"Can Rory fuck you?" he suddenly asked.

"Rory?" I queried.

"My tall mate took the same pill I did and he's in just as bad a state. Say you'll let him."

"OK," I said. My cock now so rigid I thought it would burst.

"You wait here and I'll send him in," he said.

My thoughts drifted thinking that the two guys I had really fancied at a straight party were fucking me. I had to be careful though as I had no idea if Rory was as drunk as his pal. I needn't have worried though. I heard a thump and could see the outline of a tall warlock stumbling through the door. He locked it and staggered towards me.

"Christ Ryan wasn't lying, you are a horny bitch aren't you? Here suck my cock first."

I turned and his beautifully long uncut cock was presented to me. The layers of fabric from his long gown didn't make access easy but I quickly pulled it back and took his big hairy balls in my hand, trying to get the head of his seven inches in my mouth. Thinner than Ryan's but leaking as much I took the whole organ down my throat and started to give him my special treatment. It was easily as well received as the one his friend received.

"Fuck you are awesome. Oh yes, just like that! Oh my God the head is so sensitive and you have me near to cumming already! Can I fuck you?"

I stood and silently lay over the bed, raising my dress up and ensuring I tucked my cock and balls out of reach. My hole was still open and lubricated. Rory was staggering a bit but finally got the head inside then rammed it up my hole, taking my breath away. There was no romance or delicacy in his sex technique but then, I was happy having my hole trashed by the wonderful straight hunk.

"Christ honey, I'm gonna cum inside you," he yelled and pumped his hot, stream of cum in my hole."

His bedside manner left little to be desired as he stood up, dropped his gown back down and stumbled back out the door with just a cursory "thanks" as he left. I stood up, relocked the door, lay back on the bed and with my left finger sliding inside my sloppy hole, I wanked myself to an explosive ejaculation. My cum flew in all directions and in the semi-dark, there was little chance of me mopping it up. I adjusted myself and with as much decorum as I could muster, slipped back into the main room and upstairs to check in on Lucy. She had been there for almost two hours.

Thankfully she was sleeping soundly and was alone. It took a moment but I suggested we get a taxi and leave. She groggily agreed and I called one from my mobile and we waited before heading downstairs at the allotted time.

Both Rory and Ryan were across the room as we both headed to the door. I saw them look at Lucy and then at me. I'm not sure if they realised the slightly different dress colouring but just as we saw the taxi and headed out the door, Lucy shouted a goodbye.

In my deepest voice I called back, "Thanks boys, I had a great night!"

The slightly puzzled look on their faces said a lot, as we headed home.

"Happy Halloween," I said to Lucy, but she was asleep.