Michael loved his wife dearly but knew he had married beyond him. He had been young and naive and was blinded by love for Diane.

Diane was better educated than he was and she had a better job than he did. She was attractive and sexy and alluring and she knew it.

Michael doted on her.

Delving into Michael's psyche a little - he was a good man at heart. He wasn't violent or angry or misunderstood. He was average at most things, quite clever and clued up on the world.

In terms of sex and the male-female thing, he enjoyed sex with his wife. He enjoyed pleasing her sexually. He enjoyed being the man with her but at the back of his mind was the nagging feeling that Diane needed more from him and he wasn't sure what that was.

As Michael got older, so his libido was dropping - he used to masturbate every day and have lurid daydreams that make him cum but lately he was quite happy to go a week without playing and them cuming that once... he liked the tension that created. He assumed it was a natural part of aging.

He began to think about other men pleasing Diane in his wanking sessions. He never wanted that to happen for real but it was a turn on to him. He didn't really understand why but he liked the thought of his wife getting fucked by another man or at least sucking him. Michael felt in control of the situation in his daydream.

Michael began to whisper in Diane's ear during sex, as he was fucking her things like "I bet you would like a larger cock" or "you could be sucking another cock at the same time"... all to tease Diane. She seemed to respond to the words because she came quicker and Michael enjoyed that power of her.

Things stayed there for a few years... the sex was dwindling and Michael was thinking more and more about watching his wife with someone else. That was becoming his fetish but only in his head, in his dreams. He didn't really want to share his wife with anyone... they were married etc.

One day, out of the blue, Diane looked at Michael and just blurted out "why do you talk about other men during sex? What is it?"

Michael stared at her, in shock, at the direct question. "I don't know. I guess, it is just words. I like to tease you and I thought they teased you. You seemed to enjoy the words."

Diane nodded and agreed that the words did turn her on.

Things were left there to continue. Michael wanked rarely but when he did, he thought of other men with his wife and him watching her and him. But that was OK... it was just him having sexy thoughts.

Enter David.

David was the bloke who lived two doors down. He was a little younger than both of Michael and Diane. He was well built and worked out at the gym etc. Michael had no idea what his job was or anything about him to be honest.

One day, Michael was having a clear out of the garden and lifting rubbish into his car. Some of it was heavy and unwieldy and he was struggling. David appeared and offered to help him. Michael thanked him and they did the moving together. Diane was moving around the house, passing the window, doing her thing. David noticed her and Michael noticed David noticing her.

Diane at one point came out to say she was going shopping and said her good-byes to Michael and nodded and smiled to David. Michael said good bye in return and David smiled at her but she was already passed him, heading to her car.

After a few moments, David nonchalantly said "Your wife is very elegant." Michael looked at him and replied "Yes, she is. She likes elegance."

That night, Michael had to wank and think about David with his wife. He didn't particularly want to think of them together but it felt natural. Michael now had a face to put on the mystery man in his fantasies... the face of David.

During subsequent sex sessions, Michael thought about introducing the name of David but thought better of it... it would be tempting fate, he thought.

However, the fantasies were building up inside him... the two of them both having their way with Diane. Michael watching Diane suck David. Michael watching David fuck his wife. His wife enjoying it immensely. His wife looking at him as he watched them both, together.

Who actually made the first move? Did David chat with Diane at some point? Did Diane approach David somehow? Did Michael push his wife in that direction? Michael was never quite sure how it happened behind the scene but the first he knew was his wife changed her behaviour subtly. She was dressing slightly more sexily... still elegant but more. Michael saw them chatting in the street when they happened to be there at the same time. Diane said that David worked in computing and her laptop was playing up so David had offered to look at it. They had exchanged mobile numbers. Things were progressing and gathering a certain inertia in a direction that Michael felt and was quite uneasy about.

Fantasy was one thing. Cold reality was another especially when it lived two doors away.

Michael had stopped name-dropping David into their sex time. Admittedly, their sex time was almost never now but still, Michael was not going to push things.

Diane eventually mentioned it to him, one day... "Is everything OK, Mike? With us, I mean. You seem to be a little different during sex" she had asked him.

Michael did not know what he wanted to say so he had shrugged and beat the question away with "Yeah, I am fine". The trouble was, Michael was a torn man: his fantasies were dominated by David and Diane and yet reality needed him well away from her. Michael knew he was to blame for this tension.

The next sex session with his wife, Michael was fucking Diane hard, pinning her down when she whispered to him "make me suck another cock". This was so out of the blue that Michael stopped and pulled out and demanded "What?"

Diane looked at him sheepishly. "Sorry babe, I was just trying to play your game with you. Did I do something wrong?"

Michael thought about it and couldn't really offer a sensible reply so again just shrugged it off.

Michael knew something was running through Diane's head. She had never taken the lead like that with him, even to mirror his own thoughts.

A couple of days later, lying in bed with Diane, Michael tried to explore the topic further. He asked Diane what she thought about during sex. She looked at him quizzically. "Really? you want to know now?" Michael gulped and nodded, not really wanting to hear it but damned if he didn't want to know.

Diane snuggled down a little onto Michael and he held her as she began to talk.

"I like you talking to me during sex baby." she said. "I like you sharing your fantasies. I like you telling me what you are doing with me."... a pause... "I like you telling me to suck another man when you fuck me. It turns me on that it turns you on."

"I guess that is it really." she added lamely.

Michael listened and nodded, slightly feeling better but not much. He felt he was losing control of his own fantasy and it was morphing in to her fantasy but he couldn't say that aloud.

Then she added in to the mix the killer question "Do you want me to suck another cock?" Oh shit!

Michael thought about an answer and for some reason said "yes... sometimes. In my fantasy".

She stroked his chest and lay on him, his arm still around her. "I guess you would enjoy watching me suck another man then... in your fantasy.

Her words turned Michael on, instantly and his cock responded in the affirmative. Diane noticed it and laughed nervously, stroking it softly. "You are a naughty boy, having such thoughts about me, you know."

Michael's head swam and spun and he wanted her there and then to suck another cock as he watched. But that was a fantasy. It certainly wasn't going to be reality. Reality was something completely different.

And so the door was left ajar. Its hinges were fucked though and the door began to swing open further and further from that point on.

Diane began to tease Michael with words, during the day. Things like "I am thinking about sucking a cock. Not yours though". Michael's thoughts would spin. He was so turned on by the words. His cock would strain in his trousers and Diane noticed it and got more emboldened. She developed her teasing, her whispering. She even began to text Michael with messages like "I am sucking another cock, right now. What do you think of that?" Michael had to respond with such things as "I hope it is a large one" or "you are a dirty girl" etc. All the while he was thinking "is she really doing it?"

She was really messing with his head, teasing him and pushing him and making him wonder and then secretly fearing the worst. He was not sure now what to believe but above all of that, he was still responding in a turned on way to the messages and behaviour.

One evening he came home from work and Diane was edgy but still normal, if that was possible. She kissed him, as per usual, and he felt the difference. Actually he smelt the difference on her lips. He smelt something non-female. He smelt a masculine smell and knew then. He froze and stared at her. She stared back at him. They looked at each other.

"Who..." he blurted.

She moved closer and kissed his cheek. "Guess" was all she said.

Of all the reactions a man could or should or ought to have at a time like that, which one is the correct one? Violence? Rage? Disgust? Hurt? Or perhaps lust?

Michael was feeling lust.

Diane sensed the danger pass. The truth had been let loose and she was still standing. She kissed him on the lips again. He tasted man on his own lips and he groaned. She smiled shyly at him. "Kiss me, Mike." After a second, he kissed his wife.

She held on to him and whispered in his ear "I had a cock in my mouth, dear. It was bigger than yours. It felt lovely."

Michael's cock lurched and swelled and rose and Diane felt it. She gloated a little. "It turns you on big style, doesn't it?" she said.

Michael could only nod quickly.

"Well, if you are a good boy, you can perhaps watch it sometime. Would you like that?"

Again, Michael nodded and knew his world was rotating and shifting into a new paradigm, one he was not keen on but one that turned him on massively.

"Yes, I would like that." he replied.

"Be nice about it please" Diane said with a slightly cruel, hard smile on her face.

It took a moment to figure out what she meant, then he twigged: "Yes, please, I would like to watch you suck... David".

Diane glowed. She was really getting off on this now, Michael could see. "Good boy" she crowed. Well, spend the next week or so doing what I say and do it properly and we shall see. In the meantime, know that I shall be sucking David's cock rather a lot. You can think about that, a lot. OK?"

Michael nodded, defeated and yet exultant - he was very turned on but he didn't want Diane to see how much this was turning him on. He acted downbeat and chastened. He was already thinking about watching them but that is the next chapter.