I was finally going to do it, to show him how much I wanted him. It's been a few months since the beginning of the school year, and my addiction to my professor has not waned even in the slightest. I knew I had to do something about it, and fast. It was messing with my head, and killing me inside. Professor Gernandt had long wavy light brown hair, blue eyes, a slight stubble, and the way he looked at me... it destroyed me. I didn't know if he was attracted to me as well. The age gap (23 years) in addition to me being a student didn't help very much, but I always felt like he was flirting with me when he handed the papers back with a spark in his eyes, like he knew exactly how I felt for him. How drawn I was to him.

I hoped he would be okay with all of this. In addition to the taboo relationship I would want, I didn't know if he was even gay... or interested in another guy. I was a transexual male, meaning I still had a cunt, but still - there were some people who weren't okay with that, even in the 21st century. My heart clenched a little at the thought that he would reject me for that sole reason alone. It would break me.

I could barely focus during class, and at the end when he finally wrapped up the lecture, I waited for the whole class to leave before standing up awkwardly, watching him with every step I took towards him. "Hello professor, I just have some questions for you about the upcoming midterm." A lie, I was getting top marks in the class, and didn't actually have any questions. He studied me, looking me up and down. At my blonde locks, my blue eyes, at the hoodie and tight jeans I was wearing. He raised his eyebrows as he took me in.

"Yes, Seth. How can I help?" I wondered if he knew I didn't actually need anything. Well, didn't need anything related to school.

I felt my cheeks redden. I was so incredibly nervous, and if this went wrong... I could be expelled. What if I was reading the signs wrong? What if he didn't like me that way? My mind was racing a mile a minute. "I... I was wondering what you were referring to in class today about JFK's assassination and the turmoil that follow." Complete and utter bullshit, I couldn't bring myself to say the words out loud.

He chuckled at me and nodded, pulling out his computer to flip through the slides again. "Was it this particular slide?" I nodded, and he started to explain again. I couldn't help but notice the way he leaned towards me, and the fiery look in his eyes as he spoke, like he wanted to bend me over at that desk and have his way with me. My body went against my will, and I put my hand on his shoulders as I leaned over the computer to see the screen properly. He tensed, but continued talking like I had done nothing at all.

"Professor..." I said, my mouth against his ears. "I must confess something..." He turned to face me, and our faces were so close we could almost kiss... if I could just move forwards by a few inches.

"Yes?" He said, and I could smell the cologne on him. Sandalwood and rosemary. What a peculiar combination.

"I... I have a crush on you." Did I just say that?! Am I crazy? I had half a mind to run away from the lecture and never come back. Maybe I should quit my program before he forces me out of it from shame.

He didn't reply, only stared at me with those intense eyes. I took back a few steps, giving him space. Finally, his throat bobbed as he swallowed. "I had a feeling..." His voice drawled, a bit more husky than before.

"You... you knew?" I asked, though I had an inkling as well.

"I'm sure you've noticed the gazes I've been giving you, though as professor, there wasn't much I could do about it." He grinned at me, a bit maliciously, like he was calculating all the things he wanted to do with me.

"Are you sure this is okay?" I ask, gulping a little. He ignored me, and simply stood up, walking towards me with a confidence I would never be able to possess. He engulfed all of my senses as he pressed his body against mine, pressing me against the whiteboard as he did. My eyes widened as I stared up at him, unsure of what to do next. He didn't hesitate as he pressed his mouth on mine, and I felt the stubble against my chin as he pushed in harder, tasting my lips, pushing his tongue in to get as much access as possible. I had wanted this for far too long. I responded immediately, opening my mouth and my body for him at the same time.

I pressed my fingers into his hair, tugging on it gently as he started to grind against me. Was that... was that his dick I was already feeling? Could it be I was already getting him riled up just with a kiss? His boner pressed against my core as he rocked back and forth, and I moaned into his mouth, unable to contain how I was feeling. He grinned against my lips, and his hands slid down my waist as he pulled my jeans down, exposing my boxer briefs in the classroom he was just lecturing in. I was worried for half a second. What if someone walked in on us?

The thoughts were washed away by the feel of his fingers against my cunt, pushing into it as I groaned and thrusted against him uncontrollably. "Oh..." I said, my eyes shutting as my eyes rolled back.

"You're so sensitive, boy." He said, grunting. "And your pussy is so wet for me."

I nodded, unable to say a word as he pulled my briefs down, exposing my body to the cold air of the lecture hall. He hissed as he saw me, and grinned. "Gorgeous."

He unzipped his zipper eagerly, and pressed his mouth on mine again. He bit my bottom lip, hard, drawing blood slightly as I wiggled underneath him. I couldn't keep my body still, not when I was feeling this onslaught of pleasure.

He lifted me up, and pressed me so hard against the whiteboard I was being lifted. I had to put my legs around him to steady myself, realizing that was what he wanted all along. I could feel his dick press against my entrance, and I stared at him with widened eyes, a doe caught doing what he wasn't supposed to. Caught craving something he needed.

He thrusted into me, hard, and I cried out loud at the sensation. It was greater than I had imagined in my head all these months. I couldn't believe he was so big inside of me, it felt like he was stretching me out, pulling me apart from the inside. I screamed his name over and over as he slammed me against the white board, unconcerned about anyone hearing us. It was just me and him, something I had wanted all along.

It was the roughest sex I had ever experienced, and no matter how many times he slammed into me, he wouldn't stop. Like his body was telling him exactly what he wanted. I squirmed and moaned and screamed. I clawed his back and milked him, hard. My pussy was now the boss of me, claiming all of him.

When I knew I wouldn't be able to take it any longer, I came, and squeezed him so hard that he grunted my name, and poured his cum inside of me over and over again. I could feel the warmth of it soaking up my insides, and immediately knew I would be addicted to this. To my professor. 23 years my senior, and yet everything I needed.