And then a week goes by as if none of it ever happened.

I still don't know what to think of it all.

Was it a dream? A hallucination?

Or was it real?

It doesn't matter.

Whatever it was, it's in the past, and I have work to do.

I keep the farm at the forefront of my mind, especially today. There was a fair in the next county over, so while Ma and Pa were taking our overgrown pig to win the Biggest Hog contest and sell farm-fresh milk, I had a fence to repair.

The soil gives way to the shovel. It's only the third one I've dug, and already there's sweat dripping down my back. There are new roots that have grown where the old holes were, and they don't give up without a fight.

"You all right there, farm boy?"

My head snaps to the side to see Logan standing nearby. I blink a few times, trying to make sure it wasn't a heat-induced hallucination. "Logan?"

He smiles. "In the flesh."

"What... What are you doing here?" I ask, pushing myself up from the crouched position I in, brushing dirt off on my jeans.

He gestures to the fence I'm taking apart and putting back together. "Heard some talk in the town that you were here all by yourself today. Thought you could use some help."

I run the back of my hand across my forehead. "Why?"

"I owe you one," he says with a shrug. "Come on, let's get to work."

We work side-by-side in silence for a few hours. He doesn't ask any questions; he seems to know what needs to be done, and anticipates my next move before I've even thought about it.

I'd almost forgotten about how we met when he straightens up and takes off his shirt. I freeze in place, unable to take my eyes off him.

God, he was gorgeous. He was a little soft around the middle, and his shoulders were broad. There wasn't a scar on him; my own chest had the marks of an angry cow's hoof, among other injuries I'd gotten over the years working on the farm.

He notices, pausing and giving me a look with one brow cocked. "Is there a reason you're staring?"

I can feel my face turn red as I quickly look away. "Sorry."

"I didn't say you had to stop," he says, and then I hear the sound of his belt unbuckling.

There's nothing I can do except look. Out of curiosity, of course. Not to see--

That he was full commando under his jeans.

I couldn't even think about how uncomfortable that had to be, because my eyes were locked on his manhood, half-hard and growing as I watched.

He chuckles. "What? Never seen a naked man before?"

Quickly, I shake my head. I want to look away, but I can't.

I want so many things, and all of them feel like they're out of my grasp except for the thing I want most: him.

He's right in front of me, naked for some unfathomable reason. It was honestly stupid. We were outside, working with heavy tools.

Logan smiles, turning away to toss his pants off to the side. I can feel his eyes on me as he leans forward to pick up the shovel.

I can't fucking take it anymore.

When he faces away, I come up behind him and wrap around an arm around his waist to pull his back to my chest. I take him in hand, not caring about the fresh callouses on my palm, and just... go for it.

Shove my tongue down his throat, so to speak. Or maybe literally. I wasn't sure yet.

He looks down at my hand and chuckles, before turning in my arms and meeting my lips with his. We kiss for maybe a minute or two, thought it feels like hours, and eventually he breaks to murmur, "Wow, someone's motivation is showing."

He leans in again, but I hold him firmly in place. "I'm the one in charge here."

"So I see," he says with a smirk.

I gently take his lower lip between my teeth and tug on it. "You're on my farm. My rules." I let go of him and start to unbuckle my pants. "Face the fence and spread your legs."

I can feel him stiffen with anticipation, and he quickly positions himself as instructed. I spit in my hand and run it over my own erection.

I blame the heat. That's got to be it. I'd never act this way otherwise.

So I let the sun take charge, and I mount him from behind, my hard member between his cheeks and grinding into the small of his back.

"Is this what you came here for?" I ask, the depth in my voice surprising even me.

He bites his bottom lip, bracing his hands against the fence. "God, yes."

I thrust my hips again. "Tell me what you came here for."

He groans, and I can feel his back and shoulder muscles tightening under my grip as he starts to rock with my thrusts. "I came here to get plowed by the best farmer in town."

A bark of laughter escapes my throat and I give his ass a firm, playful slap. "If you can think clearly enough to be clever, then I'm not doing a good enough job." I pull back and line up with his entrance, nudging just the tip inside. "Now, tell me what you came here for."

He goes to reply, but cuts himself short with a gasp. I slap his ass again and pull out, then back in, a little further.

"Tell me what you came here for," I repeat.

"I came here to be your farmhand for the day," he gasps out.

I chuckle. "Less clever. Better." I push in deeper, then start to rock in and out of him at a tortuously slow pace. "What about now?"

He groans at the intrusion, his head dropping forward. "I... I came here to be your farmhand, so you'd put your hands on me."

I grip his hips tight in both hands. "Still a smart-ass, huh?" I hold him in place as I shove myself in, my balls slapping against his from the force of the thrust. "Why are you here, Logan?" I whisper in his ear as I keep him full up to the hilt.

His mouth opens, but no sound comes out as he tries think through the pleasure and my grip on his hips.

I move my head down to bite the long tendon of his neck and slam into him again. I can't think straight enough to keep interrogating him, which is fine, since he can't seem to answer any more questions. I stop thinking and just rut like an animal in heat, taking him with no mercy.

"Harder," he gasps out.

I shift to put one hand on the fence to brace myself, then grab one of his legs with the other and hoist him up so I can get deeper with every thrust.

As I take him hard, my mind emptying with every slap of flesh on flesh, I can feel his legs quivering beneath me.

"Oh, god," he whimpers. "Don't stop."

I don't. I don't think I could even if I wanted to.

His head tips all the way back against my shoulder, and I can see his lips part in a silent scream. His body goes rigid for a moment, and then there is a tight spasm around my member and the sensation is so overwhelming I'm forced to follow him over the edge.

I thrust a few more times before I'm unable to hold myself up anymore. We collapse with little grace onto the ground, gasping and panting, just trying to regain some semblance of thought.

He wraps his arms around me and hugs tight, then slowly shifts so that we're resting on our sides, facing one another.

I look at his face, searching it, praying I hadn't gone too far. Praying I wouldn't find disgust there.

He's looking back at me, his face slack and eyes glassy. But not with tears, shock, or fear.

He just seems momentarily vacant.

I risk a soft press of my lips to his. "Logan?"

He doesn't speak, but raises one hand to my stubbled cheek. He traces the line of it slowly, not speaking or looking directly at me.

"Logan? You with me?" I ask softly.

He blinks once, slowly, then his eyes begin to regain focus. "I'm here."

I sigh with relief. "You zoned out for a moment."

He shakes his head. "I'm here," he says again. "I'm just... processing, I guess."

My chest grows tight. "Processing... what, exactly?"

"It's nothing bad!" he assures quickly. "You just... I dunno, you just took me by surprise there. It's all good." He smiles. "It's all good."

The tightness grows stronger, but in a different way. "You sure?"

"Yes." He nods, and leaves in to kiss me. I close my eyes to receive it. "I'm sure."

"It's just... I've never..." I trail off, not sure if he'll understand.

"You've never made love to someone before?"

I put a hand over my face, embarrassed. "No, but... I mean... That makes it sound... nice, making love. I feel like I just kind of... lost control and fucked you."

He gently nudges me over and climbs atop, pushing my hand away and kissing me, then smiles. "You make it sound like a bad thing."

His head lowers to my neck and he kisses there, trailing his lips back up to my ear. "I could tell you liked it," he whispers.

I shudder beneath him.

He chuckles, and I feel it more than hear it. "Give me an hour or so and I'll show you just how much I liked it, too."