Three couples -- One Indian -- Dev & Divya; and two Negros -- Bob & Bentley; and Rob & Rummy in the Farmhouse of Dev at Chandaka Reserve Forest, 50 KM away from the Capital City of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

Post dinner the mid-night rendezvous between a cocktail combination of Indian-n-African was the main-stream of this erotic pot-boiler!

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CHAPTER: 15 -- Three Mysterious Woman! Second -- 'DIVYA'!

"Divya, I want to kiss you." I said to her and she had known this was coming as soon I said it to her.

She took my face between her hands.

"Dev, I don't know if this is such a good idea... Because of time constraint!"

She could see the disappointment in my eyes. "Oh hell!" She murmured and pulled my face down and kissed me full on my surprised lips! "It's your first 'Gang-Bang' and you deserve a kiss!" Said Divya in a naughty tone! I roughly grabbed her and kissed her full on the mouth! She pulled back and said, "It seemed from your rough kiss that your fuck tonight is going to be aligned in the same way!"This time when she pulled my face to hers I kissed her softly until her tongue pushed against my mouth! After all she's my sweet heart of 13 years and dearest wife of 5 years and definitely deserved a much better deal! My lips spread and her tongue moved into my mouth for the first real soft kiss of the night! She wasn't even surprised a bit that my wet kisses was turning her on as much as she was turning me!

As we kissed... My long and strong member had started touching her somewhere near her belly button... And she could feel her pussy beginning to moisten... And she wondered what had come over her? She wanted to fuck her husband of five years in front of two virtual strangers! My hands were all over her body as I kissed her and she wasn't doing one single thing to discourage me... To be forcefully kissed butt-naked in front of two almost stranger Negro women!

Knowing that she was letting me do pretty much what I wanted was turning me on that much more! I was finally touching her as I had dreamed of it for past many years of letting a 'Horny-Three-Some'! But luck had it differently... With an unpredictable 'Four-Some'!

One Horny Man -- Three Horny Women!

That Too Inter-Racial!

Could I have asked for anything more? I wondered!It wasn't like this was a total surprise for her... To feel his hands on her back... And stroking her body softly... She had known... He had such a crush on her for years... When she was just 12... And he was just 17... And since then till now... Even after five years of their marriage... And all the carnal bliss they had experienced together... I had always treated Divya like her Queen... On or off the bed!

She knew she could stop him at any time... Any where... Which he would obediently follow... But being his true life partner... Had never done that till now... And he knew that... How much equally she loved her... In true sense of reciprocity... His kisses and the touch of his hands on her... Were feeling much too good to stop now... At this juncture of a time... But will she going to stop him at all ... Or not... And would allow his... To fuck her... In front of Two Beautiful Negro Ladies?

The deeper the kisses... The least likely... She was even going to try... To stop him at all... It was only time... When she felt his eager hand... On her dripping snatch... That she spoke for the first time, "Dev!" She whispered in a soft voice, "Do you know what you are about to do? Is this all that important to satisfy your ego?" She had his head between her hands and forced him to look her in the eye."I have wanted you... In this sort of a condition... For years... And this opportunity came my way... After five years of our marriage... Tonight has been so perfect... You had told me that... When I was with the right one... In the right situation... You as a supportive wife... Would always go out all the way... In my long cherished dream... You are the right one... In the right situation... For all the right things to happen... Through the course of the night!"CHAPTER: 16 -- Divya Becoming A Diva!

She knew then... If she had not already known... That he was really... All the more in love with her... In a situation like this... She must be extra supportive to him... And should go out all the way... To let his long awaited... Carnal desired be full-filled... To the core!

The knot in her stomach wasn't there... Just because she wanted to help him... Get over the situation as fast as possible... But she also wanted and intended to be his true... And faithful life partner... To help him... Making the experience... A true memorable one!

It was a moment of both guilt and glory for her! She felt a tingle as she pulled his face back to hers and kissed him gently before breaking the kiss and looking at him.

"OK." All that she could say after a marathon thinking a brain-drain debate within herself!

My mouth burned her lips with another hot kiss as my warm hands slide past her curvy body!

She watched and followed my eyes... As I was pondering every part of her sexy and delicate body... Her huge boobs... Deep belly-button... Hairy Amazon Forest... Came into my exciting... view... And she knew... It was the... Right time... Right thing... To do Right then!

Her breasts weren't all that big... In comparison to Bentley or Rummy... But they were high and firm.... With large areolas... And nipples to match! Her breasts were extremely sensitive... Which she knew... As well as I... And when my lips kissed first one and then the other... she held my head... Literally forcing it over her delicate masses!

"I like what you see... And felt... You never get tired of... Kissing them again... And again... And again! Years... After years... After years!" Divya said while lovingly played with my hair and I was only too happy to oblige her further!As I kissed her nipples... And ran my tongue across them... My hands were once again busy... To play around with her envious pubic bush! Then my eager fingers pushed in further... And started stroking across her delicate clit softly! Once I felt her reaction from my touch I knew I had hit the right spot at the right moment of time!

I could feel the wet heat emitting from between her legs which got even better when she let her legs separate giving my eager hands more space to exploit her cunt with better access she provided!I picked her up like a 'Doll' and set her sweaty back on the smooth sparkling wall and moved between her sexy and fleshy legs! I was huge! Might be it was just the excitement that had brought me to this way... But her hands stroking me continuously... Kept me both long and strong!CHAPTER: 17 -- Divya Got The Best Fuck In 5 Years Of Their Marriage!

My hands on her hips slid her closer to the edge of our exciting bodies... And her delicate cunt became... Perfectly aligned... To my rock-hard cock! Divya lifted her legs and wrapped them around my strong and muscular waist! With her heels she pulled me close and with my hands I pulled her even closer!

Slowly she guided the head of my cock to her wet and warm pussy lips. Then in a gradual process I was in her! She was really oozing and ready and even with my size it was a soft and smooth ride... As my ever excited cock... Slid deeper and deeper into her ever accepting tight twat!

She loved the feel of me in her... And squeezed her cunt... Even tighter around me,

"Don't Move, stay right there a minute, so that I can feel all of you in me!" She requested, but in a demanding voice. I complied and didn't dare to move! The lack of the 'Daringness' was... Not because I was scared of her... But if I move any further... There is every possibility on my part... That I might ejaculate into her ever accepting pussy!

I had never in the wildest of my wet dreams imagined how good it would feel to be in her like this type of a 'Group Orgy'! "I can't last long!" I cried out."Don't worry about it; I'm not going to last long either." She countered. As she didn't know how otherwise she was supposed to react in this sort of a situation!

A second later I cried out and shot a full load of warm juices into her equally hot and slippery pussy. My hot juices kept on blasting into her pussy intermittently for about eight to ten seconds!

"OH God, I'm Cumming too!" She declared! Never in her life had she climaxed this fast! I wondered! So did she! We just held each other as close as we could... Until the time we got back our breath!


She giggled like a newly-wed wife... Fully knowing the very fact that... How excited I was to fuck her in front of two other Inter-Racial women! There wasn't any doubt in her mind that... I was already ready to go again... And she knew she was almost there ready to accept me again... Inside her!

"Oh that was fast but good!" She exclaimed in a mild voice not to be caught by the twin sisters!"I'm sorry I went so fast." I apologised to her very slowly for the same reason!

"In 'Love' and 'Sex', there's no place of 'Sorry' and 'Thank You'! So never ever repeat the same thing again in future. Understood?" She asked in a low tone and I replied by nodding my head.

She realized that I might not have known she climaxed with me. And I realised that both Bentley and Rummy knew that we both had come some quick! So, we intended to play along and again!

"I went right along with you. It was good, really good and I know the next time is going to be even better!" Exclaimed Divya in a low tone almost in an unheard voice! I smile let her know that... I thought that the next time... Is going to be better and very soon!

"Why don't we see and try if the cushion below might make a better place to do it than against the hard-hitting brick wall?" She questioned with a naughty smile in her lips and an equally naughty look in her eyes!

CHAPTER: 18 -- Once Is Not Enough!

I started to pull back, so that she could be eased on to the cushion!

"NO!" She literally screamed! "Don't you dare to pull out of me! I'll kill you! Just pick me up! Put me on the cushion! Without removing your cock from my cunt! And fuck me to heaven! I don't want this monster to be out of me for a long time yet!" She said in an authoritarian voice while wrapping her legs tightly around my waist and her arms around my shoulders.

My hands went under her ass and lifted her comfortably! I took a couple of steps so that she could be laid properly! With each step I made backward my cock was working in her in a see-saw manner! Bringing her extra sensations with each movement and thrust!

I slowly stooped down on my knees; still holding me with her arms and legs she let me positioned properly over her and over the thick mattress! It was then time for me to move in her and I didn't waste any time as I started fucking her with all the power I had to indirectly show Rummy as to what is coming to her next!

Divya released her hands from my neck; but not the legs! Because it was giving her a better access and feeling! I looked around and saw Rummy's expressive eyes were totally glued to my cock and the vantage point of our bodies! I indicated her to come near. She complied immediately.

Before Divya could understand and react, Rummy's placed her eager mouth on Divya's cute little mouth! "Uummmm!" Was the only expressions eased out of Divya's mouth as she put her hand on the back of Rummy to give a better access!

Why should Bentley stay away? She was quick enough to capture Divya's sexy boobs! While she relished one with her mouth, she fondled the other with her hand!

What a situation for Divya! Three persons' were working on her excited body! I was fucking her to glory! Rummy was kissing her to glory! And Bentley was sucking and fondling her to glory! All the sexually active parts and spots of her petite and full body were strategically captured for giving her maximum required stimuli!

This time I was harder and faster than the first time! It was just what she wanted! As she pushed her pussy up on my huge cock! Each time I drove deep inside her! The up-ward and down-ward thrust were a deadly combo! Igniting a terrific under-current in each of our exciting bodies! I wasn't as fast as the first time but still quick enough so as she started to climax and I too shot another load into her almost saturated cunt!

Both of us cried out mildly again to hide the noise as much as possible as we both climaxed together again! What a 'Unison' activity that was! True Husband-Wife! Made for Each-Other!

Both Bentley and Rummy were so much indulged in their sexual activity that it was oblivion to them as to what was happening at their back!

It took us a little longer this time to regain our strength after this escapade; but neither one of us care a damn! And why should we? I was still hard and deep in her and she wanted me to stay that way! What more I could have asked from my dearest loving wife! She pulled me down on her and kissed me like crazy, "Stay right here... In me... For a while... I want to feel you right inside!" Divya said while looking into my eyes lovingly!"Won't I be heavy on you?" I asked her sarcastically!"No, I like to feel your naked body on me and you still deep in me! I could stay like this for a long time! For the whole night! If you challenge me!" She had almost said forever but even in the sated state she was in; she had realized that it was never going to be forever. Because I've two more sexy women for a limited period of time to enjoy!

CHAPTER: 19 -- The Third Time Was A Real Charm!

While talking to me, she dozed off a couple of seconds and woke when she felt me drilling her soft and sweet cunt again! "Surely you know how to wake up a girl, you love dearly!"The third time was a real charm! I fucked her slow and made it last for a very long time! She had a couple of mind-blowing climaxes but she waited for her third one until I couldn't hold back any more! Then as she was reaching her third climax I went with her! We both climaxed together -- I for the third time in her (Totally 4 times); and she for the fifth time that night! That hadn't happened to us in years!

A group orgy with privacy and domination; among known partners has its own kick and charm!

It was only then I finally pulled my now soft cock from her soaking and over-flowing pussy! The three loads of my Cum inter-mingled with five loads of her cum... rolled from within her like an over-flooded mountain river as she tried to seat up and get up! Then she saw the designer cushion cover has got many wet-spots on it! She made a shy and sorry face, "Sorry for that!"

I wanted to make her feel light, 'Every action has an equal or more reaction attached to it!"

"Was that the 'Third Law Of Motion By Isaac Newton?" Divya asked prudently.

I nodded in affirmation.

"So what next?" Asked Divya while looking at Rummy sarcastically!

"My turn! My turn!! My turn!!!" Rummy jumped on the cushion like a teenage school girl in want of a lollipop!

"Well, how about a lollipop to start with?" I asked her showing my deflated magnum opus!

"No worry... I'll make you so hard in 'PART: III' that in 'PART:IV' you will fuck me like a maniac!" Saying so she slowly started swallowing my massive mushroom head into her eager mouth!

End of 'Part: III'

In 'PART: IV' Rummy will get the blunt! She was banged and inseminated to the hilt! Possibly impregnated with the virile Cum of Dev! What more to follow is a suspense! To be unveiled by you subsequently... Till then have a great day and good luck.