Walking into my bedroom I head straight for my closet and reach up to pull my camera bag down off the top shelf. My parents had brought me this expensive camera back when they were trying to push me towards a career in photography, but I could never find the motivation to pursue something I wasn't passionate about. How disappointed they would be if they knew how I was about to use their gift. I turn the camera on to check it still works and the battery is charged, and then contemplate what my pictures should look like. Naked of course, the point of this is to be vulnerable and reveal my deepest fantasies. But doing what? Kneeling submissively before anyone who looks at me, or standing straight ready for inspection. Or should I go even further and photograph myself laying spread on the bed, ready and waiting.

After a moment of thought I decide to go with kneeling, so I place my camera on the seat of my desk chair facing into the room. The room is not very bright so I switch the light on, but looking in the camera it still seems dull. I look over at my closed blinds covering the window. I walk over to the window and pull back the blind a little and peak out at alleyway below. There is nobody there, so I quickly pull the blinds up and dart away from the window. Now the room is as well lit as it gets, so I move the chair with my camera on it so it is facing away from the window, and kneel on the floor in front of it facing the window.

Watching myself in the cameras viewfinder I try different positions seeing how my body looks on the screen. Once I decide how I will position my body I set a 10 second timer on the camera and get into my pose. I kneel on the floor, my body upright not sitting on my feet. I spread my legs slightly and clasp my hands behind my back, pulling my shoulders back and pushing my tits forward. I look directly at the camera with my lips slightly parted, hair still tied back in a tight ponytail so I am fully exposed. The camera clicks and takes my photo and I jump up to take a look. It is perfect, albeit a little on the tame side. I pick the camera up and move the chair back to my desk, pushing my dildo deep inside me before sitting down on the chair.

I plug in the camera and download the photo to my computer. I open up the photo and look at myself, my submissive nature so obviously captured, I have never seen myself looking like that and I love it. I am about to upload it to my profile when I pause, looking at my face in the photo. Fear begins to creep back in and I can't help thinking about if someone I know sees this. I am not ready for that, not when I am only just starting my journey. If someone saw this it would probably be enough to stop me from ever trying again. I decide that me being able to continue forward is more important than my face in a picture, and quickly crop the photo to include my mouth, but cut out the rest of my face. I upload the photo to my online profile and look at my now complete profile page.

Without realizing it my hand is suddenly between my legs softly stroking my wet clit as I look at my own photo. I allow myself a brief minute to enjoy my touch but stop quickly before I go to far. I turn my attention to exploring the rest of the website, searching through other users photos and reading about their own experiences and sending off a number of friend requests to people with similar interests to my own. After what felt like only 10 minutes or so I look at the clock and realize it's almost 6pm. I jump up, surprised when the dildo falls out onto the floor. I will definitely need to buy a bigger one since I keep forgetting that is inside me. I spend the next hour or so cleaning up my apartment, working my way through the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, doing a load of laundry and vacuuming the floors.

I finish cleaning and notice how hungry I am, realizing I have been so focused on the fetish website all day I haven't eaten since breakfast. I look through my kitchen trying to decide what to eat, unsure if I want to pick something easy or difficult for me to eat out of my dog bowl. I am incredibly hungry so I opt for a quick microwavable pasta meal which should be easy to eat but still messy enough to be degrading. I set the microwave for a minute and a half and get out my clean dog bowl ready for dinner. Once it's ready I take it out of the microwave, tip it into my bowl and place it on the kitchen floor.

I kneel in front of my dinner, steam rising from the bowl, and bend forward to eat. The pasta is hot so I try my hardest to carefully pick up one piece at a time with my teeth, but the sauce still gets on my chin and it burns my lips as I eat. This all adds to the arousal that is building between my legs again, knowing that there is nothing and nobody making me do this, but I am still doing it because it is in my nature to eat off the floor like a pet.

Again I lick my bowl clean before standing up and washing my bowl in the sink so it will be ready for tomorrow. I give my face a wash too, wiping away the pasta sauce. I grab myself a glass of water and head back to the bedroom. The blinds are still up but it is now night so the room is dark. I switch the light on, place my water on the desk and walk to the window to close the blinds. As I am halfway through closing them I happen to look down into the alleyway below and I faintly make out the figure of a person frozen mid step, looking right at me. I gasp and quickly lower the blinds the rest of the way. I stand frozen, breathing heavily. Somebody just saw me naked at my window. I consider looking to see if they're still there but chicken out completely. I decide there's nothing I can do about that now, pull myself together and head back to my computer sliding my dildo into place as I sit down. I take a sip of water as I refresh the web page, and then notice I have received a few notifications and messages since uploading my photo. I check my notifications first and see that most people have accepted my friend request and that I have received a handful of likes on my profile photo and a couple of comments too. I click on my photo to read the comments:

"nice slut, kneeling obediently as you should be"

"wow nice body! Can't wait to see more of you xx"

It is such a strange feeling to know that these strangers on the internet have seen my naked body. That I know absolutely nothing about them and yet am so willing to share myself for them to see. I click on my inbox and see multiple messages for me. A few are people just saying hello and welcoming me to the site so I reply with a polite thank you message. But there is one message that stands out amongst the others, from a user named YouWillObey:

"Slut - that is what I shall call you because that is what you are.

You want to explore your submissive desires? I want that for you too. I will make sure you become the submissive slut you are deep inside.

Reply slut"

I read the message a few times before hitting the reply button.

"Thank you for your message. I would very much like to speak with you about my desires.

I am not sure if signing my message off with slut is too much, but before I could doubt myself I hit send and wait.

Within a minute I have a reply:

"Slut, call me Sir. I call you by your name so show the same respect.

Your profile says you have a list of what you want to do. Send it to me"

I reply immediately with my full fantasy list, and include my rules and punishments attempting to please him. Understandably it takes close to 10 minutes for him to write back, leaving me sitting naked and anxious refreshing the page again and again. Finally a message appears:

"Very good slut. Let's get started with number 4 on your list. I want to know about your fantasies. Many of them seem to involve putting yourself in compromising situations such as slutty clothes or public escapades. This leads me to believe you want to be looked at and caught. You want people to know you're a slut. You like the feeling of shame you get when somebody knows your dirty secret.

Tell me slut, what has triggered this? When did you first realise you were a submissive?

Also just so my picture is clear, are you currently in your apartment, and by extension naked possibly sitting with a dildo shoved inside you? I need to be sure you stick to your word and follow your rules."

I begin typing my reply right away:

"Yes Sir, I have been naked all day and am currently sitting at my desk with a dildo inside me.

As for my submission I am not exactly sure when it began Sir. I have some scattered memories but do not know what happened first.

I was bullied in primary school buy this girl who used to choke me, and I remember purposely going to her part of the playground so she would come after me and choke me.

Also all through my childhood my mother would discipline me when I misbehaved by spanking me with a wooden spoon from the kitchen, and again I remember intentionally talking back to her to try and get myself spanked.

In highschool I was the girl who at every party would be getting felt up by someone in the middle of the room for everyone to see. Pretty sure everyone in my year level had seen my tits at one point or another since I would let whoever I was making out with take my tits out. I loved having everyone's eyes on me, and I loved hearing them talk about how gross I was. I had no friends, I was just invited to every party as an easy score because I never said no.

When I was in year 12 my parents found out I was getting drunk at parties so refused to let me go to anything anymore, and had me work 2 part time jobs to take up all my time. So after that my submissive side was fully suppressed for years until a few months ago when I moved away from my family and friends so I could do whatever I wanted. And that is how the list of fantasies was born.

Hope this answers your question Sir.

"Yes slut this answers my question. You have been submissive right from your childhood.

Now according to your rules you may only orgasm after 8pm. What is the time now slut?"

"It is currently 9.17pm Sir"

"Perfect. Then I would like to move onto fantasy number 5 and instruct you to orgasm. Now don't worry little slut, I do not want to scare you off so I will start nice and slow with you. Go and get 6 clothes pegs, your vibrator and 2 pairs of panties.

You have 1 minute"

I jump off the chair ignoring the dildo falling out of me and run to the closet near my front door to grab a handful of pegs, then back to my bedroom where I pick my vibrator up off my bed and fish out 2 pairs of lacy panties from my underwear drawer before rushing back to my desk to type:

"I have everything ready Sir"

"Are you back in your chair slut?"

"Yes Sir I am"

"That was very fast slut. Did you by chance forget to replace your dildo before you sat down?"

My stomach sinks as I look to see my dildo laying on the floor beside the chair.

"I did forget Sir. I am so sorry. Please forgive me I am so horny and was so excited for you to instruct me"

"I understand slut, but you broke your rule. I must admit I was hoping you would slip up. I prepared for it actually. I have chosen a punishment for you from your list. I assume you have rubber bands at your desk? Place one of the pegs on each of your nipples and tighten it with the rubber bands. Tell me how it feels when you are done"

I pick up one of the pegs, pinch my already rock hard nipple and clip the peg onto it. I wince at the sharp pain but it dulls slowly as I do the same to my other nipple. Then I pickup a rubber band and begin securing the peg tightly with it. The sharp pain returns and this time it does not dull. My breathing becomes heavier as I secure the peg on my other nipple and write back to YouWillObey:

"The pegs are on my nipples now Sir. They hurt a lot, it is a very sharp pain that is intensified by the rubber bands. Thank you for punishing me.

"Do not forget you deserve to be punished. You may release your nipples at 10.22pm, exactly one hour from now as per your own rules. Now on to your orgasm. Follow my instructions exactly, and when you have orgasmed tell me how you felt.

Take one pair of panties and ball it up into your mouth, then push the other pair deep into your pussy.

Take the other 4 pegs and attach 2 to each of your pussy lips, one up near your clit and the other further down near your cunt.

Then take your vibrator on its low setting and you are going to repeat the following 10 times:

Once you have done that 10 times turn the vibrator to its medium setting and press it firmly to your clit for as long as it takes you to remove all of the pegs from your pussy lips.

Once the pegs are removed turn it up to the highest setting and thrust in and out of your pussy another 10 times.

Only once that is complete may you place the vibrator back on your clit and cum.

Do it now slut"

I immediately shove the panties into my mouth and soaking wet pussy and grab the remaining pegs, placing them exactly where I was instructed. This takes a few tries given how wet I am but I get them to stay on, wincing as the pain adds to the overwhelming arousal in my pussy. Then I take my vibrator and begin the torturously slow instructions to orgasm. By the fifth repeat I am so close to orgasm that I think I will have to stop, but I take a deep breath and tense myself against the waiting orgasm, focusing on counting instead of what I am doing. Count to 5, move vibrator into pussy. Count five thrusts then move it back to my clit. Eventually I finish the set of 10 and take a deep breath, switch the vibrator to medium and push it against my clit, moaning loudly while my free hand rips the pegs from my pussy lips which turns my moan into a scream of pain. I know I am almost finished as I turn the vibrator all the way up and thrust it hard and fast in and out of my pussy, counting out loud as each thrust hits the panties now buried deep within me. I count 10 thrusts and instantly slide the vibrator up to my clit pressing it firmly while my hips gyrate against it bringing me to orgasm almost instantly.

I switch off the vibrator and try to catch my breath enough to send a message.

"Thank you Sir. That was the best orgasm I have had in a very long time. I am still shaking from it.

It was very difficult to hold off my orgasm as I followed your instructions, I almost failed and came early but I held out. I am thankful I did because the resulting orgasm was incredible, amplified by the constant pain in my nipples and the spikes of pain as I ripped the pegs off my pussy in a rush to finish.

I liked following your instructions and the feeling of submission it gave me. There was not a part of me that did not want to follow your every instruction.

Thank you again Sir. I hope you are pleased with the result.

I take the panties out of my mouth and finish off my glass of water while I wait for a reply, still trying to catch my breath and steady my heart which is pounding through my chest. As the high from my orgasm wears off, I become more aware of the pain in my nipples which has not dulled at all, if anything it is becoming more intense. I look at the time, it's now 9.55pm. I sigh as I realise I have to keep my nipples pegged for another 27 minutes. A message appears in my inbox:

"Good job slut. In order to be truly submissive you must lose control over your orgasms. If you are only to have one each day make it count.

That is all for now slut. Keep your nipples pegged until the time is up. Clean up your seat, I am guessing you have made a mess. Lick it clean like a good slut.

Sleep with those panties buried in your cunt. The next item on your list is to visit a sex shop. Do that tomorrow and make sure to wear those panties. I suggest you pick up some restraints while you're there.

I expect to hear about your day tomorrow"

I reply with a simple "Yes Sir" before getting off my chair to survey the mess I made. Sir was right, I have made a mess. The chair is glistening with my pussy juices, so I drop to my knees and lick every inch of it clean. My pussy is still throbbing from my orgasm and I try to focus on that instead of the building pain in my nipples, but this just leads to my fingers running across my clit building my arousal again. I stop and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and use the toilet. I take my hair down from its pony tail and let it fall around my shoulders. The pegs stick out through my hair ensuring my sore nipples continue to be exposed.

I walk back into the bedroom and think about tomorrow, deciding that I will go to the sex shop. I still have 7 minutes until I can relieve my nipples, so I start putting together an outfit for my trip tomorrow. Obviously the panties inside my pussy will be worn, and I pick a short burgundy skirt made of a light material which goes a couple of inches lower than my ass. As a clear result of my current level of arousal I decide I will not wear a bra and will wear a loose cropped black t-shirt over my bare tits. I also pull out a pair of black 5 inch heeled boots to wear with the outfit, and plan to pull my hair back into the same tight ponytail I wore today.

With tomorrow's outfit planned I look at the clock to see it click over to 10.22pm and breathe a sigh of relief that I can finally remove the pegs. However as I begin untying the rubber band from the first peg a new wave of pain hits my nipple as blood begins to flow back to it. I completely remove the first peg and gasp at the pain. I look down and see my nipple is swollen and bright red with clear indents showing where the peg had been. I hold my breath as I release my other nipple, holding back another gasp of pain. I rub my sore nipples gently trying to ease the throbbing pain, but this only begins to arouse me again. I sigh and crawl into bed, exhausted from the nights events. I fall asleep thinking of what I will buy on my visit to the sex shop tomorrow.