After licking the entire van clean, I started to ruminate about how my dignity as a man was permanently ruined. Nothing I say or do will erase the fact that I just awkwardly swallowed my own piss and precum, while having an anal hook stretching my ass back. That first sexual command especially left a strong aftertaste of my own piss in my mouth, and my whole body was also covered in it. This is something you'd see in a kinky porn skit with slutty women doing such things with other men, so my dignity as a man was definitely ruined.

Putting on some white plastic gloves, Lucien approached me and grabbed my face. "Look at you, a disgusting filthy pig, right where you belong! If you're not going to pay me back your debt in cash, you'll pay me back with your feminized sissy body" he said mockingly. I gulped and stared back in shock. I thought to myself what does he mean by my feminized sissy body? Is he planning on making me look more girly than I already am?

I responded nervously to his statements. "Lucien, what do you mean by saying that? I thought you were just going to sexually abuse me as I am! That's what I signed up for. If you feminize me any further, it will definitely ruin my chances to be with another woman. I'm already having a tough time attracting other girls with my own body!"

Lucien then slapped me across the face and yelled at me. "Amber, you agreed to be my degraded sissy sex slave. This means I can feminize your body however I like, and exploit you however I want. There's definitely more work to be done to make you look like a sissy slut. With some hormone replacement therapy, you'll end up with longer hair, bigger hips, muscle loss, boob growth, and a permanently ruined cock that won't be able to achieve erections anymore." Lucien stroked my face as he said all that to me, and I panicked a bit.

I resisted the idea of being feminized any further, as it would definitely ruin my chances of attracting a straight woman, and having a normal life as a man. "Noooooo! I don't want to be feminized, I'm already small enough as it is! How will I ever end up with a woman and have my own kids looking more feminized? Nobody would want me!"

A woman's laughter can then be heard in the distance. It was then a beautiful and slender blond woman stepped out of the passenger side of the van. Holding onto a lit cigarette, she approached me and puffed smoke into my face. Giggling, she responded to my statements. "Hehe. Honey you wouldn't be able to attract a woman anyways with your natural sissy physique and pathetic 3 inch dick. You're better off being feminized and living a life as a sissy slut. You'll get way more sexual attention that way."

She then took her cigarette and pressed it against the tip of my small cock. It stung me, and gave me pleasure at the same time, making me scream, yelp, and moan. She then stroked my face and whispered into my ear. "Don't worry hun, we'll take care of you and transform you to your true self." She then pressed the cigarette onto my balls a couple of times, making me tremble with burning pleasure. She burned multiple spots on my private parts, and it made me flinch and jolt every time.

Despite the burning sensation from her cigarette, I can't deny that I also felt an intense sexual pleasure from it. Everytime she pressed her cigarette onto my balls, I could feel liquids coming out of my dick. Despite the anal hook still lodged in my ass and tied to my neck, I attempted to look down, forcing the anal hook to dig deeper in my stretched anal cavity. It was then I could see precum dangling from the tip of my dick, swaying back and forth near my knees.

I could also see the distinctive red bruise mark on my private parts caused by the cigarette burn. The sight of my humiliated body made droplets of pee come out, and it felt like I was squirting a bit. I thought to myself perhaps my arousal came from being in the presence of a beautiful blond woman. She was much taller than me, and had cute freckles on her face with gorgeous blue eyes. I think her beauty must have turned me on, even though she tormented me a bit.

Of course, I wasn't the only one who noticed my own sexual liquid leaking out. She also noticed it, and giggled even more. "Oh hun, don't you think for a second you're getting pleasure from just seeing me. I think it's mainly because deep down inside you enjoy being dominated and getting abused like a sissy slut." I started to reflect on what she said, and perhaps she is right. Why else would precum leak out of me? Maybe I do enjoy being abused as a sissy slut.

Lucien then grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. "Ah, I see you've acquainted yourself with my beautiful wife Chloe! If you think you can ever pull off ever getting a wife like this, just know that it's hopeless for you. Even though you have a natural physique of a sissy and can never really attract women, we're gonna permanently feminize your body to reveal your true self. You'll then be my sexual sissy slave until you repay the debt."

After hearing that, I nodded in silence, accepting my fate to be feminized. Just like both of them said, It's not like I had the physique of a real man anyways. This however begs the question of how long I would be a degraded sissy sex slave before I'd be set free. I called out to Lucien to ask him about it. Lucien smiled and responded: "For every single time you do a sexual service for me and my wife Chloe, I will remove $10 off your $500,000 debt, including its interest rates. You can do the calculations you stupid cunt. If you do not submit to our sexual requests, then we just simply punish you."

I wasn't very good at math, but I think I should be out of here in no time as long as I fulfill Lucien and his wife sexually. It's not a big deal at all, and then I can go back to living my life normally. I responded with confidence. "Okay, that seems fair enough Master Lucien! I'll be out of here in no time! I'll be your degraded sissy sex slave until that debt is repaid in your standards."

Lucien laughed at my statement. "Hahaha! Oh wow you're such a stupid fuck, okay well if you can't do the math to realize that you'll be stuck with us a for a long time, that's your problem." Lucien then attached a leash on my neck, and gave it to his wife Chloe to lead me into their massive estate. It was a huge mansion in an undisclosed location I don't know about. There were many palm trees at the front of their mansion, and there was a huge marble fountain in the center of their front yard.

Seeing Lucien's success made me feel envious towards him. He had a beautiful wife, an extremely high paying salary, and a huge mansion. He literally had everything. This is something that I always wanted to achieve when I was younger, but being a lazy slob I could never actually work towards achieving such things. As a result, I had a minimum wage job and wasn't going anywhere in life. This is what made me gamble my life away.

I thought I could take the easy way around and become richer by gambling, but now here I am becoming Lucien's degraded sissy sex slave. As Chloe was taking me into their mansion with a leash around my neck, I was walking awkwardly with the anal hook still lodged in my ass and tied to my neck. While walking, my ass stuck out like a whore, and my head was pulled back because of the anal hook. I started to wonder what other sexual exploits I will have to face next.