The next morning, after spending the night with Brad, I knew that I was going to love this new life of mine. Brad was spectacular in "breaking me in" to the sexual side of it and my dear friend, Miranda, helped open the door with everything else. As much as I enjoyed that night with Brad, I knew that I was just beginning to explore my newfound sexual appetite, and I hoped that he would be along for the ride.

I got back to my apartment and headed to bed for a few hours because I was still exhausted from the night before, not to mention my poor little ass was very sore, but in a good way. At bit later, my doorbell was ringing repeatedly. I tapped the monitor and standing there at the door was a very panicked looking Miranda. I said good morning to her and buzzed her into the building. I got up, opened the door, and turned on the coffee maker while waiting for Miranda to make her way up to my floor.

Just as I put in a K-cup, she came bursting in. "Bitch! Why didn't you pick up your damn phone? Why didn't you call me? Are you okay? What happened? Where were you?" I just smiled and danced around in a circle pretending to be waltzing with an invisible person. Miranda just squinted her eyes and said, "You SLUT! You fucked him and didn't care to call and tell me all about it?" I giggled, shook my head yes and explained that I just got home a few hours earlier, had to take a little nap and that my phone had died while I was still at Brad's. I told her that I was sorry for not calling but WOW what a night! She cheered for me, hugged me and then we sat down to some coffee. "Tell me every detail and I mean EVERY detail," Miranda said now in a way better mood.

After our long talk about my night with Brad, giving Miranda every naughty detail, I came out and told her that I have thought about it for a long time and I have decided to start hormone therapy and also breast implants. I thanked Miranda for all the wonderful loving help she has given me in my early transition but the next steps I knew I would have to take on my own. Setting up an appointment with a doctor would be that next step. Miranda asked me if this was what I really wanted and I told her that I am more than ready. She hugged me close and said she would be with me every step of the way. I just love this girl so much.

A few days after, Brad called me up to see how I was doing, and he asked me to go to lunch with him in a couple of days. Of course, I said yes, what fool would not? Friday came and Brad dropped by to pick me up. I kept my attire simple since it was warm out, wearing a yellow summer dress, white sandals, and lacy white panties underneath. Even though the dress was just slightly clingy, my tiny cock tucks away without issues of any unwanted bulging showing through. I met up with Brad outside the front door as he walked up smiling and planting a nice sweet short kiss on my lips instantly sending tingles down my body. He walked me around his sexy little sports car, opening the door for me like the perfect gentleman. As I sat down in the car seat, I purposely gave him a glimpse of my lacy panties. He grinned and then got in his side and drove us off to lunch.

We picked up some food and drove to a nearby park on the edge of the city. Found a nice semi-secluded spot and ate our lunch on a blanket overlooking a pond. We chatted a bit, talking about our night together with lots of smiles and giggles from me. When we finished our food and cleaned up, Brad leaned in and kissed me, softly at first but then we started in a bit deeper and more passionately. His kissing just turned my body into fire, and I moaned ever so slightly into our kiss. Now brazen, I reached down and traced my fingers around his already hardening cock through his khaki shorts. We kissed even deeper and I stroked him from the outside. He groaned as I squeezed his hard flesh. I pulled back from our kiss, unzipped his shorts, and snaked my hand into them, moving past the waist band of his underwear. My fingers wrapped around his rock-hard cock and it was all I could do to wrestle it out of his shorts.

Brad tilted his head back closing his eyes as I looked down with hunger at his amazing cock once more. I stroked it up and down slowly and a bead of precum already formed at the end of his hole. I could not take it any longer, I moved down and took his cock head into my mouth, swirling the precum bead around with my tongue. Brad moaned at my oral pleasure on him as I took more of his huge cock into my mouth. I stroked his hard flesh with my hand along with my mouth wanting that prize of red-hot liquid love that I savored just a week prior. Moving in and out my stretched mouth feeling the head nearly bouncing against the back of my throat over and over. I was like a wanton whore hungering for depravity only known in the darkest reaches of hell. I was fucking his cock with my mouth and hands now, making guttural noises as his huge cock plunged in and out. He cried out and in the next second his sweet hot cum filled my mouth. I pushed his cock back as far as I could go and felt him pulsing and filling my throat with his seed. I swallowed as fast as I could to get every drop of it.

Brad started to relax, and his cock began to soften. I gently stroked him, squeezing slightly to milk him of the last drops of his semen as I kept my mouth enclosed on his flesh. His cock slipped from my lips and I looked up at him with a grin looking like the cat that just at the canary. Well I should say kitten that just ate the giant big bird. He pulled me up and kissed me and off in the short distance we heard cheering and applause. Looking that way, we saw a couple guys fishing across the lake from us, not much more than 50 yards. We both stood and bowed, laughed, and gathered our stuff. We got into the car and Brad kissed me again saying he how much I just rocked his entire world. He dropped me off back at my apartment and he headed back to work. I could still taste his cum when I went inside. Yum! Of course, I called Miranda and filled her in on the details. She giggled calling me her new little slut best friend.

The following week, I had my first appointment with a doctor that specialized in transgender male to female transition. She put me on medication to stop the testosterone production in my body and she put me on estrogen to help my body become more feminine. She told me that I was very fortunate to already have feminine features that would help in the transition and the fact that I barely had any facial hair to speak of would really be a huge plus for me, but she said that since I was such a small framed person that I would probably not develop very much breast tissue. She predicted that I may see a B cup but not to be disappointed if I did not get much more than an A cup. We talked about breast augmentation, but she said we should wait until about 6 months of so into the hormone therapy. She asked what I thought about gender reassignment surgery. I told her that would be a decision down the road after weighing all the risks and benefits. She also told me about a procedure called an Orchiectomy, where they would just remove my testicles to permanently stop testosterone production but there and again, that would depend on what I would decide to do. I was extremely excited leaving her office. I stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my meds then hurried home to call Miranda and fill her in.

Brad called me and asked if I wanted to come over to his place for a small casual get together the coming Saturday and of course I said yes! I asked him if we could talk a bit more serious and he said sure thing. I asked him where he thought we were going with our friendship and he said that he really liked me but was not looking to get into anything that involved a serious commitment. I was relieved to hear that and I told him that I felt the same way. I then dropped the bombshell on him about my transition. I prayed in my mind that he would not be turned off by it as he was quiet for a few seconds. He then told me that I was silly if I thought he would be anything but supportive of my decision. Yes! This man is awesome I thought. I told him I would be over around 7pm on Saturday.

Saturday. I dressed in another little summer dress that I had picked out shopping with Miranda. It was summer sky blue with short sleeves and a pretty flower down the one side and matching sky-blue panties underneath. I picked up a bottle of cognac at the corner store and headed over to Brad's place. Brad greeted me at the door with a cute little kiss on the lips and we moved into the kitchen dining area where his other guests were. He introduced me to them. Dan, and Carly, Nate and Katy, and Curtis and Jennifer. Oh, a couple's party I thought to myself. Smiling and greeting each of them as cordially as I could with my insides starting to jumble at the thought of them finding out my secret. Brad came along side me, putting his arm around my waste like he knew I needed the reassurance. Did I say this man was awesome?

Brad could tell that I was not relaxing very much and motioned me to follow him into his bedroom. He kissed me hard and deep as soon as I got in there with him. Then pulled back taking my face in his hands and telling me to relax. The people that he invited are here because this is a swinger's party and that they already know about me and in fact one of the other girls, Carly, is also transgender and has been for several years. My eyes grew wide with that and a smile came across my face. My insides relaxed but became excited at the thought of possibly having sex with one or more of the very sexy people in the other room. Brad took my hand, and we walk back into the dining room. We were met with some smiles and inquisitive looks, but Brad told them this was my first time and was a little nervous. I sat next to Carly and Brad got me a drink. I smiled and nodded to her and she winked back. I think this night is going to be awesome.

After consuming several drinks, all of us began to loosen up a bit and the conversations got more and more sexual in nature, many of them directed at me and my transition. By then I was all loose and relaxed and had no problem sharing my story. Carly had seemingly found her way closer to me and all the while we had been talking, she kept giving me subtle hints and touches showing her interest in me. I noticed that Brad had moved close to Dan and they were getting very friendly. I could not help but feel the slightest bit of jealousy, not because Brad was flirting with someone else, but more so that he was not giving me his attention. Those feelings were quickly put to rest when Carly reached out, turned my head, and softly kissed me. Her kisses turned a bit more passionate as she moved in even closer to me. My body began to melt into hers. We kissed for several minutes then pulled back. I noticed that everyone had paired up, Brad and Dan, Nate and Jennifer and Katy and Curtis, and they were all in various states of making out. Clothing had already began coming off and things were really heating up.

Carly took me by the hand and announced to the room that we would be taking Brad's room since this was my first time. She led me into the bedroom and once there, she turned and kissed me very passionately. I pressed against her as our bodies intertwined, hands moving all over each other, touching intimate spots, with moans escaping both of our throats. We pulled back and started to undress, Carly wearing a slinky spaghetti strapped dress, pulled the straps aside and the dress falling away to reveal her gorgeous, toned body. She had nothing on underneath. She smiled and asked me if I thought she looked okay. I just marveled and told her she was gorgeous as I took her in from head to toe. Her beautiful brunette pixie cut hair do, her perfectly shaped C cup breasts with cute little nipples poking out, moving down to see a small landing strip of hair covering her fully transitioned pussy. Absolutely amazing! I could not tell if I were turned on or just mesmerized by her so much, that I wished I could be her. She came back closer to me and helped me take my dress off. She kissed me again then moved down to help me off with my panties. Looping her thumbs through the sides, she slowly lowered them.

My little cock, already turned on and dripping wet with precum, popped out into her view. She smiled then took me completely into her mouth as a gasp escaped my lips. She worked my cock in and out like a pro as I just stood there in euphoria. She released me from her lips and kissed her way back up to my lips and began deeply kissing me again. She pulled me to the bed as we continued making out, our bodies in sync as we explore more of each other. I then moved down and took one of her nipples into my mouth sucking on it gently and swirling my tongue around it as she tossed her head back and softly moaned. I moved to the next one and did the same. Then I kissed my way down her flat toned tummy until I reached her landing strip. Curiosity got the best of me as I could not believe how this gorgeous woman had once been a man. She slowly spread her legs fully revealing her beautiful pussy to me. I kissed her sweet lips and found her clitoris with my tongue. I had never been with a woman before, let alone another transgendered woman, so I was just hoping I was giving her pleasure, but somehow knowing that I was doubting my ability to please her, she put her hands on my head and softly directed me. As I kissed and sucked on her clit, she moaned her pleasure.

My fingers began exploring her soft wet heat as I slipped one inside her. Carly gasped and I added a second finger inside her, moving them slowly in and out as I continued my oral lovemaking to her swollen clit. Her moans of pleasure became more erratic as her pelvis grinded into my face and soon her body convulsed as her orgasm ripped through her body. I held on tight to her and kept my face glued to her hot pussy. She slowly came down from it, her breathing still heavy and slightly labored. She looked down at me and smiled as I looked up at her, my lips still kissing and tongue her heat. She pulled me up to her and kissed me ever so lovingly. I pulled back after a bit and asked her if I did okay for her? She called me silly and said the wild orgasm she had speaks for how well I did. She then rolled over on me, reached down, and wrapping her hand around my still extremely hard cock and directed it into her pussy. It was like hot liquid velvet as her opening easily engulfed me into her. Oh my GOD she was so hot!

Her breathing became heavy again as she looked down at me with her eyes half closed in pleasure. She smiled and then leaned back in and we kissed heavily as she moved her sweet tight pussy up and down on me, grinding into me on every downward thrust. Faster we moved in unison, kissing, moaning, fucking, grinding, pounding and then it hit me hard. My orgasm surging through me like a rocket ship going from my toes to my head. I cried out to Carly that I was going to cum as the first wave hit and I began unleashing my sperm into her depths. She also cried out, telling me she could feel it hitting her insides, both of us shaking and rocking through our orgasms as we held each other tightly. Slowly we began to come down from our quaking. We softly kissed as she fell to my side, still arms intertwined and still breathing very heavy. We just laid there for what seemed like an eternity and then giggled. Carly kissed me on my forehead and said, "Girl, you are amazing and are you sure this is your first time?" I just giggled and shook my head yes. We got under the covers, cuddled up and talked for hours. I asked her about her transition, and she filled me in on all the ins and outs of it. Some of it scary and some of it amazing. I was filled with excitement at the thought of going through it. I guess we forgot about the others.

Sometime during our talking, Carly and I fell asleep in each other's arms. The next thing I knew, sunlight was beaming in the windows as I slowly woke up. Carly was not there any longer and I could not help but feel a little lonely but that disappeared when I Brad came in to see if I were up. I sat up, grinning as he came over and kissed me. He said that I must have left one hell of an impression on Carly because all she could do was talk about you when her and Dan was getting ready to leave. He told me that they both had to leave early to catch a flight out of town for business and that she was sorry for leaving like that, but she did not want to wake me up. She is so sweet. She left her contact information with Brad and said that I HAD to call her so she could help with anything during my transition and to get together again some time for some fun. I asked Brad if he had a good time with Dan and he said they had a lot of fun but then pouted and looked at me. He asked sheepishly, "So am I going to lose you to Carly now?" He then grinned as I playfully punched him in the gut. What a nerd. To be continued.