John, Amanda's coworker was watching her put on her personal protective equipment while her clipboard and safety inspection kit were on the desk. "Yep!"


"What do you mean 'why'? Why do you care?"

"You're always going on safety inspections!"


"You're supposed to be a lab rat like me!"

"I am! Why do you care so much?"

He gave her a look and looked around the lab and sighed "We just have so much work. And you going on these inspections doesn't help the backlog."

"And I do more than my fair share! John, I can knock off double the work you do in a day so stop giving me a hard time about safety inspections. If you have an issue, go talk to the lab manager! But beware, it might turn against you!"

Amanda had finished putting on her gear, grabbed the kit and walked towards the door. She was livid. That John would even dare hint that her safety inspections were impeding her work really disturbed her. Any day she had a planned inspection, she always made sure it wouldn't impact her throughput. Just yesterday, she'd managed to get the whole week's worth of verifications and calibrations done in addition to the daily samples while John had only managed to get his daily samples done. And there was not that big a backlog! If he got off his dang phone, he might help with the backlog himself!

Amanda angrily opened the door to leave the lab and stomped out. Turning to her left to go towards her inspection partner, she walked right into someone tall and strong. Instinctively, the person's arms went around her to prevent her from bouncing back and falling on her arse.

"Whoa young lady!"

It was Keith, the maintenance planner she was supposed to go do the inspection with. And he was there, with his arms around her. Her body reacted with a warmth she hadn't felt in a while and she looked up. He lightly released his hold on her and their eyes met. Immediately, her conscience spoke to her "Get a grip girl! This is no time for hormones to get all topsy turvy!"

He asked "You okay there?"

She took a step back and nodded.

"Are you in that much of a hurry to go do this inspection? Or is it me you're in a hurry to see?"

There was laughter in his voice. She really liked his voice, it was quite velvety. She'd heard him sing before too and his singing voice was really mellow. But now, here he was, teasing her and she knew she deserved it so she was not going to get upset at him at all. She smiled "I love safety inspections! You ready?"

Keith smiled too "Let's go!"

They made their way out into the plant and started looking at various areas and items. They took notes about good things and items that needed to be improved. It was their first inspection together. Keith and Amanda noticed different things and commented on how they seemed to complement each other. Eventually, they found themselves in a rather secluded area of the plant, entering through the one door at the bottom and making their way to the top of the building to start their inspection at the top.

"This place is a pigsty!"

Amanda laughed at Keith's exclamation. He wasn't wrong though, the place was indeed in the worst shape she'd ever seen it. She'd heard some of the patrollers complain about the area and how downright dangerous it was becoming. They made their way to the third floor of the five floor building and were crossing the floor to the other side where the rest of the stairs were when they felt the building shake.

All of a sudden, there was a huge crashing sound, more shaking and then a bunch of dust descended upon them. Keith pulled Amanda into his arms and moved them both close to one of the big pillars. Both of them just waited until the dust settled and the shaking stopped. Though it lasted only a few seconds, it felt like much longer than that.

Keith only partially relaxed his grip on her, looking around and assessing the scene. "We're not in an earthquake zone are we?"

Amanda shook her head "No, we're not! What was that?"

"Well, there doesn't seem to be any damage around us. Should we keep going up or go back down?"

Just then, they heard the evacuation sirens in the distance. Keith's cell phone beeped so he checked it "The plant's being evacuated. Let's go down."

They made their way back down the stairs carefully, assessing the stairs' stability, looking for any signs of danger before each step. When they got to the door, it wouldn't open. Keith tried to pry it open but just couldn't get it to budge.

"Stop, Keith, don't hurt yourself. Let's go through the top elevated passage."

Indeed, this building was linked to the main building by an elevated passage where there was a belt conveyor and space for people to walk along it. They made their way to the top floor and stopped at the top of the stairs. There, what they saw left them speechless. Where there used to be the passageway, there was only a big gaping opening. Part of the floor was gone too.

"Holy shit!"

Amanda just said "wow." Then, she added "Let's get back down."

"But we already tried the door."

"I get that but there's no point in staying up here. Besides, this doesn't look all that safe. We need to call them and let them know we're in here and they will get us out but that'll only happen on the bottom floor."


They made their way back down and Keith called his manager.

"Stewart, it's Keith. I'm here with Amanda. Yes, we're fine. We're in the tower where the passageway seems to have fallen off and we can't get out. We will need help. The only door out of here won't budge. It`s probably blocked by the passage falling down."

There was a pause while Keith listened to Stewart. Then "Yes, absolutely, we're fine. There's a big gaping hole in the wall at the top and part of the floor is gone but the rest of the building looks okay. I think we're safe at the bottom."

Another pause. "Okay, I understand. Call me when you get a plan."

He hung up and then said "Amanda, it's going to be a while. There are people hurt and trapped under the structure. They have to take care of them first."

"Makes sense."

There was a long silence. Keith started looking around. He was making his way along the wall looking and touching here and there. Amanda followed him for a while. They made their way around the whole base of the building. Keith tried the door again but it wouldn't move any more than it had earlier. He then tried to remove the hinges but despite his efforts, they were stuck.



"You claustrophobic or something?"

"What? No! I'm just trying to come up with a plan for when they're ready."

"Oh. You in a hurry?"

"No, not really. Just keeping busy. I think the west wall will be the best bet for someone to cut through andmake a new door."

"Good idea. As for keeping busy, well, we've got pens and paper, we could play some games to distract ourselves."

He looked at her with skepticism. "What do you propose?"

"We could play tic-tac-toe, hangman or something else."

Keith gave her such a look that she just burst out laughing "Oh. My. God! The look on your face right now!! That is priceless!"

He shook his head and started laughing. "You got me, you got me good."

"Sorry, I just couldn't help it. Now, how about we find ourselves a place to get comfortable, we could be in here a while. Follow me."

They made their way to the second floor and Amanda led them to an area where they would be able to sit in relative comfort. Once they made themselves comfortable, Keith asked "So tell me, what were you in such a hurry to get away from earlier when you literally ran into me?"

"Oh, I just wanted to get away from whiney John who acted like me going on a safety inspection was going to cause him a huge workload. For the record, it won't."

"And here I thought you were in a hurry to see me!"

Was he flirting? Amanda couldn't be sure. It was nice though. She really liked him. They talked about work for a while but then, Amanda started feeling uncomfortable so she shifted around more and more. It didn't help that part of why she was uncomfortable was that his smooth voice was doing a number on her insides. And looking at him, she wanted to undress him. It had been way too long! He noticed her shifting.

"Looks like I got the really comfy spot here. Why don't you come over here?"

"And sit where?"

"Come over here and I'll make room for you."

He was patting the area between his legs. The temptation was really great.

"You have nothing to be worried about. I'll be super nice. And besides, I'm comfy."

He did look comfy. Indeed, he was no skeleton and that was a plus in Amanda's book. She got up, rubbed her back side a bit and then went to sit between his legs. He pulled her shoulders back and had her lean back on him.

"There, that's better, isn't it?"

"It is."

He then continued their conversation as if nothing was different. But his arms were wrapped around her and it felt amazing. Eventually, the conversation slowed down and he started kissing her neck lightly. "Is this okay?"

Amanda nodded and he continued kissing her neck. Then, his hand reached up to turn her face up. As soon as she was facing him, he claimed her mouth and they kissed. He softly caressed her cheek while he kissed her. A warmth spread all over her. It had been so long! He was an amazing kisser. She didn't want this to end.

His other hand went up to her breast and caressed it through the layers of fabric. He felt her nipple respond to his caresses and harden. Behind the small of her back, she could feel his manhood hardening. She reached behind her and put her hand on the expanding lump in his pants. He moaned. Encouraged, she gave it a little squeeze. He moaned again but did not break the kiss. His hand left her cheek and joined the other in caressing her breasts. Then, one hand went down to her waist. It snaked its way into her her pants and panties and found her vulva. It was her turn to moan.

He started rubbing and pressing while she rubbed as best as she could with her arm twisted between them. He rubbed faster and pressed harder and she had to break the kiss to breathe. Her breathing was shorter and he picked up on that, resuming his nuzzling and kissing of her neck while focusing on her clit. Soon, she started tensing up and he pushed her over the edge. He stopped moving and just left his hand where it was and waited for her to settle down.

He kissed her neck gently and asked "You liked that?"

"Mmmm." was all she could muster.

"Ready for more?"


"You got somewhere better to be?"

Amanda smiled and shook her head. Then she said "I guess I do owe you one."

"Oh no, this isn't a competition. Besides, I feel more like a winner if I make you happy. Now, scoot up a bit."

She moved forward and he got out from out from behind her. He turned around, pulled her up and, with his hands on her face, started kissing her again. Then, his hands went down to her jeans and he unbuttoned them, unzipped them and pushed them down to her knees.

He took his coat off and put it down on where they'd been sitting. "Lay down."

He then pushed her legs up and put his head between her thighs and started licking her. His head was pinned between her legs and her jeans and he was obviously loving it. He licked and poked and sucked on her clit. He was good. Some of his fingers joined in the fun and he put one, then two fingers inside her, never interrupting the tongue work on her throbbing clit. He was really good. He got her to the edge a few times but didn't let her come. He would ease up and then bring her back to the brink.

There was no way Amanda could go on much longer. "Keith?"


"Keith, stop."

That got his attention. "Stop? Why? Is something wrong?"

"The only thing wrong is that I want you inside me."

"But I'm not done enjoying you yet."

"Let me rephrase this. I NEED you inside me. Don't get me wrong, this is really good but I really need your cock inside me."

"How bad do you want my cock?"

There was a bit of playfulness in how he said that. Already, he was pulling his head out from the triangle of her legs and jeans. But his fingers were still inside her, moving ever so slowly, teasing her. She moved her pelvis, trying to get more friction but he countered her actions and kept his own pace.

"Do I need to beg?"

"A little begging would be nice indeed."

Despite verbally teasing her, he pulled out his fingers from her pussy, started undoing his jeans and pulled out his hard cock. Seeing it for the first time, she was impressed. It sure looked thick. Part of her didn't like begging but she was going to play along anyway. Now that she'd seen it, she wanted it even more.

"Please Keith, I beg you. I really need that cock inside me."

Keith pushed her legs against her stomach, exposing her pussy and he put the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. She was so wet and ready for him. Slowly, very slowly, he pushed in.

Amanda moaned as he entered her. He stretched her very nicely.

He moved in and out slowly for a few minutes. Then, he pulled out. "Let's get you turned around."

Without hesitation, Amanda got up, turned around and bent over, bracing herself on their seat. Keith quickly pushed back into her, holding her hips. He fucked her like that for a few minutes and then he reached around and rubbed her clit again. It felt amazing. His cock felt so good inside her, stretching her and filling her. And his fingers on her clit were pushing her slowly but surely towards another orgasm. His own breathing was getting ragged and she could tell he was holding back, waiting for her. As soon as she came, he did too and they fell into a heap on the seat.

After a moment, they managed to stand up and straighten up their clothes. Keith sat back down and had Amanda sit between his legs again and they cuddled for a long time. They both agreed that this would be their little secret.

It was only a few hours later that they were freed from their prison. Nobody ever had a clue what had transpired between them and that was just fine for both of them.