Fun at the Shoe Shop

Cath was blonde and in great shape for someone of 58. Slim and slightly cuddly. At 5'3" she was quite petite, but with 32G boobs and a round bum she had some desirable assets. She also had a beautifully natural, unshaven pussy.

Cath's husband, Mike, was a bit of an exhibitionist and he loved nothing more than to show his wife off to other men, so he dreamt up lots of scenarios where this would happen without Cath being too intentional or explicit and then he dared her to try them.

One such scenario involved a shoe shop and Mike persuaded Cath to give it a go.

It was a Summers day, so may people were wearing skimpy clothes anyway. Cath put on a cotton dress with buttons down the front. Underneath she wore a lovely, pretty, white sheer bra and knickers. The outfit was topped off with a pair of her favourite light white flat sandals. For this task, Mike had made her unbutton some of the lower buttons to just below the line of her underwear.

They headed for the indoor shopping centre where the plan was that Cath would go shopping for shoes whilst Mike sat outside and viewed from afar.

There were about seven shoe shops in the shopping centre, so they scouted them all out and picked two that had the perfect combination:

A young male assistantA seat inside facing the window where shoes could be tried onA seat outside facing towards the shop from which Mike could observe

They began with the first shop.

Having been briefed, Cath knew roughly what was on the cards. She had also been briefed to have her phone ready as Mike would be giving her instructions whilst she was in the shop.

So, as Mike sat outside, Cath went into the shop and started looking for new sandals. She browsed for a while, then selected a pair and sat on the seats facing the window. She tried them on, but decided that they weren't the right size (she knew that anyway, but it was part of the plot). She then called the young man over for assistance. He looked like a student with a holiday job in the shoe shop. He was quite shy but wanting to be as helpful as possible.

Cath asked for the next size up and the young man disappeared out of the back of the shop whilst Cath sat there waiting barefooted.

At that point Mike called Cath and gave her some encouragement for what was coming next.

The young man returned with another pair and, seeing his customer on the phone, motioned to help her try them on. Cath nodded in agreement. He removed the sandals out of their box, got a small stall with one of those angled shoe rests on the front and motioned for Cath to offer her foot up.

On Mike's instructions on the phone, she lifted her foot up with a bit more intention than normal meaning that the two sides of her lower unbuttoned dress fell either side of her legs. She pretended not to notice as she was talking intently on the phone about whatever Mike could think up, so concentrating on something else.

From where the young man sat, he now had a perfect view under the last button of Cath's dress, up the remaining inch or so between her legs to the front of her knickers. He tried to stay professional but, as he slipped one of the sandals onto Cath's foot, he lifted his eyes occasionally to see the delight on show above. He was shaking a little with nervous excitement as all that testosterone took over.

Mike was in a position where he could see everything that was going on. He watched as he distracted Cath and then the young man had a brief chance to glance at her knickers.

With one sandal on, the young assistant picked up the other and motioned Cath to change feet. As she did, instructed by Mike on the phone, she put the first foot down a little further to one side, slowly opening her legs a little as she did so. For a brief moment, the assistant got a better view that revealed the whole front of her knickers. He wouldn't have failed to notice that her knickers were sheer and you could easily see all the pubic hair evident underneath.

He fastened the other shoe and she finished her phone call.

Whilst he remained on the stall, she got up and tried them out with a little walk. After a few seconds, she told him that, actually, they weren't quite what she was looking for.

She sat back down in front of him and removed them herself, replacing them with her own sandals, whilst he watched and waited.

Now getting use to the scenario, she used this time, whilst she was bending over to change sandals and he was watching, to give him a few more flashes of her knickers.

When she was ready she thanked him for his help and left the shop.

Cath was shaking a bit with a mixture of nerves and excitement when she got to Mike. He asked how it had been for her. She said it was quite a rush and that she was now pretty wet from the experience. In fact, the young man must have noticed her wetness towards the end, surely?

One more shop to go, so Mike suggested that she go to the ladies' restroom, whip off her knickers and do the same scenario in the next shop but without them!

To be continued...