The themes and events in this short story are not only unrealistic, but distinctly misogynistic. It's important that these themes are framed from a point of view of catharsis and not endorsement. Whether you have similar thoughts or are a victim of them, these stories are meant as a safe way to explore this prevalent attitude. This method of coping is not for everybody, so indulge accordingly. Enjoy.

"But Santa! I feel like we only just got married!"

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Claus, but you know I only like to keep a wife for a few years at a time! It's not like you didn't know this going in!" Santa boomed with a huge smile on his face. Of course, this fight was entirely within his control, but he enjoyed the ego boost of the pageantry.

"Can't I convince you otherwise? What if I give you a nice sloppy blowjob, huh? Then will you keep me as your wife?" Erica pleaded as she sank to her knees and fished Santa's huge long cock out from under his large gut. She gasped and sighed happily at the sight of it and after a long sniff along its length, she slurped it into her mouth.

"Oh you are very good at that, nobody can take that from you, my sweet!" Santa laughed, patting his huge belly and pushing forward into the blowjob offered by his wife. She really was the very best at it, but it was hard to tell if that was through any skill of her own or the improved chemical solutions that Pink Industries made by the time Santa got around to using their products again.

"Stho you'll lemme shtay?" Erica lisped around his massive pole, trying to savour every single inch and moment just in case his answer was no.

"Of course not, my love! You've been a very loving devoted wife for three years, but I'm sick of you and am eager to get a new model! Pink Industries improve their technology so fast that I just can't wait to see what my next wife will be like after she gets Bimbofied! I've had her picked out for just as long as I had my sights on you!"

Erica was heartbroken, but continued to service her husband. She adored the taste of his fat cock so much that she would do this for him even as a mistress and ex-wife. She realized that she should just be grateful for the years she was able to be a loving wife for the very large older man. She cradled his balls and slurped him deeper, giving it her all as she waited for the blessing of his seed.

In her condo, Jessa paced around in her room. Every year at this time she questioned her sanity. It had begun in college and at that time she had assumed it was something cute from a friend, but ten years later she had no other explanation than to assume that these "gifts from Santa" were actually from the man himself. Every year they appeared under her tree on December 20th exactly and every year it was the absolutely perfect gift that nobody else had gotten for her and that she had never asked for out loud. She had even started wishing for greedier and greedier gifts just to test it and every year she wasn't disappointed.

But the more the reality of the situation was confirmed, the crazier she felt. She wasn't able to share this phenomenon with anybody. She had tried and was always met with weird looks at best and ruined relationships at worst. She had once tried to get her boyfriend Paul to dress up as Santa so that she would have a way to thank him for the gifts and it freaked him out so much that it had almost ended their relationship. He was convinced that Jessa put out the gift for herself every year and sometimes Jessa even wondered the same thing.

It was the evening of the 19th and Jessa was scared to go to sleep. She had purposely not asked for anything for Christmas from anybody this year and she had tried to not think of a single thing that she wanted for herself. Any time she felt herself desiring something, she bought it for herself right away. Paul had been frustrated with this behaviour, but he knew better than to start a fight near Christmas time.

He was supposed to come over early tomorrow and Jessa felt panicked. She wanted to wake up before he arrived so that she could take the gift away and hide it.

What would it be this year? She couldn't deny her excitement and curiosity, but she also couldn't deny her sense of dread. It had started off as something so magical and now it just felt like a curse.

She eventually made herself some tea and forced herself to read and was able to slip away into sleep. Her alarm was set for 4:30am. Even Paul wouldn't come over that early.

She sat up wide awake at 4:28am and shot out of bed. She rushed to the little tree she had set up by the window out to her balcony and snatched up the little red box that lay there with a perfectly tied green ribbon. Her heart pounded.

"No need to wait to open this one, my sweet," the attached note read. As usual, it was signed "Love, Santa Claus". She opened it without hesitation and gasped at the contents. She normally wasn't one for too much jewelry, but inside a beautiful pink box was a gorgeous gold necklace with a pink jewel about the size of her thumbnail that dangled down enough to sit at a perfect spot in the neckline of most of her dresses. She ran to her bathroom and pulled off her fuzzy pajama top that she always wore in the weeks leading up to Christmas. She put the necklace on and gasped in delight as she watched how beautiful it looked on her bare chest. She would tell Paul it was a gift to herself and that there had been no gift from Santa this year. She would wear her plunging thin pink sweater and Paul would say how beautiful she looked and it would finally be a happy Christmas with her boyfriend.

She took another look at how beautifully it sat on her sternum before she rushed back to throw out the wrapping and get dressed and ready for her boyfriend.

When Paul opened the door with his key at 6:45 he was shocked to walk into warm welcoming scents. He adored Jessa and she was a successful and driven woman, but she ate almost nothing but takeout and frozen dinners. That generally worked for him because he loved to cook for her, but it was definitely a treat to discover that she was not only already awake, but apparently preparing breakfast as well.

"Jessa, is that really you?" He asked before he even walked into the kitchen. When he did, his jaw gaped. Not only was Jessa cooking and not only did it smell delicious, but she was completely dolled up. Normally Paul had to drag her out of bed even if he came over at a later time, but Jessa was in an elegant pink sweater, a beautiful pale pink pencil skirt and a tall pair of pink heels that he didn't even know that she owned.

She turned around to smile at him and once again Paul was met with an unexpected sight. It wasn't that Jessa was wearing makeup - she often did - but it was that she just looked, well, different. Her eyes appeared larger and her lips were more full and she certainly appeared to be filling out her sweater more than she normally would. It wasn't like Jessa to wear padding. She always talked about how proud she was of her small breasts.

"I just wanted to be a good wifey for you this morning, Paul! You're always taking such good care of me, you deserve a doting loving wife," Jessa purred. Paul was a little freaked out by the "wife" talk, but he figured that it was just an expression. He had to admit that he enjoyed this unexpected and submissive side to Jessa that she normally only showed in bed.

"Oh yeah? You're going to make your man dinner and do his laundry and be in awe of his big powerful mind?" Paul grinned, getting into the roleplay as he dropped the bags he had brought and stepped closer to his beautiful girlfriend. When he got close and wrapped his arm around her waist, he was struck by how small her frame felt. And now that he was right up next to her face, he was certain that her features had somehow changed. Plus, when he glanced down, it was definitely full natural cleavage that he saw and not a push up bra.

"Well first I gotta fatten you up! You're much too little to be my hubby!" Jessa giggled, pushing Paul away. Normally she loved his touch and presence, but it just felt so wrong right now. She had been so excited to dress up and play the part of an overly submissive wife, but it must have not been for Paul's sake, she realized. "Now trot along, I have to concentrate."

Paul was disappointed, but assumed it was all just in the name of play, so he decided to not let his feelings get hurt and smiled back at Jessa.

"I'll start decorating!" He called happily. Jessa rolled her eyes with her back turned to him. As if simple little Paul could ever create the magic of a true Christmas home. She hummed to herself as she danced around in the kitchen, preparing a veritable feast.

Santa had really outdone himself this year, she thought. The necklace not only looked beautiful but it felt amazing against her skin. Jessa had never felt happier or more focused in all her life. Time flew by as she slaved in the kitchen and finally finished her preparations. She carried a huge tray of food out into her main room and felt disappointed when she saw Paul. Why did she think she was making all this for Santa? Paul had worked hard to decorate and even Jessa had to admit that it looked cozy and festive, so she decided to cut him some slack. She would give him a kiss on the forehead, she decided. Santa wouldn't mind that.

Paul gawked again when Jessa made her appearance. Had her form gotten even curvier, or was it just a trick of the eye? She swayed her hips in a way he had never seen before as she carried out the tray of food that looked more like a dinner feast than a breakfast.

"You did a better job than I expected, Paul," Jessa said charitably. Then she placed the tray on her coffee table and gave Paul that planned kiss on the forehead. He tried to turn his head up so their lips could meet but Jessa pulled away. "Naughty boy! Those lips are for Santa!"

Paul's heart sunk.

"Please, Jessa," he said, his voice low and tired. "Not this again. It took us four months to get over that fight."

"It's not a fight, it's the truth," she said simply. It felt good to get it out. This was why she had been feeling so much conflict over Christmas for so long. She had been fighting what she must have known all along: She was being trained to be the new Mrs. Claus. She clutched at her necklace and sighed happily. How could she have been so foolish as to not see it before? This is why nobody else understood and why she had never been truly happy in any relationships. She had been waiting for Santa.

"Look, should I just go?" Paul asked in a dejected tone.

"Um, well if you want to," Jessa said, tilting her head and putting a finger to her chin. "But I'm not sure why you'd want to be alone on Christmas, especially when Santa's almost here!"

Paul sighed and stood up. He had no idea how he had put up with this for so long. He wordlessly walked to the door but when he opened it he was met with the sight of a large bearded man dressed in all red.

"Paul, my boy!" Santa boomed. Jessa gasped and ran to the door. Her pussy grew wet when she saw her husband-to-be. "You're on the good list, not the naughty list, so I can't say you deserve this, but I've had my eye on your little treat here for a long time!" He said and followed it with a loud hearty laugh and let himself in.

"Santa! Oh I'm so happy! Is it really true? Are you really gunna marry me?!" Jessa exclaimed, bouncing on her heels, plenty of generous cleavage jiggling into view through the deep cut in her thin sweater.

"Well I gotta take you for a test run first, of course. Why don't you go into the kitchen where you made me that nice big Christmas feast?"

Paul was still in shock. There were a thousand things to process and he didn't know where to begin. This must be some sick elaborate ruse mean to embarrass him. Was this Jessa revealing that she had been cheating on him with a guy who was willing to give into her Santa fetish? But what about her new appearance? It was undeniable now that Jessa had gone under one of those Bimbofication transformations that had been causing so much controversy recently. Paul had always loved the way she looked and never wished for her to change, so he felt surprised and guilty at how attracted he felt to her new form.

Paul knew he should leave. He knew that staying would cause him nothing but hurt, but he felt bound by a dark curiosity and followed Jessa and the man who claimed to be Santa into the kitchen.

Jessa was already bent over with her elbows on the counter and was wiggling her ass for the old man by the time Paul could get a view and Santa reached down for the bottom of her pencil skirt and tried it lift it up over her round bottom but found that he couldn't.

"Don't worry, darling, I'll buy you another!" He laughed as he pulled at the bottom of the skirt and ripped through the expensive material, exposing a lacy pair of pink panties that Paul had certainly never seen before.

"Oh Santa!" Jessa cooed out in a tiny little breathy voice that was also unfamiliar to Paul.

"C-can everybody just stop?!" He finally protested. "What's going on? Jessa, you're my girlfriend, the least you could do is talk to me about all this! And you! I don't know who you are, but get away from my girlfriend!"

Santa turned to Paul and laughed loudly as he pulled down Jessa's panties. Jessa turned to Paul with a pitying expression on her face.

"Oh Paul, I tried to talk to you about this, but you just never listened!"

Paul didn't feel like that was entirely true but any reply that was forming in his head was taken away by the sight of Santa pulling down his big red pants and exposing his gigantic cock. Paul was happy with his size, but he would look tiny next to this fat old man.

"Get ready, Jessa! Take Santa's cock nice and good and we'll get married tonight!"

"Oh yes, Santa! Please! Please fuck my little pussy!"

"Ho ho ho! What a good girl!" Santa belted out. Then he grabbed Jessa by the hips and plunged his massive pole into his future wife's tiny soaking wet pussy.

Jessa let out a moan that Paul didn't even know she was capable of. It was almost like a scream, but it was too lustful and grateful to have its origins in pain. Plus her face was plastered with pure bliss. Paul hated himself, but he grew hard watching the scene. Santa's huge gut pushed into his girlfriend's back and over her thick ass and then he slowly pulled himself almost all the way out and plunged back inside again.

"OHH YES! YES SANTA! YES!" Jessa belted out and she began to shake. Paul was stunned to realize that she was cumming. She had never had problems with orgasms with Paul, but she had never ever cum from vaginal intercourse and here she was, cumming on this man's cock after two pumps.

"OHhh YES! You're even tighter than the last Mrs. Claus! You will make a wonderful wife, Jessa! I love this tiny little pussy!" Santa grunted out and prepared for a third thrust. This time one of Jessa's new huge boobs bounced out of her tight sweater and knocked her in the chin. She giggled.

"You fuck me so good, Santa! I'm so excited to cook for you and clean for you and decorate for you and suck your cock every single morning to wake you up!"

"That's my sweet darling wife," Santa said with a big smile and he laughed as he began to find a rhythm plowing this high-heeled bimbo in her kitchen in front of her boyfriend.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Y-yes! Yes! Yes!" Jessa cried out as Santa fucked her. "So! Fuck-! -king! Big!"

Paul had left by this point but neither of them noticed. Santa was delighted to experience a new pussy after three years of Erica and Jessa's bimbofied mind had never experienced such sensations of submission and pleasure. His large sweaty hands felt so perfect on her thin waist and his massive cock filled her up more than she thought possible. Her eyes rolled back and she had another orgasm on her future husband's cock.

"That's it! Oh FUCK yeah!" Santa roared out and blasted his gigantic load deep into her womb in response, pulling her in tight and digging his fingers into her waist as he came. "Oh you are coming home with me right NOW!"

Jessa had never felt happier. She was finally going home. Santa took a minute to calm down as Jess got cleaned off and dressed and he thought it would be only fair to send Erica to Paul for Christmas. It was the least he could do.

As Paul drove down the highway on his way home, trying to process what he had just experienced, he glanced up and swore he saw a reindeer-pulled sleigh for a moment before it whipped out of sight.