The morning was pleasant, but the sun was against it, Mike curled up in his bed, laid on the bed, naked, with beads of sweat forming over his temple and neck, as the sun's rueful bright light was shining upon him through the clean diamond-like glass and soft transparent curtain. He slept through the morning, till noon.

'Mike! Wake the hell up.' A loud noise echoed, with a loud thump on the bedroom door.

Mike's dream and his uncomfortable deep sleep were interrupted by that soft women's voice. The yelling continued, Mike couldn't sleep the deep sleep anymore, his mind was fresh, though his body wasn't.

'Mike wake up, you gotta hear this Mike, wake up.' The voice continued, as he pulled himself out of the bed, stammering, and wavering, his eyes was of the drunk man's eyes, although he had quite a brawny athletic body, clean shaved face, short hairs, his eyes was of ocean blue.

He dragged himself to the door, he didn't mind to cover his dick or ass, before attending the door, he knew who it was, the voice was sweet but gently screechy, the voice which was pro at teasing and whispering naughty words while in seduction, the voice which is good for humming, but a voice which would be a horrible choice if it were for singing. That voice belonged to Judy, his elder sister.

'Mike...' the knock and the yelling were continuing until it didn't. Mike opened the door, his authoritative sister, Judy, stood there. Her blonde long hair pulled back to a ponytail, her ocean blue eyes, just like her brother, but with a pinch of dying green, her general pouty lips.

She had a petite, yet well-structured physique, which was covered with a low neck greyish white tee shirt, that crushed her bare braless breast giving a good view of her sensual cleavage and perky pointy nipples, her broad attractive hips where a denim jean was wrapped, that stretched till her ankles, hugging her thighs and marathoning calf muscles, supported by cool-ass boots. Judy reminds Mike of a young hot talented actress, Natalie Dormer.

'What the fuck is wrong with you Judy?' Mike asked like a drunk cat. Judy wasn't shocked to see her younger brother naked, of course, he didn't have a boner, his almost 5.5-inch-long dick hanging down, his ball sack droopy.

'Come here, see this.' She exclaimed as she grabbed him by the wrist and dragged her to the TV, where the news was playing a live feed, where people were scattering, running away, hollering "SAVE US", as the military vehicles swarmed around, military guys shooting at people, who don't look lively, who aren't alive, they continued running towards the military and any people who they saw.

They chased everyone, even after a cloud of bullets passing through their body. But just one bullet, one bullet is all they need to stop them, one bullet, with eagle's eyesight and aim, and BOOM!

A bullet to the temple or head, which penetrates through the brain could stop them, the military learned this only after losing a flock of people to those human-like demons. Those dead humans were transformed into those demons after a scratch or bite, or by going into any sort of bloody contact with those demons.

Mike and Judy were terrified when they saw uncle Sam and Aunt Emily running and chasing people, even after bullets piercing through their bones and heart. 'Is that...' Mike stammered. Trying to understand and make sense of what had happened, and what was happening and what he was seeing.

'Yes, Mike, that is Uncle Sam and Aunt Emily. I still have no idea, how they are even running after answering all those bullets.' Judy muttered, with her eyes locked to the news feed.

'What are you even talking about, how are they even...what the fuck, we both saw burying their corpse, in the fucking graveyard, how are they walking now, for fuck sake, how did they even get out of the coffin and... and the ground...shit am I losing it, please tell me I am dreaming, please wake me up Judy, wake me up, hit me, pinch me, do something, wake me up. Judy?' he said as he was petrified, his hands on his sister's shoulder's shaking them, trying to grab her attention.

'I have no idea, just as you are, Mike, I am wondering if am dreaming too...' She turned to face his terrified brother, she hugged, pressing her firm boobs against his bare chest, kissed him on the lips, she pushed her tongue inside his mouth, Mike tasted vodka and cranberry, whereas Judy tasted like cheese and strawberry for Mike. She kissed him for a good long minute until she broke the passionate, deep, and yet petrified kiss.

'You felt it right?' she asked, in a whispering tone, their forehead touching, both gasping and looking down. Sharing each other's breath.

'Yes, Yes, I did.' he replied anxiously. 'I felt it. I think we are not dreaming.' They broke the contact, trying to get back to normalcy. They gazed the TV screen again. 'Is that the KFC? You gotta be shitting me, fuck!' Mike muttered. 'that's like what? A mile?'

'That is too much optimism, it's be exact, 12 blocks, which is half a mile.' Judy replied, rather plainly.

'We gotta get the hell outta here, pack up some clothes, food if we have any left in the refrigerator, anything and everything that feels necessary, you do understand what necessary means right, It means, it's a fuckin zombie raid, we gotta get the hell out of here, so, get the things only which are useful.' He yelled in panic and despair.

'Wait...what about mum and dad?'

'I am hoping there are safe, we are gonna get to them if we could make it out alive as humans, and not as a...Zombie, anyway, hurry up, they are safer than we are.' Mike said, as they both rushed to their rooms, flung open the wardrobe and began piling up their bags with the dress, Judy manages to find bread, orange juice, milk, some fruits and even some cheese, they packed their bags in few minutes.

Mike dressed in a tee-shirt and a jean, just like his sister, and a strong boots, they double-checked their bags, as what was with them, and what they were missing or whether they are missing anything. Mike had a pistol with him, with exactly 8 bullets in it.

It wasn't his, the pistol was old, dusty, with metal scratch marks. The pistol wasn't used in a long time, since his dad retired from the police department, to start up his bar, in silent beautiful Missouri, it's been more than 2 years since the bar was opened, and more than 3 years since the gun was used, Mike wondered whether if the gun was used in the first place at all.

Once they were sure that they didn't miss anything, considering the resources they could scrape at home, they rushed towards the door, before they did, they heard a rattling and wild screeching noise from outside.

Mike stopped Judy from opening the door, he peeked through the window and saw his neighbor, who was 6.3 feet tall, and almost 200 pounds, shaved head, his scalp shines at translucent light, long beards. He was a tough man to take down, he was now a disastrous zombie, Mike knew that they can't take him down, the gun had no silencer, shooting open, would attract more and more of them.

So, Mike decided to take the back door, he knows how to hotwire a car, and he also has been waiting too long to ditch his old car. The last thing he would want is an infuriating Zombie cliché, like a car with starting trouble while being chased by a horde or a single dangerous zombie such as the giant neighbor.

They made their way out through the backdoor, Judy began wondering how she is going to climb up a huge wall. Mike knew her sister won't make it, So, he decided to lend her a hand. He merged his fingers, forming a bridge out of his hand, where Judy could step on it and get a lift up a few feet, and once her hands reached the top, she needs a push, to lift her torso a bit more, he lifted his hand, and grabbed her butt, and pushed her up, until she was on top of the wall.

Mike managed to jump up and reached for the top, he climbed up just like doing a rep of pull-ups. The next minute both were on top of the wall, all they saw was chaos, zombies chasing people with fierce speed.

Mike jumped down first and made his landing a non-destructive, as Judy jumped into Mike's arms. They picked their backpacks and sprinted stealthily. Mike lifted a five-inch plain slim steel from his bag, which was rolled like a worm. Unlocked a brand-new rover, and got in.

Mike didn't even have to hotwire this car, there was a spare key near the mirror, fired up the car and moved into the road, which was chaos, they didn't mind to stop, they just ran through the road, through the zombies. Few zombies were strangely faster, that they could run as fast as the car per se.

They rode as fast as they could, and stopped nowhere, they kept riding, until the road was clear, until the road was empty, except for the sound of the breeze, birds chirping. And to get to the empty road, the drove for more than 4 hours, they drove a large distance to feel the nothingness, to escape the deadly chaos.

Mike and Judy drove for another few miles, and stopped at a gas station, in the middle of nowhere, that was supposedly a good thing. They stopped the car, began refueling the car, to fill the tank, in case they couldn't find it anywhere ahead. They still had a long distance to cover, to reach Missouri, and they are unaware of how worse or better it could be at Missouri.

They found the shop closed at the gas station, they approached the door, knocked out the lock, threw the door wide open, and got in, they saw paradise, the shop owner wasn't there, maybe he heard the news and flew away, or maybe he went to the city to order something, for a stock of crackers perhaps and became one of those THINGS or Zombies.

They took the time, stuffing the car with food and snacks, juice, water, anything edible they could find, just in case if Missouri were not as good or safe as they imagined. They were preparing for the possibility. They also managed to find furniture like a blanket, bean bag, cushion, and a bed. Everything to stay there for weeks if not for months. But they can't stay there forever.

It's in the middle of nowhere, at the same time, behind the gas station lied miles and miles of thick woods and in front was a road that combined with the highway, where, many people like Mike and Judy, who managed to escape the zombie raid or infection with mere luck.

Once the car tank was filled, they also found some empty gas cans which they filled it full, in terms of safety precaution. They filled the car with anything they found essential and hide their car behind a bush if some stranger crosses by, he wouldn't mind asking whose car that was. He will just drive away. They both got back into the shop.

Mike was wandering and exploring the shop, and he stops abruptly, he saw something that bought a smile on his charming face. he saw a deck filled with varieties of a condom. Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla. Hazelnut, and butterscotch?

His eyes rolled to Judy, his evil naughty smile beamed up more, looking into her expectant face.

'It's going to get darker soon, we will have some bread with cheese, and some juice, bunk down here for the night, we may have to find a way to lock the door if we are bunking here for the night.' Mike said.

'Yeah sure, and...after dinner?' she asked, lifting her eyebrows. She knows exactly what she was about to hear.

Mike lifted a condom packet, a hazelnut flavor. 'Never tried this one before.' He giggled.

Judy walked closer to Mike, and hugged him, her lips near his ear. 'you know that I am 25 and your 20, which means that I am 5 years elder than you. Right?' she asked.

Mike lifted his head, his lips near Judy's ear. 'and you do know that you have been telling this since I was 19. Remember?'

'Well, you do know that saying that serves its purpose of...' she said and looked into Mike's eyes, with love and desperate lust. Her hands crawled to his crotch and grabbed his dick over the pants. Which was hard since she hugged her. 'Right? Baby brother.'

'Yes, it does, SIS...' he leaned towards her, his hands wrapped around her head, fondling a lock of her soft silky hair, pressing his lips against hers, crushing her firm boobs with his pecks, his other hand reached a grabbed her tight ass over the jeans, wanking it gently now and then in the middle of the kiss.

He pushed his tongue slowly inside her mouth, as she pushed hers, the hug got tighter, until they broke the kiss, Mike removed his tee-shirt hastily, and he pulled her sister's tee shirt as well, almost like tearing it. They both rushed to remove each other's belt, to undo their pants and their undies and to explore what lies beneath it all.

They both stripped each other naked, and stood there, adoring each other's body. Judy adored the strong toned pecks, carved abs, and muscular thighs. And Mike saw Judy's firm, yet a little shaggy boobs, perky and hard nipples, flat sexy tummy, tight round ass, shiny long thighs, beautiful legs, sensual feet, and a clean shaved pussy right there between her thighs.

They hugged, as her naked breast crushed against his bare chest, their nipples met, their lips met, their tongue explored each other's mouth, Mike's dick was pressed against Judy's abdomen, his dick was upright and rock hard.

They kissed each other deeply and passionately, Mike dragged his hands towards Judy's ass and grabbed and squeezed a handful of her butt, while Judy's hand reached Mike's back head, her fingers twisting and interlocking with his hair, her other hand reached for the shaft of Mike's dick, trying to stroke and fondle his shaft, particularly with her index finger and thumb.

Mike lifted her, and carried her to the couch, threw her on the couch and he rushed to the condom section, picked up hazelnut flavored one, tore open and tried wearing on his way back to her sister, lying on the couch, like a mermaid. He managed to walk back and wear the condom at the same time, of course, he stopped for a few second.

He rushed back to his sister, got on top of her, kissed her passionately, while his hand reached for her pussy, and began rubbing and playing with her already wet pussy, Mike's fingers got sticky, he dipped those sticky wet finger with her juice into her mouth, she sucked and sucked his long tender fingers as if it was his cock.

He pulled his hand back, as they continued kissing again, and his hands reached for her pussy again, this time, he wasn't rubbing, instead, his long fingers, found its way inside her pussy, he shoved his index finger and middle finger at first and his ring finger accompanied the visit to the inside of her aromatic wet pussy, then his little finger, until four of his fingers were inside her pussy, not settling, but fingering her.

She moaned, gasped, her breath hit his face, he spat on her mouth, the drool fell on her mouth, as she swallowed it like a tasty beverage. She was expecting more, she pulled his head closer, and sucked his mouth for more of his saliva.

Her other hand scratching his ass cheeks, leaving red marks, that her nails made. He kissed all over her face, her neck, her clavicle, her tits, her tummy. He stopped a minute, and began sucking her beautiful tits, took them in his mouth, nibbled it sucked those nipples, like a desperate man, as she moaned, her moan was making Mike harder, he went down slowly until his mouth found her pussy.

He kissed her thighs, while his hand grabbed her ass, and squeezed them tightly, as she was shivering, and wavering, her hips were not in her control, the kisses, from the thighs, her inner thighs and all around her pussy was giving her the most immense pleasure, which she can't compare it with a dick in her vagina.

Mike also knew that kissing her inner thighs would make her go mad, with uncontrollable pleasure. she pulls Mikes head closer to her pussy, commanding him to eat it, he obeys, as he licks and kisses her pussy lips, then his tongue finds a way into those pussy, where his tongue was constantly getting wet and sticky with her numerous orgasms.

She moans and moans, which turns into screams after some time, of Mike's tongue exploring her sister pussy. He felt the warm sticky, and salty, juice gushing out into his mouth, exactly while her sisters moan became a scream. He let that juice fill his mouth, as he drank some and the rest he spilt in her sister's mouth. she swallowed it and pulled his head closer to share her saliva via a kiss.

'Fuck me...fuck me, brother, fuck me like you fuck Rachel.' She whispered, gasping and moaning.

He pulled himself from him and pushed his dick inside her pussy, which went in smoothly, it wasn't the first time they were screwing each other, Mike remembered his bad days when he would cuddle up with his loving sister, where she either gives him a long kiss, and a hand job, or a kiss with a hand job that turns into a blowjob, and sometimes, if she is not tired, the cuddle would end up as sex itself.

He pushed his dick, in and out, as his hands grabbed and played with her boobs and her perky nipples, fondling, caressing, and pinching. While she was looking into his eyes, and he fucked her, in missionary.

Until after few seconds of fucking in missionary they shifted to face-off, where Mike sat on the edge of the bed and her sister Judy sat on his thighs, her wet sticky vagina mounted over his raging dick. She humped over his thighs, as he kissed her boobs and nipples, her lips and neck, she kissed her back on his ears, forehead, lips, and neck.

Though that was Mike's favorite position, he felt uncomfortable after a few minutes, he pulled her aside and threw on the bed on her back, as he kneeled on the edge of the bed, his dick as hard as it was at the beginning. Her hands went wide open, as she pulled closer holding her waist, and shoved his dick on her pussy again.

It was supposed to be a reverse doggy, but it turned out as missionary again. His hand grabbed her boobs while fucking, just a few minutes later, he gave a constipated expression, showing the urge to cum. she pulled her away and she pulled his condom away and took his dick in her mouth, she stroked as she sucked his dick.

He shot the load of cum in her mouth, like beads and beads, some fell on her cheeks and some on her chin, but he managed to shoot most of the cum in her mouth, she swallowed all of it, and she pulled the foreskin behind and sucked the cum hiding and stuck inside his dick.

He leaned over, sucked his cum off her cheeks and chin and exchanged the cum through a kiss, and also shared his lock of saliva into her mouth. she kissed his back with a drop of cum sitting on her lower lips. They both crumbled on the bed, kissing.

They cuddled and slept the night away. And once it was morning, around 5, bright enough, they got dressed they had the intention of having morning sex, but they didn't want to, they had to keep moving. They started the car and began driving.