It had been a rough couple of nights for Mike since that humiliating Friday night party had seen his brief, faint hopes brutally dashed. It had been bad enough listening to Olivia getting fucked by Anthony for close to an hour, his erection stifled by that humiliating pink cage all the while. But it had only continued to worsen, and promised to get much worse, after Anthony had left.

Mike had held out a dumb, faint hope that Olivia would let him out now that she had had her fun. But no such luck. Instead, she had put his number in her phone (but had not given him hers), and snapped a picture of him in chastity for insurance, she had called it. Great, now she was blackmailing him. He was so fucked.

The drive home hadn't been much better either. He had tried to distract himself from the nightmare he now found himself in, but to little avail. His mind kept racing back to that pink cage, and how pathetic it was that he had actually let her lock it on him. And how pathetic he was. He had always felt self-conscious about his lack of romantic success, but it had never been anywhere near actual self-loathing until now. But he couldn't help but go in that direction now. Olivia had utterly degraded and humiliated him in front of Anthony, and she even had a picture of him in chastity. How could he not hate himself?

He desperately hoped that Anthony wouldn't tell anyone about it. He hadn't seemed too keen on mocking him about it, but it would still be mortifying for him the next time they had class together on Tuesday. Mike knew to be far more worried about the diva that now had his cock in a cage, and staying on her good side. He didn't doubt that Olivia would spread that picture around if he pissed her off. Come to think of it, he didn't doubt she'd spread it on an impulsive whim just for laughs. This was an incredibly dangerous situation in which he was by and large powerless.

Sleeping had proven to be rough as well. He had struggled to fall asleep, his dick straining in its confines and being painfully tugged on in most sleep positions. Even worse were the fierce erections he had woken up with throughout the night. It took a good long while to get soft enough to go back to sleep, knowing that it was just going to happen again the next time he woke up.

Normally he would have rubbed one out, but, as he was constantly reminded, he couldn't. His dick was completely at the mercy of a girl an hour's drive away that he had no means of contacting. On one hand, he hated it and her. But, loathe as he was to admit it, another part of him was aroused by it. By her. The feeling of being tightly locked was simultaneously tortuous and stimulating. As for the psychological aspects, they were a complex amalgamation he couldn't quite describe. The mindfuckery and conflicting feelings just made everything harder as Saturday progressed.

There was Saturday morning's humiliating revelation that he now had to pee sitting down. And there was the constant fear that the clicking of the cage's lock would alert his parents of his embarrassing predicament. And, perhaps worst of all, there were the difficulties with studying and concentrating that came with the frustrations of being locked.

After a couple of hours vainly trying to study for Tuesday's upcoming exam, he threw in the towel on Saturday night. The test probably wouldn't be all that difficult anyway, and it's not like he was in any imminent danger of losing his A average in the class. As long as he got a handle on himself, he'd be able to easily coast through the remainder of the semester.

He decided to pass the night playing video games, hoping it would keep his mind off of Olivia and the cage between his legs. But, predictably, it was of little use. He continued to be reminded of his inability to get hard, and his thoughts invariably drifted back to Olivia and what she was doing right now. It was a Saturday night, after all. She was almost certainly at a party, or getting plastered, or fucking another guy.

Probably a combination of those things. The loser she had locked in a pink chastity cage last night was probably the last thing on her mind right now (He knew he shouldn't call himself a loser, but what else could he call himself after last night? ). And yet she was at the front of his mind. It was a tough pill to swallow, being so needy for someone who had only expressed disdain for him. But he was no more in control of his wild thoughts than he was his ability to orgasm, as the ever-tightening confines constantly reminded him.

Needless to say, sleeping was again a miserable experience replete with uncomfortable boners and repeated awakenings. He hoped that Sunday would at least be better, that he would get used to being locked so that he could once again focus on his studies. In a theme that was becoming all too recurrent, however, Mike's hopes didn't materialize.

Sunday was another frustrating day of suppressed hard-ons, self-doubt, distraction, and lack of productivity. Once again, Mike threw in the towel and went to bed relatively early. He had work in the morning anyway, which he was absolutely dreading. It was going to be awful working with that cage on, and he couldn't even begin to fathom what kind of Hell class was going to be like while locked up. Mike shuddered to think about it as he drifted off. It was 10 PM, and he had work at 7 in the morning. He hoped he could at least exceed six hours of sleep this time.

As it turned out, he would get far less than that, with the chime of his phone waking him a few minutes before midnight. Mike rolled over, and saw that he had a text message from a number he didn't recognize.

'Get over here now.' The message read. There was only one person this could be from.

'Olivia?' Mike texted back, his cock already straining in the cage from this communication and the thought of her. Dammit, he hated that he was aroused by her after all she had done to him. He wanted someone who was nice, not a total bitch. His rambling thoughts were interrupted by the chime of his phone.

'Yep. Now get over here.' Mike stared incredulously at the command. It was midnight on a Sunday!

'It's like an hour's drive to your place and its midnight.' Mike texted back with shaking fingers.

'Not my problem. Get over here.'

'I have work in the morning.' Mike desperately texted back. Surely she could be reasonable, right? Right?

'One more excuse and I'm sending out that picture of you. Get the fuck over here.' She won. Again.

'Ok. I'm sorry.' Mike hurriedly texted back. She was going to run him ragged and ruin him. All because of that stupid party he had foolishly gone to.

'In fact...,' a partial message that sent pure dread down Mike's spine came through. She wasn't sending it out was she?! She couldn't!

Moments later, Mike received a picture message from her. The picture of him that she had taken. His heart sank as he saw just how visible his face was in it, and that the emasculating pink cage was equally visible.

Before he could respond, he saw the text bubbles moving. He froze, watching for her next message with a mixture of anticipation of dread.

'Make that picture your phone's wallpaper, just so you remember I'm not bullshitting. And I'll be checking when you get here so you better fucking do it.'

'I'm doing it now Olivia, then I'll head over right away.' Mike defeatedly texted back. Thankfully, he remembered how to get there from Friday's escapade.

'Let me know when you're almost there.'

Mike responded that he would, and quickly set his ego-crushing new wallpaper before quickly slinking out. His parents were late sleepers, and with any luck they would wake up after his work shift and be the none the wiser of his midnight departure. Sure, he was an adult and all, but they would still like an explanation for such a random late night excursion. This couldn't go on forever, it just couldn't, Mike said in his continued state of denial as he got in his car and made the drive.

Mike made good time on the ride, much better than usual, given the time of night and lack of traffic. Within just 30 minutes, he found himself just ten minutes away. He sent a text that he was nearly there, and received a response a couple of minutes later.

'Stop at 7/11 and get me a hot chocolate.'

Mike sighed, and quickly texted back that he would. He really was nothing but an errand boy. But surely that wasn't all she could possibly want to have him drive to her in the middle of the night. But just what could she want? Mike shuddered to think about it.

After briefly diverting his course, he found himself outside her door, hot chocolate in hand as he rang the doorbell. After several seconds, the door opened to reveal Olivia. She wasn't dressed nearly as nicely as she had been on Friday, with just sweatpants and a T-shirt. But she was still pretty, especially after two days of denial.

"That was a pretty fast hour Mikey," she said as she opened the door and took the drink from his hands. He knew better than to object to her demeaning nickname.

"No traffic." Mike said meekly. He hoped she wasn't accusing him of exaggerating the length of the drive to try and get out of coming over. If she was, she didn't push it further.

"Let me see your wallpaper." She said flatly as she closed the door. Great, he hadn't even been there a minute and she was humiliating him. But he knew not to argue, and obliged.

She doubled over with laughter as he showed her. "Oh my God that's so fucking great!" Embarrassment welled within Mike as he put his phone away.

"You know," she said as her laughter subsided, "you really should be thanking me for not making you set it as your lock screen too. Shouldn't you?"

Mike took the hint. He had already hit rock bottom. How more humiliated could he be at this point? He thanked her.

"Just remember that I might make you do that if you piss me off." She said as she motioned for him to follow her to her bedroom. "But I'm in a good mood. Wanna know why?" She asked slyly.

"Why?" Mike asked her.

"Well," Olivia grinned, "because I've been fucked so much this weekend." Mike groaned, and she giggled as she told him to get naked.

"I bet you'd like to hear about it, wouldn't you Mikey?"

Mike knew there was only one correct answer, and replied in the affirmative as he disrobed, stopping at his boxers.

"The undies too. Let me see that pink cage." She teased. Mike sighed as he complied with shaking hands. Olivia giggled as she walked over and grabbed the cage.

"You know this little dick could never satisfy me, right?"

"R-right." Mike swallowed. Somehow she kept finding ways to degrade him worse every time he thought he had hit rock bottom.

"Right what?" She asked quietly.

"Right, my little dick could never satisfy you."

"That's right, it couldn't." Olivia shook her head. "That's why I locked it in this little pink cage."

Mike nodded.

"Good." Olivia said. "I'm glad we understand each other. I need real cock. And that's what I got tonight, and last night, and the night before that. While you've been straining in that tiny cage, I've been getting fucked hard by big, fat cocks. I lost count of how many times I came last night. My weekend was more fulfilling than your whole month for sure."

"Oh my God...," Mike moaned involuntarily.

"Getting all hot and bothered Mikey? Maybe you should sit down before I continue." She indicated a wooden chair next to the bed. He nodded and sat down, wincing at the cold wood on his bare ass. Olivia giggled again as she looked for something in her dresser, finally pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

"I think I'm going to keep you still while I tell you about how I got fucked deep and hard."

A few seconds later and his hands were behind the bars of the chair, cuffed in place. He was completely helpless. And it was getting really late. How long was he going to be here? He had work in just over five hours. And he nervously said so.

Olivia looked annoyed, but agreed to let him call out rather than no-call no-show. But she was adamant about not un-cuffing him. Instead, she unlocked his phone after he gave her the code (he was sure he would regret that later), dialed the local Wal-Mart he worked at, and held the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" Mike was relieved that the phone had been answered by John, a laid-back younger manager.

"Hey, it's Mike. I'm sorry but I'm not going to be able to come in for my shift in the morning."

"Busy night?" John asked.

"Very." Mike answered, causing Olivia to giggle, apparently audibly judging by John's response.

"Gotcha man." He said knowingly, before hanging up. It wouldn't have been so knowingly if he knew what was really going on. He was brought back from those thoughts by Olivia tapping her fingernails on the cage, causing him to squirm in the chair.

"He definitely heard me. He probably thinks you're going to be fucking my brains out all night." She laughed. "But you won't be, will you?"

"No." Mike said plainly.

"No," Olivia shook her head, "because you'll be locked all night in this little pink cage, won't you?"

Mike nodded.

"Maybe I should call them back, hmmm. Set the record straight?" She teased.

"No! No! No!" Mike said frantically, his heart racing.

"Be good then Mikey," she said seriously as she stood up. "Are you ready to hear about those studs that fucked me?"

"Yes." Mike said reluctantly.

"You don't sound very enthused Mikey. Surely you aren't trying to disappoint me?"

"Of course not. Please, I'm ready to hear about those studs that fucked you."

"Much better," she purred as she sat on her bed. "Saturday night I was at a another party, and I ran into one of Anthony's friends, Tyler. He's a fucking stud Mikey. Broad shoulders, big muscles, and a huge cock. I don't think his big dick would even fit in that little cage. Not that I would try to put it in there - big dicks like his belong inside me. Only little dicks like yours belong in chastity." Mike squirmed in the chair, his cage tight as ever. This couldn't be arousing him! It couldn't!

"Anyway," Olivia continued, "I don't even know how many times he made me cum after the party. He had me fucking screaming. You think Anthony had me moaning? I think you would have fucking exploded in that little cage if you had heard Tyler railing me. What you would like it if I let you listen next time he fucks me? Oh why am I even asking? I know you would."

Mike arched his back in the chair. He really was pathetic. He hated it, and he was starting to hate himself a bit. But he couldn't deny that everything she had said was true.

"Oh I'm glad you like this Mikey," Olivia said as she laid back in her bed, "because hearing about me getting fucked, and listening to me getting pounded, is the closest you'll come to fucking me. Would you like hear about tonight?"

"Yes." Mike knew that was the only answer.

"Well," she said, "I have a friend with benefits, Fred, that comes over sometimes. He isn't as hung as Tyler, but he's still pretty big. And he sure knows how to use it. And he's such a talented lovemaker

We were right here, in my bed, and he was just tonguing my mouth and mashing his lips against my mine for a good hour. Wouldn't you love to do that with me?"

"Definitely," Mike moaned, meaning it for once. He would love to do that.

"Oh I know you would. But the only way you would get to do that would be if I had just sucked off a nice cock to completion. Be careful what you wish for Mikey."

Mike shuddered.

"But that didn't happen tonight," she continued. "Nope, this time I rode him. I came three times on that big dick of his. So much action for me this weekend, so little time to do homework. But that's not a problem, because I have my own personal genius at my beck and call."

Great, she probably has a shitload of work due tomorrow. No wonder she needed him over at this hour.

"I have two online exams that need to be done, and you better do a good job." She said as she got off of the bed. "If you ever want to cum again, you'll act as if these were your own exams. You're going to get me through this semester."

Great, now he had to do this dumb bitch's work in addition to his own.

"Understood?" She asked.

"Yes," Mike answered, "but you know, I have a lot of work on my plate too." Her look made him regret trying to assert himself. He had to stop overplaying his hand.

"You're smart," she said unsympathetically, "I'm sure you'll be fine." Had she actually just complimented him?

"Hell," she continued, "you could probably bomb everything this semester and still graduate with flying colors. What's your GPA? Probably close to a 4.0 right Mikey?"

"Pretty close." Mike said.

"How close?" She pressed him.

"3.94." He answered.

"You have nothing to worry about." She said nonchalantly. Her apathy towards grades was really annoying him. It didn't take much to tank a GPA, but he held his tongue.

"It's funny," Olivia laughed, "that if GPAs were on a different scale, your GPA would be bigger than your dick. Wouldn't that be hilarious?"

"Actually," she said before he could respond, "your GPA is bigger than your dick while you're in that cage. Isn't it?" She cocked her head to the side.

"Yes." It was the only acceptable response.

"Yes what?" She wasn't going to make it easy, again.

"Yes my GPA is bigger than my dick in this cage." Mike sighed as she laughed hard. "But you know, it doesn't take a lot for a GPA to fall. I've worked hard to get this far, and we're only two months from graduating. I don't want to lose top honors this late."

"You talk as if I don't have the key to that pink cage on your dick, and a picture of you in it." She frowned. "I think you need to be reminded that, until we graduate in May, you're my bitch. In fact, I think I need more insurance. Let's get you on video." She pulled out her phone.

Mike lowered his gaze in shame. He was naked except for that cage, cuffed to a chair, and powerless to avoid being recorded.

"Repeat after me," she ordered as she began recording. "I, Mikey, am Olivia's bitch. Say it."

"I, Mikey, am Olivia's bitch." He wanted to cry right now. That would make the video even worse.

"I let her lock me in this tiny pink cage for her amusement." She said.

Again, Mike repeated.

"My little dick could never satisfy her, or any woman. That's why I love listening to her get fucked by other guys."

Mike had little choice but to repeat the lines.

"If you're seeing this video, I did something to piss her off." She concluded.

"If you're seeing this video, I did something to piss her off."

"And...cut." She giggled. "Oh that was fucking delicious." She was smiling ear to ear as she walked over and unlocked his cuffs.

"I hope you don't need any more lessons Mikey," she said as he got up. "I can be fun and playful, or I can be a total bitch from Hell. Your choice."

You're a bitch either way, he thought. But of course he didn't say that, instead just nodding.

"Glad we got that straightened out," she said cheerfully as she logged onto her laptop. "The two exams are on blackboard. You can put your clothes on and sleep here on the floor once you're done. And I know it might be tempting to look for the key to that cage, but I think we both know what I'm going to do if you do that."

"I know," Mike said, utterly resigned. "I'll be good."

"Good boy," she chirped and quickly brushed a hand over the cage, causing him to shudder and her to giggle. "See you in the morning. If you get A's on those exams I might have a reward for you."

Mike looked at the time. Almost 4 AM. He sighed, and began working, struggling to concentrate on the tests and to find the answers in the textbook as his dick fought furiously and vainly against the cage as Olivia slept in bed just a few feet away.