I can't wait to see you tonight. I've been so horny for you. And I'm bringing a surprise...

I've been at half mast all day since receiving your text. We've been hooking up for the past month or so, and every time the sex has been out of this world. And every time you've wanted to see me, you've sent the same text. I'm so horny for you... But this is the first time you've mentioned a surprise. I wonder what it will be...

To keep myself distracted from thinking about our intense sex sessions (and obsessing over tonight), I clean my apartment. Then, about an hour before you're due to get here, I take a shower. I know you like it when I keep my balls shaved, so I take care of that at the same time. It's all I can do to keep from jerking off when I'm done. As I re-dress in a nice shirt and jeans (no underwear, another thing that turns you on), my cock is so hard I can barely stuff it in my pants. I can't wait for you to get here. I put on some R&B, which I know turns you on.

Right on time, there's a knock at my door. I open it and there you are, sexy as always, dressed in jeans and a plain red top and wearing your leather motorcycle jacket that I've told you makes you look incredibly hot. Your long hair flows free down your back, and you give me your killer smile that I love so much. You step forward and pull me into a kiss, pressing your body against mine. I wrap my arms around your waist and squeeze your ass, making you giggle into my mouth.

You break the kiss and step back, and I see the surprise: you aren't alone. Another long-legged blonde stands behind you, wearing a cute black skirt and striped top and a jacket similar to yours. Her bright blue eyes twinkle as she smiles at me in greeting, and my heart stops as I recognize her. Your friend Steff, whom I've seen in photos on your Facebook wall. I blink for a second, staring dumbly. Steff looks enough like you to be your sister, and I've definitely spent some nights fantasizing about fucking her and you at the same time. I step back and ask you both to come inside.

"I've bee telling Steff all about you," you say with a meaningful look as you step into my apartment, "and finally she said she'd heard enough and wanted to meet you. I figured you wouldn't have a problem with that."

"Not at all," I say, quickly regaining my composure. I hold out a hand to shake hers. "It's very nice to meet you."

She looks down at my outstretched hand and gives a small giggle. Stepping past it, she wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a quick kiss on the lips, then pulls me into a hug. "The pleasure's mine," she breathes into my ear. "I hope..."

The innuendo coming from both of you is a little silly, I think to myself; but there's no denying that my dick has been straining against my jeans since I saw that there were two of you. Whatever you and she want to happen tonight is okay by me. "How about a drink?" you suggest.

Normally when you come over, we have a quick drink and spend maybe five minutes making small talk, mostly catching up on our days, before we drain our glasses and start to make out. Although there was that one time that you started kissing me as soon as you came inside. I barely had time to shut the door before you were unzipping my pants to pull out my cock. I wonder if you've told Steff about that.

I tell the two of you to make yourselves comfortable while I pour us some wine in the kitchen. You shed your jackets on the floor by the door and sit on my sofa. I bring over our drinks and sit between you. The sexual tension is so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife, and I have to adjust myself as I sit down. This is ridiculous, I think as I look back and forth between you. You're sharing conspiratorial glances with each other and smiling behind your wine glasses. I feel like an idiot as I turn to you and say, "So what does 'all about me' mean?"

Steff answers. "Lori's told me how you met, how she offered to cook you dinner one night, and how you've been fucking her brains out ever since." She says it with such cool nonchalance that my erection wilts for a moment: I'm utterly taken aback and wondering if this was some sort of trap. I look to you for some kind of signal, and am relieved to see you smiling encouragement. I turn back to Steff. "And she's told me about the toe-curling orgasms she has with you." She puts her now-empty wineglass down and trails a hand up my leg toward my crotch. "She talks about you so enthusiastically I decided I wanted to see for myself what she's been talking about."

Despite myself I giggle, and wince at how semi-hysterical I sound. "I didn't think women really talked to each other about that stuff. Thought it was just an urban legend. Or movies."

You give a low laugh. "Some of us do," you say. You take my glass and set it down next to yours. I turn to look at you, and you place your hand on my cheek and pull me in for another, deeper kiss. As our tongues meet, I feel Steff's hand start to slowly rub up and down my thigh, stopping just short of my bulge. I feel her move closer to me on the sofa, so I break the kiss with you and look over to her. She mimics your gesture and brings her lips to mine.

Her tongue pushes its way into my mouth and she moans into our kiss. I reach a hand up to caress her face as we make out, and I hear you echo her moan as you watch us. Then I feel your hands pulling at my jeans, popping the button and sliding the zipper down. I squirm a little to make it easier for you to pull out my cock, and then I give a low moan as your mouth descends on my hardness. I thrust my hips into your face and my hand slides down to squeeze one of Steff's tits. She arches her back, pressing her breast into my palm. She pulls away and watches you going down on me. She bites her lip and squeezes her own breast with one hand. She reaches down and rests a hand on the back of your head as you suck my dick.

I love the way you go down on me. Your mouth always feels so good, warm and wet. And Steff is clearly enjoying the show, too. Her breathing gets faster as she watches your lips move up and down on my cock, following your hand. After a minute she slides down onto the floor so she can get a closer view. You turn your head slightly to make eye contact with her, and I feel you smile around my dick. You pull away, sucking hard; and when my dick pops out of your mouth you say, "You want a turn?"

Steff looks from your face to my cock, jutting up proudly, wet with her saliva. She smiles hungrily as she takes in my shaved length, then reaches forward and slides a hand up and down my shaft. I suck in a sharp breath at her touch, and she looks up to make eye contact with me. She gives a devilish smile and a wink, then leans forward and gives my cock a long, slow lick from the base to the tip. She runs her tongue around the head of my cock a few times before taking me into her mouth.

Steff's technique is remarkably similar to your own, although she does go a little faster than you. In the back of my mind I wonder briefly if blowjob styles and preferences is another thing you've talked about. She slides one hand along my shaft as her other one fondles my balls. I swallow hard and watch her—she never breaks eye contact. I do, though, when I see you moving off the sofa to stand behind her.

Swaying your hips gently to the music, you pull off your shirt and remove your bra. I watch as you caress your breasts teasingly. You scoop up one breast and extend your tongue to lick your stiff nipple, then do the same to the other one. Then you unfasten your jeans. Watching your friend's head bobbing in my lap, you slide one hand into your pants while your other one plays with your tits. You bite your lip, and I'm again struck by how alike you and Steff are.

You give me a seductive wink, then turn around. Slowly raising your hands above your head, you dance to the beat of the music. Bringing your arms down, you look over your shoulder at me. You give me a sexy smile, then start to push your jeans down past your hips. I watch your striptease as your friend sucks my cock. When you step out of your pants and turn around again, I give a low growl at the sight your naked body. You suck on a finger and slide it against your clit, and your breath catches.

You kneel down behind Steff and put your arms around her waist. She pulls away from my cock and leans back into you, turning her head so the two of you can kiss each other. You pull her shirt up, breaking your kiss long enough to get it over her head. You toss it to the side as you kiss her again, then move your hands to squeeze her breasts through her bra. She reaches back to undo that garment, and your hands start toying with her nipples. She moans lightly into your kiss. I can't help myself: at the sight of you two sexy blondes making out, I start stroking my cock, still wet with Steff's saliva.

The two of you stand, then move so you're facing each other in front of me. I quickly pull of my own shirt, then watch as you reach for each other and start to make out again, hands squeezing each other's breasts and behinds. Steff slides a hand down to your pussy and you arch your back as she slides a finger into you. Pulling away from your kiss, and pulling her finger out, she turns to offer it to me. In a flash I'm on my feet, and I take her hand and slide her finger into my mouth. I love the taste of your pussy, and Steff giggles as I suck your juices from her digit.

I pull her to me, and her arms encircle my neck as we kiss again. While we kiss, you push her skirt to the floor. She's not wearing panties either, so now we're all three completely naked. You reach around Steff and encircle my hard cock in your cool hand, jerking me slowly while Steff and I make out.

I open my eyes and look at you. You lick your lips at me. I pull away from Steff and reach for you, and we start kissing passionately too. Steff moans at the sight and leans down to lick and kiss your nipple. You moan into my mouth and push down on my shoulders. I get the message and lean down to start sucking on your other breast. You hold my and Steff's heads in places as we worship your tits for a few minutes, before I decide it's finally time to taste your pussy.

I lower myself to my knees in front of you and look longingly at your pussy. Eating you out has been one of my favorite activities during our passionate sex sessions. The way you squeeze my head and scream when you cum is such a turn on. I've never gone down on you while you were standing up, but there's a first time for everything, as tonight is demonstrating.

I push my tongue into your pussy and you moan loudly. As I fuck you with my tongue, you put a hand on the back of my head to steady yourself. Your breathing gets louder and quicker as my tongue swirls around inside you. You're so keyed up at this point, I have a feeling you'll have an orgasm before too long. Sure enough, when after a few minutes I bring a hand up to finger fuck you while I suck on your clit, with a ragged cry you cum hard, falling forward slightly, catching yourself on my shoulders.

Breathing heavily, you straighten, then push me onto my back. Kneeling next to me, you give me a deep, forceful kiss. You pull away and look heatedly at Steff, who has been watching this whole time with one hand between her legs and the other squeezing her tits. "Your turn," you say in a ragged voice.

Steff smiles widely, then kneels down on the other side of me. She gives me a sloppy kiss, licking your juices from around my lips. Then she swings one leg over me, straddling my head and lowering her bald pussy toward my face. Resting a hand on my forehead for balance, she grinds her pussy against my mouth. I reach up to squeeze and play with her ass as I lick her pussy, which is very wet. I wonder if I'll be able to make her cum as quickly as you.

While I fuck her with my tongue, you straddle my waist. I feel your cool hand positioning my cock, then your warm pussy sliding down my length. I hear you moan as you push down, drawing all of me into you. I hear Steff say, "Yeah, ride his hard cock while he eats my cunt. That's it." You start to fuck me slowly and I moan into Steff's pussy.

I'm not gonna lie: this is the hottest thing we've ever done. We've had some incredible, sheet-scorching sex over the last month, and I've been amazed and pleased at your creativity and lusty passion. But this definitely takes the cake. I enthusiastically fuck Steff's pussy with my tongue as you ride my cock, bouncing harder and faster as you go. Your moans are turning both of us on. Suddenly Steff goes rigid, her thighs squeezing my head as she grinds her clit against my face. She lets out a keening wail as she cums, falling forward. I lick her clit, making her twitch and cry out again.

She climbs off me and turns around to give me another sloppy kiss, licking up her own fluids this time. Meanwhile, you're bouncing up and down on my cock so hard I'm amazed it hasn't caught fire. Steff looks at you and grabs your face, bringing you in for a kiss of your own. You slam your hips down on mine and start grinding against me. Steff moves down and licks your clit. That pushes you over the edge. With a gasp and a low growl, you cum again. You pussy squeezes my cock like a vise. It's almost enough to make me shoot my own load.

Steff moves away and you fall forward on top of me, still moving your hips slightly as the aftershocks of your orgasm run their course. You kiss me deeply, which I return enthusiastically. I love it when you cum with me inside you. After a minute you pull away and climb off of me. You regard my dick, which is still hard as a rock and glistening with your cum. You look from me to your friend, who reaches for you to pull you into another deep kiss. Watching you two make out, I stroke my cock lightly.

"God that was fucking hot," Steff says in her sexy voice. "I want to fuck him now." She looks at me and repeats, "I want to fuck you. Now!"

I just cannot believe this is happening. I look from her to you, then back to her. "Fuck yes," I say in a low voice. "How do you want me?"

"Get behind me," she says. She kneels in front of my sofa and leans forward, resting her elbows on the cushions and sticking her butt into the air. I move behind her and take a moment to admire the view, running my hands over her tight ass.

You move beside me and take my hard cock in your hand, lining me up with your friend's pussy. I push forward slowly and Steff moans as my cock stretches her tight pussy. Propping one foot on the floor for balance, I start driving my cock in and out of her wetness, savoring the way she squeezes me every time I pull back. I'm sure I'm not going to last long at this rate.

I look at you, watching me intently as I fuck your friend. You're touching yourself again, which I find so sexy. We make intense eye contact, and you move in to kiss me again. Pumping my cock into Steff's pussy, gripping her hips tightly, I give myself over to our kiss, sucking your tongue into my mouth. You eventually pull back, then move to sit on the sofa. Legs spread, you play with yourself while you watch us fuck. Even though I've watched you masturbate before, this is one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

Steff's nonstop moaning adds an incredibly erotic soundtrack to the situation. When she gestures for you to sit in front of her and starts licking your pussy as I fuck her, I know I'm moments away from shooting my load. But I desperately want her to cum again before I do, so I reach around and start rubbing her clit. Within seconds she's having another orgasm, crying out into your pussy as she cums. Her pussy squeezes around my cock as tightly as yours did, and I know that's it for me. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," I groan.

Lightning fast, Steff pulls off me and turns around, grabbing my cock and sucking it into her mouth. Holding the crown of my dick in her mouth, she strokes her hand rapidly up and down my shaft, moaning as her tongue laps at my glans. Seconds later I cum with a grunt, spurting my seed into her hungry mouth. She moans erotically at the taste of my jizz as she continues stroking my cock. When I finally finish blowing my load, she pulls away.

Looking down at herself, she deliberately opens her lips and lets my cum dribble down to her tits. Meanwhile, you've come off the couch and around to watch the action. When you see my cum sliding down your friend's chest, you move in and lick it up, sucking on her nipples as you do. After you've licked her clean, you pull her in for a deep kiss. She moans as you make out. When you stop, I see you both swallow.

No doubt about it: tonight was one hell of a surprise.