This is pure fantasy. All actors are over 18.

Last year my dentist hired a new hygienist and it was lust at first sight but I had no clue what her orientation was so I spent the next six months fantasizing about her. For the next appointment, I wore some suggestive clothing which was a clear indication of my orientation and Janine and I ended up hooking up for a long weekend of some of the best sex I have had in my life.

Then life got in the way, I was just starting dental school and didn’t have time for much else. Now, six months later I am hoping to rekindle what we had before and maybe try to keep it going, too. For all I knew, she probably moved on and has a girlfriend by now. If anything maybe I could get another repeat performance for the weekend to sate my thirst for a while.

This time I took a more subtle approach for my seduction. First off, I was wearing a sheer blouse without a bra so my chest was on display and my nipples were rock hard already. I was also wearing a leather mini skirt that was really short. When I bend over someone is definitely going to see my bits.

I sat in the waiting room looking at my phone when Janine came to get me. I asked whether I could use the ladies room first and she showed me where it was and even turned on the lights for me. As we passed one another her arm dragged across my nipples that shot a bolt of electricity to my cunt and felt myself start to get wet.

In the bathroom I took off my panties and put them in my purse. I pulled out my butt plug and ran it through my wet lips to lube it up. Standing, I put one foot on the sink and bent over. Lining the plug up, I pushed out with my sphincter and pushed the plug in and let out a moan.

God that felt good, my cunt clenched and then relaxed and felt really hot. I sat back down on the bowl and slid my fingers through my lips a few more times to push me closer to the edge. I was soaking. I smelled my wet fingers and hoped I could share some of that with Janine.

Exiting the bathroom I found her standing at the opening of the dental exam room waiting for me. I walked past her making sure to rub my arm across her chest and then went to the corner to put my purse on the floor and bent over in front of her. I knew she was going to get a great view of the jeweled plug and also see the bottom of my swollen cunt lips. I pulled my panties out just a little so that if she were to get close she would see them.

When I stood back up and turned to her she was blushing and she looked really cute. I slid around the dentist chair and faked a stumble allowing me to grab her hand with the one that I was touching myself with. I think she noticed as our fingers interlaced because she looked down at the same time I did, my wet fingers were touching hers.

Sitting down on the chair I didn’t let go over fingers until I started to lean back and I fidgeted a bit trying to find the right position so that my plug would put the most pressure inside my cunt to keep me on edge.

With a concerned look she leaned down and asked if I was ok. I told her I was just trying to get comfortable. She turned away and left and a few seconds later came back in holding a lead blanket. She explained that she needed to take x-rays. She put the blanket over me and then reached over me and pushed her boobs into my face to grab something. She moved her body up and asked me to open wide so she could put the bite plate into my mouth that holds the film for the x-ray.

I didn’t notice it at first but she was supporting herself with one hand between my legs while trying to line up the x-ray camera. I tried to scootch up so she would be touching me but couldn’t get there. She asked me to stop moving so she could line up the camera. Only this time her hand slid closer and cupped my mound as she finally lined up the camera.

I moaned as I felt a finger slide into my lips. She told me to hold still and then withdrew her hand and left the room. I heard a click and the familiar sound of the camera doing what it does and then she came back in the room to change the film and take another x ray of my teeth. I smelled myself on her fingers as she slowly reached to my mouth to pull out the film.

Putting the next one in, her hand went between my legs and cupped my mound again, did a quick rub of my lips and then made a show of putting her finger, the one between my lips to her nose, closing her eyes and breathing in my scent. My cunt clenched and then I could feel some of my juices slide out and drip down over my taint.

I took the opportunity to reach out with my right hand to cup and squeeze her mound. She looked down at me, pushed her cunt into my palm with a little grunt and then pulled back to take the next x-ray. Once that was done, she removed the lead blanket and then sat down next to me and started arranging her tools before starting the teeth cleaning part.

I turned my head so that I was looking into her crotch and I could just make out a hint of camel toe. I looked up at her and smiled then turned back and craned my neck to try and move my head closer. She slid a little closer but not close enough. I didn’t know if the small dark patch was caused by the tray above throwing a shadow or was she soaking through her panties and scrubs. I hoped for the latter of course.

Then she started cleaning my teeth, making sure to rub her arm from time to time against my hardened nipples, making eye contact as much as possible, licking her lips, and smiling at my obvious discomfort. She made me turn my head a few times to work on one side vs the other and she had scooted as close to my face as she could get so I could look at her crotch. This time, I was sure the dark patch was from her juices. I kept repositioning myself causing my plug to shift and heightening the stimulation in my cunt.

She stopped, looked at me and smiled, and then told me to stop squirming. Then she went back to work. She didn’t say a word and just kept eyeing me and licking her lips. I was desperate to cum and she knew it.

When she was done I was handed a small cup of rinse and she started raising the seat back. At the same time she slid her hand between my legs and gave me another squeeze causing me to grunt and spill some of the rinse onto my bib. She kept her hand holding me while I bent over to spit out and then she quickly withdrew it as the dentist, also known as my mother, came into the room.

After some pleasantries she looked at my x rays, jotted down a few notes, looked at one tooth and then admonished me for drinking too much coffee but otherwise said my teeth were good. Janine came back into the room and handed me a bag with a new toothbrush, some floss, and a small tube of toothpaste, and something else was in the bag that made it look fuller. My mother started to leave and at the same time asked whether we were still on for dinner on Sunday. I said “yes mother.”

I picked up my handbag from off the floor making sure to give Janine another little show. I noticed my panties were gone. Turning around, I looked at her and she blushed again and then tilted her chin down. Following her gaze her hand was in her pocket and pulled out my panties just so I could see them. Her eyes reconnected with mine and this time the smile on her face told me she was hungry for me. I smiled back at her and pursed my lips and then left the room.

Leaving the office and getting into my car, which happened to be parked facing the office and the big plate glass window in the waiting room, I opened up the bag and pulled out her panties. The gusset was soaked and I held it to my nose. She smelled delicious. I looked back to the window and there she was holding my panties to her nose as well. She put them back in her pocket and then showed me her phone.

I pulled my phone from my purse and texted her.

[Me] I want you!

[Janine] Tell me when and where.

[Me] Do you remember how to get to my place?

[Janine] Yes, how could I forget the last time we were together. I will be there in 60 minutes. Do not get off until I get there.

[Me] So bossy.

[Janine] That’s right. I hope you have no plans until dinner with my boss on Sunday. Because I want to fuck you all weekend.

[Me] I am yours till then. Maybe you should come with me to dinner so I can introduce my mother to my new girlfriend.

[Janine] The sound of that excites met but we are going to need to discuss that one a little more at length. Right now I want your tongue buried inside me and I want to cum on your face. Now, get going and get ready for me.

[Me] Kiss emoji

I started the car and backed out of my spot. Turning back towards Janine who was still looking at me from the window I winked, licked my lips and then made like I was kissing and blew her a kiss. On the way home, I held the steering wheel with one hand and kept the other between my legs holding my wet cunt and stroking myself to keep me on edge.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and picked up a dozen roses and some beer. Arriving home, I made sure the front door was unlocked after I closed it. I started pulling petals off the roses and made a trail leading through the apartment to my bedroom. I left one rose on the floor on the floor pointing to my bed.

Taking off all my clothes, I pulled the covers back on the bed and laid atop the sheet. I got my phone and took a wanton looking selfie. Then one of my left hand cupping my mound. A close up of my finger between my lips. Took a few just to get the angle right and make sure my finger glistened with my juices. Then a picture of my plug. I sent the first one to her as a text.

[Me] I can’t wait to taste you.

A few minutes went by and then I got a reply.

[Janine] Just stopping off at my place to get some clothes and my strap.

[Me] Moving in?

[Janine] Maybe not this week, girlfriend.

I sent her the picture of me holding my mound and then a close up of my finger between my lips.

[Me] I am so wet for you.

[Janine] No cumming till I get there!

[Me] I can’t wait to breathe in your aroma before I eat your cunt. Are you shaved again?

[Janine] Not really, I have had a long dry spell, since your last check up in fact. I could shave for you if you want but I know you like it hairy.

[Me] Sorry, we didn’t get back together after the last time but I have been really busy with dental school. I haven’t been with anybody since you but that weekend is all I think about when I am dialing the rotary phone or impaling myself on the dildo you left here.

[Janine] I wondered what happened to that dildo! See you in twenty minutes.

[Me] Hurry! I am not sure how much longer I can hold off!

[Janine] Don’t you dare Sweetie! I will be there shortly.

I put my phone down and then grabbed a sleeping mask and put it on and waited for Janine to arrive.

To be continued ....