Alex sat in his room, biting his lip, hard. He really wanted to go out there, to stop the yelling once and for all. But he couldn't, he didn't know whose side he should be on, who to protect in this situation. His dad wasn't abusive, not at all. He'd never been. It's just... his words were a little harsh sometimes, and his mom got really upset about it. He was tired of all the ranting, all the complaining, all the screaming. He just wanted to be removed from this mess, and he was excited to finally move out to college and finish all of this nonsense. He couldn't take it anymore, and it felt like the more they fought, the less they cared about him. Maybe it was because he was already a grown man, and shouldn't need them to care about him anymore. Alex was a good boy ultimately, he was obedient to what his parents wanted, and bought himself into a good college that also had good boys and girls. It was everything they wanted, but still not even close to enough from stopping all of their fights. He might as well not even try. He put his headphones on, having enough of this. Maybe he should text his friend and go to his house instead, just so he wouldn't have to listen to the ramble anymore.

An hour later, when he was finally done with his homework, he set the headphones down, and stared at his bedroom door. The house was eerily quiet. Too quiet. He stood up from his chair and moved towards the door. Before he could open it though, it slid open, revealing his mother standing in the doorway, tears streaming down her eyes. "Oh, Alex!" She sobbed, and put her arms around him, hugging him tight.

"Ma--" He said, hugging her back. It killed him to see her like this. And it was almost a daily occurrence now. She was always in a mood. Crying, angry, frustrated, depressed. It was always something. She wasn't okay, and he didn't know what to do about it. His dad clearly had given up on her, unable to take the mood swings and the 'craziness' anymore. He could understand slightly, but he still cared very deeply about her, and wanted her to feel okay.

Her makeup was smearing, and she was a complete emotional wreck. This time, it seemed even worse than usual. Her lipstick was all over her mouth, and the mascara she was wearing was everywhere except for on her eyelashes. She was wearing her usual pyjamas, a matching set of silk light pink pjs with black lace on top. It looked good on her, and showed off her breasts well, though it didn't seem like his father cared very much. Clearly, they were supposed to have a nice night together, and it turned for the worse, like it always did.

In stark contrast to her beautiful lingerie and makeup, he was wearing an old t-shirt, which was huge and covered up his body, including the loose boxers he had on. He was ready to go to bed, and it didn't seem like it would happen anytime soon, especially with the look she was giving him. "I know it's a school night, but I really need to talk to someone." She said.

He nodded. "Anytime, mom. You know I'm always here for you." It was true, and he had kept this promise for years now, always being there for her when she needed him most. He didn't know how long he could continue doing that after he went to college, but he wanted to make her happy while he could.

She pushed his hair back gently, very motherly, and smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes. "I know, and I'm going to miss you so much when you leave." She sniffed loudly, and he looked down at her as she sat on the bed next to him.

"Your dad... his words are so abusive." She started. "I don't want to say anything rude about him but, you know how he is. I don't even need to tell you how he treats me. He says I'm crazy, can you believe that?! He's the fucking crazy one!"

His mother didn't swear much, and the tone in her voice made him flinch a little. So it wasn't a regular fight this time. "Why did he say you're crazy?"

"Just that I'm really emotional, and... I told him I thought he was cheating on me." She admitted, looking a little guilty.

"Mom! Why? Why would you think that?" He exclaimed. This was coming from nowhere.

"I heard him talking to a girl I didn't know on the phone. The way he laughed, the way he acted. It was just how he was when he first fell in love with me. I just know it, in my gut." She pointed to her stomach to demonstrate her point.

"You can't just assume these things, you have to know." He said, completely exasperated. He didn't know if she was right or not, but this wasn't the way to go about it.

"He said he's reached the end of his wits and wants to leave me." She looked so sad, and he just wanted to put his arms around her and make it better.


"Don't you think that makes it even more obvious he has someone else? That he loves someone else?" She asked.

"I don't know what it means, really." He replied, speaking the truth.

"I don't care, you know?" She said, shaking her head as she wiped a tear off of her eye, smearing the mascara across her face. "I want to leave too, and take you with me. You'll come with me, won't you?"

Alex stared at her, completely speechless. Of course he would go with her. It wasn't that he loved her more, no. It was that she needed him more, far more than his father did. And if he was truly cheating on her, he wouldn't want Alex around messing with that anyways. He nodded before she would freak out about his hesitation.

"Good. I knew you cared for me." Her smile was real this time. "I want us to be moved out before the summer ends and you're off to college. So you can at least settle a bit before you start the next chapter of your life."

"Mom, don't you think that's a little too rushed?" He asked gently, not wanting to rile her up again.

She shook her head. "No, it's something we have to do. And we have the funds to do it. He needs to learn he can't treat me like this." He didn't know what else to say, so he just put his arms around her and pulled her towards him. She rested on him, hiccuping a little. "Alex... can I ask you something?"

"Yes?" He said, patting her hair.

"Do you think I'm crazy?"

Oh no, what has he gotten himself into? "Mom... what kind of question is that?"

"Just answer me honestly!" She said, trying to pull away from him. He pulled her closer instead, shushing her.

"Okay, maybe you act a little crazy sometimes, but you're not a crazy person." He said.

It seemed like it was the wrong thing to say, because she burst into tears again, and she rubbed her face into his shirt, crying out loud. "I knew it!"

"Shh... mom..." He pulled her into an embrace, and she accepted it, nestling in closely into his chest and letting it linger. He pet her until she calmed down. It felt like forever, but she finally started breathing properly again.

"You've grown into such a strong and caring man, you know?" She said. "I never realized this until now."

"Thank you, mom." He finally felt reassured. A moment too soon. Her hands were reaching lower in his body, somewhere where it was definitely not supposed to reach. He tensed, and looked down at her, appalled. She had started to rub his crotch over his shirt and boxers, like it was the most normal thing to do to your own son.

"I'm not crazy at all, Alex." She said quietly.

"Mom what are you doing? Stop. This is so weird. You're just too shocked about what happened with dad." He tried to push her away, but she was absolutely determined to keep going.

She reached under his waist pants to grow his growing cock, and his eyes widened as he felt his mother's touch against his own dick. He would never imagine in a million years this would happen to him. "Mom..." She ignored him completely, and continued doing it like she was in some kind of trance. She moved between his legs and knelt on the floor, and he could see the extent of the makeup running down her face, now smearing her own pyjamas.

She continued with slow strokes and caresses, teasing him slightly as she played with the tip of his dick. He gasped out loud, why was she so good at this? She must have done this many times with his own father... those hands... this was so not okay. He was groaning now in both discomfort of the situation and the pleasure he was receiving.

His reaction was making her more and more eager, and she stood up, smiling at him with the most motherly affection she could muster. She moved towards him and pulled his shirt off, exposing his chest to her as she smiled. It was something she's seen many times before. What was next though... when she pulled his boxers down, the look she gave him was intoxicating. "I want to show you I'm not crazy at all. I'm just a loving person with a big heart." He wouldn't be able to hide it from her, how hard he already was from all the touching, all the attention she was giving him. It was more than any girl had before. It was veiny and incredibly hard, and had a drop of precum already oozing out, demonstrating how truly horny he was for her.

She looked down at his pulsing dick, now eager for her attention, begging her for more. He was bigger than average, which he loved very much. He was shy though, and because he was so focused on school, he had never been in a relationship. He was still a virgin at 18, and had no idea that his mother would be who he was doing these dirty acts for the first time with. It made him even harder thinking how much of a taboo this was.

She saw him grow under her, and she knelt again, and started to plant kisses on his thick cock, which seemed huge in her small dainty hands. When did she get so small compared to him? When did his mom become such a woman? He had never really seen her like that before... and he was wild. She kissed the entire length of him, from the tip to the base, sniffing as she did and enjoying every single aspect of her son's dick. She looked like she was fully enjoying herself. She stopped for a second, and looked straight into his eyes with a single tear in her eye, "Do you love me?" She asked, her hand still pressed on his dick.

Alex was completely mesmerized by what was happening, he didn't even know what was going on anymore, let alone how to speak properly. All he could do was nod, and that was all she needed from him. "Do you think I'm crazy?" She asked, and gave him a strong stroke as the question spilled out of her. He shook his head, still completely transfixed by her gaze. She was completely manipulating him, but he didn't care at that moment. He wanted to cum, so desperately that he would be willing to say anything just for her to continue this torture she was inflicting on him.

With that, she engulfed his big head into her small mouth, barely able to fit his size. He felt like he was tearing her apart, and couldn't help but imagine what it would be like if he was fucking her. He knew it would feel mindblowing... but the thought was beyond filthy, which made him even harder. She almost choked on him, unable to take so much dick in her mouth. He loved seeing how hard it was for her, in more ways than one. She started to give him an achingly slow blowjob, so slow that he thought his dick was going to fall apart underneath her. Like he was melting at her soft licks.

She worked her way down, taking more and more of him inside of her mouth as she did. He pressed his hands into her hair, pushing her into his dick as he started to grind into her uncontrollably. He needed more, needed more of her mouth around his dick, more of her tongue flicking against his tip. She tried her hardest to get all of him in her mouth, and the saliva she produced started to droop down his dick as he moaned out loud, thrusting into her uncontrollably. She started to increase her speed, faster and faster she went, and his mouth widened into a wide 'O' when even moaning was too difficult for him. If sex was anything like this... he was completely and utterly addicted. It was by far the best thing he's ever experienced, and he needed his release. Now.

He grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth. He felt her tense around him and squeeze tighter, more than he even thought was possible. Instead of being annoyed by him forcing his dick inside of her, she looked even happier to be able to satisfy him. She took every thrust he gave her with a passion, and bobbed up and down with all her might. All she did was give him one hard tug at his balls before he exploded into her mouth, pumping shot after shot of cream inside of her mouth, and she gulped down as she took every drop like a champion, like she had done it thousands of times before. He dad was a complete fucking idiot for wanting to let her go.

She was like a kitten now, purring as she licked and cleaned every remaining drop of cum from his now softening cum. He kept his hands on her as he watched, still completely mesmerized by the woman kneeling in front of him. He had no words to say, nothing to even begin to explain what he was feeling at that moment.

"Thank you for understanding me, Alex." She smiled gently, like she hadn't done something completely crazy. "You're always on my side, and I love you very much." She leaned down, exposing her cleavage to him fully as she placed a gentle peck on the lips.

"Goodnight, son."