Chapter 2.

I walked down the corridor with the tray in my hands behind the staff member. She arrived at the lift bank first and pushed the button to call the lift, and then turned and smiled at me as she bent down and slipped the key card into the top of my stockings.

"Keep this safe as you won't want to go to reception to get a new one," she said, giving the bare skin above my stocking a stroke, which made me shiver.

I quickly looked along the corridors to check for other guests but luckily they were clear. "Ding", the lift arrived and she stepped in and I followed her. My heart sank -there was a lady already in the lift. I just kept my eyes and head down. The doors closed and we started to descend.

I looked up into the smiling face of my chaperone.

"I have to return to the staff area for other work," she said.

At this point the other lady spoke up.

"What's going on here then?" she asked.

I looked across to her and recognized her as the lady that had commented on my nails the last time I was in the lift.

"New maid training," my chaperone answered on my behalf as I was now back looking at the floor, hoping to be swallowed up.

"Well I assumed you were a guest when we meet in the lift earlier on," our companion commented.

"I am," I squeaked, my mouth dry as a bone as the lift doors opened onto the reception area.

"Pity," she said as she left the lift. "I would have been ordering loads from room service to get you into my room."

I didn't answer her. I just turned to my companion and pleaded for her to please close the doors and get us moving again. She smiled and pressed the button for the basement, the doors closed and we continued our journey downwards. "Thanks for making my day," she said.

"Thank you for not laughing or being cruel," I said looking up at her to see she had her phone in her hand.

"Can I take a picture to show the other staff members?" she asked.

"Yes - please do," I smiled.

The doors opened and before she got out she pressed the button for the tenth floor.

"Enjoy your stay at the hotel," she said as the doors closed.

To my relief the lift passed the reception floor and continued up towards floor ten. I felt like I had been holding my breath since I first stepped into the lift on the second floor. The doors opened on the tenth floor and I peered out looking both ways to see if any guests were about, my luck held, all was clear. I guessed the layout of the rooms was the same for each floor and so headed towards the corridor where my Mistress's room would be. Having had plenty of practice in my heels I was able to walk quickly and was soon at the door for room 1006. I stopped and composed my self and carefully balanced the tray on one hand and knocked on the door.

"Room service," I announced as loud as I dared. An age seemed to pass before the door opened.

"Where have you been slut? We have been waiting for ages for our drinks."

"Sorry Mistress," I said with a curtsy, I knew nothing would be acceptable as an excuse so did not offer one.

"Well bring them in and put them over by the window."

I walked into the room and placed the tray down and turned around, as I did I noticed my master lying on the bed nude, stroking his cock.

"Good afternoon Master," I said with a curtsy.

"Get your slut lips over here. I have been waiting here doing this myself for ages." I made my way quickly across to the bed and got to my knees and quickly took his cock into my mouth, he is not well endowed, which was one of the reasons I am wearing my chastity device as I have a bigger cock than him which annoys him immensely. I am quickly into a rhythm and soon have him moaning.

"Hurry up slut," my Mistress demands, "we have plans for later and don't want to be delayed due to your love of cock sucking."

I speeded and quickly felt the cock start to spasm and shoot his small load into my mouth. I took my mouth off his cock and turned to my Mistress to show her his load in my mouth.

"Swallow," she ordered. I did and turned back to the cock to lick it clean and then stood up.

"Well, now you have finished I have some instructions for you slut, here is a bag with some clothes in," she said as she handed it to me.

"Go back to your room and clean up and get changed and meet us at the taxi rank by 7pm sharp."

"Yes Mistress."

I curtsied and turned to my Master.

"Thank you sir for letting me suck you." I curtsied and, with that, I headed out of the room.

The journey back to my room was quick and without incident, which could mean my luck was changing. I slipped into my room and quickly opened the bag; it contained a black coat and black shoes and a note. I took the shoes out and hung the coat up and opened the note, the instructions were simple, "remove the maids uniform and white shoes and place them in the bag and put on the black shoes and coat," which was now just going to be over my underwear. After cleaning my face and reapplying my make-up it was time to head down to the lobby and the taxi rank.