The night had started out like so many others, hanging out with our friends and playing games. As usual there had been a few bottles of wine, of which you had a little more than your fair share. Even if we hadn't sat next to each other at the table you would've found some way to touch me. When wine is involved you always manage to find a way to grope me. What always amazes me is how you can do it without giving any indication to the people around us that your hand is in my lap. You even had an entire conversation with someone on the other side of the table while my hand was under your skirt. I was rubbing your pussy and you gave nothing away. Only your grip on my wrist holding me in place let me know you even wanted me there. Well, that and how very wet you were.

Despite all the teasing and touching, we didn't rush through the night. With my hectic work schedule I don't get to see everyone as much as I'd like and you pick your best friend over sex every time. I'm not quite the same way, but we do always manage to make things interesting when we're in a group like that. Hell, if it weren't for my brother going out on the balcony with me for a smoke I'm almost certain you'd come out with me and stick your hand in my pants. And I'd have let you too.

Since I only had one glass of wine versus your six, I offer to drive you home in front of everyone at the end of the night. You live right down the street, but it makes everyone feel better knowing you won't be driving. We don't even make it to my truck before you grab hold of my face and bring me in for a kiss so passionate I forget where we are.

"I've been wanting to do that all night," you tell me, leading me by the hand to my truck.

I'd have said something in agreement, but my tongue didn't want to work right at that moment. We drove to your house and it was the longest mile I'd experienced in a long time. You breath heavily in my ear and kept rubbing your breasts against me. Those hands of yours were working further south and I nearly drove into oncoming traffic. Before I put the truck in park you were out the door and rushing inside. I've never been formally introduced to your dog before so there's still the risk that he might try to eat me and you've already declared that I'm yours tonight.

I wait at the door as patiently as I can muster. The door opens, but all I see is your hand flash out and I'm pulled in. You push me against the door and stick your tongue down my throat, our hands frantically roaming all over the other. We've been flirting and teasing for so long neither one of us can stand another moment of it. Clothes go flying in a flurry as we strip each other, our lips barely apart the whole time. You're down to your panties by the time you tug on my belt. Our eyes lock as you slide down to your knees, my pants following suit. My cock jumps out as my pants slide down and your mouth catches it like you knew exactly where to be. I throw my head back as you make me disappear in your mouth, too long its been since I felt this. Your teeth graze against my shaft and it sends shivers all along my body. I'd have been happy to stay there for a while, but you've got other ideas.

Leading me over to the couch you make me watch as you slide off your panties and lay down. I want to lick your pussy, but this has been building up for a really long time. "I don't want you to eat me," you say, knowing I've wanted to for quite some time, "I want you to fuck me." I've never been one to deny a woman in need, and I sure as hell ain't going to start now.

Your legs open for me and I waste no time. I slide right in and just start pumping in and out like I'm an Olympic sprinter and this is my race. You moan as your nails scratch at my back, your legs wrap around me. My mouth finds its way to your ear and I go at it. Licking, sucking and biting while I fuck your pussy for all I'm worth. One hand snakes up and gropes your tit hard, putting extra pressure on your nipple because I know you like it. Normally I'd have sucked on them both to the point where it hurt, but you hadn't given me the chance. Next time won't be as frantic and we can take our time with it. Now isn't the time for slow and exploring. This is the time for some hard, balls deep action that'll make you cum from my cock before I make you cum with anything else.

My abs and legs are on fire, but I don't care. Sliding into you is like rediscovering why the sunset over the ocean is so beautiful. I slide my knees on either side of your ass and hold your legs against your body. The angle changes how I penetrate you and I get to watch your tits bounce around while I continue to fuck you. Your moans and groans are music to my ears as you begin playing with your breasts. I'm mesmerized as you pull and tug on your nipples. There are so many things I want to do to you, I nearly go mad thinking about it.

Pulling out, I give you room to turn around and the sight of your ass as you present yourself to me is the stuff of dreams. I've imagined fucking you from every which way, but I know how much you like this position. You reach back and guide my cock right into your pussy, so eager for me to keep fucking. I grab hold of your hips and slam in harder than before, but I sacrifice speed for the extra strength. With every hard thrust you moan and I marvel at the sight of your body, watch as my cock disappears inside you. This is better than any drug or drink I've ever had, no toy or artificial means could compare. The feel of your body against mine, the jolt I get from every time I slam into you, its like electricity is shooting through me, so good I can barely stand it. Reaching out I grab a fist full of your hair and slowly pull. I change things up, going for speed instead of strength and I use your hair as my only hold on your body. My free hand gives you a hard spank and I feel your grip on my tighten. You're moaning more now, and I know you're getting close. With one hand in your hair and the other on your shoulder, I pull you toward me as I thrust forward, combining speed and strength as much as I can. I'm fucking you so hard it's beginning to hurt me a little, I can only imagine what it's doing to you.

Now it's my turn to moan and I can feel it getting close. The wet sounds of our bodies crashing into each other, our moans of pleasure all grow in volume as we get closer and closer to that edge. I'm afraid I'm going to reach it first, but then you get a sudden death grip on my cock and your body shakes underneath me. I don't stop though, I keep fucking through your orgasm, trying to keep it going as long as I can. It's longer than I thought I'd manage, but shorter than I'd have liked. I cum inside you as your orgasm begins to slow, the pulsing of my cock sends shockwaves through you as I fill you up. Its not until I've collapsed on the couch next to you, both of us trying to catch our breath that I realize I hadn't thought to put a condom on.

After a while we clean up and make our way to the bedroom, and no, we don't bother with any clothes. This time I have every intent of taking it slower, doing some of those things we've both wanted to do. Laying on the bed I watch you light candles around the room completely naked. The golden light you can only get from flames dances along your bare skin and I'm not soft for long.

With the last candle lit you turn to the bed and smile, eyes focused on my hard dick. Its quicker than either of us thought I'd be ready, but no one's complaining. You reach out to me and I pull you onto the bed, lay you down while I kiss you deeply. Your hands grip my hair as we kiss, lightly testing me as you pull. When I don't protest you pull my hair harder, lowering my mouth to your breasts. I'm not sure if you're doing this more for me or you, but I take your nipple into my mouth greedily as I grope you. I pull with lips and teeth, slow and hard until you bump my shoulder. I wait one more delicious moment before I release you and you let out a moan. I do it once more before moving to the other.

My lips leave a trail down from your breasts to your legs. Starting with your thighs I nibble on your flesh as my mouth moves torturously slow to your center. For a moment I just breath heavily on you as my mouth hovers above your pussy. My eyes look up at you and the expression on your face says it all. I dive right in, licking you all over, discovering the texture of your folds, the taste of you. I've never done this before, only know what to do from reading. Of course all that is beyond my mental reach at this point, and I just explore you with my mouth. I slide my tongue down your center and stick it as far inside you as I can manage. My teeth graze against you here and there, you give a slight jolt as I move in on your clit. Your hands in my hair really test the limits of my pain threshold when I slide two fingers inside you. I get them nice and wet as I lick and suck your pussy. For a moment I slide them all the way out, but my middle finger moves a little further down and it presses into your asshole. You moan out as I do this and really begin finger fucking you, my index finger back in your pussy. I feel like a clumsy idiot, but the orgasm that has your entire body shaking and spasming tells me I've been doing something right.

Once your body stops shaking enough, you pull me up for another deep kiss before rolling me over onto my back. I'm expecting you to go down on me, but again you don't do what I expect. You straddle my body, plant your feet on the bed and lower yourself onto my cock. In a position I can only describe as squatting cowgirl, you slip my cock into your hot, wet pussy. We both moan out as you take me all the way in and you begin bouncing up and down. I watch you as you ride my cock, tits dancing a beautiful dance for me to lose myself in. You know how much of a breast man I am and your large ones have driven me wild for a long time. I can't help the grunts and growls that come from my mouth as you ride me, I love when a woman takes control like this almost as much as I love taking that same control.

The position takes its toll on your legs cause you go into the more traditional cowgirl, resting your hands on my chest. I take up your breasts in my hands, massaging them none too gently. I take them to my mouth again and use more teeth, biting harder, almost enough to leave marks. I can feel you slowing down, this isn't your favorite position, and I know you did it for me.

As you stop I bring you down to me for another kiss, rolling you on your back again. This time when I slide into you, one leg is up and resting on my shoulder while the other is off to the side. I pin that leg to the bed and just start fucking you, stretching your pussy in a way we haven't done yet. I watch as your hand reaches down and begins rubbing your clit. You're moaning more now and I sink my teeth into your calf. I watch your eyes fly open in surprise, but the moan you give out tells me you don't mind. I don't know what it is about really good sex, but I often find myself wanting to do something with my mouth and biting is usually my answer to that need. When I let go of your calf I increase my speed and make you cum again. You're so tight around my cock I have to pull out to keep from cumming too soon. Our first go was intense, but quick. I want this one to last longer.

Turning you around we set up for another bout of doggy style, but this time I press your upper body into the bed. You rest on your arms and stick your ass in the air a little higher for me. Normally I'd kneel behind you, but I don't. Standing behind you I bring my feet level with your knees. Bending at my knees I guide myself into your pussy and slide all the way in. Reaching for your shoulders I get a good firm grip and immediately start jackhammering into you. It feels like I'm reaching deeper into you from this angel and damn does it feel heavenly. Must feel good to you too because you're cumming again so quickly. For a moment I think about pulling out of your pussy and slamming my cock into your asshole, but my body has other plans. Once again I feel that all too familiar sensation I find hard to describe that lets me know I'm close. My increase in moans lets you know too, and you decide to do something about it. Turning around you pull me down to you and burry my cock between your tits. Pressing them together you begin jerking my cock with those heavenly mounds and it feels so good I can't control my body. It's amazing I manage to keep myself upright, but I do, and I haven't even cum yet. Spurred on by my staying power you really work those breasts against my cock. You tell me to cum for you, give myself up to the pleasure your body is giving me. And I do. My cock erupts between those massive tits. Hot, thick cum splatters over your chest, on your throat and even under your chin. Being the second orgasm in almost two hours neither of us expected there to be this much.

This time both our bodies need some time to recover. After cleaning up we lay in bed and talk. Since its still early spring we consider a trip out to a state park for some hiking. We even talk about reaching the highest point we dare to climb and have sex up there if no one is around. We've been talking for about half an hour when I drift off to sleep, I think I beat you to it, not entirely sure. What I am sure of is waking up some time later to you sucking my cock.

You laugh as I wake up and tell me we were only taking a nap, we weren't done for the night. With your lips wrapped around my hard cock and your head bobbing up and down there's no way I'm going to argue. I'm groaning and growling before I'm even fully awake. You're so good at this that I can't seem to keep from squirming, and you decide to occupy my upper half with your lower half. With my cock still in your mouth you swing yourself around and straddle my head. I burry my face in your cunt and go to town. I'm still growling from what you're doing to my cock and it vibrates from my mouth to your pussy. I feel something long and hard push into my hand, and I don't have to look to know it's a vibrator. With one hand I manage to twist the top and turn it on, then I slip it into your pussy. I fuck you with that toy while I lick your cunt until your legs start shaking so bad I think you're going to collapse on top of me. Instead you let my cock go and slide to the side, giving me the chance to move.

Not wanting to give you the chance to recover, I take that vibrator slick from your wet pussy, and slide it up your asshole. You spasm at the sudden intrusion, though not unwelcome, and moan out to me. With you laying on your side and your legs closed, I stick my dick in your pussy and start fucking you. With the vibrator in your ass you're tighter, but I don't let that stop me from giving it to you hard. I can feel what tonight's activities have done to my body and how tired my muscles are, but I'm not going to let that get in my way. Tomorrow you've got a fundraiser to get to and I've got to get ready for the work week ahead of me, there's a good chance we aren't going to see each other. So what if I'm sore for the next few days? It'll be worth it and a nice reminder of tonight. Besides, I want to know if I can fuck you so good you have trouble walking straight.

Probably the quickest tonight, you cum hard with a vibrator in your ass and my cock in your cunt. Piggy backing on the orgasm from oral probably has something to do with it too. Pulling you to the corner of the bed, I stand on the floor and hold your legs up as you lie at the edge. I slide my dick back inside you and am astonished by the way your legs shake, your pussy so sensitive after this much activity. It helps my tired body since I'm not as fast or strong as I was earlier.

I don't know where you keep pulling these things out of, but you produce another toy. I haven't seen one like this before, but the unique shape and how thin it is gives me an idea of how it's used. You slip the thinner side into your pussy and the bulbous part rests directly over your clit. I slide back in and can feel the vibrations while I fuck you. The combination of the toy and me has you moaning in a way that actually has me wondering if you're on the verge of tears. I spread your legs and lean down to your tits, sucking on those delicious nipples again while I keep fucking you.

I'm starting to feel drunk with all the pleasures of the evening, losing my grip on time. Its almost like I'm dreaming, but no dream ever felt this good. After a while you decide to flip over and tell me to fuck you in the ass. I spread your cheeks and press my head against your hole. It takes a moment, but you open enough for me to get my head in and its easier from there. The moan I let out when I'm completely buried inside you almost matches yours. Its so hot and tight I wonder how I'll fuck you like this without hurting you. I mean, yeah, some pain is fine, but this just seems like I'll hurt you. You urge me on to fuck you and I do, slowly. The more I thrust, the easier it gets, but it's still incredibly tight. Now that I've worked my way in a little more I increase my speed, but it's not fast enough for you. You begin pushing back against me, taking me in harder and deeper. I decide to take your lead on this. Gripping your ass I start really fucking you now. My balls slap against your pussy and I can feel that strange vibrator still working your clit. In this position it feels so natural I don't even question it, I just fist my hand in your hair and pull. I love the way you moan and tell me to pull harder. Something about a woman that knows she's not going to break and tells me so is so hot. It doesn't take long for you to cum and I'm right behind you. This time I pull out and cum all over your ass and back. We're both so exhausted we barely manage to clean off before collapsing back on the bed.

I don't know if we'll have the energy for a quickie in the morning, but I'm sure willing to try.