The next few chapters describe the summoning of a demon and the destruction it reeks. Whilst this adds to the structure of the story, in no way is it an accurate account of summation. Scenes have been removed from this story to comply with Literotica Submissions. As with all things concerning dark powers, do not mess with them. If you are of a sensitive nature, then please do not read on.

Four of the cloaked figures moved to the altar and began to reconfigure it by moving some of the stone facets. They seemed to move smoothly, so Callum thought they must be on rollers. The 'Y' shape was removed altogether and instead, was replaced by two longer thinner pieces that pointed out towards Callum, across the width, rather than the length. Upon these pieces were manacles. Callum could see what the intent was immediately and was suddenly filled with dread.

The four acolytes then dragged a woman into the centre of the room and approached the altar. She had a cloth bag covering her head, even without the whimpering and crying out, Callum knew it was Georgia, even had she been quiet, Callum would have known by her dress. He wanted to cry out, he wanted so to comfort her, but dare not give away to the Satanists, that he now had his full wits about him. He waited, knowing he would move the instant that her life was threatened or her wellbeing tested.

"Well Georgia, how absolutely smashing you could join us." With two of the acolytes securing her wrists to the manacles, she was bent over the altar, her beautifully proportioned behind facing away from Callum. He had completely forgotten that he was naked, completely forgotten that he had a powerful erection which the two women were concentrating on keeping as such; adding to Cassandra's saliva, their own, which dripped from the end of his bobbing cock. It was only when the hood was removed from Georgia's head and her blinking tear-filled eyes took him in, that he suddenly remembered.

"Well, I wonder if you have seen such a sight before eh Georgia?" Cassandra taunted the prone woman. "I cannot believe that working so closely together, you wouldn't have. Gorgeous isn't it? Come, come, let her see all of the magnificence of her partner's monstrous cock. Come, come." She beckoned the women to move Callum forwards, so that his cock was only inches from Georgia's face. Despite her predicament, she was unable to do anything but admire that much fantasied about object, her mouth dropping open in awe, unintentionally giving the impression that she wanted to take it in. "Not so fast, you will get your chance to taste him, with my juices all about him!" Cassandra laughed.

Michaelson stepped up behind Georgia and placed a hand upon her posterior. He ran his hand over her rounded buttock obviously enjoying the feel of her flesh through the material of her dress. "Oh, I think I am going to enjoy this one. But first I think I need to adjust her clothing?" With that, he reversed the knife and slipping it into the neck of her dress, traversed downwards, cutting the dress down the back seam all the way to the hem. Cutting at the sleeves, he pulled the dress roughly from her. Callum had to admit that even in this state and this predicament, she was indeed the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had such grace and poise, and held herself proudly, despite what the old man was doing to her.

Maybe to take her mind from what was being done, he wasn't sure, but her eyes appeared to be locked onto his cock as it was jerked between the two sets of hands. With three swift slashes, her exquisite bra had joined the dress on the floor, with another two, and Michaelson was holding her delicate panties to his face, sniffing and tasting the gusset. "Oh, but these are so sweet and so wet? What have you been up to then? I can't smell man, so have we been playing with yourself then?"

"She was watching me as I played with Callum earlier, so probably dipped her fingers."

"Ohhh, did she now?" Michaelson moved round to her front and bent to smell and taste her fingers. "Oh, so she has, you naughty girl. Masturbating, whilst watching your partner being played with. Wishing it was you playing with him I bet? Or maybe it is Cassandra that holds your interest? No matter, you will get chance to have both tonight. He shrugged off his robe. In comparison with Callum, his penis looked like that of a little boy, both in its size and its ability to attain a good sized, healthy erection. But it was stiff and Callum was dreading what he was about to do with it. If he was about to abuse Georgia, then he would have to make a move, and he knew it would be futile. He needed to wait for when all were in the throes of the orgy, before he could carry out their escape. One that would include Chrissy too.

"Acolytes, it is time for you to pay homage." He walked back round so that he stood between the two restrained women. Cassandra had moved around too and immediately knelt before the Magister and engulfed his small cock in one swallow, she sucked upon it for a small while, rising to the tip, before plunging back down, then she stood and bent over in front of Michaelson, presenting her taut behind. One of the acolytes to his left, passed him something and he began to intone. "With this symbol, we represent the giving of life," he held up a similar dildo to the one Callum had seen the other night. "With these fluids of sex, we represent your bodily fluids," he held up the chalice in his other hand, the chalice containing Niall's ejaculate. "With the bodies of these women, unwilling in sacrifice, we represent your chosen subjects, so that you may appear, by the sacred testaments, we follow in your path."

"We follow in your path." Was repeated by the acolytes.

With that he handed back the chalice and bent to the task of inserting the strapless dildo into Cassandra's pussy, it slipped in with ease, a testament to her state of arousal. She then stood, proudly displaying her erection, and took another from the acolyte as Michaelson took back the chalice and began again. "With this symbol," Cassandra held the phallus above her head, as the next acolyte stepped forwards, dropped her robe, knelt before Michaelson, and took his cock into her mouth. She then stood, bent double in front of Cassandra and too received the bulbous end of the strapless dildo between her pussy lips. This continued until the only two acolytes without a phallus, were the two holding Callum, by the wrists. They took their turn next, and were immediately replaced with two others, at his side, one tenderly grasped his thick cock and whimpered in his ear, the other knelt before him and took his head into her mouth, running her tongue about the glistening shiny plum. As the second to last acolyte knelt before Michaelson and took his cock into her mouth, it was evident that he was having trouble. "With this...symbol...we represent...ohhh fuck, uh, uh." The old man thrust his hips forwards.

The beautiful young acolyte, sucking upon his cock, was by the look of her awkwardness, quite new to giving a blow-job, maybe this was her first ever time. She suddenly pulled back gagging, as she received a spurt of ejaculate into the mouth and a dribble of more, fell to her breasts. She appeared unsure what to do with it and looked to Cassandra. "Don't swallow it Izzy, spit it into the chalice." The hapless girl, held onto it in her mouth as Michaelson brought the chalice down to his cock. "Finish it!" Cassandra ordered Izzy, "Wank the remaining contents into the chalice." Izzy did as bid and a couple of drops dribbled out of Michaelson's cock. She then spat the contents of her mouth into it and scaping the come off her breasts with her fingers, deposited that into the cup also. She stood, looking across at Callum, somewhat with a disgusted expression. Then looked longingly at Callum's pulsing erection, before bending over and accepting her own phallus.

The last Acolyte, went through the same process, but Michaelson was fully flaccid by that time, and unlikely to be otherwise for quite some time. "Fuck," he said, "so many fine-looking pieces of arse, and pouting pussies, I could not control my own beast. That is unprecedented."

"No matter, said Cassandra, seeming rather pleased, we have our young stud here; don't we Callum?"

Michaelson seemed embarrassed of his body before the physically fit, powerful body of Callum. And as for his erection, there was no comparison. He picked up his robe and covered himself once more. He then began to intone. "Lilith, it is for you we have these sacrifices, it is for you that our sexual juices are collected. We stand before your altar and offer you ourselves, by the sacred covenants, you will appear, by the will of Semangelof sent from the heavens you will appear, by the taunting of Senoy you the mother of all hags of the night, will show herself to this gathering of your children, by the will of Sansenoy you will heed our calling and will come amongst us this night."

Callum could see that Michaelson stood in a pentacle. Being well versed in the reading of the black arts, he knew from the Key of Soloman that it was the Greater Key. This particular 'key' was in deference to the planet Venus, which was linked to Lilith the night hag. The mother of all succubae. The first wife of Adam, shunned because of her lasciviousness with lesser demons. Callum knew he had to stop this before it went too far, if it hadn't already. Once set loose upon this Earth, Lilith would not be banished easily. A pentagram within the main design upon the floor, had candles set at all of the points, and this was where the demon would appear and be held. But if that entrapment were in anyway flawed, if the lines of that entrapment were in anyway breached, then the demon would be free. To wreak her havoc upon this Earth.

Callum looked across at Chrissy, she seemed to be trying to apologies to him, for what she had gotten them into, not knowing that they were already involved anyway. Callum smiled in a reassuring way and said with his eyes, it will be alright, I will get you out of this. But even he was beginning to doubt his ability to do that.

Cassandra signalled to three of the acolytes and they moved towards Chrissy. In this light and with their bouncing phalluses, they looked like three 'lady-boys'. Beautiful, young, pert-breasted but with cocks. Callum watched as they turned the wheel on which Chrissy was spread-eagled, bringing her into the horizontal position. This allowed them access to all of her orifices, and given that access, they made use of it.

The first, a petite woman, whose dildo looked monstrous on her, and whose breasts were very small in comparison with the others, took the lead and moved forwards. She removed the gag from Chrissy's mouth, and before she could talk, thrust her goat shaped phallus into Chrissy's mouth, replacing the gag, she thrust slowly forwards, forcing the phallus into Chrissy's throat. Chrissy gagged, but was practiced enough at the art of deep-throating, and allowed the rubber cock to slip down until her lips touched the pubis of the young girl, who pushed harder, so that her little clitoris, which had swollen since her pussy had been entered by the bulbous end of the strapless dildo; touched upon Chrissy's lips. The girl groaned in pleasure. "Suck it you bitch!" She suddenly exclaimed.

At that point, a black woman moved forwards. She looked like a Nubian goddess. Proud, tall and well proportioned, but looking strange with a pinky-white dildo protruding from her pussy. She dribbled saliva onto her phallus and rubbed it in, before approaching Chrissy from behind the wheel. Callum couldn't quite see what she was doing. But assumed by the look of Chrissy's wide eyes, that her anus had just been penetrated. Chrissy cried out, but it was muffled by the cock in her throat. Judging by her hips being thrust forwards, the penetration had been successful and her arse was now being fucked. She was unable to do anything about it, other than close her eyes in an attempt to shut the whole thing out.

A third girl stepped forwards. She knelt before Chrissy's pussy and sticking out her tongue, began to investigate her vaginal folds, stopping to titillate Chrissy's clitoris, then running along her valley and into her vagina, before centring back onto her clitoris. Chrissy's eyes flew back open, she was terrified, she was demeaned, she was threatened with heaven knew what; she was being gang-raped, by three beautiful women, but despite all that, or more, because of that, she could not stop her body from responding to the penetrations and the licking. As the woman sucked Chrissy's clitoris into her mouth, she moaned. It was evident to Callum that she was succumbing. He believed that she too had been drugged, and that that drug heightened sexual impulses and drive, removed inhibitions and prudence. She could not be blamed for her increasing excitement.

The woman stopped her licking and sucking, and with a wet face, stood and aimed her phallus at Chrissy's pussy, before stabbing forwards and entering her in one swift squelching thrust. Chrissy cried out and closed her eyes. She was fully penetrated, in all orifices, something that had never happened in her life, and her body decided that it liked every minute of it. She started to moan loudly as all three women fucked her. The Nubian and the woman fucking Chrissy's vagina, started to kiss through the wheel and to fondle each other's breasts, whilst the petite girl pulled on Chrissy's nipples as she forced her cock in and out of Chrissy's throat.

Callum felt himself being pushed forwards and realised that his cock was being aimed at Georgia's mouth. He expected her to turn her head, to cry out in protest, or keep her mouth shut tight, but was instead greeted with the warmth of her lips as they encircled his pulsing cock head. He looked into her eyes, trying to apologise, but found it was not needed. Georgia seemed to relish having his cock between her lips, her tongue immediately played upon the underneath of the head, flicking his frenum. Georgia opened herself to him and allowed him to thrust his monster further down her throat until she could take no more. He pulled back out, but Georgia shook her head and sucked hard, trying to hold him there and stop him withdrawing completely.

The two women either side of him had placed Georgia's fingers about their phalluses and were fucking her trapped hands and playing with each other's breasts. Cassandra drew up behind Georgia, her dildo waggling as she moved. Callum knew she was bearing witness to a view that he had for many years longed to see; Georgia's cracking arse, naked; her pussy visible between her thighs. Callum wondered whether Georgia's pussy was pouting, wet and ready for cock. He didn't have to wait long to find out. Cassandra slowly pushed forwards, and with a drawn-out groan from Georgia, that he felt through his cock, Callum knew Cassandra had pushed the head of the dildo passed Georgia's vaginal lips and deeply penetrated her.

"Still wet I see Georgia, in fact, very wet. Is it because you are sucking Callum's magnificent cock? Or is it because you are still thinking about me doing it?" She rhythmically started to fuck Georgia, drawing out the dildo to the tip, before slowly pushing all of the length back into Georgia's seemingly eager pussy. "Now you are fully at our mercy you cock sucking whore. Take both of these cocks like you have never taken cock before." She smacked Georgia on the bum as she drove roughly into her. "Suck him bitch, his come is needed, his life-giving seed is desired by our mother. Suck him, make him come as you saw me do. Yes, I knew you were at the window watching me make your partner and would be lover come. I saw your green eyes of jealousy and lust."

Georgia began to moan, low, breathless at first, then as Cassandra's fucking picked up a pace, the moaning grew louder and more vocal. All the while, she took more and more of Callum's cock into her throat, squeezing his shaft and inducing his come from his balls. For him this was a fantasy he thought would never happen, to have his dear friend and partner, his beautiful partner, sucking on his cock was too much. But to bear witness as she was being fucked from behind by another beautiful woman, made it impossible for him to stop his excitement increasing. Cassandra put her hands upon Georgia's narrow waist for more leverage and leaned forwards saying to Callum. "Kiss, me, fondle my breasts, I'm close to coming." Callum did as he was bid, he now knew Cassandra would be drawing his come from him by any means possible.

"I invoke and conjure thee O Spirit Lilith, and fortified with the power of the supreme being I command thee to witness our offering and participate of this flesh, by Baralamensis, Paumachie, Apoloredes and the most potent and virile of princes. My shaft of earthly flesh I offer to you, it blossoms hard, in anticipation." Michaelson's cloak was open and his pathetically small penis was completely flaccid, after his recent ejaculation, being the absolute antithesis of his words. "By the most Holy and glorious of names, Adonai, El, Elohim and Eloha, do thou forthwith appear, and show thyself unto me within this circle..."

Callum looked at both Chrissy and Georgia, they seemed lost in their defilement. He too was fast approaching the point of no return. He suddenly saw Chrissy shaking in what he knew to be orgasm as dribble spilled from her mouth around the rubber cock, being rammed down her throat, and he could see her vaginal juices leaking down her thigh, from her abused pussy. She began to cry out and that sexual release sparked off the next phase of the ritual. As Callum looked about, desperate not to ejaculate into Georgia, even though she seemed to be encouraging that very thing, he noticed all of the novices and acolytes were once again involved in all forms of copulation. Two on one, one on one, licking, sucking and fucking. It was once again an orgy of sex, paying homage to the night hag herself.

Niall had been let loose. He too was balls-deep in the pussy of a very attractive older woman, as she was easily swallowing the dildo of one of the novices. She appeared to be more than used to being 'spit roasted' at similar gatherings. Niall pulled out his cock and his ejaculate shot onto the woman's back and buttocks, as she was screaming in orgasm, before he rammed his cock back into her and kept pumping. The woman's legs were in tremor as she caved in to her own sexual stimuli. A novice collected the spent sperm, scraping it off the back of the woman with her fingers and depositing it into the chalice, before sucking her fingers clean.

Cassandra looked deeply into Callum's eyes, "Are you coming my stud? Is the bitch sucking you as well as I did? Is she bringing you near? If she doesn't in the next minute, then I will take my fill of you once again. In fact..."