I stand there in stunned silence outside our mom's house. I should just go home, but a part of me wants to stay in my old bedroom. That part of me is the part gawking at my sister Emma's ass as she walks confidently inside. Complete with a hair flip into a wink at the door. Shit. She's become an incredible woman. How long ago was it she was just my twerp of a sister? Probably the day before yesterday, honestly.

I'm a weak man so I do end up following her sweet ass inside.

"There you are! I'm glad you kids are home safe. Jesus, you smell like a brothel though. Go take a shower sweetheart." Our mom's greeting us at the door. I can't say I've ever really looked at her sexually before, but today's got me all worked up so I take her in. My mom Lyss. She's a single mom who made everything work, including her body. She's got a more petite form than my sister so her thighs and ass aren't as nice, but her rack is incredible. A real hourglass figure where her chest is as curvy as her hips. She hugs me and whispers, "Thanks for being so responsible, David. It's late though so take a shower and crash here." She takes my face in her hands, forcing eye contact. "Okay?"

"Sure mom. It was no trouble." I fucked Emma. I was horrible. Please don't thank me.

Guilt washes over me, and I hang my head as I go to the guest room to wait for the guest bathroom to become available.

The girls are all taking showers so it'll be a minute before it opens up so I head back downstairs to make myself some tea. There in the kitchen is my mom again. "Hey mom."

"Oh hi dear. I'm just making some tea. Did you want some too?"

"Yeah that'd be great."

"Tell me about your night."

"Oh. Uh... I had fun. Emma and I danced a bit."

"Meet any ladies?" My mom likes to tease me like this, but I'm absolutely reeling from earlier.

"Um... No. I. Just. Ya know? The girls."

"Oooooh someone's flustered! There was a girl! Tell me everything!"

"No. Seriously. But the DJ was really good!" I try to get around the line of questioning with a distraction.

"Oh? Play some music while the water's boiling." Shit. No mom, I can't. I should just say that right?

"Um. Sure. You probably won't like it though." I pull up the DJ, and take a moment. There's two albums. The one that doesn't do anything, and the one that does. I look at my mom in her robe. Her hair draped to the side reaching below her chest. Her pale blue eyes looking at me expectantly.

"David? You gonna start it?" Ya know what. Fuck it. She's such a milf. She's only 45 she had me when was 19. I play the album that had me cumming inside Emma.

Lyss pours the tea for us as the music starts and hands me my mug. I watch intently as she sort of seems to glaze over. She and I just stare at each other in silence as the music plays and she starts biting her lip. What the fuck am I doing?

She scootches a little closer to me on our stools in the kitchen when Chelsea walks in. She's still in her purple dress. Emma follows behind her with just a towel on, and somehow my dick finds some energy.

"Ohhh are you showing your mom the DJ?" Chelsea giggles and comes up behind me putting her hands on my shoulders. "What do ya think Ms. Smith?"

"It's not really my kind of music, but..." She trails off as Emma puts her hands on our mom's shoulders. "Shouldn't you go put some clothes on?"

Emma smirks at me and our mom as I blush. I was totally caught perving. "Oh Cate's changing right now. I'm just waiting my turn.

Chelsea applies a little pressure to my shoulders as she giggles. "I like the album. It really makes you feel like you're at the club. Right?"

Emma applies a little pressure as well, and our mom moans just a bit. "Oh it's interesting music alright. Makes me feel 20 years younger."

"Mom, you don't look a day over 30." I blurt out without thinking. Emma and my mom chuckle, but it sends Chelsea into a bit of a fit as she wraps her arms around my chest flirtatiously.

"I think 30 would be insulting to your mom David. She could be your sister." Chelsea saved me by taking it a step further.

"You kids are gonna be in trouble when I find out what's going on."

"What do you mean mommy?" Emma pokes her head between my mothet and mine.

"You're all silver tongued flatterers. That can't be good!" Mom laughs and stands up causing Emma and Chelsea to step back. Lyss holds some of the purple dress frills on Chelsea's chest between her fingers and smiles, "I love this dress on you dear."

Chelsea does a full twirl showing off how it hugs her figure, "Oh thanks Ms. Smith! And it's not flattery if it's true."

Suddenly mom hugs me tight, and takes several breaths in my ear.

"Oh my babies. You've grown up so nice." She finally let's go and leaves us alone in the kitchen. The music keeps playing, and Emma grabs my groin.

"I can't believe what we just walked into!"

"No! Mom asked me to play the music we heard at the club!"

"Oh? And you chose that album over the other one?"

I blush as Emma skips around me. "Mmm David. My naughty brother wants to cum in his mommy!"

"Emma! Shut up! She'll hear you!"

"So let's do it."


"Emma you slut!" Chelsea laughs and cuts in.

"Just food for thought." My little sister starts walking out, and takes her towel off as she goes. She drops it to the ground, and turns to look at me and Chelsea. "I'm just feeling confident. See ya later bro."

Jesus. She's incredible.

Chelsea grabs herself some hard seltzer out of the fridge and hands me one too. "You had fun even without getting drunk unlike your sister, me, and Cate. Your turn."

"I don't know Chels. I feel like I still had an okay time. weirdest night of my life."

"Well I'd hate for you to have felt left out." The music continues. Lingering between us.

"Is that how you felt?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well you're talking about me feeling left out. I didn't. Did you?"

Chelsea just drinks as her blonde hair falls over her face. She's so hot, she looks like a lightly freckled Dove Cameron.

I stand up, and hold her close to me, "Chels. You should never feel left out."

She looks up into my eyes as her own arms find their way around my waist.

"It just feels so hard." We both chuckle at the innuendo. "I knew I was competing with Cate. She's a fire cracker. But now there's Emma too?"

"Chels. Youre not competing with anyone. You're in a class of your own."

I lean down, and our lips make contact.

"Thanks. Even if you don't mean it." I reach under her dress to feel her, and it's an oven down there. Her legs are slick and wet, and I haven't even gotten near her pussy yet.

"David. Please touch me. Feel me. My pussy is so wet from watching you cum in Emma and Cate." Chelsea cranes her neck to my ear as we speak in hushed tones.

"Is this the music again?" I step back a little, but she follows me with her body.

"No. This is me. This is how I feel."

"Chels..." I want to pick her up and fuck her right here, but should I? Given all that's happened tonight... It feels cheap.

"Please David. I want to feel-"

"What are you two doing?" Cate walks in on us. She's got on green silk pajamas that clings to her body loosely.

We seperate slowly.

"Nothing." Chelsea walks by Cate, and upstairs.

"Good night for you? Huh loverboy?" Cate smirks at me as she leans in the doorway.

I turn off the music and go to walk by her, but she puts her hand flat on my chest. "You need to go another round? I can help."

I wrap my arms around her waist and pick her up. "Maybe later." I put her down on the other side of me and laugh as she pouts.

"We will fuck again David. I guarantee it." Cate says a little louder than I would like. What if my mom heard that.

I take a shower without event and get ready to go to bed when I pause by my mom's room. Is that? I lean closer and hear some soft moaning. Is she... "Hey mom?" I knock on the door, "You okay?"

"Oh! David?!" She yells out my name in a mixture of surprise and joy. "I'm fine dear. Just fiiiiiiine." Her words extend, and go on longer than normal. Is she actually masturbating? I try the doorknob slowly and it opens. "Shit! David! Wait!"

I open the door anyway to find my mom with her legs spread and her fingers still pumping in and out of her pussy. She's just wearing a bra as she tweaks her nipples through the material.

"Oh. Sorry mom." I say this, but I don't step back or close the door. Her fingers pause for a moment, but then they start up again slowly.

"You really shouldn't just walk into a woman's bedroom dear." I step forward as though I'm in a trance. My mom's hips buck a little and raise off the bed. "Shit! Fuck!" She moans these words as I take another step.

"Should I... What are you..." I don't know what to say or do, but I don't want this to end.

"Mmmm. I'm sorry you're seeing your mom like this. This must be traumatizing."

"No. My mother is a beautiful woman. All my friends call you a MILF. You look amazing."

"Oh baby boy. You're too sweet." She moans as her fingers pick up the pace inside of her pussy. I take another step forward when a gasp comes from behind me. "Oh fuck!" Mom suddenly grabs a pillow trying to cover up. I turn around, and in the door is Emma. She steps forward and hides behind me with her head poking out playfully.

"Mom! What are you doing with David?!"

"Oh no! Nothing Emma. He just. I was. It's nothing sweetheart. Go back to bed!"

Emma laughs, and sidles around me and leans forward. With one finger on her lips and her ass up against my dick she acts like she's just curious, "Oh? Nothing huh? I think my mom's a dirty slut trying to seduce her son."

"How dare you! I cannot believe the vile-"

Emma stands and slowly pulls off her running shorts she wears to bed, interrupting our mom. "You want my sloppy seconds?"

"Excuse me?! What are you-" Emma turns and starts pulling off my pants freeing my cock from its prison. "Emma! That's your brother!"

"Mommy. He's actually my daddy tonight. Or at least he was when he came in me earlier." Our mom gasps and Emma holds my cock aiming it for her pussy.

"David? Emma?" She sounds defeated, but her body betrays her as she starts thrusting against the pillow she covered herself with.

"Daddy. Will you fuck me?"

I give Emma's ass a slap. Mom's squirming, and slowly the pillow slides off her body as I spank my little sister in front of her. "Mom. Do you want that? Do you want to see your son fuck your daughter? Do you want to see me fill her with my cum?"

"Oh! Daddy! Yes! Spank me harder daddy!" With each word I spank my little sister.

"Mom you raised a little slut didn't you?"

"Please. Please don't David..." As she says that she reaches between her legs, and starts fingering herself.

"Daddy?" I stop moving and spanking as I'm entranced by my mother's body writhing above the sheets. "Daddy? Daddy I'm so wet, please." Emma wiggles her ass and begs me. I push her forward as her hands fall onto the bed next to our mom. I line my cock up at her entrance and slowly sink into her depths. Emma turns back grabbing her tot with a hand and biting her lip. "Thank you daddy!"

Our mom moans as I start thrusting into her daughter right over her. Emma's head moves forward over our mom's body as I thrust in and out of her.

"How does he feel?" Mom whispers to Emma as I fuck her.

"Fuck! Oh! Yes! Daddy! That's it! Right there! David you feel so good inside me. I can feel every inch of you inside my tight pussy! Mom, you need to try this!"

Whether intentional or not, our mom moves closer to her fucking children.

"David... Do you like your sister's pussy? Do you like how it feels inside her? Do you like when she calls my baby boy daddy?"

"Emma! Your pussy feels so good! Fuck me!" I spank Emma as she bounces against my cock.

"Wait. I have an idea." Emma pulls slowly and arduously off my dick and crawls over our mother. She leans over her and starts making out with her as she spreads her pussy lips for me to fuck her ontop of our mom.

"Oooooooh! Right there David! Fuck me!" She yells as I thrust into her. I reach below us and replaces my moms fingers with one of my own.

"Oh that's it baby! Right there! What are we doing? I'm a terrible mommy!" Lyss cranes up and latches onto her daughters tit as I thrust in and out of tight pussy. I feel her gripping my cock with her pussy.

"Fuck yes! Daddy David fuck me! Please don't stop! I want you to fill my little cunt with your thick cock and creamy cum. I want you to unload in your little sister's cunt. I want you to dump load after load inside of me. Right on top of our mom. Fill me up with your cum! Mom will you eat it out of me?"

Emma looks down at our mom grinning and moaning with each thrust. I grab Emma's hair and pull her to arch her body as I plow into her.

"Emma you naughty slut! You can't talk to your mother that way!"

"Sorry daddy! Please teach me how to behave." Her tongue rolls out as I pound into her over and over.

"I'm cumming!" Our mother convulses under us and it pushes me over the edge.

"Take it Emma. Take my cum you filthy young woman!"

"Yes Daddddddyyyyyyyyyyy." I unload into Emma right on top of our mom and she collapses. I shoot two loads into her before she falls and my cock springs out of her. The rest of my cum flies onto her back, into her hair, and on our mom's face.

"Oh god. What have we done?" Lyss says, but her actions don't add up. She glides a finger gathering my cum from her daughter's lower back, and placing it delicately in her own mouth. "You taste so gooooood."

"Thanks daddy." Emma finally moves her head to look back at me. She licks her lips and collapses again.

"I guess. I'll go to bed..." I leave as our mother just lovingly strokes Emma's hair, and cradles her in her arms.


I finally go to my room, and find Chelsea, still in her dress, in my bed. "Chelsea?" She just rolls over to her side, and lifts the sheets.

"We don't even have to sleep under the same sheets." I put her hand down and climb onto the bed above the sheets. I spoon her and we both drift off to sleep.