Felicity and Samir

Felicity had dressed carefully the day of the meeting with Samir. To ensure she kept her word to Megan she had invited him to the office. She had worn thick leggings under a short skirt. A formal jacket with 3 inch heels completed the outfit, not very typical work attire but ok.

As it came time for the meeting with Samir, she began to transform her outfit. She rolled down her thick leggings and stepped out of them. She wondered what to do with her panties, whether to leave them on or loose them, but in the end she left them on. They are crotchless anyways she reasoned.

She took off her jacket to reveal a lacy shell. Next to go was her bra. All she had on now was an ultra short skirt and a shell. Now she was ready for the meeting.

The shell was really lingerie and not meant to be worn outside the bedroom. It had lace around her breasts and braless, her nipples were playing peekaboo. The shell had deep cut shoulders and without a bra, her breasts were a sway away from sneaking out.

She arranged the seating like before. As Samir entered the room and saw her seated like the last time, he was smiling from ear to ear. He knew what was about to happen. He was waiting for her legs to open up and get a glimpse of her pussy.

He kept a serious look on his face as he sat down. Her legs were still crossed.

As he settled in, Felicity asked, "So did you bring the panties, I gave you last time."

"Yes Ma'm," came the reply.

"Tell me what you did with my panty," enquired Felicity.

"I did nasty things with it, and to it," replied Samir.

"How nasty?"

"Well once we left your office, we ran to the men's room and each of us jumped into a stall. I dont know what Mike did, but I sniffed them again and again. I then pulled out my cock, wrapped your panties around it and shot my load in it. I repeated the same thing a few more times at home," responded Samir.

The dreamy look on his face as he described the actions to her panty, demonstrated his lust in a very apparent manner.

Felicity's breath quickened as she heard this and internalized that she had been the object of such unbridled lust. She had originally planned to sit on the chair and flash her pussy like last time to torment the young man. But that was only giving him pleasure not her and she needed release.

So despite her agreement with Megan, she got up and sat right by him. Samir was disappointed by this initially but as she sat next to him, her boob spilled out of the shell and grazed his arm sending a jolt of blood to his crotch.

"Glad you really enjoyed that panty. You know I didn't pick a thong since it doesn't have much fabric. I took a regular panty, and once I had played with myself, I stuffed it all the way in my pussy to ensure it soaked in all my juices. I wanted to make sure you guys had something special."

Samir smiled and said, "Gee thanks, Felicity. It brought me of 10 times, so it hit the bullseye."

"Doesn't your cock hurt when you jack off so many times," asked Felicity, tracing her fingers across his zipper and continuing, "I don't want your jewels to be damaged," in a husky tone.

"You poor baby, jacking off so many times, come to Mommy," she said pulling his head onto her bosom.

"And that panty was meant to be used only once. You could have asked me for another one after you deposited your load in it. It was no trouble for me to make you another one."

Samir gulped, his Adam's apple bobbing before saying, "You would give me another one, wow! Can I get one now?"

As he said this he slowly traced his finger along the side of her breast and pulled it out of the confines of the garment. Once her boob had come free he began nursing on it.

"Bon Appetit ...," was all Felicity could muster as she plunged into a sensual bliss.

Samir assaulted her boob like a hungry newborn. Then as if it had been drained of its contents, he moved across to the other one.

As she got more Andy more aroused, Felicity threw her head back, and straightened her legs opening them wide. The skirt was short, and her panties were crotchless, so her steaming pussy was now exposed to the cold air in the room.

Samir noticed this movement and moved his fingers right into her honey pot. She made no pretense of resisting as she opened her legs wider to ensure he got easy access.

"Thanks for letting me help you make a wet panty for me," he said.

Yes, that's all this is, thought Felicity, remembering her agreement with Megan. Once I have enough to give him a wet panty, he will leave.

Samir while pleasuring her wanted to control the situation. So after massaging her pussy for some time, he stopped abruptly.

Felicity was in no position to stop the stimulation, and as Samir expected, she thrust her pelvis upwards to meet his fingers. Samir then continued to play with her engorged clit.

"Mmm let me taste the juice fresh at its source," he said and now sat down and buried his face in between her legs.

This was too much for Felicity. She had an orgasm as his tongue flicked across her clit, and kicked her legs in the air before slumping back in the sofa.

Seeing her spent like this, Samir picked her up and dropped her on her desk. Spreading her legs wide apart, he plunged his cock into her.

"You are such a horny slut, aren't you?" He asked as he pushed deeper into to her love canal.

"Do you fuck all your clients on your desk?" He asked.

Samir thrust deep and got into a steady rhythm.

"Oh fuck, I am coming .....," Felicity moaned as she had a big orgasm.

For his part once he felt he was close to cuming, Samir paused and pulled his cock out, shooting his load all over her clothes, and her desk.

Felicity lay sprawled on her desk, in an orgasmic bliss. Samir on his part, pulled her panties down, and wiped her pussy dry with them and stuffed them into his pocket. He then got dressed and as he walked out the door said, "Thanks. I will need another one tomorrow."

Panic set into Felicity. She just had her brains fucked out in her office. She had his cum all over her, and no panties. She clearly couldn't continue to be at work. She remembered she had a trench coat in the office so she threw that over her and telling her assistant she had a bad headache ran to the parking lot to jump in her car and drive home.

As she drove home, Megan called to tell her Mike had come by and picked out a really slutty outfit for her. She didn't mention that Mike had left after stuffing his cock in her. Felicity for her part didnt tell her friend either, about getting a good fucking from Samir.

The boys though had shared all the lurid details with each other and were ready for their respective meetings with Felicity and Megan.

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