I leaned over the railing of the rear porch of the beach house admiring the sunset over the ocean. The sound of waves crashing filled my ears and the clean sea air filled my nostrils. A warm breeze blew my hair into my eyes, and I brushed it away. I sipped my glass of chardonnay as the sound of a television and laughter from farther in the house wafted from the open patio door.

It had been a fun day with the singles group my friend Priya had introduced me too a few months back. Our group had met at a nearby nature preserve early in the morning, and we wandered around with our cameras. We were loud as hell and probably scared off every animal for a mile. But we had fun.

One of our members, a rather uncouth but amiable fellow named Rocco, had brought his friend, Gaia along. She had candy apple red hair and curves for miles. She was a wide hipped, large breasted goddess. I was physically attracted to her immediately. She mostly stuck with Rocco, but I noticed her watching me several times over the course of the day.

There were about a dozen people in our loose little group. After the nature park, we all met at a nearby restaurant for lunch. Then the group split up. About half went home and six of us, including Priya and me, as well as Rocco and Gaia, met at one of our member's summer beach house. Ben owned the house and at 65, was the oldest member of the group. His ex-wife, and frequent sex-partner, Lahn was also in our group, in addition to our smaller sub-group which we had dubbed "The Inner Circle." It had a kind of secret society vibe to it, although Ben and Lahn were the only "regulars" and various other members of our larger group came and went as we felt like it.

After swimming for an hour or so, we had dinner in our bathing suits - an amazing multi-course Vietnamese meal prepared by Lahn with help from Ben and Priya. Gaia sat opposite me next to Rocco, and we chatted throughout dinner. Gaia rarely broke eye contact with me throughout dinner. I had a hard time taking my eyes off her amazing breasts, which seemed poised to spill from her bikini top at any moment.

After dinner our little group split. We opened a couple bottles of wine. Priya chatted in the kitchen with Ben and Lahn while I went into the spacious master bedroom with Rocco and Gaia. Rocco put a porno movie on Ben's big 70 inch wall unit, and the three of us killed a full bottle of wine in about 20 minutes. We laughed and joked and had a great time.

I went to retrieve another from the kitchen. (We had bought a full case of wine. We don't mess around when we party.) I could hear chatter and laughter as I walked down the short hall leading to the kitchen. Lahn was a tiny, petite woman, and had removed her swimsuit top and was casually chatting with Ben and Priya with her still perky 60 year old breasts in plain view. When I saw her wonderful little tits, I exclaimed "Hey! There they are!" I gave Lahn a quick kiss, then playfully nibbled one of her dark nipples. She laughed and playfully hit me on the head.

That got a head shake and a smile from Ben. He was a shortish, thin man, who in his youth possessed handsome, Teutonic features. Now he was grey haired and balding, with kindly eyes. He looked more like someone's grandpa than a swinger. He wore a pair of Speedos that featured a set of sultry lips over the small bulge caused by his penis.

I grabbed another bottle and turned to head back to the bedroom. Priya blocked my exit sporting a wine glass in her hand and a fiendish smile on her pretty face. She was a tallish woman, with a solid medium build and attractive near-eastern features. She told me she had been born in Mumbai, but had been raised mostly in Queens.

She said "Hiya! Whatcha up to in there?" Before I could answer, she slid her free arm around my shoulder, and gave me a deep french kiss. My own free hand moved to cup her nice sized breast. I could feel her hardening nipple through her suit top and I twirled it in my fingers a little. However, my mind was drawn to Gaia and her sultry eyes and magnificent rack. My cock began to stiffen with the realization that I would most certainly see Gaia in action at some point tonight. I just wondered if I would be a spectator or a participant. To be honest, the prospect of either turned me on.

I broke the kiss and answered, "drinking and laughing and drinking."

She smiled and said, "Fantastic. You like Gaia?"

"Yeah. She's nice. Very attractive. And interesting, too."

"Good," Priya replied, then leaned in close and whispered comically loud, "I'm looking forward to watching you fuck her tonight."

I turned red and Priya stepped out of my way allowing me to return to the bedroom. "We'll be in soon," she called after me.

When I returned to the bedroom, Rocco was sitting on the bed and Gaia was straddling him. Their lips were locked in a slow kiss. He was cupping both her magnificent breasts, and his swim shorts were pulled down just enough to reveal the top six inches of his monster penis, the head of which was being idly fondles by Gaia.

Rocco is the kind of guy that would have sexually intimidated me when I was younger. Even though he was 10 years older than me and in his mid-fifties, he was tan and ripped with a handsome Latin face. Tattoos adorned probably 50% of his upper body. He was confident to the point of being cocky, but friendly and kind. I liked him quite a bit.

By contrast, I'm pretty much average in every way. Average height, build and looks. Average dick. I work in an office for a small local telecom, so I'm a pasty guy with a farmer's tan, (Although the beach time helped even it out a bit.) But I learned a while ago that sex isn't a competition. When you explore it the way I do, you just kinda go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

I opened the bottle and poured myself a fresh glass. Gaia opened one eye and watched me seductively. I smiled, tipped my glass to her and strolled outside to enjoy the evening sea air. I watched the sun for several minutes as it dropped into the sea. I pondered the possible relationship between Rocco and Gaia. I knew Rocco wasn't married, hence his inclusion in our group, and he never spoke of a serious girlfriend, so I assumed he and Gaia were like myself and Priya. Kissing friends.

I heard bare feet on the wooden deck and felt Priya's hand on my ass. "Beautiful here isn't it?"

I replied, "Indeed. Of course there's lots of beauty here, and it's not just the ocean."

I turned to smile at Priya, who had also shed her suit top. The day had been a little hot, but the evening breeze was cool and Priya's beautiful dark brown nipples stood at attention, as did my cock when I saw them.

Priya was my age, mid-forties and was the mother of 3 high school age boys (yikes!) She had stretch marks on her above average size breasts, a pudgy mom-belly and love handles. She wasn't a runway model, and I found that damn sexy.

"Listen. Thanks again for introducing me to this group, Priya. I really feel like I'm moving forward rebuilding myself. Seriously. If I wasn't here, I'd be sitting at home, snacking on the couch. You all are a great group."

She nodded. "Divorce is hard. I was there not long before you. I'm glad I could help. I'm always here for you. We all are."

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and Rocco hung out the patio door and called, "Hey y'all! Come in and check out Gaia's tits!"

From inside the house, we heard Ben and Lahn laugh, and Gaia exclaim, "Jeez Rocco, you're such a pig!"

Rocco was now naked and hanging off the door frame with his massive cock literally swaying in the breeze. I glanced at Priya and her eyes were locked firmly on Rocco's amazing prick. Rocco ducked back into the house. Priya licked her lips and she followed him in, with me bringing up the rear.

When we reentered the house, it was clear the time for small talk had come to an end. The alcohol was beginning to take effect and inhibitions were dropping. Priya slipped out of her suit bottom and pranced up behind Rocco and put her arms around his waist and began to plant kisses on the back of his neck.

But it was Gaia my eyes were drawn to. I stood in the patio doorway sipping my wine and watching Ben and Lahn explore her amazing breasts. They were seated on the bed, with Gaia standing before them. Her entire body and luscious curves were on display. They were all nude now. Her breasts were plump and round, with puffy pink nipples and large, light pink areola.

Ben was running both hands over one generously proportioned breast, and Lahn was using her phone to film herself playing her tongue around the nipple of Gaia's other breast.

Our eyes locked and she smiled at me. "Don't be shy. Come on in! Join the party," she called to me.

Priya still had her arms wrapped around Rocco. She turned and said, "Yeah. I want you to watch me take Rocco's dick."

With that, Rocco turned and lifted Priya up off her feet and she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist with his enormous erect cock between her butt cheeks, as if perched on it. Rocco buried his face in Priya's breasts, and hungrily kissed and sucked on her nipples.

Priya moaned out loud and when she spoke some of her native Indian accent crept into her speech, "Uuuuh yeah. You're gonna give me that hot dick."

"Yeah you're gonna get this dick. Have you missed this dick?"

"I've missed your dick Rocco. I dream about that dick."

My eyes returned to Gaia and she smiled at me and shrugged her shoulders a bit.

Rocco plopped Priya down on the bed, which nearly bounced tiny Ben and Lahn right off it. He planted kisses across her breasts while playing the head of his cock between her dark brown pussy lips and around her clit. Lahn moved to the center of the bed and stood on her knees, filming Rocco and Priya with one hand, and gently rubbing her pussy with the other.

At first we all just watched as Rocco kissed his way down Priya's body until he was kissing the insides of her thighs. Priya had her legs spread wide and Rocco began playing his tongue between her pussy lips and around her clit.

Priya closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let out a long, loud sigh. Then her body shivered as Rocco tentatively nibbled on her erect clit. "UH FUCK ROCCO."

Rocco parted Priya's pussy lips and lapped hungrily at her hot wet folds. He gently licked around Priya's clit and nibbled it gently. He inserted his middle finger into her hot, wet depths and she moaned in pleasure.

Ben had made himself comfortable in a chair along the other side of the bed and was gently stroking his cock and watching Priya hungrily. Lahn was still filming with her phone while chanting to Rocco. "Yeah, lick her pussy Rocco. She loves that. I love it when you lick mine, too." With her Vietnamese accent, she sounded more adorable than sexy.

I was standing there with my hard cock pushing to free itself from the confines of my shorts. Priya opened her eyes and reached out to Gaia. Gaia laid next to Priya on the bed. They kissed and fondled each other's breasts. Gaia ran her hand down to the small patch of black hair right above Priya's shaved pussy.

Rocco stood up and stroked his rod in front of Priya who broke off her kiss from Gaia to stare hungrily at the massive cock in front of her.

"It's time Priya. Are you ready for this hot dick?"

Priya didn't answer with words. She grabbed the back of her knees, and pulled her legs so far back they were almost touching the bed. Gaia stood back up and smiled at me seductively.

"You know, you're the only one with any clothes on. We need to change that."

She came over to me and asked "Ready to play? You've been staring at my tits all day."

"You're a poet and didn't even know it."

We kissed and she ran her hand over my cock, which was hard and fighting to escape my shorts. The kiss was deep and passionate, and I ran my hands over her large firm breasts. I leaned down to hungrily lick and nibble on her hardening nipples. She let out a long sigh and moaned with pleasure, while attempting to pull down my shorts, which I promptly helped her with. My rock hard cock sprang forth and she gripped it firmly.

As she stroked my cock, she whispered in my ear, "I can't wait to feel this inside me. I want you to fuck me next to Priya." I almost came just thinking of the idea.

I wasn't in a rush, though. I kissed her again, tickling the tip of her tongue with mine and slid my hand between her legs. She parted them just enough so I could run my fingers through her wet folds. I was easily able to slip my middle finger inside her pussy and she moaned with pleasure. I finger fucked her until she was even wetter, then played my finger over her clit. She was becoming excited and ran the fingers of her left hand through my hair -- occasionally pulling on it a little -- while stroking my cock more aggressively. I could hear Priya moaning with pleasure as Rocco carefully worked his huge dick into her pussy. The wet sound of his cock working in and out of Priya's pussy was making us both even hotter.

Gaia pushed away from me and laid on the bed next to Priya, opening her legs and rubbing her pussy. "I want you lick me before you fuck me. Lick my pussy." I went down on Gaia and ran my tongue over her hot wet pussy. The bed was moving as Rocco began to fuck Priya in earnest.

While I serviced Gaia's wonderful pussy with my tongue, Lahn put her phone away and knelt before Ben, kissing and rubbing the head of his dick. The air was thick with the sounds of pleasure from both men and women in ecstasy.

I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to fuck like a beast and cum so hard I'd have trouble walking afterward. I grabbed Gaia's ankles and spread her legs wide. She reached down and parted her pussy lips wide and I played my cock around her clit for a few seconds, then slid my member into her hot depths. She was wet and ready, and I was able to slowly guide my member almost all the way in immediately.

I worked her pussy slowly at first, watching Gaia rub and massage her tits while gazing at me seductively. Her pussy hugged my cock nicely and felt amazing. Rocco and Priya were rocking the hell out of the bed and sounded like they'd be crossing the finish line soon.

I heard Ben exclaim "Oh Lahn, Oh!" and glanced over to see him shooting his load into Lahn's eager mouth.

At that moment Priya came, fist arching her back and calling out "Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!", then twisting her body to embrace Gaia and kiss her deeply while frantically running her hands over her body. Priya broke the kiss and grabbed the inside of her thighs and Rocco pumped her pussy even harder as he climaxed.

"Oh shit, Priya! Oh fuck!" He pulled his cock from her swollen pussy and sprayed a massive load over her arching and convulsing body.

I was ravenous with need. This was my fourth or fifth time with the group, and although I generally enjoyed myself, there had always been some mild inhibition on my part. Not now. I felt like a different person. I was consumed by primal sexual rage. Gaia's legs were draped over my arms and I had her by her luscious ass, lifting her pelvis to meet my own with every thrust.

Gaia chanted in time as I worked her hungry pussy, "Uh... yeah... uh... YEAH! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I could see out of the corner of my eye Lahn was now in the chair with her legs propped up on the arms and Ben eagerly licking her pussy. She was clearly getting off on watching me fuck Gaia, and I pounded her pussy with even more enthusiasm.

Rocco exclaimed "Goddamn bro! Fuck that pussy! Fuck it!"

Priya added, "You look so hot you guys. I'm gonna want to fuck again in like 2 minutes." She was rubbing Rocco's cum over her body and licking her lips as she did so.

Gaia cried out, "Oh my god! Oh my god!" She slapped the sheets and grabbed them tight. Her face clenched into a grimace and she came in a gush of vaginal fluid.

I laid down on top of her and continued to slowly work my cock in and out of her sopping wet pussy. We embraced and kissed and she whispered in my ear, "You still need to cum. I want to ride your cock and feel you squirt in my body."

I rolled off of her onto the bed and she straddled my pelvis, taking my cock in her hand and guiding it back into her wet pussy. She leaned over me and rocked back and forth on my cock, which felt incredible. Her breasts hung down and almost touched my chest. I took them in my hands and they felt amazing. She moaned with pleasure as I traced around her nipples with my thumbs.

I was about to cum, and I wanted to fuck her hard. I opened my legs a bit and grabbed both of her ample ass cheeks firmly in my hands as I amped up the speed of my thrusts until the sound of our bodies slapping against one another could no doubt be heard well outside the house.

I whispered in her ear, "How's that? Good? You like it hard?"

"Uh, fuck yeah... fuck me harder. Grab my ass and fuck my pussy till I come again."

"You like this? I'll fuck your pussy. I'll fuck it all you want."

Then she came again. Her eyes closed, and her entire body quaked with orgasm. She gushed again soaking my lower body and Ben's sheets. I came just a couple seconds after. I arched my entire body to give the hardest, deepest thrusts I could, and my cock exploded inside her pussy. Waves of intense pleasure swept through my body. My cock pulsed and throbbed as it delivered it's payload deep inside Gaia.

Gaia slumped over on top of me and we kissed slowly but passionately. She cupped the sides of my head in her hands and I ran my hands over her smooth upper arms and back. Finally we came back down to earth and realized how quiet the room was. We sat up to find the others staring at us, jaws agape.

Rocco raised his eyebrows and said, "Damn you too. That was some quality fucking right there!"

I nodded. "Indeed it was. Indeed it was."

Priya knelt down and began licking the cum and lady fluid off my cock. Lahn came over and joined in, followed by Gaia. I had three women sucking on my cock and playing with my balls. Damn I was glad I joined this group.

Rocco raised his wine glass and said, "OK folks. Well, uh I'll get us another bottle for round 2," then left for the kitchen. Ben watched his ex-wife and two other ladies lick and suck my cock until I came again. He wore a look of satisfied contentment. I bet he was damn glad he bought this place.