Chapter 6: A Swift Education

Next was Albert, who was a boy who she also knew had been sweet on her. When she sat down he said, "Hi, Mary," kind of overwhelmed. Not this again! At least he reached out and tried to gently kiss her. This was much better than the horrible pawing of last round, at least. Much improved, but it seemed Albert was way too afraid of her being a figment of his imagination or something. Albert was really nervous. His hands were shaking. He just kept giving her little pecks on the lips. He reached out and put his shaking hands tentatively on her breasts and left them there like two dying fish, but that's all the contact and thinking he seemed to be able to tolerate. Then the timer rang. Still, not unpleasant. She liked that he was clearly so excited to touch her.

Mary sat down next to Richard, a compact good-looking muscular blond man. He was a college age man even older than George. He said one word to her "Delectable!" as he put his arms confidently around her and gave her a delicious probing kiss. His hands roved over her naked midriff, sometimes drifting up to feel her hard nipples. His kisses made her dizzy, and his roving hands swerved away from feeling below her waist while still making her wish he would do it anyway. Pretty quickly she was quaking with excitement and wishing impatiently that his hands would rove lower, would finger her dripping crack, would caress her opening bud. Then there was the sound of the timer. Her legs were weak and shaking as she stood up. "Thank you," she choked out, looking into his cool blue eyes, and she meant it.

Next was Lou, who was a learner like her. They had a good little tongue and hug wrestling match. Additionally, he sat her down on his lap, and she immediately felt his erect penis through his pants rubbing right on her vagina with only her panties in the way. His cock felt huge! And was this against the rules? Nobody appeared to be stopping them. It was clumsy between them at times, but they chuckled together and had fun with their little secret, and she felt close, and felt her shaking excitement reach higher and higher even though the size of his cock made her feel a little fearful. Then the timer sounded. He kissed and patted her hand and finally let go as she moved on to the next love seat.

Next was Chuck, the date of Liz, who had cut up her dress. She kissed his scar, and he kissed her passionately and felt her naked back, clearly enjoying the access to her nakedness his girlfriend had so far afforded him. His hands paused suggestively at her bra clasp and then moved on. It was a good kissing session. He was clearly excited by the fact she was trembling through the whole thing, and not for no reason. The tongue wrestling felt wonderful. The timer rang. She pecked him on the cheek and stood up, a little unsteady. "Did you get what you needed from Art?" he asked her. She nodded back silently.

Ralph was tall, dark, muscular, and quite handsome. In her current excited state, before she even sat down with him, she wanted to have his babies. He turned out to be a reasonable kisser and breast fondler, too, and her trembling, shaking excitement grew in his arms, which made him more enthusiastic, which added more to her excitement at this point. Her hips began to buck like she was trying to cum, but Ralph was playing by the rules and would not touch her panties even though her body was very visibly begging for it. She was very, very close. Then the timer rang. She stood up weak and trembling.

Next was Howard, handsome, compact and muscular, with blond hair but piercing brown eyes. She didn't think she would last this round without orgasming. Her face was flushed with embarrassment at how close she was even though it seemed the rest of the room was still just having a little lighthearted fun. She sat down next to him, resigned to her fate, a tear of embarrassment running down her face. She fell into him, and he was ready with sweet probing kisses and delectable roving hands on her bare skin through her tattered dress. Her legs and hips bucked and she tipped over into orgasm, moaning loudly into his mouth and probing tongue.

This shook Howard, and he was shaking like a leaf himself by the time her climax and their kiss to partly hide it had subsided. Immediately the timer went off. She fell off the loveseat. Howard helped her up. There was applause all around, and Mary turned beet red knowing all these horny guys and girls had just witnessed her obvious crisis, bucking, and moaning. Now she knew, as did all of them, that she was a rapacious slut more than any of the rest of them, and there was no denying it. The evidence was there in her actions, her slutty sounds, and in the little wet spot she had left behind on Howard's loveseat.

Don, who was the handsomest guy in the county, was tall, with fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes. He met her, staggering, halfway to his loveseat, and helped her the rest of the way, kissing her neck and fondling her deliciously as he did. He sat her on his lap, and immediately she felt his penis poking her where she needed it, except his clothes and her panties were in the way. She pushed her hips forwards, because she wanted him to remove her panties and thrust into her without delay. As he expertly drove her trembling body ever closer to her next crisis, she searched the room with her eyes. Her handbag and condoms were somewhere. She looked around and spotted it next to the loveseat and George, who seemed to be struggling a bit with Marie. Don redirected her eyes back to his and gave her a rapacious kiss that made her wet her panties a bit but not yet cum a second time. Then the timer went off.

Back with George at last, Mary tried to reach for her handbag, but George held her fast, working on her bra clasp. Finally it came loose, and George's mouth immediately latched onto her left nipple and started sucking. A bolt of lightning immediately struck through Mary's body from her nipple straight to her baby hole. Her legs jerked apart and back together again as her hips bucked spasmodically. No second orgasm yet, because he was just teasing her instead of doing what she desperately needed. The buzzer rang.

Frank the master petter gently pulled her into his lap and started sucking on her lean and pointy right teat just as soon as he could latch on. She started moaning quietly as she felt his hard dick rub on her hard and wet clitoris through the few layers of clothing between them, and it set her body to grinding on him trying to get what it wanted regardless of her fear of impregnation. His hands roved suggestively around her panty line, and he even dipped in his fingers surreptitiously into her panties a few times.

Even in her highly distracted state, Mary took notice when Lou from across the room shot a thick streak of semen onto the floor in front of him. He had wrestled Virginia off his lap in time to unbutton his pants and draw out his huge penis, even bigger than her father's, which he was now holding. Virginia squatted in front of him to receive a second and third stream across her torso and breasts. She would wear these strands of gooey cum for the rest of the evening to proudly remind everyone which girl it was that made a man cum first.

The bell rang, and Liz said, "Lou, put it away. We all know you did it just so you could show off your huge cock." Then she cranked the timer over to start the next round.

Walt the pockmarked boy with the beautiful eyes was next for Mary. He would not let her sit in his lap. He kissed her more passionately and with his tongue this time, at least, and felt her breasts as if he was trying to memorize them. It wasn't as exciting as she wanted, but she enjoyed his obvious worship and thought he was sweet. He should get her cum stain all over him, but it seemed with his reluctance to rub her the last few strokes she needed, he was going to miss out. And sure enough, the bell rang.

Harry the huge was next, who sat her right down on his pants and throbbing cock bump. He grabbed each of her tits in a huge paw and kneaded them since he couldn't reach them with his mouth. She craned her head all the way back so that he could force and twirl his giant tongue into her mouth until it was almost choking her. Mary soon started shaking uncontrollably and moaning out her second orgasm. Harry grabbed her shaking body so she didn't bounce her way off his lap. When the bell rang, there were big smiles on both their faces; Harry from his accomplishment, Mary from her slutty satisfaction.

Art was the boy who had given her information at a price before. She wanted to skip him, but he stood up and grabbed her by a chunk of her short hair at the back of her head, which hurt, and pulled her down onto his loveseat. He kissed her with his cigarette breath while pinching her nipples painfully. The fingers of one hand were crawling towards her panties underneath her. Between sickening breaths of cigarette smoke, she shouted, "You're hurting me! You're hurting me!"

When the bell rang, Liz said, "Art, you've been warned. You and your date are out of the circle. Get your things and leave." Art started to ball his fists, but a number of boys, George chief among them, looked eager to beat him to a pulp, so he backed away from the crowd, buttoned his shirt, and stalked out the door, soon to be followed by a sheepish-looking Edna.

"Okay, this is how this works," said Liz. "Mary, Marie, Flo, and Lil, you jump forward two spaces so that everyone gets a new partner." Clearly Liz had a whole calculus figured for such situations.

So, Mary skipped over the fawning Albert, who looked at her sadly as she passed by, for Richard the college lad who had petted her very nicely the first time around. Yummy! True to form, he was perfect. He didn't go right to the obvious target of snacking on her nipples, but instead gave her a soulful kiss while tickling her breasts with his hairy chest and making sure she felt his scary sizeable cock through his tenting pants with her panty-clad pussy. He kissed her gently then kissed and bit her earlobes and neck while he massaged her breasts and gently rubbed her nipples. By the time the bell rang he was sweating, she was glowing, and they were both squirming.

When Mary looked up, she noted that Virginia had claimed a second victim in the suave and handsome Don Annan, who had sprayed a giant load of cum all over Virginia's face and breasts to join Lou's. Virginia wiped the cum off her face with a pink hanky. It was a lot.

Mary had no thought of restraint for Lou this round. She sat on his lap facing him, her legs spread wide on either side of his. Lou's large cock was now peeking partly out of his still unbuttoned trousers, as it had started to get hard again after his recent orgasm. Hidden by the rags of her torn up pants, she rubbed her panty-clad pussy up and down on his large and hardening bare cock as they locked lips and tongues. Lou hugged Mary around the waist and helped along her desperate frottage. When the bell rang, Lou was close again, and Mary was even closer.

Mary now had a plan of action with the boys. She sat down on Chuck's lap facing him just as with Lou, but apparently Chuck's cock was still soft, because she couldn't feel anything. Still, Chuck loved up her breasts and rubbed her back very nicely, and for her part Mary kissed Chuck's forehead and scar, which she had decided was kind of sexy and actually a plus, and kissed his mouth when it wasn't too occupied with her breasts and neck. The timer bell sounded again.

(To be continued)