You open the door and immediately I'm swept away on a flood of passion so heady it would be the most addictive narcotic known to man if a chemist could harness it. Pressing you against the wall I grab you by the throat as my body leans into you, my excitement warm against you. My lips assault you with such a need words can't describe it, but you match it, kiss for kiss, lick for lick, bite for bite. Our tongues dance a rushed tango, relearning each other's flavors and texture. I suck on your earlobe as my hand lets your throat go and your mouth nips at my neck. "I've missed you," I manage to mumble in your ear.

Your response is almost inaudible, but with your tongue in my ear and the moans you whisper to me, I know you feel the same. Taking me by the hand, you lead me to the bedroom, my erection already at full mast.

As soon as we're close to the bed I nuzzle your neck, and reach for the hem of your shirt. The thin tank top shows off your breasts well, but I yearn to see them bare, to feel them in my hand once again. As usual I have difficulty with your bra, that last hook is always a bother. With my need so intense I simply pull it apart, bending the last hook and releasing you from the bonds. I'll buy you a new one.

I feel you heavy in my hands, those glorious breasts warm to the touch, I can't get enough of you. Groping you hard, squeezing and pinching your nipples the way I know you like, I didn't even notice you'd already undone my belt. The rest of my clothes come off with both our hands, your yoga pants last.

Laying you on the bed I begin my worship of your breasts. I take one in my hands, squeeze and massage it, my teeth and mouth sliding over the nipple, pulling and tugging. I suck you hard, my teeth dig in and almost leave marks, my hands squeeze hard enough to bruise. When you feel you've had enough, I move to the other and do the same, my hard cock pressing into your side.

Opening the nightstand drawer, the one with all your toys, the first thing I take out is the last thing you'll see for a while. The blindfold goes on, and you can hear me messing with something, even feel me move around you, but no clue what I'm doing. Its not until you feel me at your wrist that you figure it out, I'm tying you up. With both hands, and very little give, I leave you to lay there and listen while I finish my preparations. You're not worried about what you here, just intrigued.

You feel me get on the bed and you open your legs, thinking I'm finally going to touch your pussy, but I don't. The anticipation is starting to get to you, you're aching for my touch. When I touch you again, its unexpected because I've got your leg in my grasp. Another leather cuff is wrapped around your ankle, and secured to a strap originating from the same direction as the upper restraints. The wrist cuffs and straps there you knew about, you've had them for a while. These ones are new, but you didn't see me come in with a bag. The pants I had been wearing were cargo pants, first time you've ever seen me wear them. Now you begin to wonder what else was hiding in those pockets.

With both ankles secured your legs are now held open and above you, not quite straight up, a little further back. Its not entirely uncomfortable, but you wont be able to maintain this position all night. There's a little more give in the legs than the arms, but only a couple inches. I don't know if you like being kept waiting, but I do see you struggling against the restraints. "Don't worry," I tell you, "just a couple more things and we're set." If I delay things much longer I'm the one who's going to lose control.

You feel me put two more straps on your legs, each just above the knee and you've got no idea what they're for. Suddenly I take your breast in my hand and close my fingers around your nipple. This next sensation you know well, I've just put a clamp on your nipple. After putting on the other clamp I lean back, removing the pressure I was putting on your legs. You go to ease back into the restraints, but stop once you get close to the end and now you understand the new straps. The clamps are attached to them so if you press on the leg restraints you'll be pulling on the nipple clamps.

While you test the limits of your restraints and their new attachments, I finally touch you. I kiss your pussy like I kiss your mouth, tongue probing and exploring. It's been so long I nearly forgot how good you taste, better than any wine or champagne I've ever had. I dance inside your folds, move in no discernable pattern, touching every place there is, but only brush past your clit. I keep this up as you begin to make noise and move in your restraints. Quickly I slip in two fingers, testing how wet you are, and find they have more than enough juice to move in.

I don't know if you can hear the buzzing with the noise you're making, but its nothing compared to the moans you unleash as I slide the vibrator in your pussy. It's bigger than the one you normally use, nubbed and ridged to, yet another new toy I brought with me. I don't go slow either, I fuck you fast while my mouth zeros in on your clit. It doesn't matter that I keep hitting my chin as I fuck your pussy, all that matters is your reaction. You're legs shaking and moving from the pure ecstasy, pulling on the nipple clamps only intensifying the experience. Your hands want to find my hair and pull me harder against you, but you can't. All you can do is lay there and moan loudly, louder than I've ever heard you before.

I can feel more resistance on the vibrator as I fuck you, your orgasm is coming quicker than I thought it would. Before long you cum hard, actually pushing the vibrator out of you as your entire body begins to shake. You close your legs as best you can, effectively removing my head from your sensitive pussy, but I don't give you much of a chance to recover. I force your legs back open and sink my cock balls deep inside you.

I marvel at the feel of you, warm, wet and tight. My most favorite place to be in the world is in you, asnd I'm going to make sure neither of us will forget this night. I slam my cock in and out of you with speed and strength, more intense than it was before, and that's saying something. I've been hitting the gym a lot, working on specific muscle groups for this very thing, and it was worth it.

Your legs are stretched out to the side and effectively pulling on the clamps. I watch your tits bounce around while I pound you and it drives me wild. I wrap my hands around your throat, increase the force of my thrusts, and begin to squeeze. Slowly things start to fade, your body begins to go a little limp, and you're beginning to slip. The pressure around your throat is gone and sensation floods back into you with an intense ferocity you feel close to another orgasm. With the speed having slowed for more force, you can focus on the feel of my cock inside of you. My head is swollen, the sensation of you so good I want to cum, I'm managing to hit that sweet spot just the right way.

"I'm close," you moan it, and I tell you I am too. "I want you to cum. Oh god, I want you to cum in me." I love it when you talk to me like that, so I start pumping harder and faster. Its been a while for me and I begin to grunt and growl. I can feel it building inside me, slowly coming to the surface. If you weren't restrained and had your hands fisting in my hair or your nails digging in my back I'd've cum by now. If I don't soon, my body is going to give out before my cock does.

I can't remember if you've ever cum from just my cock before. When you have use of your hands you're usually working a vibrator over your clit while I fuck you. This time, I can feel your grip on me getting tighter and it spurs me on. Giving you everything I have, I slam my cock into you, rubbing that sweet spot and you implode. Your pussy grips onto my cock, slowing my thrusts, but not stopping me as you moan out in almost a scream. You cumming triggered me and I unleash rope upon rope of cum inside you, I moan out with you.

I hadn't wanted to cum that soon, but its what you wanted, although you wouldn't have called that soon. Fortunately for us both, I've got another one in me.