The storm had come out of nowhere, a mix of sleet hail and rain, soaking Snow's fluffy white fur. She had not known about the storm our she would have never gone out for a long walk in her frozen forest home. The first she knew about it was when her ears picking up the sound of rain in the distance. She had run, trying to get home before it was on her, tail tucked between her legs. It was a fruitless effort. She was soon being pelted and drenched, with the trees offering her no protection. She wondered if she would get home before nightfall or be stranded out here in the cold and wet.

As dismay started to sink in, she spotted her salvation. Ahead, tucked away in a range of hills that stretched for miles in each direction was a cave. Snow dove into cave and out of the cold sleet for the first time in hours. Once inside she took a moment to collect herself. She was still cold and wet but the cave's shelter would be enough to keep her warm. She sat at the entrance of the cave for an hour drying, watching the storm continue to torment the land. Soon her mind started to wander, and her curiosity started to wonder how deep this cave went. She did not want to get lost but she had to make sure it was safe of course.

She worked her way deeper into the cave, letting her eyes adjust to the dark but there wasn't too much to see. There was rocks, more rocks, and rocks. She started to grow bored of this little adventure and turned back to entrance, but a voice froze her in place. "You look cold little one." It said with in a deep raspy voice that oozed power and sent shivers through her spine.

Snow turned around but could not see anyone even with her excellent night vision. The owner had no desire to show themselves and stayed hidden. "Ye...yes...I got caught in a storm." she stammered out. The voice chuckled at her nervousness but did not speak again. A light filled the cave blinding her and causing her to stammer backwards. Snow began rubbing her eyes trying to see again as she staggered about. After time her vision began to return to her. About twenty feet front of her now sat a fire that's creation had blinded her. It looked warm and inviting to the cold fox.

"Warm yourself little one." The voice said in a tone that implied that this was an order not a request. Snow worked herself up to the fire, looking for the source of the voice but they remained hidden. The warmth was tempting for snow to resist. Without even realizing it, she was sitting in front of it, savoring the feeling of the water leaving her fur. She sat there until she was completely dry, and her fur was back to its beautiful white fluffiness. The fire never dwindled and kept burning hot even with no new fuel added. It was hard for Snow to relax knowing this magical fire's creator was out there watching her dry herself.

After a while, Snow could hear that the storm had come to an end. With her fur completely dry, she decided she had overstayed her welcome. "Thank you for the fire." She said into the dark recesses of the cave. "I will... take my leave now."

"How do you plan to pay me for my hospitality." The voice said still as strong as before, keeping her frozen in place.

Snow was unsure what he meant. She had nothing on her naked body to offer and no gifts to speak of. "I having nothing to offer you sir."

The voice chuckled like earlier, sending Snow's fur standing on edge. "You have one thing little one to pay me with."

Snow started to back towards the entrance nervous were this was heading. A few feet into her retreat she ran into something hard and solid. Turning around she felt fear fill her entire body as realized what this cave was. She was in a dragon's layer. The dragon had taken his more humanoid form, like the one she tended to prefer but was still large and powerful. He had broad shoulders and a body covered in blue scales on the back and white on his under belly.

He stood at least a foot if not two taller than her. He looked down at her with bright silver eyes that had flecks of blue that were beautiful but cold. Behind him she could see powerful wings and a tail flicking back and forth . Well it would have been hypnotic if something else wasn't demanding her attention. Snow could not take her eyes off his massive erect cock that was right in front of her. It had a mushroom like tip and countless ridges from the base to the tip.

The dragon noticed her gaze and gave that dominating chuckle again. "I can see you know how I want to be repaid." He said. His voice dragged Snow out of her trance. She yipped and fell back onto her butt, her tail missing the fire by inches. The dragon did not care and approached her. A hand with claws as sharp as knives angled her up so she was looking it his eyes past his massive cock. "Open your mouth little one."

Snow's eyes dropped back to his cock and her curiosity was starting to push through. She had only been with other foxes and none had a cock even close to this one in length and girth. Could she even take this and how would those ridges feel? "I have... never half this size. I am not sure if I can." She stammered out.

"Don't worry." He replied eyes gleaming. "If you can't take it, I will shove it down your throat." The force and power of that remark sent shivers through Snow's body but ones of pleasure, not fear. She wanted to try this as much as he wanted to do this she realized. She moved her head to the mushroom tips and started to lick , letting her tongue get a taste of it. It did not taste bad and the dragon seemed to enjoy her tongue but seemed to also want more. She started to feel something against her exposed pussy and looked down and saw his long tail rubbing it.

"Our tails have many uses." He said before plunging four inches into Snow's pussy that had becoming soaking wet. The duel sensation of being filled and pleasured caused Snow to gasp involuntarily. The dragon preyed on this and rammed his cock past her lips and down her throat. Three fourths the way in she started to gag but he did not stop until he was down her throat to the base of his shaft. Snow could only gag and her eyes watered as she struggled with his cock. The sensation of having two of her holes filled so completely was new but not unwelcomed. It continued to send pleasure through her overloaded mind, filling her with lust.

She tried to move her tongue around the massive, ridged cock buried in her throat but could not with his girth. The dragon started to move his hips face fucking the little fox as drool dribbled out of her mouth. At the same time more of his tail pushed inside her pussy. Snow thought her pussy was being torn in half. The dragon kept going, pushing her to her limit before he started to move that back and forth. The pace quickened until he was jackhammering away at her very stretched and wet pussy with his tail.

It was not long before she felt the pleasure start to reach a climax and she knew she had to have it. She started to moan and whimper in her cock filled mouth as she grinded against his tail. Her eyes rolled back into head as pleasure became her only focus. The dragon acted like he did not seem to care about her pleasure at all, but he must of if he was fucking her as well. Or he wanted her to keep her mouth open for him, like she had a choice. Either way she could not care.

The climax finally came as he pulled his tail out almost all the way before slamming it back into her pussy. Her legs clamped against his tail and she let out a few gagged gasps as pleasure made her shake for her head to her toes. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had, and she was lost in the bliss of it. She could fill his cock start to twitch and spasm, but her mind was too lost to register what it meant. Soon hot cum flooded her throat coming in loads fitting for a cock of his size.

She tried to swallow out of instinct or because it was jammed down her throat giving her no choice, but it was too much. Soon it was flowing up into her mouth and out into her fur. She knew her fur was becoming a sticky mess but she did not care. The tail brought her to another orgasm as the first started to die down. More pleasure rolled threw her as she continue to let hot cum go in and out of her. The rush of cum finally slowed and the cock withdrew from her mouth and the tail from her pussy. The filling of being empty felt pleasant but she had enjoyed being filled too.

She was in no state to say that and she soon felt herself starting to get very weak as the last of her orgasm died down. Before she could lie down or more fall, the dragon scooped the cum drench fox into his arms. She looked at him with bright blue eyes full of lust and drowsiness and saw only greed in his silver ones. "I am going to keep you as my new treasure." He said in that powerful voice. She did not have any strength to protest as she carried her deeper into his lair.