"So Mom" Karen said "How long's it been since you had sex?"

I was just laying there recovering from one of the most intense experiences in my life and wasn't quite prepared for an intimate conversation with my daughter, my son and his girlfriend. So I just said "Too long." and smiled.

Helen, Matt's girlfriend, was still lying on the bed next to me although she had moved from our gorgeous 69 position so that her head was next to mine at the bottom of my bed.

Matt had gone to the en-suite to clean up and Karen was slumped in my chair facing us, her legs still parted and her hand playing absentmindedly with her little pink pussy.

"You know Matt has mommy fantasies, don't you?" Karen said.

"I sort of just figured that out" I said with a soft chuckle. He had just given me a taste of his cum after all.

Helen turned to me and said "You know he'd fuck you in a heartbeat, don't you? That's if you wanted to of course and I don't just mean missionary either. You ought to feel his cock in your ass. It's to die for. And yes I felt you tense when I was sucking your clit at the thought of it."

"You got that right" said Karen "You ought to see them go for it mom. I love to watch when Helen takes it up her ass and Matt calls her Mom!"

I don't know whether I was horrified or turned on by the conversation but before I could make up my mind, Karen and Helen both got up and went to clean up and get dressed leaving me naked and disheveled on the bed.

After a moment I decided it was time for me to get up too. It was then that I noticed a large wet patch where Matt's cum had leaked out of Helen's pussy onto my bedspread. He was certainly a heavy cummer just like his dad. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Alone and still horny I scooped up his cum and pushed it deep inside my pussy. I shuddered a little then pulled on clean panties and jeans and a T-shirt and went downstairs, still loving the feeling of wetness between my legs.

Matt, Helen and Karen were in the kitchen making a sandwich and as usual, a mess.

"You want some Mom?" Matt said. For a moment I imagined 'some' being his cock inside me but realized he was talking about food. How bizarre to think that I was sitting with them having a sandwich chaser to his cum as though nothing had happened.

I started to speak. "I'm not sure that that should have happened guys...I ..."

Helen and Karen both cut me off mid sentence.

"Mom!" Mrs B!" tehy both said in unison. "For goodness sake! We're all adults and let's face it we all had fun!"

"Come on Mrs B. You loved it didn't you?" Helen said.

"But Helen how do you feel about your boyfriend fantasizing about me, his mom while he is fucking you?"

"Mrs B, I think you are so fucking hot. I have wanted to have you for as long as I can remember and I can't think of anything sexier than Matt fucking you."

"Too right so long as I can watch." chipped in Karen wiping mayonnaise from her chin. I wondered if she wiped cum form her chin with the same nonchalance.

"Oh this is too much. We can't do that again." I said "Stop now. Please don't mention it ever again. Ever." As I hurried myself out of the kitchen.

I went to my room sat on the bed and put my head in my hands and sobbed. What had I just done? The wet patch on my bedspread was drying out and would no doubt make a permanent stain to remind me and torture me every time I saw it.

I heard the back door close and the car pull out of the driveway. I was alone with my guilt and misery.

Days turned to weeks and walking around on eggshells turned back into a routine in much the same way as it was before.

Helen became more chatty and eventually we all relaxed as though it had never happened.

As time passed my horror and guilt turned increasingly to fantasy as I would lay in bed and relive those moments. Eventually I started to masturbate again and would recall the taste of Helen's pussy and Matt's cum. My fantasies would inevitably culminate in thigh shuddering orgasm as I imagined Matt entering my ass and pumping me full of his cum as Helen and Karen alternatively made out and watched.

I imagined being their sex slave.

One night I was well into my routine when Karen opened my bedroom door and without saying a word lifted the covers and snuggled in next to me. I felt her young naked body close to mine as she cuddled up and moved her leg over me. I felt her damp pussy against my thigh and her arms wrap around me.

"Mom can we talk about what happened?" she said.

"Matt and Helen are staying over at her dad's place and wont be back tonight."

My mind was racing. Remembering the times when Karen would crawl into our bed as a kid and snuggle up close not even the slightest bit aware how difficult it was for her dad and me to control ourselves.

After she would get up and go play, my ex would savagely fuck me calling her name as he came inside me.

"I don't want you to freak out mom." she said. "I mean I love you so much and we just wanted to make you happy."

"I know sweetheart" I said. "But it was so taboo. I despised myself for giving in to my desires but yes I loved it too."

"You know mom as I sat there watching you, Helen and Matt making out, part of me wished it was me who was eating your pussy and being fucked from behind.

I think about that a lot when I masturbate."

I lay there silently smelling her hair as I gently stroked it. "Me too." I said.

Karen froze then looked up and kissed me fully on the lips. Her hand making its way to my right breast and squeezing it until I let out a little whimper.

My thigh now was distinctly slippery as she wet humped my leg. I kissed her back running my hands down her back and over her perfect ass.

"Oh Karen, I have dreamed of this moment for so long"

"Mom I want your tongue inside my pussy" She said breaking our embrace.

I was powerless to resist as she took both my hands and placed them above my head, deftly tying them to the bed head with my dressing gown tie.

"Just relax mom" she said as she twisted around and positioned her pussy above my head.

She was so wet that a little string of juice appeared and I strained to lift my mouth to it. It was incredible. Like nectar. She dropped her thighs so that her pussy was pressed to my face and I wasted no time in going to town on her as the first waves of my orgasm built inside me.

I barely needed her to suck my clit as I was so close even her breath was enough to put me over the edge.

She buried her face between my legs and I raised my hips to her mouth.

My orgasm was instant and violent. My baby was eating my pussy and loving every contraction as I came in wave after wave.

As my lust built I lost control and squirted into her mouth.

"Oh baby I'm so sorry" I said but unable to release my hands.

"Naughty mommy" she said as she wiped away my pee from her chin. "Maybe mommy deserves a little punishment?"

My ex and I had experimented with light BDSM in the past and whilst I had got off on it my Ex was less keen so we didn't pursue it. Now however it regularly featured in my fantasies. I had no idea what she might have in mind but I desperately wanted to find out.

"Yes. Mommy needs to be punished." I said. I wasn't sure whether that meant that mommy needed to be punished for gushing in her daughter's mouth or something bigger. I think in hindsight, it was definitely something bigger. I wanted to be punished for my taboo fantasies that I had been harboring since Karen was 5 but unable to act. Punished for harboring fifteen years of repressed lust.

Karen stood up on the bed and straddled my face her fingers frigging her perfectly smooth little pink pussy.

I looked at her fingers going faster and faster her juices dripping on my neck. I tried to catch them in my mouth to no avail.

But then she pulled her clit tight upwards and let our a stream of pee all over my face. I coughed and nearly choked and wondered if it would ever stop when finally it did. My hair was matted and my eyes stung.I was totally soaked. Quickly she lay down on top of me our bodies sliding against each other and she held my head in her hands, her fingers interlaced with my wet hair and kissed me.

"Untie me sweetheart." I said

"Not yet." came the reply.

"Seriously Karen, I really do need to pee"

"Haven't you had enough of mine?" She teased.

"Oh my God, you have no idea" I said.

"Well this time you had better do it right." She said as she moved once more between my legs and proceeded to eat me again pushing hard on my bladder.

"Baby I cant..." was all I could get out until it happened again but this time there was no holding back as I let rip.

Karen satiated, came up and kissed me fully on the lips. I tasted my pee and pussy loved her more than words can say.

She moved her hand up to release my bonds and we cuddled in a wet embrace.

"Let's shower mom" she said. ""Can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Yes baby, but let's clean up first and put some dry sheets on the bed"

Karen laughed "Yup! I think that's a sensible idea!" she said ripping off the sheets and mattress protector.

In the shower, we washed each other and stood behind each other as we washed each other's hair in turn.

Often our hands would find each other's breasts and asses I let my finger slip between Karen's perfect ass cheeks and rubbed the suds across her anus. She groaned and turned to me and said "Let's leave something for next time."

We dried off and went to bed in close embrace Karen falling asleep with hear head on my breast as she had on so many occasions when she was growing up. "I love you mom." she said as her eyes closed and her breathing fell into a regular sleep pattern.

I lay there listening to her breathing her breast rising and falling against mine. Her heart beating against me.

I don't remember falling asleep but when I woke in the morning I found myself alone.

At first I wondered if I had dreamed it all. A wonderful intense and totally taboo fantasy which had driven me beyond anything I had ever experienced before. It was then that the bedroom door opened and Karen stood there in my dressing gown with my breakfast on a tray.

"Good morning sleepy head." She said sporting a huge grin from ear to ear.

I couldn't help but notice that the tie around her waist was still damp.

I pulled myself up on my elbows and rearranged my pillows as she sat on the bed and placed the tray on my lap. The sheet had fallen exposing my breasts and I went to pull it up.

"Don't" she said. "I want to look at you"

"Karen, what happened last night..."

"Don't Mom, don't spoil it. It was lovely to make love with you and OK we got a bit kinky but that's what girls do right?"

I looked at her and smiled. "Yes sweetheart, that's what girls do" I said as I picked up a slice of toast and bit into it.

"So Mom, are we good?" she said

"Better than good baby" I said as I looked at her and remembered the way that she had so easily slipped into a dominant role and me a submissive one.

"Are you going to let Matt fuck you?" she said.

It came like a bolt from the blue.

"I... "

"Mom you know he wants to and I know you want to" she said.

"I um..."

"Mom , don't tell me you don't think about it when you masturbate. I know you do. I even heard you call out his name once or twice at night" She smiled and let out a half giggle. The thought of my daughter eavesdropping on me and my vibe was turning me on.

I gathered my thoughts and said "So, you and Matt? Have you ever?"

"No mom I told you."

"Well, we'll just have to wait and see." I said.

"You know Helen and me would love to arrange that for you."

My masturbation fantasy sprang to the front of my mind.

"Oh yes and where would you and Helen be while he was fucking his mom?"

"Watching of course!" she said with a prod to my thigh "and if you like we could make out at the same time"

"I'm not sure I could take that" I said.

"Really mom, that's the least of your worries. It's taking Matt's huge cock up your ass that you should be worried about!"

I laughed and tried to make light of it but deep inside, I knew it was only a matter of time before I had my son's cock inside me.

"Karen, do you think he would?"

"Helen, Matt and I discussed it before Helen made a move on you. He was ready that night to fuck you senseless but we reckoned that he should take it slow. Pulling out of her and giving you the last of his cum wasn't planned. That was definitely add lib. Did you like it?"

"OMG I loved it." I said before I realized what I was saying.

"Karen, was last night contrived? I mean did you discuss it with Helen and Matt?"

"No Mom, I was feeling a horny and decided I wanted to sleep with you like I did when I was young. It was only after you squirted in my mouth that things got wild."

I waited for a while to let the words sink in and said "One day maybe but only if you and Helen are there."

"What about Helen's dad?" Karen said.

"Who's Helen's dad?" I said.