Warning: Mentions of rape.


Chris hated Zach. He hated the way he treated you. If he was this cruel in public just imagine how he treated you in private. Chris knew your confidence was low enough that you'd accept love in any form- even if it meant abusing you emotionally, mentally & what he feared the most - physically.

Chris was having a small get together at his house. He knew inviting you meant Zach would come too.

"Sorry we're late - she looked like a fucking slob so I made her change." Zach said scanning the room for approval.

"I never set a time so you're not late & I'm sure she looked fine in what she had on before." Chris shot back glaring at him.

"Well I think I'm gonna go make a drink" you said beelining to the liquor counter.

"Make me one & don't make it a pussy drink" Zach said flopping on the couch.

"Bitches, am I right?" he said laughing desperately trying to show off his pseudo Alpha. None of the true Alphas found it funny.

As the night went on you found yourself more separated from Zach and not by choice. Whenever Zach would drink he'd start flirting with other women referring to you as "nothing serious." Chris was thrilled when he found you alone in the kitchen.

"You know screwdrivers usually aren't made with 100% vodka and no orange juice." he said laughing.

"Just trying to have a good time." you said with a hint of sadness.

"Or numb yourself?" he said with a concerned look on his face.

Zach entered the kitchen before you had a chance to respond.

"Let's go." "This party has run it's course." he said looking annoyed.

"She's not going anywhere with you. You're drunk." Chris said instinctively standing in front of you.

"So, you care about her wellbeing but not mine?" Zach said looking confused.

"Yep." Chris said interrupting him.

Zach got into a playful fight pose, "I'll fight you for her." he said punching the air.

Chris only stood there stoically. You knew not immediately running to Zach's defense would cost her but she appreciated the protection - even if it was temporary.

Zach dropped his stance looking defeated. "Whatever - she's not worth fighting over." he said turning to leave.

By the time Chris turned around you were gone too.

He went to look for you but kept getting stopped by drunken friends slurring their words about how much fun the party was.

By the time he got outside Zach's truck was gone.

Everyone had left around midnight. Chris was up watching the news when he heard a soft knock at the door.

He thought it was one of his drunk friends who had attempted to drive home but quickly realized they needed to sleep over & sober up.

When he opened the door he found you with torn clothes & head lowered.

You slowly lifted your head to show a badly battered face including a swollen eye & bloody lip.

Chris's face was a mixture of shock, rage & sorrow. All he could manage was to gently pull you inside & sit you on the couch.

You remained despondent. You knew the pain, both physically & emotionally, would return later.

The soft touch of Chris's hand picking your chin up made you slightly more aware of your surroundings.

"How did you get back here?" he asked.

"I left with Zach. We made it down the road before he pulled over. He......." you started to get choked up.

"All that matters is you're here now." he said looking outside to make sure you weren't followed there.

"Let me see your lip" he said softly putting the warm wash cloth up to your mouth.

"Zach - " you attempted to say before being cut off.

"Don't.....let's get you cleaned up" Chris said. He knew if you finished your sentence he'd leave you there to go find Zach.

"Did he hurt you anywhere else?" he asked scanning her body.

"He kicked me in my ribs." you said struggling to lift the side of your shirt up.

"Let me help" he said gently lifting your shirt up

"If your ribs are broken-" he started

The sight of her bruised & swollen ribs rendered him speechless.

"Does....." he swallowed his rage "Does it hurt when you inhale?"

He got his answer when you drew a ragged breath.

"Can I feel your ribs?" he asked knowing the last thing you wanted right was to be touched by another man.

You nodded giving him permission.

He gently applied pressure to your bruised ribs.

You winced & pulled away from his touch.

"I know it hurts" he said. He was able to feel where your ribs weren't intact.

"They're definitely broken." he said pulling your shirt back down.

"Did he rape you?" he asked softly hoping the answer was no.

You unconsciously squeezed your thighs together & turned completely away from him.

He slowly closed his eyes & dropped his head.

"Do you want to go to the hospital?" he asked.

You shook your head starring at the ground.

"I just want to take a shower & go to bed."

"You can have my bed & I'll take the spare bed" he said.

You found her way to his room in the middle of the night. You crawled in bed with him trying not to wake up. Chris was warm & feeling him next to you made you feel safe.

Chris woke up to wrap his arms around you from behind & pull you close. You hadn't felt that safe in a long time.

He awoke around 5:00 am unable to sleep. He didn't want to move & risk waking you.

He waited until daylight & quietly slipped out of bed. He left a note next to you "Went to the gym. Be back soon."

Each violent blow to the punching bag was a blow to Zach. Chris knew he'd later feel the strain on his arms & wrists. He was too zoned out to hear someone calling his name.

A playful voice rang out behind him.

"Let's make it official & spar in the ring."

Chris turned around to see none other than Zach standing in the ring.

"Lets go, buddy!" he said laughing.

How could he just stroll into the gym after what he did to you?

Chris's eye twitched & Zach's voice echoed off the walls. Everything else around him was a blur.

Chris easily had 50 lbs. on Zach & more experience than he could ever dream of having. If he wanted to go after Zach, he needed to play his game.

"I don't know I'm kind of rusty" Chris said stepping into the ring.

Chris fumbled around the ring leading Zach to believe he actually stood a chance. He quickly dropped his act once he realized they were finally alone in the gym.

"Looks like you're just a little pussy-" Zach barely completed his sentence before he was struck hard in the jaw.

Zach regained his composure only to be struck again in the nose.

"Come on man, I thought you knew how to fight." Chris said maneuvering Zach backwards towards the ropes.

"Or do you only fight women?" he asked landing another blow in the eye.

"Ok, man we need to stop -" Zach started before he was hit hard in the ribs.

"Hey man no body shots." he said before being struck again on the other side.

"Funny, cause you don't mind doing that to women." Chris said before landing a 1-2 combo to his jaw & nose.

Chris unleashed once he had Zach on the ropes..

"You're lucky she didn't go to the police." he said hitting Zach in the stomach.

"Please just kill me now" Zach begged barely able to stand.

"Too easy, but I will make you suffer" Chris growled before delivering a painful shot to Zach's ribs. The sound of his ribs breaking brought a dark smile to Chris's face.

"There we go - that's what I want to hear" he said pushing on his ribs causing Zach to cry out in pain. He knew Zach wouldn't be able to move with broken ribs on both sides.

"I'm gonna drag you out of here & you're going to fucking leave town & never come back. If you come looking for her I will kill you"

Chris hit Zach one last time in his eye - breaking the orbital bone.

He took advantage of Zach's slumped frame & wrapped Zach's ribs with tight compression bandage intentionally inflicting more pain.

He drug Zach out to his car making sure he got in & left.

Zach was in excruciating pain & tried to remove his compression bandage.

"Nope drive first" Chris said grabbing the end of the bandage yanking it tighter.

When he returned home he found you still asleep.

He threw his clothes in the washer & took a shower making sure to wash away any evidence of what he had done to Zach.

You didn't wake until early afternoon.

"Why'd you let me sleep so late?" you asked sitting on the couch next to him.

"You needed rest" he said examining your face.

The swelling on your eye & overall bruising was worse this morning.

"Can I see your ribs again?" he asked.

You lifted her shirt to show significantly worse bruising & swelling.

You were taking short breaths due to the pain in your ribs.

"Try to take some slow deep breaths" he said gently touching her ribs.

"Taking shallow breathes increases your risk for pneumonia & the last thing you want is constant coughing with broken ribs."

Weeks went by with you & Chris growing closer. You were healing nicely physically but your emotional trauma was far from over.

Your nightmares started almost immediately.

Some woke you up & others were harder to awake from. All Chris could do is hold you afterwards to bring some semblance of comfort.

You would bury her face into his neck & shoulders. Even though you were awake part of your mind was still coming out of the nightmare.

"Chris?" you whispered through sniffles.

"Yeah, you're safe. I've got you." he said in a soft tone.

Your hands tightly clutched his shirt causing you to openly sob into his embrace.

One night in particular was especially tough. The nightmare was so vivid. You could feel Zach's weight on you. You felt being pulled by your hair out of the car. You could smell his sour beer breath & you could hear the vile things he said to you.

"You deserve this, you little bitch."

"Scream all you want - you're not worth saving & everyone knows it."

You woke up screaming & drenched in sweat. Chris had been awoken seconds before. He sat up & pushed his back against the headboard.

You felt strong arms pull her back against his chest. You turned yourself around straddling Chris's lap. You clung to him with all you had. Your arms around his neck & legs wrapped around his waist.

You pressed yourself closer to him. You deeply inhaled his scent of cedarwood & incense.

You kissed his neck & felt him gently push you away.

"We shouldn't...." he said before he was interrupted. .

"Please!" you said desperately.

"I want this. I need this. Please, Chris. I just need...comfort. I need you."

"I'd feel like I was taking advantage of you." he says softly with a look of concern.

You crawled back on his lap fighting back tears.

"You have my consent. I don't want to feel his hands on me anymore" she says squirming at the thought of Zach touching her.

"I want to feel your mouth all over me - not his." "I want to feel you in me - not him."

"I relive that night so vividly in my dreams & when I'm awake......make me forget him please!" you plead voice cracking.

You leaned in again to kiss him again only feeling slight resistance this time.

"I need this please" you repeated.

You slowly tightened your embrace feeling him do the same.

Your back hits the mattress. His warm pressure on you made you frantic for him - desperately trying to take off his shirt.

He slows you down, draws it out. - giving you plenty of time to stop him.

Chris slowly kissed down your neck & collarbone. He shifted from one nipple to the other, licking & eliciting quiet moans, his tongue tracing circles around them. He teased you for a little longer before leaning closer, opening his mouth & taking your nipple inside -- sucking tenderly on your breast & eliciting a breathless gasp from you. The sight of your wet nipples turned you on even more.

He slowly makes his way down your body stopping to kiss your ribs. You weren't expecting this. You clenched your eyes closed fighting back tears. This wasn't a random stopping point on the way down. He was kissing your faded bruises & once broken ribs.

He knew what it meant when he kissed your ribs. He knew the weight of his actions. He knew exactly what he was doing. You wanted to beg him to never stop touching you like this, treating you like this, kissing you like this.

You moaned as he softly licked all around you, kissing your clit every few licks. "Fuck you taste good" he growled in between licks. He was good. Very very good. He placed hot open mouthed kisses all over your dripping wet pussy. He returned to your clit teasing it, licking slow circles & softly kissing it. He gently pushed two fingers inside you continuing the maddening movements of his mouth.

Your first orgasm hit her with sudden strong waves. You trembled as you came. He continued licking your sweet juices.

"You taste even better when you cum" he said looking at you with dark lustful eyes.

Chris slowly kissed his way up your body, taking time to explore you, appreciate you.

He kissed you slow & deep timing it with a smooth roll of his hips he pushed into you. You moaned loudly into the kiss.

He watched your expressions. He had to be careful - at any moment you could be triggered & be right back with Zach.

He waited before moving, giving you time to adjust & respond - good or bad.

"Please....it's ok.....I'm ok" you said with a breathy moan.

He carefully pulled back then slid forward again. You broke the kissing with a moan. "Oh....my...God."

He slowly rolled her hips into you. Again. Again & Again.

You hooked your right leg over his hip and the new angle allowed him to thrust deeper inside you.

Your second orgasm hit with a trembling scream of pleasure. You buried your face into his shoulder & moaned against his skin. Your nails dug into his back.

He helped you draw out every wave of your aftershock.

He came shortly afterwards with a long growl into the kiss.

You both clung to each other afterwards.

"Thank you" you whispered into his ear.

He tightened his embrace.

"You don't have to thank me." he said.

You laid in his arms as you did every night. You fell asleep skin to skin not wanting to get dressed.

You knew you would reach for him again before the night was over. The overwhelming need to fill him inside you, to heal you with each gentle touch was just beginning.