Below is an extract from Whatsapp of a conversation one night between my wife and I when she was staying overnight in a hotel with work and I was at home.

[14/11/2019, 22:19:09] D: Finally in bed. All work done. What are you up to? Bar?

[14/11/2019, 22:28:11] E: Back in the room now, drank a little and felt like bed. Lying here now. How are you?

[14/11/2019, 22:28:21] D: Lying here and just really in the mood to touch myself if I'm honest!

[14/11/2019, 22:29:26] E: What a coincidence.

[14/11/2019, 22:29:43] D: Really?

[14/11/2019, 22:29:51] E: What?

[14/11/2019, 22:30:00] D: You're gonna touch yourself?

[14/11/2019, 22:30:05] E: I was thinking about it. That ok with you?

[14/11/2019, 22:30:12] D: Course! It's just you never do it.

[14/11/2019, 22:30:31] E: I do. Sometimes.

[14/11/2019, 22:30:36] D: Wow. Go for it.

[14/11/2019, 22:30:43] E: Will you stay with me if I do?

[14/11/2019, 22:30:59] D: Course.

[14/11/2019, 22:31:01] E: Talk to me.

[14/11/2019, 22:31:24] D: Ok. Well I'd really get turned on if you decide to touch yourself. It drives me wild thinking of you pleasuring yourself, especially without me there. I'm actually getting hard thinking about you touching yourself. So are you going to?

[14/11/2019, 22:31:29] E: Already started :-)

[14/11/2019, 22:31:34] D: Wow that was quick.

[14/11/2019, 22:31:41] E: I told you. I'm in the mood. No stopping me.

[14/11/2019, 22:31:51] D: Are you naked?

[14/11/2019, 22:32:12] E: Just from waist down. One foot still in underwear keep thinking someone might come in lol.

[14/11/2019, 22:32:16] D: You're typing very quickly for someone who is touching herself.

[14/11/2019, 22:32:29] E: I have a little friend helping me.

[14/11/2019, 22:32:38] D: What? You brought your vibrator to the hotel?

[14/11/2019, 22:32:40] E: Maybe.

[14/11/2019, 22:32:47] D: Which one?

[14/11/2019, 22:32:56] E: Well I'm using the rabbit but I have the orange one beside me also.

[14/11/2019, 22:33:01] D: You prefer the rabbit?

[14/11/2019, 22:33:11] E: Rabbit is nice right now. Means I can type faster to you. Tell me what you're doing.

[14/11/2019, 22:33:30] D: Just getting very hard. Havent started touching myself. I'll cum too quickly.

[14/11/2019, 22:33:39] E: Start. Slowly. Wait on me. But I want you to touch.

[14/11/2019, 22:33:43] D: Sure.

[14/11/2019, 22:33:51] E: Ahhh. Lets just play for a minute and don't type.

[14/11/2019, 22:35:09] E: You still there?

[14/11/2019, 22:35:21] D: Yep. Enjoying imagining what you're doing. Tell me.

[14/11/2019, 22:35:38] E: Just holding the rabbit. Quite still. Its in a nice position.

[14/11/2019, 22:35:46] D: What's it touching?

[14/11/2019, 22:35:54] E: It's inside me and rubbing my clit.

[14/11/2019, 22:35:59] D: Noisy?

[14/11/2019, 22:36:12] E: No. Gentle buzzing. Don't want next door to hear anything.

[14/11/2019, 22:36:18] D: Is it deep inside you?

[14/11/2019, 22:36:31] E: As far as it'll go anyway. Circling around inside me. Feels lovely. Your cock can't do that...

[14/11/2019, 22:36:41] D: Wish it could.

[14/11/2019, 22:36:53] E: Ha ha. What are you doing? Make me cum.

[14/11/2019, 22:37:01] D: Stroking my cock. It's rock hard. Aching for you.

[14/11/2019, 22:37:10] E: Nice. What would you do to me if you were here?

[14/11/2019, 22:37:20] D: Watch you. Love watching you.

[14/11/2019, 22:37:28] E: Not like to join in?

[14/11/2019, 22:37:41] D: In time.

[14/11/2019, 22:37:44] E: What would you do?

[14/11/2019, 22:37:51] D: I'd move the rabbit off your clit, but with it still inside you and gently starting licking your clit.

[14/11/2019, 22:37:59] E: Ummhh. Sounds nice. I'd like that.

[14/11/2019, 22:38:09] D: I'd keep licking.

[14/11/2019, 22:38:11] E: Until...

[14/11/2019, 22:38:18] D: Until you tell me to stop because you dont want to cum yet.

[14/11/2019, 22:38:23] E: Then what?

[14/11/2019, 22:38:30] D: I'd move up to put my penis in your mouth.

[14/11/2019, 22:38:38] E: Oh. I'd like that. I'd suck it well.

[14/11/2019, 22:38:43] D: You would.

[14/11/2019, 22:39:00] E: I'd concentrate on the top. Play gently with your balls. Then move down the shaft and get it all in my mouth. Flick the top with my tongue. Moan for your cum.

[14/11/2019, 22:39:06] D: Ohhhh. You still playing with yourself there?

[14/11/2019, 22:39:11] E: Course. You?

[14/11/2019, 22:39:18] D: Have to take a break for a bit.

[14/11/2019, 22:39:24] E: No break for me.

[14/11/2019, 22:39:30] D: Want to use the orange one for a bit?

[14/11/2019, 22:39:34] E: Sure.

[14/11/2019, 22:39:38] D: Tell me what you're doing.

[14/11/2019, 22:39:43] E: Taking the rabbit out. Gently.

[14/11/2019, 22:39:47] D: Is it wet?

[14/11/2019, 22:39:57] E: It actually is. The whole shaft. I must be very aroused.

[14/11/2019, 22:40:06] D: I want you to lick it.

[14/11/2019, 22:40:11] E: No! Disgusting.

[14/11/2019, 22:40:19] D: Please. For me. A big turn on.

[14/11/2019, 22:40:26] E: Eww.. ok. Just one lick.

[14/11/2019, 22:40:44] E: Done.

[14/11/2019, 22:40:47] D: Tell me what it tastes like.

[14/11/2019, 22:40:58] E: Like my pussy I'd imagine :-)

[14/11/2019, 22:41:04] D: I'd love to lick that. Suck it even.

[14/11/2019, 22:41:09] E: I know you would.

[14/11/2019, 22:41:13] D: Taste nice?

[14/11/2019, 22:41:19] E: It's not gross. It's very wet.

[14/11/2019, 22:41:25] D: So your pussy is free now?

[14/11/2019, 22:41:30] E: It is.

[14/11/2019, 22:41:35] D: Slide your finger in?

[14/11/2019, 22:41:40] E: Do you want me to?

[14/11/2019, 22:41:45] D: Definitely. Very sexy.

[14/11/2019, 22:41:49] E: Ok. Here goes.

[14/11/2019, 22:42:00] E: It's in.

[14/11/2019, 22:42:04] D: Slide it in and out. Feel nice?

[14/11/2019, 22:42:11] E: Yes. No match for the rabbit though.

[14/11/2019, 22:42:15] D: Why not?

[14/11/2019, 22:42:21] E: Vibrator is much thicker than my finger.

[14/11/2019, 22:42:25] D: Would another finger fit inside? Are you that wet?

[14/11/2019, 22:42:30] E: I'll try.

[14/11/2019, 22:42:44] E: Yes. Fitted easily. Much nicer. Sliding my two fingers in and out. Thinking of you. Fingers getting very sticky.

[14/11/2019, 22:42:50] D: Nice. Rub your clit.

[14/11/2019, 22:42:56] E: But then I can't type.

[14/11/2019, 22:43:06] D: Oh good point. Keep fingering. Hard. Deep. Slow.

[14/11/2019, 22:43:11] E: That's what I'm doing. Plunging.

[14/11/2019, 22:43:18] D: I'm wanking away here too.

[14/11/2019, 22:43:29] E: I'm sure you are. I bet its throbbing.

[14/11/2019, 22:43:40] D: I want you to take your fingers out and suck them for me.

[14/11/2019, 22:43:46] E: Can I do this for a little longer? Its feels very good.

[14/11/2019, 22:43:52] D: Course. Let me know when you're done.

[14/11/2019, 22:45:12] E: Ok done. Taking my fingers out to lick them.

[14/11/2019, 22:45:31] E: Done. My phone is all sticky now lol :-(

[14/11/2019, 22:45:41] D: Lol. Is your pussy ready for the orange one?

[14/11/2019, 22:45:59] E: Wow you are getting dirty. Sliding it in as I type. Going in very easy. Told you I was wet. I even felt that the bed is wet now. Glad they're not my sheets.

[14/11/2019, 22:46:11] E: Its switched on now. Ummhhhh.

[14/11/2019, 22:46:17] D: Vibrating away?

[14/11/2019, 22:46:26] E: Yep. Buzzing. Its louder. I dont care any more. Let nextdoor enjoy it.

[14/11/2019, 22:46:33] D: If it's a man I'd say he's wanking off right now listening to you.

[14/11/2019, 22:46:40] E: Would that make you mad?

[14/11/2019, 22:46:58] D: Nope. As long as they can't see you. Or touch you. They can wank off all they like to my sexy wife.

[14/11/2019, 22:47:12] E: Thats actually quite arousing. Knowing that I am making another man hard.

[14/11/2019, 22:47:21] D: Ok, I want you to touch your clit now.

[14/11/2019, 22:47:31] E: What do you think I've been doing? :-)

[14/11/2019, 22:47:35] D: Nice.

[14/11/2019, 22:47:50] E: So while I'm doing this, tell me what we'd be doing if you were here.

[14/11/2019, 22:48:11] D: Ok so when I think I'm gonna cum in your mouth, I'd pull free and go back down to licking you.

[14/11/2019, 22:48:14] E: So I'd cum first?

[14/11/2019, 22:48:21] D: Of course. I'd reach up and start playing with your nipples while licking. I like that.

[14/11/2019, 22:48:28] E: Want me to play with my nipples now?

[14/11/2019, 22:48:34] D: Didn't know they were out!

[14/11/2019, 22:48:41] E: They're not. I'm wearing a bra but I can pull it down. Two secs.

[14/11/2019, 22:48:47] E: Boobs are out.

[14/11/2019, 22:48:51] D: Nice. Touch them.

[14/11/2019, 22:48:57] E: With what hand?

[14/11/2019, 22:49:05] D: The one of your clit. Keep your vibrator in.

[14/11/2019, 22:49:21] E: Ok, rubbing around my nipples now. They're getting very hard. Plus I can smell my pussy now!

[14/11/2019, 22:49:28] D: Lick your fingers.

[14/11/2019, 22:49:33] E: Ew. Ok.

[14/11/2019, 22:49:41] E: Done.

[14/11/2019, 22:49:46] D: Nice?

[14/11/2019, 22:49:55] E: Well I'm sure it's nice for you. Back rubbing my clit, sorry but too nice. Vibrator is doing its job.

[14/11/2019, 22:49:59] D: Boobs still out?

[14/11/2019, 22:50:05] E: Yes. Looking at them now. Nipples erect. Sticky.

[14/11/2019, 22:50:11] D: I'm back touching.

[14/11/2019, 22:50:29] E: So where were we? You were licking me out and touching my boobs while I had a vibrator inside me. Surprised you aren't cumming all over me right now.

[14/11/2019, 22:50:59] D: Ha ha. Ok so I'd position myself over you so I can keep licking while I gently put my penis in your mouth. You suck while I lick. You take it out of your mouth to tell me to stop or else you're going to cum soon. I don't listen. You cum loudly as I continue to lick.

[14/11/2019, 22:51:11] E: Loudly? Doesn't sound like me.

[14/11/2019, 22:51:18] D: You don't care any more remember?

[14/11/2019, 22:51:41] E: Yes. I cum loudly. With your cock in my mouth. It makes me want your cock more and I suck deeper while I rub your balls wanting your cum. I can't decide where I want your cum more - in my mouth or over my boobs.

[14/11/2019, 22:51:48] D: What about both? Firstly in your mouth that you swallow and then I move over to your tits.

[14/11/2019, 22:51:56] E: Oh that would be nice. Oh no I'm close to cumming here. You?

[14/11/2019, 22:52:05] D: Yeah I'll speed up. Lets try to come together.

[14/11/2019, 22:52:11] E: Ok I'm definitely gonna cum in the next minute. Gonna put down my phone as I want to fuck myself with the vibrator while I'm touching myself to climax. That ok?

[14/11/2019, 22:52:21] D: Yeah I'll put my phone down too. Just wish I was cumming all over you.

[14/11/2019, 22:52:30] E: Me too. Putting down my phone then. Love you.

[14/11/2019, 22:53:32] E: All done. Nicest thing about a hotel is that I can just pull up my sheets and go to sleep without tidying away. Plus I might want the toys in the morning. Night xxx.

[14/11/2019, 22:53:56] D: Text me if you do! Love you.