John sat on the couch next to Scott, his erect penis screaming for release. The other men sitting across the room from him made no motion to get up, and Scott was just gently caressing John's muscular shoulder. John decided he'd done enough to please others tonight, he was going to please himself.

He began to stroke his large, uncut dick as the others watched silently. Scott leaned closer to him and the two kissed passionately for their audience. It didn't take long for him to have an explosive orgasm. Eventually, the group of men left Scott's home, and after Scott had praised John for a job well done, John left as well, returning to campus for the night. John felt no guilt or shame, he knew himself well enough to know that he could compartmentalize these experiences with Scott, and maintain his straight identity. He had come to crave his weekly visits with Scott, crave the release that Scott offered.

And so it went for the next few weeks, John returned every week, Sunday night usually, to Scott's home. The routine from Scott's birthday night remained basically the same. There would be a group of men, sometimes the same as the first night, sometimes new faces. Usually middle aged and up, although there were occasional thirty somethings in the audience at times. The number was always three or four men, and none had joined in since the older man had stuck his cock in John's mouth after the birthday dinner. Scott assured him the men who were selected were told in advance whether or not they could participate, and that the people who could participate were carefully screened and selected.

The men would usually jerk themselves off during the "performance", either while he performed for the men or while he was being fucked on the couch by Scott. Each visit to Scott's, he would strip for the men and pose for them in the center of the living room. He loved being nude before then, loved showing off his muscular body and big dick. Although they hadn't discussed it, Scott must have known that he enjoyed it, because on this particular night, Scott an even more elaborate presentation in mind.

John walked into the house and met Scott in the hallway. "Hey, babe." Said Scott. "I want you to do something a little different tonight." He approached John and wrapped his arms around his waist. "This is an all new group, and I want to mix things up a bit. I'm going to play a song while you..disrobe, and I want you to show off for them...more than usual. Show them how sexy you are and dance to the music."

John tried not to reveal how much the thought excited him. "Okay." He said nonchalantly.

"Good boy." Said Scott, he leaned in and kissed John, his tongue invading John's mouth, but John had stopped resisting weeks ago when it came to kissing. He still didn't necessarily like it...but he no longer hated it, and he knew Scott enjoyed it.

Scott guided John into the darkened living room and be observed four men sitting on the far side of the room. After the first night of John performing on Scott's birthday, Scott has decided to light the room only with candles. Despite the lack of light in the room, John could mostly make out the figures in the room with him. Four white males, the oldest looked to be in his 60s and the youngest perhaps in his mid 30s. It took John several seconds to place this person, but he eventually recognized him from Scott's birthday dinner, Tim. Before he could process this information and decide how he felt about his presence, a rush of horror went through him as he recognized another man as his childhood friend's father. Suddenly John didn't care all that much about Tim being there.

John knew Scott had posted a few Craigslist ads, as well as drawing on his own group of friends. He hadn't seen us friend's father in years, as they had lost touch once they got to high school. He thought it might be possible that this man might not recognize him. This man...what was his name again?

Ray. Ray was his name. John remembered little league practice with him coaching the team. It was certainly possible Ray didn't recognize him, John told himself. John had sprouted from about 5-10 in 7th grade and the way to 6-4 as a college junior. That was the last time he'd seen Ray, yes? 7th or 8th grade? Then Ray and his buddy's mom got divorced, and by 9th grade he had drifted away from his old friend.

If Ray recognized him, he wasn't letting on. Although it was dark enough that he couldn't entirely read the reaction on the man's face.

John stood silently next to the couch where Scott was seated, uncertain if he would be expected to suck Scott's cock before dancing or not. He considered just bolting while he still had his clothes on.

Scott answered the question for him by making an announcement to the group. "Fellas, thanks for coming. My big straight jock is going to put on quite a show for you."

John briefly considered pulling Scott aside and telling him to call it off. He was considering this as Scott turned the music on. John knew the song, Toxic by Brittany Spears. Scott walked over to him and offered words on encouragement. "You'll do great, babe. Show them what a good jock slut you are for me."

Scott's voice was surprisingly tender and affectionate. That wasn't altogether that unusual for him, but it was a marked difference from the standard dirty talk John became used to from him in bed.

John did not want to disappoint Scott. He quickly decided to just try to avoid direct eye contact with Ray and hope he wasn't recognized. He'd all but forgotten about Tim, who was leaning back in his chair and grinning at John in a way that slightly annoyed him. Getting naked for sexually frustrated, older, masculine guys was one thing...for reasons John couldn't articulate, he was less comfortable allowing himself to be in such a vulnerable position with someone like Tim. But the music was playing and John didn't want to disappoint his audience.

He quickly removed his tee shirt and threw it on the floor. John tried to focus his eyes on the wall behind the men. He slipped off his athletic pants in one quick motion, standing before them just in his boxers. He suddenly remembered he was supposed to be dancing, not just undressing.

He began to gyrate his hips, his hands running up his muscular thighs while doing so. He felt sexy. He'd been to a fair amount of strip clubs and always it to be erotic in a way that went beyond simply a nude woman. The woman was being completely objectified, treated as an object simply to be lusted over. His rock hard dick suggested that he enjoyed being on the receiving end of this treatment. He slid out of his boxers and played with his dick for them, he shook his muscular jock ass for them, he touched himself all over, and generally tried to do everything he could remember a stripper doing.

When the song ended, the men actually clapped for him. That was new. Ray clapped too, and John discovered that he didn't much care if he was recognized or not. What was he going to tell his son? That he went to a weird sex party and saw his former-friend naked? John figured his secret was safe, assuming Ray even knew who he was.

John took a seat on the couch next to Scott, as was their normal routine. Scott kissed him and ran his hands all over John's beefy but muscular body. John felt like a piece of meet and was loving every second of it. Scott was gently jerking John off, ever so slowly moving his foreskin up and down.

He sensed movement near him and Scott must have as well, as he broke off the kiss. Tim was standing beside him, still fully dressed but with an obvious hard-on presses against his khaki pants.

"You remember my friend from dinner, right baby?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Well I invited him over and I want you to make sure he feels extra welcome. Ask him if there's anything he'd like."

Scott continued to gently edge John with one hand, and rub John's muscular chest with the other. John wasn't entirely sure how Scott wanted him to respond to that, so he settled for asking Tim if there was anything he'd like him to do for him.

Tim rolled his eyes and said dismissively "just get on your knees and do what I tell you." John took an instant dislike to the man, and not just for the discourtesy. Serving a masculine gay man like Scott was one thing, but Tim was a horse of a different color. He was pretty obviously gay and not very masculine. In short, he never in a million years would have agreed to meet with this man, or anyone like him, if they had responded to his Craigslist posting. And now here he was, nude and fully erect before this pushy and unpleasant gay man that John could snap in two if he so desired.

John got on his knees, kneeling next to the couch, while Scott remained seated.

John looked up at the effeminate man before him, the man he had dinner with and exchanged polite(?) conversation with not that long ago.

Tim glanced down at John before meeting John's eyes. "I'm impressed. I didn't straight jocks could dance like such dirt sluts." Tim said to him, laughing. Tim unbuttoned his pants and pulled his underwear down, revealing a hard and bigger than expected cock, just a few inches from John's face.

Tim grabbed John's head and said to him "I'm usually more of a bottom, sweetie. But I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get blown by a straight boy jock like you. I didn't quite believe it at first, so I thought I'd have to come see for myself."

Tim guided John's face to his cock and John opened his mouth and did what was expected of him. Tim let his arms drop to his sides, allowing John to set the pace.

Tim moaned a bit and looked down at the straight jock working his dick. One of the other men sittings watching, not Ray, slipped his hands into his pants and began to play with himself. Scott watched with a smile on his face, fondling his balls.

Tim left his hands by his sides but began to pump his hips, pushing his dick deeper into John's mouth. John had gotten to the point where his gag reflex was not so easily triggered these days.

"Look at this straight boy with the a cock in his mouth." Tim taunted, his breathing was heavier but his somewhat effeminate voice remained the same. Tim was looking down directly at John but seemed to be addressing the room. "Mmmm. Scott said dumb straight bitches make the best cocksuckers, but I had to see for myself."

John was used to dirty talk and beyond from Scott, this was something a bit different. Tim was a somewhat flamboyant, stereotypically gay man that he hardly knew. In fact, it occurred to John that Tim's attitude and behavior towards John at dinner ranged from indifferent to low-key rude. He suddenly remembered that it was the women at the dinner that were the most friendly to him. John decided he didn't much care for Tim. Tim, who had not earned the right to degrade him like this. But John knew himself well enough to realize that being treated like this made his exposed dick a tad bit harder. He kept sucking.

"Do your friends on the football team know what a good cocksucker you are?" Tim asked, not requiring an answer.

"Scott told the whole office about how you blew him in the car after dinner. We all laughed about how easy it was for him to turn a frat boy into his cum guzzling bitch." Tim said with a venomous sneer. In the moment, John didn't care of what he was being told was actually true or just dirty talk. All of Scott's birthday dinner guests knew he and Scott were dating, what difference did it make if Scott discussed his sex life at the office?

Tim particularly enjoyed having this big, hyper-masculine straight man on his knees and at his command. He had always has a fairly conventional and conservative sex life after coming out of the closet in college. But his curiosity was piqued after Scott had brought John to dinner, and that curiosity only intensified after Scott had provided him with additional information on his boytoy. Tim has no problem at all believing John was straight, that much was obvious. He was just amazed that Scott had been able to get him to do...well, apparently anything Scott wanted.

In the days that followed the bday dinner, Tim found himself fantasizing more and more about having his way with John, and was even a little jealous of Scott. He wasn't entirely sure how to get what Scott had with John, but when Scott innocently mentioned that he'd been inviting over some guests for a show every weekend, Scott demanded he be able to attend.

Tim grabbed John's ears and began to thrust harder, while pulling John's mouth to the base of his cock. He reveled in abusing and degrading a man that he would have to treat with respect in virtually any other setting. He was approaching climax and wanted to this straight jock to know his place before he swallowed his load.

"From now on you'll be stopping over at my place every Wednesday night for my weekly blowjob. Sorry sweetie, Scott's orders." Tim made up the lie on the spot in the heat of passion, but he figured the worst that could happen is one of them saying no.

Tim was nearly there and angry at himself, because he wanted this to go on longer. He wanted to control this football player for a much longer period of time, but he knew his body well enough to know he was fighting a losing battle.

"Don't swallow my load until I give you permission, okay sweetie?" Tim said in a not so nice voice, the "sweeties" were intended to hurt, but John was too focused on trying not to gag on the dick that was slamming against the back of his throat.

John felt the warm rush of cum explode in his mouth, and thankfully while Tim's dick was towards the front of his mouth. He locked his lips around the tip of Tim's penis and concentrated on not letting any cum slip out while also not swallowing. A few more light thrusts of his hips and Tim seemed to be finished. He removed his dick from John's mouth and looked down at him, smiling.

"That's a good a jock boy. Now make sure all of my yummy cum is on your tongue and then stick your tongue out for me, honey."

John did as instructed and stuck his cum drenched tongue out, most of it pooled at the center.

"Mmm, good jock. I'm sure your football coach would be proud. Now show everyone else."

John turned towards Scott, who he now realized has been jerking off the whole time. He then looked back at the other men, including Ray. Ray's pants were around his ankles and he was playing with his hardon. John looked back at Tim, wondering how much longer he could hold this impressive load in his tongue.

Tim patted John on the head three times. "Such an obedient straight boy. Scott trained you well. Now here are your instructions, sweetie. Try to remember. Put your tongue back in your mouth for me. Then I want you to swallow that huge load I put in your straight mouth. Theennnn I want you to stick your tongue out again and show me that you swallooweeddd all of my delicious cum. And then, you repeat after me: thank you for fucking my straight jock throat. Understand?"

John nodded and swallowed the load in one big gulp. He stuck his tongue out for Tim to see, and repeated the line he had been ordered to repeat.

To be continued...