"What are you talking about Chels?" I nervously chuckle. I just got fucking my little sister Emma by one of her best friends. Our lives are ruined.

Chelsea rolls her eyes and leans over to Emma. She reaches down and touches Emma's pussy. Wait what?! How is this insane situation doubling down on insanity?!

"Did it feel good Emma? Did David's cock feel good?" As she asks, she scoops some cum out of my sister and into her mouth. "It tastes good."

"It felt soooo good. It was over pretty quick, but I think we both just really needed the release." Well, that's a blow to my ego.

"David go grab us the next round will you?" Chelsea says as she scoops more of my cum, this time into Emma's mouth.

"Uh. Yeah." Boy am I dumb.

As I walk through the crowd people are fucking, women and men stroke my chest as I near them, and the music continues to just leave me feeling hazy. I'm nearly at the bar when I'm violently grabbed to the side. Oh shit, some boyfriend's probably mad at me for their girlfriend stroking my chest or something stupid like- Oh, it's Cate.

I have half a second to look into her green eyes before she pulls my face to hers and starts rubbing my cock.

I immediately give in and match her enthusiasm, but my dick needs more time. Once it's clear I'm not getting hard, Cate breaks off the kiss.

"What the fuck, David? You've been teasing me all night and now you won't even get hard for me?"

"Sorry, I kinda just. Yeah. It's just that. Well"

"Fuck! Some whore beat me to it?" She reaches into my pants and grabs the tip of my dick. "Yep, crusty" Well, that's a gross way of putting it. "And after I worked so hard to make the stars align for you to come to this club with us!"

"I mean, Cate. Look at you!" I gesture to her red hair, slim waist, perfect tits, and even spin her and give her a spank. I don't know where this confidence is coming from but, "I will always be down to fuck you."

"No, you're just saying that." She slumps and we head to the bar ordering the 4 drinks.

"No, for real. anytime any place."

"You just think that now! It's now and it's this place!"

"What do you mean?"

"Didn't you notice in the car? It's this DJ, his music just makes inhibitions go out the window. I can't describe it."

"Wait, so you meant-"

"Yeah! I worked hard to make this happen"

"That feels morally grey."

"It was the only way. Emma's so territorial about her precious brother. I needed to make a way happen that I couldnt be blamed."

"Wait, so Emma knows about the DJ?" If she knew, is she also trying to?...

"Yeah. So did you fuck Chelsea?"

Our drinks arrive, but Cate's in my ear with her question and both hands on my thighs. "Um... No, but I did finger her."

"Oh some random woman here? That's hot."


She leans in and her voice is barely breathing as the heat from her mouth goes in my ear, "You don't mean. Did you fuck your little sister?" We stay frozen for a moment before Cate actually starts to lick my ear. More like tongue it, softly probing, as if to say she won't judge.

I slowly turn to Cate, and take a gamble. "I made her call me daddy." Cate launches herself at me, and we're once again, furiously making out. My dick is starting to come to life too.

Suddenly, Cate is torn off me and Emma looks furious. She reaches inside herself and takes out MORE of my cum. She takes it, and shoves it inside her friend. "Is this what you want?!" What the fuck is going on. I look from woman to woman, but Cate looks like she's convulsing.

"YES EMMA!" Holy shit. She was really worked up. I think she just came.

She slumps to her knees and drools a little as Emma looks down at her friend, "My brother David is mine." It shouldn't, but that makes me hard as diamonds.

"Emma..." I grab her and pull her into me, and we start going at it once again. But with my other hand I grab some of Cate's firey hair and pull her face to my cock. She immediately understands and starts unbuttoning my pants.

It doesn't take long for Emma to notice as Cate's tongue just touches the tip, "You bitch! What did I just say?"

"Emma!" I bark at her. "Who's your daddy?" I say much calmer.

"You are, but..."

"Then I decide who can or can't play with us." As I say that I grab Cate's hair and push her head down to deepthroat my dick. She gags for a moment, but quickly adjusts.

"But dadddddyyyyyyy..." Emma whines and lightly traces my chest with her finger.

"Now let's take these drinks back to Chelsea." I have to think about my next moves and it's hard to do that with this sex crazed music going. I could ruin my relationship with Emma and hers with her best friends if we're not careful.

I think this, but even as we walk back I'm grabbing and groping Cate's sexy body.

I hand Chelsea her drink and sit next to her. Cate takes my left, and Emma hops onto my lap. "I'm worried ladies. What happens when we leave this place, and reason comes back?"

"I won't care! I just need to fuck you David. I've wanted to for so long!" Cate exclaims to me and kisses me in between words.

Emma wiggles her ass, and keeps me hard, "David... We can't unfuck. But I won't regret it either. Or round 2."

"I'm just happy to be here with you guys." Chelsea giggles, and fingers herself. I grab her hand and taste her pussy on her fingers.

"I can't control myself here!"

"Then don't!" Cate pushes Emma off of me, and takes her place on my lap. "I'll make you feel soooooo good."

"Oh fuck." Cate fishes out my cock, and starts to undo her pants when Emma pushes her back off. She licks her lips, and takes my dick in her hands.

"But you had your turn!" Cate looks like she might cry, but Emma winks at her.

"Daddy's cum is mine got it?" As she says that she lowers herself back onto my cock. "Oooooooooh" She moans as she bends forward and lifts her ass up and down on my cock.

"Emma your pussy feels so good!"

My little sister winks at me as she gets up and pulls Cate back up. She starts stripping her friend's pants and takes off her panties. "Don't forget it cuz your cum is for my cunt. Not this one." She spanks Cate playfully and pushes her onto my cock. Cate starts to lower straddling my body, while she does, Chelsea takes my cock and aims it into their friend.

"I can't wait for my turn." Chelsea whispers seductively as I enter Cate.

"Fuuuuuuck David. You feel so gooooooood inside me." Her emerald eyes open and look into mine as she puts her arms around my neck. She moans softly as she rises and falls. Our eye contact doesn't break, but I see Emma's fingers going in and out of her own cunt right behind Cate.

"Cate. You feel so good. I've wanted to fuck you since high school!"

"Then why didn't you?" Her eyes close slowly and she tilts her head back as she rides me.

"My sister's hot dancer friend? It's intimidating to say the least."

"God, I'm so worked up! Fuck me David. I want this cock inside of me everyday!" She leans forward and whispers in my ear, "Will you fill me with your cum? Instead of your little bitch of a sister?" She uses her new position to leverage faster longer and deeper movement.

"Naughty girl. Emma would be mad."

"Let her be mad. This feels way too gooooooooood" I thrust hard into her to hear my effect her.

I lift her up with her legs wrapped around me and push her against the wall.

"Oh fuck! David yes! Yes! Yes! Just like that. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

With every thrust I feel Cate's pussy clench my cock.

"Emma. I'm gonna cum in your friend!"

"No! David please! I need your cum!"

"Ohhh Emma you can eat it out of her because there's no way I can stop fucking this little redhead slut."

Cate grabs my ass as she starts cumming and pulls my pelvis as close to hers as can be. I try not to cum for Emma, but Cate's pussy begins pulsating as she cums.

"David! Do it! Fill me with your cum! Please! Please fill me with your cum!"

Emma dips under our bodies and sticks out her tongue. "Do it daddy. I'll get anything that overflows." With that I release everything I have deep inside Cate's body.

"Thank you! Fuck! Thank you!" Cate starts to come down as my cock pulses shot after shot of cum inside her.


Well that got out of hand fast. The car ride is pretty quiet as the two girls I filled with cum sit in the back. Chelsea's in the front passenger seat just whistling along to some music... Not the DJ from the club.

"Sooooo... Should we talk about... Anything?" I look in the rearview mirror and Emma just looks out the window. What did I do to my little sister? Fuck...

"Yeah. I never got a turn!" Chelsea exclaims trying to brighten the mood with a joke. Emma just glares at her.

When we get back to the house Emma's friends head inside leaving me and Emma standing outside next to the car.

"Listen. Emma..." I'm cut short when Emma presses her body into mine and against the car. She starts making out with me right there where anyone can see. And I don't care at all. This feels fantastic.

"Thanks for the ride daddy David." This girl is gonna be the death of me.