The electric buzzing woke me from a twilight sleep. I had gone to bed early to watch some television after a relaxing night in, a long bath and a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. I had been watching some late night repeat of "Love Island" or a copycat version of it and must have dozed off.

I realised my entry intercom was buzzing so I clambered to the door and gave a very unfriendly, "Yes!!"

"Hi Matt, it's Ryan here can I come in?"

I buzzed in my mate and was puzzled by his impromptu visit at 11.00 at night.

As he stumbled through the door, my first instinct was that he was drunk, but he quickly gathered his senses and said, "Hi, can you put me up tonight. I'll sleep on the couch."

Ryan knew that though I had a really nice modern flat, the cost of a stylish and modern apartment had quickly made a two bedroom flat out of my budget. At 24 I should be lucky to have my own place anyway.

"I had a blazing row with Kirsty," he said, mentioning his rather fickle girlfriend.

He was besotted by this self centred, Facebook addicted, egotistical and over made up Barbie doll. OK, I'm biased. I'm gay, Ryan thinks I'm bi and I have always fancied the pants off him so I'm jealous. She's still a painted Barbie doll though and far too good for him but he can't see it.

"What was it this time?" I asked, resigning myself to a long night.

I automatically went to the fridge and popped open a couple of beers, handing one to him.

"We were out for drink and she said I spent too much time talking to another girl there and not enough time for her. She stormed out of the bar so I went back to the flat with her but she just got angrier so I locked myself in the bathroom so she got madder and started hammering the door with the steam iron."

My thoughts were how stupid a steam iron is as a weapon, and then what sort of indentation would it make if it came in contact with a skull. I had long suggested they shouldn't rent a flat together but he was in love and she figured he was her "Ken." Now Ryan was no "Ken" but did I mention she definitely looked like a Barbie! Ryan's beauty was in the fact that he wasn't a beauty, at least not in the "US gay porn movie muscular blonde." sort of way. He was a beauty in the "really quite cute, boy next door, short hair cut, nice well built body, yet slim" sort of way.

"So when she went off to wail to her mother on the phone, I just took to my heels and dashed out of the door shouting that I would be back in morning when she had calmed down."

I hadn't realised he was still talking as I had been re-evaluating his looks in my slightly drunken state. I was wearing a short cotton gown which I had quickly wrapped around myself and thankfully had some sexy tight shorts on underneath, even if I say so myself.

I got the gist of the story. This fiery relationship had been going on for about a year and though he had never turned up at my door before, I knew they had been arguing a lot, mainly over her possessive jealousy.

He went on and on. He was angry because he hadn't had his pre-going out, shag that he had expected so I get the feeling his evening hadn't started well and had gone downhill from there. Ryan talked a lot about sex. Though he was besotted by Barbie, sorry, Kirsty, it never stopped him talking about any decent looking piece of skirt he happened to pass when we were out together so maybe she had a point!

I only had six beers in the fridge so after an hour, he held up another bottle of New Zealand's finest and asked if he could open it. I reluctantly agreed, knowing what my head would be like in the morning. Thankfully the next day was a Saturday so no work. He kept checking his phone so by now she had probably tracked him to my flat and decided to leave him to fall back in love and apologise in the morning.

I let him take the lead with the drink and as the bottle finished I made some green tea to settle us both.

"And now I've got a fucking headache, he said, opening a bottle of pills and washing two or three down.

He laid the brown bottle on the breakfast bar of my open plan kitchen/lounge and asked if I had anything he could wear. I suggested a massive, long t-shirt I used to sleep in and he grabbed it. He went to the toilet and came back wearing it, doing a fake model-like twirl and raising it to show his black Armani pants, not that I was looking in any detail. He flopped on my two-seater sofa and promptly fell on the floor.

"For fuck's sake Ryan, just go through and get in the bed through there".

It was a massive queen size anyway, He didn't need telling again and was off almost immediately. I thought it better to clean up in case he fell over something during the night on his way back to the toilet. When the glasses were away I picked up his "headache" tablets and saw that they were Valium, with Kirsty's name on them. He had obviously picked them up while locked in her toilet, thinking he might need them to help sleep. I then wondered if he had taken two or three.

Anyway I locked up, went to the room and with only the overbed side lights on, climbed in beside an already snoring Ryan. The duvet had been folded back to let him in and hardly pulled back over his beautiful body at all. That meant his right leg was showing nakedly out of the bed as well as the right half of his torso. I lay beside him looking at the cute little face snoring happily.

"Would you like me to pull up the covers Ryan," I asked.

The response was as close to zero as was possible.

I got out of the bed and walked round to pull up the duvet but as I stood looking at his helpless, exposed body, my cock began to stir. I had, of course, had carnal thoughts about Ryan in the past but these were more for my wanking, fantasy entertainment than anything I ever expected to act out. I shook him to ask if he wanted tucked in. Not only was there no reaction but he didn't even grunt. I started to shake him almost violently and he was like a slab of marble. I half expected a growl of displeasure and perhaps for him to turn away but there was no reaction.

My cock was pressing hard against my pants and the head of it was hurting, trying to escape the confines of Mr. Klein's cotton fabric. I eased it down the leg to ease the pressure and my own touch to my cock made me realise I was leaking profusely. I walked back round and took my phone from the charger, taking a few pictures of my fantasy man for future visual excitement.

After a couple of semi-innocent shots I pulled the cover right back and took some with the t-shirt riding up just enough to show the bottom of his underwear. Then I teased it up more, and more until his lightly, blonde haired chest was visible as was his beautifully packaged cock and balls, More pictures and then I stroked his bulge. It was soft but obviously well endowed. I felt a little guilty so again, tried to rouse him. The response was like talking to a brick wall.

I pulled my gown off and laid it on the back of a chair and then gently eased down his pants. I was able to slide the t-shirt right up to his shoulders and there before me, was a beautiful, uncut, specimen of manhood. It was a thick cock, probably about four inches in it's soft state and his balls were shaved and tight, full of sperm, I assumed. He still had some hair around his pubic region but his balls were smooth. I snapped away as I went along and then dropped to my knees at the side of the bed to take his cock in my mouth. The salty, manly taste, immediately filled my mouth and I managed the whole cock, filling all the space in my mouth with my lips pressed against his pubic bone. I held and caressed his balls. I slid my own pants off so was now naked and praying there was no change in his current unconscious state or I was up shit creek without a paddle.

I must have sucked for about ten minutes just enjoying the soft male organ squishing around in my mouth and filling every available space. I slid my mouth off and went to my bedside drawer to take out a leather cock strap. This was just a single piece of leather with press studs. I wrapped it as tight at I dared around his balls and then took his soft cock in my left hand and my own cock in my right and started to wank him. There was, of course, little response. I had my poppers to hand so sniffed them, just to give me little "high."

I took a few more snaps and a little video then wondered.

I gently put the poppers to his nose and held them allowing his breathing to take in the fumes. I held them there for easily a minute, took one more hit myself and then dropped down to wank him again. There was a little stirring, way down in the base. I kept going quite frantically, cupping his balls, sucking a little, wanking a little until he seemed to have a semi-erection. From that point, his cock rose quite quickly and soon I was snapping, sucking and stroking a beautifully thick seven inch cock, the head peeking out from the foreskin which had slid back to present it's contents.

I must have spent ten or maybe even fifteen minutes wanking and sucking. I licked his balls and even fingered his arse. During all this, his cock stayed upright like a flagpole. I had thought it would have been almost impossible to keep it erect but it willed itself to show me it's full glory. I climbed on to the edge of the bed and took Ryan's limp hand wrapping it around my hard cock and guided him to wank me. The pleasure was immeasurable as I pushed my cock into his lightly clenched hand, gripped in mine to keep it in place. My cock was leaking profusely so I climbed just a little higher and offered my dripping cock to his mouth, slightly parting his lips to allow me in as far as his teeth would permit. The clear liquid was around his lips and even running down his chin. What a shot that was! Then I had an evil thought!

I went back round the bed and took some lube from my table. I lubricated my hole making sure it was well opened. I returned and went back to re-encourage Ryan's slightly drooping cock to return, surprisingly quickly, to it's full glory. I set my phone on movie mode and left it on a stand at the side of the bed. I rubbed lube around the entire length of his cock and clambered on the bed to sit astride him and face him. Thankfully he had been on his back for the entire time.

I gripped his cock and lowered my arse down. It really didn't take long and it slid straight in. If this was a normal session I would take time to adjust and slide the cock in inch my inch but I didn't have time, plus I was horny as fuck. I sat straight down on his cock without even stopping at any stage and the entire, thick beast went all the way to the hilt. It hurt but in an exquisite way. I started to ride up and down, while wanking my cock, aimed straight at Ryan's face. Much as I would have liked to blast a load with his cock in me, I really wanted to see if I could make him cum. I wasn't sure if it would be possible.

I rode him him for about ten minutes. My hole was accepting his cock like a gift from Heaven, sending tingles through my body. I am normally the top but I really wanted to be Ryan's bitch this time.

When I had finished, I returned to his bedside and gently wiped the lube off his cock, returning my attention to his stiff beauty. I wanked, I sucked and though it was brick hard it seemed as though my final pleasure was going to be denied so I decided to pop his cock in my mouth and wank myself off. I was just about to place my mouth over him when without any warning from his cock, or body, a stream of cum shot over my face and mouth. I didn't count but I would have guessed eight or nine shots and dripping. Wonderfully ammonia-smelling, cum smothered me. I stood up, the liquid running down my body and fired my load over Ryan's neck and mouth. There was a slight grunt, and then he went back to snoring.

As you might imagine, the enormity of it all then hit me and a mad ten minutes of mopping up followed. I managed to mop him up and dress him before rushing to clean myself grab my phone and jump into bed, my heart pumping in my chest. I lay there, light on, looking at him, still blissfully sleeping until my heart rate returned to near normal before eventually switching off the lights and falling asleep.

I woke in the morning on my left hand side to find a stiff cock pressing my buttocks and Ryan's arm across me, spooning!

My movement must have woken him and he groggily awoke, realised where he was and where his stiff cock was prodding before, quickly pulling back, mumbling an apology.

"Sorry mate, thought I was in bed with Kirsty," he said.

"Don't worry," I replied as I climbed out of bed, my own erection sticking out proudly," Most of us waken that way in the morning don't we?"

He smiled and climbed out, this time not covering his own erection in his pants and said, "Yeh, I suppose we do."

It was patently obvious he had no recollection of my one hour session the previous night and, rightly or wrongly, my guilt disappeared leaving me with a keenness to get my hands of my phone and copy the evidence to my computer as soon as I could so I could drool over it and relive it all again at my own pace.

His phone had a number of texts from his loved one so he left after some tea and toast, thanking me for the hospitality and saying he knew where to find refuge should she do this to him again.

The thing is, I knew she would!