Introduction: This is my first time writing a story. Criticism and ideas are welcome.

My name is Jason. I am just a normal guy who was living a normal life until life started to go downhill. Last year my girlfriend left me and last week I was fired from my job. Since then my days passed by jerking off to femdom porn in my rented room. Today I got a final nail in the coffin when my landlord gave me an eviction notice as I neared the end of period of tenancy. I had some savings left but they could only last for one month. I knew I needed to find a job and a place to stay otherwise I am fucked up.

Despite the naked sword hanging above my head I decided to try my luck in dating sites thinking I will find some job later. After two hours I found a user named MistressJ who has posted an ad:

"Need a fit submissive male as a houseboy. Food and rent provided. Answer only if you are willing to give everything you have."

I looked up for location and found it is in my city. I tried my luck by sending a good morning and telling that I am interested to serve.

I got the reply "I saw your profile. I think we can work this out. Answer this survey."

I clicked on the link and answered the survey. There were weird questions like how do you feel to be dominated, will you do chores, etc.

Then I was asked about my job ,where do I live and other personal questions.

Usually I would have answered dishonestly but I don't know what happened that I told all my loser stories honestly.

After 1 hour I got reply "Portman Cafe,8:00 am,Table 6".

My heart was beating fast. I was excited ,had dinner and immediately went to sleep in order to wake up early.

Next day I woke up at 6, bathed properly, wore a professional suit and left. I sat in my car and drove to Portman Cafe . I reached there by 7:45 am. I noticed that tables are numbered and proceeded to table 6. I waited then I saw a beautiful woman come towards my table at 7:59 and seated properly by 8.

She is a sight to behold. She has brunette hair and brown eyes with an ample bosom. She is wearing a tight hugging red dress.

Then she says"So you must be Jason."

"Yes ma'am"

"So Jason, let's cut to the chase. I do not care about your past.I do not care how many gf's you had or why you was fired from your job. Tell me why do you want to be my houseboy."

"Ma'am , I have always had submissive fantasies. I always dream of serving women."

"I see."

"Do you have any previous criminal record?"

"No ma'am"

"Are there two people who can testify to that."

"Yes, I guess."

"Listen this is a full time 24/7 job . I think of a trial period of 1 month and then we can finalize our arrangement. You can leave at any time and then you can never come back."

"Okay ma'am."

"You will have to do everything I tell you to do. If you do not follow there will be consequences. There maybe certain activities to discipline unruly behaviour."

"Yes ma'am"

"So here is the final offer. Are you willing to give everything you have?"

Then she gave me a small red box.

"Go to the washroom and wear this. If you don't want to then fuck off and run away."

I went to the washroom and opened the box.

It is a metal chastity cage. It is shaped like a dome with wires emanating from the center. Not a normal one but a super small cage probably about 1.5 inches of full length and less than 1 inch for my cock. It is used to prevent user from sexual activities and masturbation. As I am a grower so I immediately wore it and locked it in place with lock core. I was shocked to find that it was super comfortable for now.

I returned to the table and she had a wide grin while I gave the key to her.

"So when are you ready to serve?"

"I can come tomorrow."

"Well here is the address and be sharp with all your belongings and proper documents at 8am."

I received the piece of paper and then she went away.

I immediately went to my home then to my bathroom to see the cage in which my precious jewels are locked.

I realised there is no way I can masturbate in this unless I am opened.

I then proceeded to collect all the documents she may require. I then my time collecting my belongings. I mostly had clothes and a laptop. Rest of the furniture was not mine but of the landlord. I packed my bag and was tired.

When I tried to sleep, suddenly I got a reminder of a hardon trapped in it's cage.

This repeated four times. I would sleep then wake up then go back to sleep. Luckily I went to sleep for the next day.

To be continued...