It started out as a naughty idea that came to me. I told my husband I would go to the car wash and wash his car for him. So I dressed in a short blue skirt and a white blouse which buttons but has to be tied at the bottom. I did not wear panties or a bra.

Washing a car requires a lot of bending and stretching and with this outfit on it would be almost impossible to avoid exposing myself. Well that was exactly the point of my little plan.

Even on the drive over to the car wash I was getting excited by the prospect.

His car is low to the ground and has a sunroof so anyone in a tall vehicle could see into the car and probably see up my skirt. That must be why the Fe-Ex guy was driving right next to me for the longest time. I must say there is something about those guys with their little uniforms and all that gets me excited.

The attention was turning me on and I was now feeling frisky and in need of a little more attention.

I searched for just the right car wash, one that had a few men washing their cars at it. But was in a safe area. Some the DIY car washes in our area are a little sketchy. So I drove out to the suburbs.

I spotted one on a side street, near a mall. There were two men there washing their cars when I arrived. I choose a stall next to the change machine and proceeded to change some dollar bills. I felt eyes on me as I walked to the change machine, then I noticed one of the men checking me out. This may be interesting I thought.

As I walked back to the car with my change, I noticed he was still checking me out. I also noticed that my tits were really jiggling in this outfit, actually more than I expected.

As I started to spray off the car my skirt must have been riding up quite a bit as I felt a breeze on my bare behind. I could feel the wetness growing as I thought about my private parts being displayed to complete strangers.

I started to get a little scared that maybe I took this a little too far. I mean what would these guys think; here I was washing my car with a skimpy outfit on and no underwear.

I started to think that maybe I should stop and get out of there. But it seemed that the men were only stealing glances occasionally so they must gentlemen I thought. That made me feel a little better about this adventure.

I got serious about my washing and kind of forgot about my state of dress. The bottom of the car was what reminded me, if you have washed a car with one of those sprayers you know there is no easy way to spray the lower part without either kneeling or bending way over.

I did not want to get my knees all wet on the hard ground then, as I bent down it hit me; I must have been completely uncovered because one of the guys was standing off to the side just slack jawed. I started to get very wet at the thought of him staring at my naked pussy. So I really took my time washing the underside and bottom of the car.

By the time I was done I was dizzy from the excitement. I started to wonder what might be going through his mind as he was watching me? Did he think this was accidental and his lucky day, did he think I was some kind of naughty wife getting her jollies by teasing strange men? If he thought that he may have thought that I need to be taught a lesson for being so bad. Oh my I was starting to shake with fear and excitement at the notion. I really over did it this time.

When I glanced over my shoulder to see if he was still watching, he was gone. I was a little disappointed actually because I was having fun. The other men there walked by a few times but none stayed and stared like this guy. I began to wonder where he may have gone when I heard a car start and drive through the spray area.

Sure enough it was him. He pulled through and parked by the vacuums, I noticed he would have clear view from there and the windows of his truck appeared to be tinted.

Well now I was really excited I had an interested strange man watching me. This was starting to get a little scary but I was doing hubby a favor so I may as well have a little fun. So I bent over and really paid attention to the wheels and bumpers. I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second.

The sun was shining on my exposed private parts adding more heat to a spot that was already on fire.

By now it was getting to be time to rinse the soap off. I noticed that my admirer had not left his truck; rather he just stayed parked by the vacuums. After rinsing I would have to make sure I vacuumed the car very well. So I finished my rinsing and moved to the vacuum area right next to my new friend.

I was very excited by my own boldness and I thought I had to be soaking wet, so before getting out the car to put money in the vacuums I reached down and felt my pussy. I was so wet I thought I would stain the seats. Touching myself in front of this stranger felt so good that I could hardly stop, as a slipped two fingers deep into my gash, I noticed my admirer watching me again. I could just make out his form through the tinted window.

Even with tinted windows I thought I saw his arm moving in the cab of that truck, could my admirer be jerking off. The thought of it made me tingle. I really wanted to look and see if he really was but there was no easy way to do it.

As I proceeded with my vacuuming I was basically on my knees on the passenger seat reaching over to vacuum the drivers side floorboard. I know my ass and pussy were sticking out right in his plain view. I was dripping wet with the thought of exciting this guy to the point of jacking off in his car watching me.

Then the door opened. I was so startled that I hit my head on the roof of the car.

"Crap that hurt!" I thought to myself. I felt a sudden shiver and knew that this stranger's eyes were fixated on my exposed ass. I could feel a drop of wetness roll down the inside of my thigh, I was soaked, glistening I'm sure. I dared not turn around afraid of what this guy might do, then I thought maybe I'd better turn around before this guy decides to fuck me right there. Before I could fully process what my next step would be the timer on the vacuum ran out. I slowly crawled out of the car and turned around.....

There he was just leaning against his truck watching me. I could tell that he was truly enjoying the show......his jeans outlined his hard cock rather nicely....I made eye contact and smiled. He asked if I was ok, "You really hit your head hard". "I didn't mean to startle you I just wanted to see if you needed any help". "I mean it looks like your in need of something." My mind was running a thousand miles an hour.

I glanced around at the rest of the Car Wash, amazingly everyone had left but this guy. I could feel myself start to sweat and feel uncomfortable. Then I thought about a fantasy that my husband and I had talked about before...

I walked over to his truck and leaned against the door next to him. Introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Beth. What's your name?" His name was Chris. I asked him if he was enjoying the show because his car wasn't very clean. He smiled and said that I could help him finish the wash job. Could be fun I thought...

Chris pulled his truck back into the stall, I got the sprayer and started to spray down his truck. The water kept splashing back at me getting me all wet. My white blouse was soaked through leaving nothing to the imagination. I was really having fun with this.

Oops the timer ran out and there was soap all over his truck. I walked over and asked him to put in another few quarters.

He said that he would if I would take off my skirt. I said but everyone would see that I was half naked. So he asked me to untie my shirt and let it hang down. This sounded like fun.

I slowly unzipped my blue skirt and let it drop to the ground. I turned to him and untied my shirt and let it hang. I could see his dick throb in his jeans. I told him that if he got any bigger he would tear his pants. That's all it took, he unbuttoned and released his prisoner from his shackles....

Before he put in the quarters I just had to feel his nice hard dick in my mouth. I knelt down in front of him and gently licked his entire shaft from balls to tip. It was so hot it felt like fire on my tongue. I took the tip in my mouth and sucked, licked and nibbled on it. I could hear him moan with pleasure. We were so lost that we didn't even think of were we were...Then he asked me to take it all in, suck my whole dick. I could taste his precum, so sweet.

I stood back up and he put in the quarters, I started spraying his truck off again. My blouse only had about 3 buttons done, so you could see my shaved pussy very easily. I noticed Chris started to play with himself again. I found myself watching him intently.

Finally the truck was almost done. I didn't even notice that Chris was standing behind me, dick still out and ready. Then I felt a warm body against my bare ass. I could feel his dick lurch between my legs.

Oh shit I thought, what have I done, a blow job was ok, but this, I was not ready for this. But the feeling of that warm hard cock on my thighs was too much. I was so horny and wet. Chris's dick slipped right inside of me, it was fantastic, so hard and hot, it filled me. I rocked back towards his hips. Then he began to thrust deeper inside of me.

All of the sudden we noticed another car had pulled up in the stall beside us. Chris quickly inserted more money. The sprayer came on again. I started to spray the truck again.

Then the man next to us came over and asked if we had change for a $20. Apparently he knew Chris. I felt awkward but tried to act like nothing was going on.

He and Chris started talking, Chris was telling him about how I was teasing everyone at the car wash. Before I knew it Chris was behind me again and his friend was asking me to suck his dick. Oh my I thought, what a story I would have to tell my husband when I got home.

We didn't want anyone to see what we were doing so Chris' friend sat in the cab of the truck and I leaned over to suck him off, which left my pussy very easily accessible to Chris. As I began to suck his friend, Chris returned the favor by licking and sucking my clit. I could feel his tongue pressing inside my tight box then tickling my asshole. He had me moaning and shaking with pleasure.

His friend could tell by my actions that I was about to cum. He told Chris to fuck me while I was sucking him. He wanted to fill my mouth while Chris filled my pussy with their hot cum.

I don't think I have ever sucked someone so deeply in my mouth before; I could barely get a breath. I was in Heaven, a dick in my mouth to suck and one buried deep inside of me, all in plain sight. I could hear them both start to moan and they were both throbbing deep inside of me.

First to unload was the friend, I wasn't nice to him I wouldn't stop sucking even though he had no more to give. And then I felt Chris shoot his load into me. That was all it took I was shaking and quivering all over the place. I came really loudly right there in a car wash. Both of the guys were saying how fucking hot I was. Then they asked me for my number and I could see them again. I really did not want to do that so I gave them a fake number, told them I had to go and got out of there as fast as I could.

When I got home I looked everywhere for my mobile phone, then I thought ...did I lose it at the car wash?