I first saw your eyes, deep brown, the kind of eyes that draws a guy in, I could get lost in your eyes for day. Then your hair with it waves of dark brunette that is almost black, how it frames your face. Let's just curl up together tonight. Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

Can we lay together in bed, you just in your sexy brown sports bra and panties, and watch a movie? Me naked as usual. I mostly like independent movies rather than the blockbusters so something with a story rather than car chases and explosions.

A love story would be nice, that would be best, so that when the love making scenes come on I could trace my hand back and forth across your warm skin to see if I can get a response.

Whenever I am around you I cannot but help getting hard. Just looking at your boobs in your bra, your cleavage gets me rock hard for you. So, to be able to press my cock against your hip in your panties and bare thigh as we spoon together just watching the movie, well that is just icing on the cake. Summer here (Australia), so it is so warm, too hot for the covers, not even a sheet.

I will slowly move my hand around on the slight swell of your tummy allowing a light touch of the underneath of your breast, brushing the curve of your breasts with the back of my hand. The material of your bra slides across the back of my hand like silk. I like to explore your belly just running my hand softly, lightly across your skin playing with your belly button. Are you ticklish? Could you let me lightly touch you all over your belly?

Either this movie is crap or I have had more of an impact than I expected as I feel you slip your hand around your back to take my cock in your hand. Well it was striving to get your attention.

I nuzzle my face into your neck and close my eyes, I have, all of a sudden lost all interest in the movie. I kiss your neck and run my nose through your beautiful wavey dark hair. I love your hair! You take such good care of it. I think long hair is just so feminine, so sexy. Just resting on your shoulders like that is just so right.

The smell of your hair is important, what shampoo do you use, what fragrance am I smelling? Citrus or berry I think?

I feel your palm press down the length of my shaft and your fingers encase my balls, then you reverse direction to travel your hand back up to the head of my prick. Fuck me that feels great.

I let my hand run over your tummy to the waistband of your panties, very very lightly, and then back up over your belly to the underside of your breast in your bra. I so want to see what that bra encases, your cleavage has me transfixed and I love how you know how to dress to hide the girls and then show off to me when you want to.

"I thought we were watching a movie" you say.

"You started it." I say and smile.

And with that I take your breast into my hand, your boobs are just right, not too big, not too small, who am I kidding? I love them all, but yours boobs are right in that fantastic zone and are so shapely. I cannot wait to see them out of that bra.

I just hold your boob and feel your nipple respond under my palm through the slight material.

How do the manufacturers do it, make that material just so it is cool to touch, so as to accentuate the contrast so nicely with the warmth of your tits. Like the contrast of your hand on my cock pressing me into your butt crack against the material of your knickers. Bras and panties, they just have to be designed by guys just for moments like this right.

With my free hand I reach up your back as you lie on your side spooning with me, with a deft touch I slip your bra strap off your shoulder and push the sports bra down moving it across your boob in tiny little circles with my hand so you can feel it move across your flesh. I like to touch you, I like to touch your nakedness but I also like the texture of the material against your skin like this.

My hand on your back explores your upper back, your shoulders, the back of your neck. I lovingly kiss all over the back of your neck as my hand moves us into your lovely hair. God I love your hair. I kiss around your neck to the back of your ears and I let my tongue tickle the back of your lobes.

Women's shoulders are so under rated. I love the sight of your shoulders in bed, the contrast of your bra strap against your skin. Do you know how alluring that is?

So much for the movie right.

I guide you on to your tummy and move my legs one by one between your knees. I let my hands move to your hips. I pull back on your hips to draw you onto your knees then with my hands running the length of your back I manoeuvre you so your arse points skyward toward my chest.

I reach between your legs brushing the length of my arm over the gusset of your panties as move my hand up between your boobs, as I go pushing your sports bra up to release the girls. My other hand works its way up your back and pushes down on your shoulders, so your boobs press my hand to the bed. The weight of your chest bares down as my hands explores each of you tits, fighting my way from one breast to the other, pushing my way into your boobs against the bed.

Do you know how lady like you look right now. With me pawing at your tits with your white panty clad arse poked up in air to for me to inspect. I can see the dampness in the crotch of your knickers. So I have to force my hand to relinquish fondling your boobs as I trace it back down your belly running the length of my arm lightly back over the crotch of your panties. Your poor poor clit must be begging for attention by now. Soon sweetie, soon.

As my wrist bumps its way over your pussy, I hook my finger into the waistband of your undies and pull it down through your pubes and then when I have my finger only a few millimetres (maybe quarter of an inch) from the hood of your clit, snap. I release the waistband and it flicks back up through your pubes.

I am hoping you do not shave, I like my women real with all the hair and bumps and lumps and scratches that go hand in hand with real life. A little trim is nice but really who wants to look like a twelve-year old?

I press my fingers heavily into your pussy lips as I continue to draw my hand back through your legs. I bring both hands to your butt and force your knees even wider with a press of my knees. Each of my hands slips four fingers into the leg hole of your undies leaving just my two thumbs out in the air. I arch my hands on your butt to draw your knickers in your pussy lips in a delightful wedgie. Tension, release, tension, release.

I press one thumb to your butt hole and the other to the opening of your cunt. And press the material of your panties slightly into both of your holes. I let the fingers of my right hand move across your butt cheek and into the crack of your butt and run down between your legs until I can slide two fingers slowly into your pussy. Whilst I keep working your butt hole with my thumb.

I love the noise you make when I first enter you, be it with my cock or fingers. I love the involuntariness of that sound.

The pads of my fingers push into your g spot as I push into you around the crotch of your panties. Flattening and curving my fingers in you so the tips of my fingers can move against the slight roughness of your g-spot. Have you ever felt your own g spot, can you reach it? It has a beautiful texture that only slightly varies from the rest of the lining of your vagina.

It is much easier for me reach it for you and with you like this with your arse in the air I could find that sweet g-spot blind folded. I separate my two fingers in a slight walking motion to allow another sensation to course through you.

Then I let my other fingers move toward your butt hole. Pushing your panties aside at your butt hole, I slide I take my two fingers from your pussy and slide one, my index finger into your butt, in the same movement I slide two fingers from my other hand into your cunt.

I feel through the wall of your butt with one finger and press it into your pussy wall to feel against my other two fingers as I finger your g-spot. Do you like a little butt play? Some do, some do not. But I have yet to have any complaints from my lovers as I explore their g-spot. The additional pressure that I can apply with my finger in your butt just ups those sensations.

I can feel your orgasm approach as I get the sensation that your body is try to expel all three of my fingers. I slide one finger out of your cunt so that I only have my index finger in your pussy. I slide it in and out, in and out and the finger on your butt goes out and in out and in. So that I am alternating the thrusts and running my fingers against each other through the wall of your pussy and butt.

With all this attention, I need to know if you like anal sex, I will ask you when you are a little more composed. I think you would agree to anything at the moment, but that would be a little unfair. Anal sex is nice enough if you have a partner that enjoys it but It is not really my thing.

And I am not putting my cock anywhere when I do not know it will be welcomed. So remind me to ask you later ok.

I know you are cumming as I get that squishy sensation in your g spot, oh look you have wet your panties, they are all soaked.

Let's get those off shall we.

I move from between your knees and move your hips to the side and as I pull your panties down over your thighs, knees , calves, ankles, feet and finally off your toes. I arrange you on your side on your bed. I cup, in behind one knee and lift one leg up toward your chest at the same time I straddle your leg. Can you feel my balls on your inner thigh, my cock is so hard it is poking up high in the air. I tilt my hips to guide the tip of my cock into your gorgeous wet cunt slipping in deeply, quickly.

I still support the back of your knee in my hand and I can control how wide I spread your legs and move your foot to my chest, or shoulder, or mouth. Have any of your lovers sucked your toes? Again, not really my thing but some women like that very very much. I might try a nibble if the mood takes me and watch your reaction.

I love dragging my balls along that tender flesh of your inner thigh as I fuck you long, deep and slow.

This position gives my hand full access to your tits, your arse, your clit, I explore all of them with my fingers as I fuck you slowly then increasing in tempo.

Are you a dirty thing? Should I cum in you or on you, again something I need to ask you when you are more composed.

So many things I want to learn about, so much I want to share with you. I love exploring new lovers, everyone is so different. I want to find all of your boundaries and limits and press then each in turn to see if I can take you to where no other lover has taken you before.

My cock pulsates as I cum in you. Erring on the side of caution.

I cannot remember the last time I came that hard.

You my dear, great tits, great shapely arse, tight snug little pussy. And smart, what more could a guy ask for?

A definite "keeper". :)

For my friend GlamGirlGal