Author's Note: I have really enjoyed getting to put this series together. I wanted to get some of my fantasies from my post-college years on paper and see where they took me. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions. I am hoping to see where I can improve in my writing. Until then, please enjoy.

I stood still under the water for a minute at the end of my shower, letting the warm water pour over me. I grabbed my arm and pinched it, yeah, this was all real. The past few days had been filled with more sex than what any person would deem as realistic for an eligible bachelor.

Shit this put the Fonz to shame. I had stumbled from one sexual partner to the next in what I assumed was a blessing from God, the Gods, the great computer in the sky or whatever. My hands reached down and twisted the shower knobs closed. The warm water ceased and within seconds I could feel the cool air kiss my skin.

The shower curtain flew open and I grabbed my towel. Drying off I took a look in the mirror at my own naked body, "What the hell are you going to get yourself into tonight?"

It was only mid-day and I had some time to kill before seeing Alice and her friend Danielle later. Was it for a threesome? Was I going to watch them? I didn't care at this point. Knowing my luck presently I would end up getting my dick sucked at the same time by the both of them.

'Wow that sounded douchey James.'

I paused myself and knocked on the wood door, not wanting to test my luck too much. I tied the towel around my waist and walked to my room. Putting on some fresh clothes I grabbed my phone and saw a text message. It was from Chelsea...

"Having any fun while I've been away?"

I had just met Chelsea a few days ago, but the events since then felt like a lifetime.

"Oh you know, just having sex with multiple partners and sodomizing my way through the city."

"Ok phew, I was worried you had been watching "Property Brothers" on repeat since I left."

"No no, I'm way too uncool to be doing that."

"On a separate but more serious note, who is that knocking on your door?"

I turned my head in a moment of curiosity and a hint of fear. All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door startling me. I only had my boxers on but walked to the door anyways. My hand reached out with some hesitation at first but I gripped the handle and pulled it open. The yellow light from the hallway flooded in and around Chelsea...


"Got home from my work trip early."

She was wearing a striped tank top and athletic shorts. Her tan legs grabbed my attention briefly before I looked into her eyes. Her dark curls were held up in a pony tail.

Her eyes drew me into her, "I thought I should pay a visit to my secret admirer." She stepped in the door, walking right past me. I was stuck in a moment of awe and my hand lost its grip on the door allowing it to close. I turned around to see Chelsea walking into my apartment, "You got moved in pretty quickly, where did you end up putting your Cabbage Patch Kids collection?"

"Oh I made up a super fucked up stitched together human sized doll from them. I've been sleeping with it every night but I usually just put it away in my closet."

"Nice." She smiled and turned to me before looking through the door to my bedroom. She looked at me again and gave me a devilish look.

Chelsea darted off into the room and I slowly followed her, dropping my phone off on the kitchen island. I wasn't sure what to do, were, were we about to fuck or something?

I heard something inside the bedroom and entered the room to see that she had my binoculars and was looking out the window. My face went red.

"Oh you can see almost everythingggg from here." She put the binoculars down and looked at me, "Did you like watching me James?"

I may have felt confident earlier from all of my recent sexual conquests but Chelsea turned me to mush, I felt my stomach drop and swallowed some air before stammering out, "May..Maybeee?"

Chelsea plopped down onto the bed and scooted up against the headboard, "Is this where you jerked off to me?"

I was entranced, I had completely forgotten that I was still only in my boxers, "Yes." I felt my heart beating faster now.

Chelsea spread her knees and ran one hand down over her shorts, rubbing over her sex, "How did you touch yourself James?"

"I....." my body was pulsing, my nerves were frazzled, "...I grabbed my cock...and I pumped it as hard as I could.."

Chelsea moved her other hand up across her shirt and grabbed her breast, squeezing it, "Did you see me moaning?" Her hips bucked into the bed, "Did you see me cum?"

I had forgotten how to breathe and exhaled before taking a deep breath in, "Yes." My cock was getting hard and was beginning to press against the cotton of my boxers.

"I don't think it's fair that you got to see me cum when I couldn't see you." Chelsea bit her lip, "Show me how you jerked off to me."

I shuddered, I did not have control over my own actions anymore. My hands left from just hanging down by my sides to grab my boxers and push them down. My cock sprung forth and I could see Chelsea's eyes shift from my face to my cock.

Without any prodding I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. I was staring at her, Jesus I wanted to fuck her so badly.

"Come closer so I can really see you."

Chelsea was still rubbing herself through her shorts but had let her other hand come to rest on her thigh. She looked so sexy. I could hear the movement of her fingers across the material of her shorts.

Chelsea's eyes were fixed on my cock. I stepped forward and then got onto the bed with my knees. I shuffled in so I was between her legs, we were just a few feet away now.

I used my hand to stroke my cock up and down, staying close to the top of my cock, letting my fingers begin to twist around at the top of each stroke. My thumb sliding over and around the tip of my cock before pumping back down.

I was rock hard. Chelsea was right in front of me now, not over in her own apartment. She was right here! She wasn't naked, but what was she waiting for? In the moment I had forgotten the need for lube until the sound of my stroking intensified. I lifted my other hand up near my mouth and spit in my palm, using it to rub my saliva all over my cock before beginning to pump myself again.

"Mhmmm James, what are you thinking about?" Chelsea was still rubbing her sex over her shorts, rubbing gently.

'Fuck I could rub her for her! Was she punishing me?'

"How much I want to fuck you.."

"Oh is that so? You want to fuck me do you?" Chelsea pulled her hand back from over her shorts and then ran it underneath her waist band.

'Fucking shit!' I looked down more and could see her hand rubbing away at her pussy. She let out a small moan.

"I want to rip those shorts off of you and fuck you all night."

My hand was stroking myself harder now. I let out a deep breath as I finally got to see Chelsea up close, playing with herself. 'For fucks sake please take them off for me I want to see!'

"Oh is that what you want? What about what I want..I still have to see you cum for me."

I was her servant now, I wanted to take her right then and there but her wish was my command. My grip grew tighter around my swollen cock as I kept stroking up and down.

I was flexing every muscle in my body, my core muscles tightened as I devoted all of my focus to cumming for Chelsea. She was biting her lip harder now. Her curly hair bobbing slightly from her own rubbing. Fucking hell I wish I could just feel how wet she was. How good it would feel to thrust all of myself inside of her...

Chelsea took her hand on her thigh and grabbed the bottom of her tank top, she gently tugged at it, pulling it up slowly to expose a sexy stomach. I saw her navel appear and felt my cock grow harder. She tugged the tank top up to the bottom of her bra. I could see that it was black.

'Jesus Christ please just at the very least show me your breasts please!'

My stroking intensified. I was staring at Chelsea's eyes now and she was staring right back at me. I could feel my body getting close to the edge, a mounting pressure within my loins, shortening breaths, my balls tensing up.

"Fuck I think I'm gonna to cum!"

Chelsea didn't even blink, her hand inside her shorts never stopped moving, she just opened her mouth to let her own moan out. I couldn't hold back from the intensity of my own strokes or the present situation. I felt the tidal wave of pleasure hit me at once. My cock swelled within my hand and I released.


I exploded my first load and it shot straight out from me, hitting Chelsea right in the face.

"OHH yesssss!!" Chelsea shrieked in joy.

I exploded again, this time shooting a line of cum that stretched from her stomach to the bottom of her neck. A third shot of cum flew straight at her stomach and some landed on the wrist of her hand still playing with her self.

"Fucking shit!" I tried to keep pumping my cock but was hit by a wave of fatigue. The only thing that kept me from passing out was my desire to see the mess I made.

"Good work James."

I saw that Chelsea had pulled her hand from under her shorts, raising them to her mouth to suck on her fingers before wiping some cum off her face. She held her hand out from her face and looked at my cum before taking it and wiping it down my chest.

Her wet fingers felt so dirty running down my chest. Fuck she was finally touching me, I wanted her to touch me more but just feeling her, feeling how real she was, it was incredible.

I got off the bed and grabbed some tissues for her. She took them and wiped the cum from her stomach and the rest of her exposed skin before looking up at me to smile. She lifted herself off the bed and grabbed the binoculars from the nightstand.

"I'll be taking these now. Oh, and James? I want you to put on a good show for me tonight."

She just walked right around me and out the bedroom door. I heard her footsteps across the floor of my kitchen and then the sound of the door opening. I just stood there like a statue in total disbelief.

The sound of the door slamming shut snapped me out of my trance and I turned around to take stock of my newfound reality.

"Soooo that just happened..."