Ron couldn't help but admire the lovely silhouette of his wife Jen's ass as she walked in front of him. Married for twenty three years and still just as much in love as when they first met, Ron, not for the first time, thought about how lucky he was. Jen was a very sexy five foot four and 119 pounds, with a body that she kept in shape by working harder than anyone at the gym. And when they came to St. Barth, she showed it off. Normally fairly conservative at home, when on vacation Jen never wore a top on the beach to cover her perfect C cup breasts, and her bikini bottoms, while not thongs, were always cheeky, and never failed to get Ron incredibly horny every time he walked behind her. Ron also made certain that Jen was happy with him as well. A former college quarterback, he worked out regularly and took a great deal of pride in not only not having a gut, but still being at his playing weight of 196 pounds on his six foot three frame. But Ron knew that women weren't attracted to just his body. He had clear, incredibly blue eyes, and more than once women had come up to him to openly flirt with an opening line about those eyes.

They were hiking into their favorite beach on their favorite island, much the same way that they had done every year for the past five, ever since they had discovered this wonderful paradise by the name of Saint Barthélemy. Every beach on Saint Barth is special...each looks like it hasn't changed since Christopher Columbus first discovered the island, but Columbier, that was their favorite. It took them twenty minutes to hike in on a trail that took them along the side of some very steep cliffs and sometimes seeing the ubiquitous goats that populate the island, but once there, it was their paradise.

This particular morning was more than a bit unusual as there were no cars in the usual parking places for the beach, but Ron thought nothing of it until they got to the beach and saw no one there. Not a soul. And in that moment, Ron realized that he and his beautiful wife would be alone on this spectacular beach. Not just his fantasy. Not just Jen's fantasy. But anyone's fantasy who ever set foot on sand by the ocean.

Still unsure as to whether Jen noticed their solitude or not, they laid their towels down and started soaking up the sun. Ron pulled a joint out of the beach bag, lit it, took a long toke and offered it to Jen. She likewise did the same.

Jen had in fact noticed that she and Ron were alone on the beach. And as she took the smoke into her lungs, she felt that familiar sense of both relaxation and sexual energy that weed always gave her. She shared another hit with Ron, and glancing slyly at him, took off her top and laid back, feeling the delicious heat of the sun's rays warming her body.

Ron laid beside her, but couldn't get his mind off of her body. He felt his cock getting harder and harder and finally reached into his bathing suit and took some of the pre-cum off of his now very hard head. He leaned over to his gorgeous wife, rubbed the slippery cum over a nipple and growled as much as whispered, "This is what you do to me..."

A shiver ran through Jen's body. There was no way that she would normally do this, but the combination of the sun, the sound of the ocean and the weed was too much for her. She leaned over and softly kissed Ron, nibbling on his lower lip, then allowing her tongue to explore his mouth. She reached down and felt the hardness of his cock, and a small cry of pleasure emanated from her. "I love to feel your cock get hard like this," she whispered back at him. She couldn't stand it. She reached inside his suit and ran her hand up and down the length of his shaft, lubricated by all of the pre-cum that she found there. And with that, she took her hand, and staring into Ron's eyes, she played with her nipple, getting it harder, pinching it and rubbing all of his cum over her beautiful pink nub. "I love to feel my nipples getting slippery with your cum, baby. It makes my pussy so, so wet."

Now it was Ron's turn to gasp. He loved to see his gorgeous wife touch herself. This was all too much, too perfect. He watched her play with her nipple, and he made sure that she saw him playing with his cock. He leaned over to kiss her deeply and rubbed more cum over her. He worked his way down, slowly, softly kissing her neck, then just teasing one nipple with his tongue while he pinched the other. He could feel Jen arching her back in pleasure, and that was his greatest turn on. He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked it, feeling it get harder as he did. He could hear her, feel her getting more excited as he kept sucking on the one nipple and pinching the other. Time seemed to stand was only them, only here, only now, and it was wonderful. He moved his mouth to her other nipple and circled it slowly with his tongue, while taking his hand and rubbing cum all over her breast. He sucked roughly, felt her get even more excited and knew that he had to taste her.

Jen felt her husband starting to work his way down from her breasts, kissing her body all along the way, tracing a path with his tongue to her pussy. Once again, she knew that this was something she would never normally do, but she was helpless. She couldn't, wouldn't stop him, stop this feeling of ecstasy that was building inside of her.

In the bright sunlight, Ron gazed at his wife's perfectly waxed pussy. He loved it this way, completely smooth, simply because he thought her pussy was so fucking beautiful that he wanted to see all of it, not have it hidden by any hair. He bent to her, and ever so gently, kissed the inside of her thighs, kissed all around without touching her most sensitive parts. He could feel Jen start to squirm ever so slightly, and then, slightly firmer but still very lightly, licked up and down each lip. He could feel, taste how wet she was, and could stand it no longer. He ran his tongue from the bottom of her pussy, tasted the wonderful taste that was his wife and didn't stop until he got to her clit. He could feel her hips move as he licked her nub, heard her gasp as he sucked it in his mouth and licked it slowly but firmly.

Everything was too much for Jen. She knew she wouldn't last long. Just as she could hear the waves crashing on shore, so also could she feel the waves of pleasure building inside of her. She felt Ron's hand leave her body for the briefest of moments and then return to her nipple, covering it again in his cum. Jen took it, rubbed her other nipple with it, and started playing with them, pinching them harder and harder as her husband licked her.

Nothing excited Ron more than feeling his wife get this turned on. He could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as he licked her, and alternated between licking her up and down slowly, then focusing on her clit, flicking it quickly but very gently. He kept this up for five wonderfully agonizing minutes and just when he felt her getting ready to orgasm, he stopped and slowly licked up the length of her pussy, delighting in the pleasure he knew he was bringing her as he edged her closer and closer.

Jen was dying to cum, but was also loving every second of her husband teasing her like this. She then felt Ron lick her with greater intensity, slightly increasing the speed of his tongue on her clit, and she knew that he was done teasing her, and now wanted to bring her to bring her to orgasm. She moved her hips to his mouth, almost fucking his mouth in her excitement. Jen felt him licking faster and faster, and as her excitement built to a frenzy, she felt his hand come up to her breast, filled, completely filled, with his cum. She realized that he had gotten so excited going down on her that he had orgasmed in his hand and was now spreading that cum all over her breasts and body. The waves that had been building up in her body now crashed down around her. "Oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck," she screamed, shuddering with an unbelievably powerful orgasm that seemed to last forever. Jen couldn't stop cumming, grabbing Ron's head in between her thighs and holding it tight against her pussy. She felt her pussy contracting, pulsing around Ron's tongue as her orgasm gloriously peaked, and then slowly subsided as she finally came back from her "petite mort." Jen brought Ron up to her and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips as she did. She had never, ever had an orgasm like the one that she had just experienced. But she knew that with a week left in their vacation, she would have ample opportunity to have another just like that again.