We were just about to give up and not have our end of the year block party because no one liked the ideas we had come up with for the party. The past two years it had been okay but far less than it always had been. In fact Three couples had dropped out last year and two the year before. There are still 8 of us active, but at the beginning there had been 14 couples.

It really isn't a Christmas party. It is I guess you'd call it a block party? When we started it was a week long and an event. Just wild crazy fun had by good friends in a five block area. We are not swingers, but over the years we have tried to keep it sexy if not sexual. We are from the age of late twenties to early fifties. We are from Jim and Carol Baker who are 29 and 30. To Jessica and Jerome Cummings who are 52 and 54 and negro. The rest of us fall in between those ages.

I don't remember exactly who came up with the idea but it grew and warped and really caught on. We decided to swap wives for two days. No not really, but kind of. And yes we wanted to skirt the idea right up to the very edge and push if to the brink. Yes it was to skirt complete swapping. And it did mean from 8am on a Saturday morning to 8am on Monday morning.

Now we all lived with in walking distance of each other. And we mostly ended up all staying at one or two houses together. But we had never done 48 hours before. It had never been more than 24.

The next thing was to decide how to pick wives. We guys are usually in charge and the girls go along. So all 8 names were put in a hat and the oldest man picked first. Which put Jerome up first. When the name came out it was Julie Smith who is by far the most beautiful and sexiest with best tits, ass, and legs of all the wives and happens to be mine! Now all of this really is true and most of the husbands would agree she is a fox. Julie is 36 and we have 3 children . Blonde, blue eyes and way more than cute. Sexy but unless drinking not flirty. But is and has always been attracted to Jerome Cummings.

It was ironic he pulled her name out cause I have teased her about him over the years. Jerome is very buff and a very nice guy. Carl Hanson was up next. Carl is 50 and we pulled Gwen's name out so he could not pick his own wife's name. He pulled Connie Chambers name out.

Connie is maybe every man's dream of (I want to fuck her) woman. She is nearly 6 foot tall, long blonde hair, green eyes, nice ass, and tits that make us all want to see them. She is ten years younger than Del her husband. Del was up next being just a few months younger than Carl, but still only 49.

Del pulled Carol Baker's name and the youngest wife at 29. Carol is red headed and has fire everywhere including her pants it is rumored. And VERY cute. I am William Moore and I am 38 and up next. I pulled Jenny Opper's name. It brought sparks. I have always found her nearly as sexy as my wife.

Jenny is far eastern from India , well her parents were she was born here in the States. But she is dark sexy well built and very cute.

Jack Conner was up now. Jack is36 and he pulled Jessica Cummings name out. Now Jessica you would guess being married to Jerome would also be black. She is not. She is Blonde blue eyed and all sexy. Tall very well built and sexy as all get out. they have 3 kids all out of school. Jess at 52 has been married to Jerome since she was 18.

Mark Opper, Jenny's husband was up next and pulled Maggie Riley's name to lots of cat calls. Maggie is the only black girl in the group and only a few shades darker than his wife jenny. Maggie is what you'd call round. But very sexy. Big tits and an ass that matches. She is very pretty.

Her Husband pulled next and got Shelly Conner's name. I was concerned about this happening. I knew Shelly has a thing for Black men. Rumor was she has had lovers over the years. No trouble ever but rumors anyway. And I know Buster likes her. He has heard the rumors too.

Wife swapping? Maybe some real swapping. It took my mind to Julie and Jerome. My wife is very prude unless drinking and the she can flirt big time, but has never been over the line. But near it.

Jim Baker didn't need to draw Gwen Hanson's name was left in the hat. Gwen at 46 and Jim at only 30 were kind of an odd mix but on again I would not have hopped were drawn. Jim is young and full of it. Gwen has been around. Not rumors. She'd had a fling with Del Chambers several years ago that had gotten ugly. And when I saw Carl draw Connie's name my mind did go to pay back fucking there. Because Connie knew her husband was fucking Gwen too.

So there was just a bit of smoke that might actually turn into some small fires or maybe a bit bigger. We were only a week away from doing this event but a week was long enough to build on it. I for one was teasing my wife about wild sex with a black man. She in turn was teasing back that crazier things had really happened. We did actually talk about how many of these couples might actually do it.

Julie went down the list.

Jim Baker and Gwen Hanson? Maybe?

Buster Riley and Shelly Conner? Very Likely.

Mark Opper and Maggie Riley? Could be? Because Buster was likely.

Jack Conner and Jessica Cummings? Maybe? If she even guessed he was.

William Moore and Jenny Opper? Not likely.

Del Chambers and Carol Baker? Likely.

Carl Hanson and Connie Chambers? Going to happen.

Jerome Cummings and Julie Moore? Very likely.

Julie turned to me.

"You really think so?"

"He interests you. And I have seen him around you. He loves white women and I have heard Jessica say so. There will be lots of drinking this year. Ya I would say likely."

"Does it up set you? And would you be crushed if it happened?"

"Probably not. I have expected it to happen now for a long time. I know you are curious about the IR thing and you like him."

"Well I don't think there is any chance."

"Okay good."

We left it at that. On Saturday each man went to each dates house at 8 am sharp and picked his new wife up for the day. Out for breakfast first off. Jenny and I spent a wonderful day together and were at the Cummings house at 6pm for our evening meal. Jerome and Jessica have the largest house in the area and it was decided it would be base for most of the party. They have a huge heated pool and a large room for dancing.

Drinks after out evening meal began to flow. And the couples began to hit the dance floor. As the evening wore on I could see the booze was opening some peoples sexual ideas up. All the couples were beginning to enter a comfort zone I had expected by the second night but not quite this soon on the first night. Just after 2am I could see some couples beginning to crash the booze was taking it's toll on some of the females for sure.

Bedrooms were assigned each couple for fun and I had seen some retire to them. It was expected that for the most part we would likely all crash in the big room together. That didn't seem to be the general case. There were still four couples on the dance floor. My date Jenny was in the room we have for us sound asleep having drank way too much.

I had just returned to the main room but stayed back in a shadow trying to see the state of drunken level my wife was in. She and Jerome were on the Dance floor and Julie was getting a good feel of Jerome in her crotch. My wife had her legs spread wide for Jerome and his erection was firmly planted on her vagina.. She was dry fucking him very hard. I had suspected Jerome would get my wife in bed the following night, but it was looking like it was going to be very soon tonight. I was pretty sure when we'd talked about her and Jerome, she was very open to it.

I moved out around the pool to clear my own head as I had more than I needed to drink. I knew Buster and Shelly had gone somewhere, likely to their room. Jim and Gwen, Jerome and my wife, Mark and Maggie, and Del and Carol were all on the dance floor. Or were when I had come outside. I had seen Carl and Connie slip into a room nearly two hours earlier and I figured they were naked together. I wasn't sure about Jack and Jessica? It was her house so they could be anywhere.

I finally returned to the big room and found it empty. No one remained on the floor nor was there anyone sleeping out there. I was surprised every one seemed to have retired to the rooms. I checked on Jenny and made sure she was okay. I found the room Julie and Jerome were given but it was empty. I had been nearly an hour since I'd found the big room empty. And I slipped by each room the couples we to be in.

There were sounds from Jim And Gwen's room and my guess would have been they were getting to know each other.

Buster and Shelly's room was quiet and the door was cracked so I peaked in. Shelly was naked spread wide from being well fucked but sound asleep. She was alone.

As I came to Mark and Maggie's door I had no problem knowing exactly what was happening in there. Mark was deep inside Maggie and she liked it. My guess was she'd looked in her husbands room and had seen Shelly.

Jack and Jessica were next but it was empty. The next two were very quiet Del and Carol would maybe be naked and finished already and Carl and Connie were likely on break getting ready for round two I could hear whispers.

I had been in Jerome's house many times and had been in his master bath off the master bedroom. so I slipped up a level and went down the hall way toward his bedroom. The lights were on bright and I could hear talking from the room. I also knew you could look directly into his bedroom from the master bath which had an outside door. I slipped in there and looked into the bedroom.

"Oh God, have you ever seen better tits Jerome? Not even Jessica's are as nice."

"Yes, I see you may eat the one you have in your mouth. Spread wide Sweet heart and take him."

I knew a white woman lay naked between two black men who were sucking on her breasts but I couldn't see her face. The smaller of the two shifted up over the woman and I could see his hips settle between the spread thighs. I heard her gasp as he entered her her. Then I heard my wife.

"Oh, My God yes fuck me. Thank you Jerome I had never thought about Buster as my lover. I feel so sexy that you gave me to him first. Oh Buster your cock is wonderful. Make my pussy yours."

Julies legs were up over Buster's hips and her mouth clamped on his as her little hips worked for him. I knew she would be theirs the rest of the night. My wife was rapidly becoming a BBC slut. I watched a while longer before I returned to Jenny sleeping in our room.

We all met for breakfast the next morning at 8am and we then slowly drifted off for our day. Jenny and I spent a wonderful day together that passed way too quickly and we were back for our evening meal by 6pm.

By 8pm we were moving toward the pool. And by 10pm drinks were flowing big time. By midnight some had moved into the hot tub and just after 1 am I saw Jessica remove her top and her big milky white breasts looked fantastic. And her date was openly fondling her beauties a few minutes later. Jack was openly sucking her nipples. And I was sure he was fingering her too.

His wife Shelly was next to loose her top and she pulled Busters head down to her own nipples.

Maggie followed next and her dark brown melons looked beautiful as she fed then to my dates husband. Jenny was swimming in the pool and hadn't seen her hubby with Maggie's tits in his face yet. Jerome and Julie were missing I noticed as were young Jim Baker and Del Chambers. Their dates Gwen and Carol were in the pool with Jenny swimming.

I was curious as to where the rest could be? Again I went up to the master bedroom and I could hear talking. I went in the bathroom and looked into the bedroom., A sex swing hung in the corner of the large room. And my wife was in it completely naked. Jim Baker was just mounting her. I heard her intake of breath as he slid up firmly inside of her.

"Oh God, I can't believe I let you talk me into this. I will do it for you Jerome. Bring them all up and I will let them."

"And Buster again maybe?"

"Yes, Yes bring him last. Oh yes Jim fuck me harder. Make me the area whore."

I suddenly realized my wife intended to fuck all seven men in our group tonight. I watched her hungry to get Del's cock inside her too. Jerome left I was sure to get others. Went he returned Mark and Carl were with him. The timing was perfect as Del had just finished and Carl stepped up and slipped his cock firmly in her.

"Oh, Julie I have wanted this for years now you feel perfect."

"Carl I had no idea you wanted me like this."

"You know now I will want you more and more."

"And I will give it to you Carl."

Mark had soon replaced him and was fucking her now. As they were fucking Jerome returned again with Jack and Buster.

"Yes, Yes, Mark so good fuck me so good."

As Mark finished fucking Julie, Jack replaced him and she cried out to him as he dipped deep in her belly. She went to telling him how good his cock felt inside her. I watched as he finished and the two negro men removed her from the swing and pulled her down in the bed to take turns fucking her the rest of the night.

I returned back out to the pool to find every one had moved into the hot tub and many bare breasts were now in the hot tub. Slowly we drifted off to our rooms. Jenny was topless as we crossed down to our room and her breasts were lovely. We made slow passionate love.

We talked about what when and where. She had seen parings I had not and I knew things she didn't and we shared what we knew. Jenny had slept with two others besides me in the two day party. I was surprised at this. She also had been with our host Jerome and with Del. We made love again and caught an hour of sleep. We showered and joined the others in time to join our spouses. And the party for this year was over.

Well there was talk of doing this again for New Years.