I slowly noticed my feelings creeping in over the period of my senior year, after being placed in his English class.

It was small things at first, like putting on extra makeup in the morning or putting on my favourite perfume, but now whenever I saw his name on my timetable, I would wait in nervous anticipation of each lesson and what interaction we would have with eachother.

I always made sure to wear my shortest skirt and most low cut top although I felt the guilt of sexualising this man in my mind - surely a teacher would never look twice at his student, not even my 18 year old self.

My dressing up felt like a futile attempt at catching his attention but at the same time I hoped maybe it would encourage him to look twice at me.

I did not know at the beginning if my feelings towards him caused me to notice a sexual tension between us which was all in my head, or if it was a reality.

I would always look up throughout the course of our lessons and catch his eye, but always just assumed that was a coincidence. Sometimes this eye contact would linger until I had to look down in the hopes that he would not see the blush creeping into my face.

Halfway through the year, he set up extra support classes after school for those who wanted help with studying. Naturally I was the first to sign up, along with a couple of other students. But it was during my attendance of these classes in which I noticed a shift in the relationship between us.

Each time we would make eye contact it would last for longer, sometimes only ending when his eyes dragged down my body until he caught himself and rapidly turned away. But still I did not want to make assumptions that it was anything other than an innocent glance, although every time he looked at me I felt a jolt of lust strike my body.

Mr Stevenson was handsome man, whom you could tell worked out from the way his clothes fit his body and the slight pull of the fabric from his muscular frame.

His blonde hair was well kept and trimmed, and he had brown eyes which always had an unreadable expression about them, as if he was pondering something unknown. He was young with fair skin and a smooth complexion, something which struck me every time I looked at his well-structured face. His clothes fit him well, and complemented the body underneath.

Normally I'd never look at a figure of authority twice. But the deep rooted attraction I felt towards him made him an exception to the rule. Maybe even something about him being my teacher, and the forbidden nature of a relationship between us, turned me on.

Often during the extra classes I would have flashes of what his body looked like underneath his suit or what he looked like in the midst of sexual pleasure. These usually came into my head involuntarily and brought a blush onto my face by their raunchy nature.

"Are you okay?" He asked me, snapping me out of my erotic daydream and bringing me back to reality, and I felt a sense of guilt as his concerned face glanced at me.

"Yes. Sorry sir." I replied, shaking the thoughts from my head. I realised his eyes had gone to between my legs where my short skirt did not quite hide my slightly open legs, and had the sudden realisation that Mr Stevenson had the perfect view of what was between them - and my pink thong.

I snapped my legs shut and he looked up quickly, landing a lusty stare into my eyes. I once again shook the thought of this, thinking my previous sexual thoughts had made me misread his stare. Besides, it was nearing the end of the lesson, and I was growing tired.

The clock ticked. 4 o"clock. Other students around me hastily packed their bags and rushed out of the classroom, eager to get home. I was in no hurry to leave, knowing I had a question to ask Mr Stevenson.

I waited until the classroom was empty before approaching his desk. "Sir - do you have any spare copies of the book we're studying? I've lost mine."

"Katy. There's a copy of the book in the cupboard. It should be on one of the shelves." He stated. I stepped inside and began rummaging around but quickly realised I could not find the book anywhere. I shouted out "It's not in here!" "I'll come and help you find it." He replied.

He stepped in the cupboard and slowly closed the door behind him.

Hesitantly, he turned, locked the door and began to walk towards me until he was only inches away.

My heart fluttered and pounded, my knees going weak from how close he was to me, and my brain turning into mush. He was so near I could feel his breath on my face. My whole body was buzzing.

He leaned closer and in a deep voice uttered "Katy." "Yes sir?" I whimpered. "You've been teasing me every day since the beginning of the year. I think you deserve punishment."

A moment of silence passed as he stared tensely into my eyes. I was shocked into speechlessness. "You're a naughty girl, Katy..." He whispered, before reaching forwards and roughly grabbing me by the throat.

He pinned me up against the wall with one hand and ripped off his tie with the other, leaving his shirt slightly open, revealing the skin underneath. "How do you like this, you little whore?" He growled, and with his tie, bound together my hands and hooked them up on the coat hanger, leaving me vulnerable and completely at his mercy.

"Mr Stevens-" "Be a good girl and be quiet." he interrupted. He rushed to undo the buttons on my white blouse and opened up my shirt, revealing my breasts - I did not wear a bra that day. He ran his hands up my exposed torso until he reached my face. Then he grabbed my jaw and forced my head to the side, exposing my pale neck, which he began to kiss, before reaching my mouth and forcefully kissing me.

After pulling himself away he moved onto my skirt and panties, yanking them down to me knees which left my entire body cold and exposed to both him and his unrelenting stare as he gazed upon me. Unable to use my hands to cover myself up, I was vulnerable and naked, and I let out a whimper as I watched him undo his zipper and roughly pull open his shirt.

I stood there in shock and disbelief as this teacher, who I barely thought even saw me in a sexual context, stared at me with lust and aggression. He ran his hands up to my throat, and pressed his warm body against my cold one as he returned to aggressively making out with me.

He pulled away and whispered in my ear- "Nobody will find out about this. It's our little secret." I stood there helplessly with my hands bound above my head, whilst Mr Stevenson held me by my throat. Swiftly, he plunged his cock into me.

"I've wanted to do this for a very long time, Katy."

He groaned into my ear, as I tried to shout. His other hand shot to my mouth and I moaned into his palm as he sped up. He then pulled out of me before unhooking my hands and pushing me against the cold wall, forcing my legs up and around him so that I was being held between his body and the wall.

As his dick went into me he bounced me up and down, each time edging me nearer and nearer to an involuntary orgasm. A moan escaped me as his throbbing cock went deeper and deeper.

"Katy..." He moaned. Waves of pleasure flooded my body as I came to the edge of climax, and for a moment I let myself enjoy the situation I was in, and the handsome man who had forced himself upon me. I let out a loud moan as I orgasmed, my heart pounding against my chest.

Soon after, my teacher thrust himself into me one more time before he came into me, panting hard. Letting me drop to the floor, he backed up and quickly dressed himself, doing up buttons and his belt, and lastly leaning over me and freeing my hands from his tie.

As soon as his tie was back on it was like nothing ever happened. With a nod he reached up to the top shelf of the cupboard and handed me the copy of the book I had requested 10 minutes prior. I reached out and took it with a shaking hand.

Turning to leave the cupboard, he glanced over his shoulder one more time and let a dark smile reach across his face before he unlocked the door and left, leaving me to redress myself.

That night I replayed the scene over and over again in my head. I did not know what things would be like with him for the rest of the year. Would he do this again or was I a quick fuck, or a mistake, a moment of poor judgement?

These thoughts were quickly pushed out of my head as I heard the notification sound come from my computer. I opened up my emails. It was from him.

"Dear Katy,

I am holding one on one tutoring sessions from now until the end of the year. Being one of my star pupils, I thought I should offer you the opportunity.

Are you available on Tuesday?"