Victoria, Vicki, was a succubus looking to add to her harem. She already had 12 sluts to pleasure and serve her. It was just that sometimes in all of eternity you needed variety. But, Vicki had problems with the women of today. They were just to liberal. Being forced to become a succubus lesbian slave used to terrify women. Now many of them would consider it to be an interesting experience and Instagramable. Vicki needed someone who would be terrified by being forced. She fed off of this type of energy.

It took her awhile of prowling at the local college to find her next slut. She found her mark in a young nineteen year old. Mary was from South Dakota. She had been raised in a very small town and homeschooled. Her parents had taught her that it was a woman's job to listen and get married. They hadn't wanted her to go to college. Lesbianism was definitely perverted and wrong. She should have stayed home and gotten married. But, now that Mary was in Chicago, she was very lonely and looking for friends. That was how she met Vicki.

Vicki introduced herself late one night at the coffee shop where Mary worked. Since Mary was very lonely the two girls talked till 2 am. When the clock chimed 2, it caught Mary's attention.

"Oh dear, I've got so caught up in talking to you that I missed the last bus home." said Mary.

"That's alright. Why don't you come and spend the night at my house? I live right around the corner." said Vicki.

"Are you sure I won't be any trouble?" asked Mary nervously. She was apprehensive. She'd never spent the night at someone's house before.

"No trouble at all. We can have a girls' night." laughed Vicki. She embraced Mary and got her jacket for her.

Vicki and Mary walked to Vicki's house. It was a huge old Victorian mansion. "What a beautiful house." said Mary.

"Thank you, it's my family's house. It's been here for hundreds of years. Now come on in." said Vicki. It was the first of many orders she'd be giving Mary. But, she intended to play a long game with her new slut. Playing the game was most of the fun.

"Alright." said Mary shyly.

As the girls walked towards the house, the front door opened. "Welcome, home Mistress." said a pale but well endowed woman in a french maid's outfit.

Mary snickered. "She called you Mistress."

"I come from old money. I have lots of staff. They all show me proper respect. All people should show others respect don't you think?" questioned Vicki.

"Well, yes but I still think it's funny." said Mary.

Vicki smirked evilly at Mary. Soon Mary would be putting her mouth to better uses. Soon Mary would be saying all the right things. Mary would be experiencing a lot of new things if she wanted to or not.

"Now Mary, my staff informs me that all our bedrooms are full. It appears that for tonight you'll have to share my bed. But, I'll make it up to you. Tomorrow you can stay here and we can have a spa day. Just us girls sharing a spa day. Doesn't that sound like fun?" asked Vicki.

"Well, I've never had a spa day before. But, I guess it could be fun." said Mary.

"That's the spirit. Now to bed." said Vicki.

Mary was amazed to see that Vicki had just changed into a little silk nighty. It barely covered her huge breasts. Not that Mary was looking at Vicki's breasts, that would be wrong, they were just so huge that she couldn't help but notice.

"Here's a t-shirt for you, hun." said Vicki as she tossed Mary a t-shirt. Mary turned away from Vicki as she put it on. Vicki loved her shyness. She might have to keep that quality in her.

"You look nice sweetie." she said to Mary.

"Thanks. We should probably go to bed now." said Mary nervously.

"Alright." said Vicki and the two of them climbed into Vicki's bed. That night as Mary slept Vicki spooned against her. She ran her fingers through Mary's hair and massaged Mary's nipples. This made Mary moan softly in her sleep. Vicki knew that Mary was perfect. She'd make a great cumdump.

Dawn came and the girls awoke. Mary was quite upset because she couldn't find her clothes anywhere.

"The maids must have tossed it because it looked so old and unfashionable. Everything here is in order and fashionable. But, that's alright, Mary. I'll give you something to wear." said Vicki. She produced one of the french maid's outfits that her staff wore.

"Put it on silly." commanded Vicki.

Mary put it on but almost immediately took it off. "This is obscene. It barely covers my breasts and shows off my lower regions." said Mary.

"It's what all of my staff wear and I don't like you insulting my staff. I spend alot of money to keep them fashionable. I think it's very rude of you considering I let you spend the night here. You can go naked for all I care." said Vicki in mock anger.

"I'm sorry, I'll wear it." said Mary apologetically. She put on the french maid's uniform. Mary definitely didn't want to offend Vicki. Something about Vicki made her want to please her. Vicki came around and hugged her.

"It looks amazing on you. You're so pretty." she said as she kissed Mary on both cheeks.

Mary blushed. She had never been treated like that before. She was ashamed to admit she liked the affection from the other woman.

"It's the way they do it in Europe. I thought you like experiencing a little bit of Europe now that you're dressed fashionably like a french girl." said Vicki. "Now it's time for our spa day. Come into the steam room with me." Vicki took Mary by the hand and pulled her into the steam room.

The steam room was hot and Vicki immediately took off all her clothes. She stood naked before Mary and Mary couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked. She also was hairless below the eyebrows. Not that Mary was thinking of Vicki like that or looking at Vicki there. She just hadn't seen very many women's bodies and her body was so different from Mary's. Vicki's body was powerful and commanding. Vicki's body was a body that knew who it was.

"You should take off your outfit too. It'll help you enjoy this spa experience more." said Vicki.

Blushing Mary took off her clothes. "Just don't look at me." she said.

"Why not?" asked Vicki.

"Well, we're both women and it's wrong for a woman to look at another woman's body. It's also wrong for a woman to be naked with another woman." said Mary blushing.

"I won't tell anyone, if you don't. It will be our little secret. Besides I promise it will be a fun experience." said Vicki.

Mary seemed to accept this so she stripped and joined Vicki in the steam room.

"Let's have some wine. It'll help us relax." said Vicki. She produced a bottle of red wine. The wine had been mixed with some of Vicki's pussy juice to help Mary on her journey to become a lesbian slut.

"It's 9 am and wine has alcohol in it.." said Mary.

"So it is, but it's a girl's day and this wine is from my family's private vineyard. Drink up." said Vicki. She raised the wine glass to her lips and drank.

Mary drank too. "This wine is very good. Weird...but good." Soon Mary had finished her first glass of wine and Vicki poured her another. Mary tried to stand to pour herself a third glass but stumbled and fell into Vicki's lap.

"Well, hello there sexy." said Vicki.

"Please don't call me sexy. I'm not sexy at all." said Mary. She was very embarrassed but comfortable in Vicki's embrace.

"Well, I think you're very sexy. You shouldn't be ashamed of your sexuality. You should enjoy it. Lord, knows I enjoy you." Vicki said as she french kissed Mary.

Mary had never been kissed before and liked it more than she cared to admit. She kissed Vicki back but with no tongue. Emotions that Mary couldn't name swelled in her. But, all too soon Vicki broke the kiss.

"Let's move on to the massage part of the spa day. I'll be your masseuse. I'm an expert at it." She started massaging Mary's inner leg. Then slipped her fingers into Mary's cunt. Mary was too tipsy to protest. All she could do was whimper softly as Vicki worked her fingers in and out gradually making Mary wetter and wetter.

Mary moaned pleasurably as Vicki continued to work her fingers in and out of Mary's cunt. Vicki went deeper and deeper, driving Mary to new heights. However, she just brought Mary to the brink. Then stopped. She pulled her fingers out of Mary's cunt. Then Vicki held the two fingers up that were deep inside Mary's pussy. Mary could see her pussy juices glistening in the light. Vicki wiggled her fingers, gesturing for Mary to come closer. "Come here my pet. I know this is what you want. I know this is what you thirst for."

Vicki held her two fingers in front of Mary and she knew what to do. Mary greedily licked and sucked her pussy juices from Vicki's fingers. Vicki pushed her fingers in and out, fucking Mary's mouth.

"Mmmm. Isn't that good slut? Pussy is so delicious and addicting. You can't get enough of it, can you? Licking a woman's pussy is a great form of pleasure for a woman. You will always crave the taste of pussy Mary. You'l be nothing but a licking lesbian whore." Vicki's other hand had started working Mary's cunt. Mary couldn't get enough and tried to thrust down harder. It was to no avail. Vicki wouldn't let her cum. Vicki loved torturing her sluts.

Mary also continued to lick and suck Vicki's fingers. Her mind was weak from the dowsed wine and was absorbing Vicki's words like a sponge. Vicki snapped her fingers and Mary instantly stopped licking and looked up at Vicki.

"Now it's time for you to show me your worth as a slut." She pushed Mary off her lap onto the floor and towered above her. Vicki spoke as Mary gazed at her dripping cunt.

"My pussy hypnotizes you." The moment Vicki said it, Mary knew it was true. She wanted Vicki and her pussy. "My pussy draws you in. My pussy makes you weak. My pussy makes you needy. My pussy makes you horny. My pussy makes you obedient."

Vicki's every word drove the idea of eating pussy deeper and deeper into Mary's mind. By the time Vicki finished speaking, Mary's tongue was practically lolling out of her mouth. The only thoughts in her horny mind were of servicing Vicki's dripping pussy. Mary longed to bury her face in Vicki's wet snatch. She was squirming uncomfortably, struggling to keep her newfound sexual arousal in check. Part of her still wanted to fight it knowing it was immoral. It was wrong to be a lesbian and please another woman. She had learned that...somewhere. However, that didn't matter anymore. Vicki stood before her with a dripping pussy. Pussy was SO good. Shouldn't Mary be putting her tongue to good use and eating Vicki out. Vicki deserved to be served. Vicki knew she had captured her newest slave and made Mary wait for permission. She looked down at her triumphantly.

"Eat my pussy, slut" Vicki ordered.

Mary obeyed with great enthusiasm. She lunged forwards, mouth open, and locked her lips around Vicki's swollen clit. However she was sloppy and uncoordinated - she wasn't driven by any skill or experience, just a carnal desire to have Vicki's pussy in her mouth for as long as she possibly could. She licked her tongue around Vicki's clit a few times, lubricating it with her saliva. Then, she plunged her tongue as deep into Vicki as she could. She was only stopped by the length of her tongue. Vicki grabbed her head and pushed Mary's face against her cunt so her new slut could bring her more pleasure. Under Vicki's command, Mary's whole body was weak and relaxed, and any uncertainty she felt was pushed out of her mind in favour of pure bliss and the incredible privilege of being permitted to eat Vicki's pussy.

The taste of Vicki was incredible. Mary had never tasted anything so good. She particularly savoured the precious drops of pussy juice she was able to milk from Vicki's cunt with her eager tongue. Every drop she drank made her cunt get wetter and her mind go blank as pleasure rushed through her. She also loved the pleasurable noises Vicki was making. Vicki was happy. This woman deserved to be happy and have Mary serve her.

"Another repressed straight woman becomes a lesbian...just like fate intends" laughed Vicki. "I think I'll play with you some more."

Mary didn't respond. She just kept licking, desperately eager to eat as much pussy as she could. Soon Vicki moaned and came. Her pussy juice sprayed out and coated Mary's face. Mary now looked like a geisha.

"Now come and sit in my lap and let me see your cunt." ordered Vicki. Mary eagerly climbed into Vicki lap. Pleasing Vicki was all that mattered. She wanted to do whatever she could to please Vicki. Vicki's fingers gently massaged Mary's pussy. Marry moaned in horniness. She tried to impale her pussy deeper onto Vicki's fingers. She kept pushing down humping Vicki's hand. She was on the edge now. Suddenly, Vicki withdrew her hand.

"Enough, slut" she ordered sharply.

Mary moaned in discontentment. She was just SO horny. "How can I cum?" she begged Vicki.

"In order for me to let you cum. You have to agree to let me be your Mistress for all eternity. You must service me and my other lesbian sluts. It will be eons on pain, pleasure and servitude. You will become a cumslut, a pussy slave. I really don't know if a vanilla thing like you is up to it." said Vicki.

"But, I love your pussy. Let me lick it again, please". Begged Mary.

"Not until you decide to become my slave." said Vicki.

"How do I do that?" asked Mary.

"Easy you go over to that table, place a dog collar on and let me fuck you. You'll be my pussy slave for all eternity." said Vicki.

"Really? Forever and ever?" said Mary.

"Yes, slut. But, you have to put it on yourself. Lots of changes will take place to you, in order to make me happy. But, once I'm pleased with you I'll fuck your brains out and let you cum." said Vicki.

Mary was very horny and a little drunk but more than anything she wanted to cum so she wandered over and put the dog collar on herself. Then she bowed before Vicki. Vicki deserved respect. Also it gave Mary a chance to stare at Vicki's beautiful cunt.

Vicki strode over to where Mary was kneeling.

"Stand. I'm happy to have you as my new bitch" said Vicki.

Mary rose unsteadily to her feet. She felt unworthy, standing in her Mistress's presence, but she could not disobey. Not her. Not ever. She was Vicki's bitch now. She had to serve her Mistress now for all eternity. Vicki was a real woman and deserved to be respected.

"Please fuck me Mistress." begged Mary.

"If that's what you wish, Slut. I'll fuck your brains out." said Vicki. "But, first some changes to your body to make you more worthy of me."

A great change came over Mary. Her hair turned an electric pink. Her eyes grew vapid and her breasts expanded to double Ds. Her intelligence dropped. But Vicki kept her sexually inexperienced and shy. Mary was now a different woman. She was Mimi, a mindless bimbo who wanted to serve Vicki forever. No one would recognize Mimi as Mary. With time even Mimi would forget that she had once been Mary, a respectable religious woman.

"Time to fuck your brains out" said Vicki as she laughed malevolently.

Mary, well now Mimi, watched in horror and amazement as a cock grew out from Vicki's cunt. It grew to 8 inches and Vicki forcefully pinned her against the wall.

"Relax Slut, you'll enjoy this." She forcefully kissed Mimi. Then Vicki thrust herself into Mimi's pussy. Mimi gasped in pain but they soon turned into moans of pleasure. Vicki plunged in and out of Mimi's pussy and Mimi moaned in pleasure. Vestiges of the old Mary tried to fight. This was SO wrong. Women shouldn't be with other women but was Vicki a woman if she had a cock? An orgasem swelled up in Mimi and it was just too much.

Then Vicki spoke. "Say goodbye to Mary. Mary no longer exists. Only an eager little slut, a mindless bimbo named Mimi who wants to serve her Mistress forever."

"Oh Mistress, I love you SO much." moaned Mimi.

"I know, slut. I know. Now you belong to me forever" Vicki came in Mimi and Mimi came too. Mimi moaned and bucked up against her.

"That was amazing," said Mimi.

"I know Slut, I know. Now get dressed and make me some breakfast. Then I'll give you something to eat." ordered Vicki.

"Right away, Mistress." said Mimi. Mimi couldn't wait for her breakfast. She was now the thirteen member of Vicki's harem. Mimi was a slave to her Mistress's pussy. It was a position she would enjoy for all eternity.