Organic ... ethically made ... fair trade ... Kayla kept scrolling through one clothes shop after another, skimming the descriptions and never giving anything more than a superficial glance. Why was it so difficult to find something that she wanted to wear? Something that spoke to her and made her feel good? Powerful? Everything she came across was just so unbelievably dull! If only there one shop, just one that had clothes which ... she stopped scrolling, her thumb hovering over the image of a dress.

A deep red colour, comparable to that of ripe cherries. Fabric that looked soft to the touch even through the screen of her phone. A cut that she knew would flatter her. That was it, the dress she had been looking for! The price was acceptable too, Kayla felt like she was dreaming. Without even a hint of hesitation, she ordered the dress - express shipping, of course. She couldn't wait to hold it in her hands!

When the package arrived, she was shaking with excitement so much that it was difficult to open. Her fingers ripped through the plastic, uncovering her gift to herself. Carefully, she picked up the dress and unfolded it. She had been right; the fabric was unbelievably soft. As she let it slide through her hands, she could sense an abnormal pressure coming from the dress. Almost as if ... it was trying to cling to her skin? It also seemed to be warm ... but that couldn't be. It was probably just an illusion, the fabric warming up due to Kayla's own body heat.

She wanted to try it on, see if the dress fit as well as she had imagined, but something made her hesitate. It felt wrong to put the dress on like this, all sweaty after a day of work. She needed a shower first!

Gently, Kayla put the dress on her bed, undressed, and went into the bathroom to take a thorough shower. The hot water running down her naked body felt invigorating, and she gave herself a few moments to enjoy it with closed eyes, before grabbing her shower gel. The scent of peaches filled the room.

Once she was done with her shower, Kayla dried off with one of her fluffy towels and left the bathroom with it wrapped around her body. Out of habit, she turned towards her underwear drawer to pick out a fresh bra and panties, but then she paused. She wasn't going out, was she? Why go through the hassle of putting on underwear when she just wanted to try on her new dress?

A strange excitement ran through her body at this thought. Suddenly, every part of her felt tingly and unnaturally hot. Was that just the aftereffect of her hot shower? Kayla didn't cling to that question, the anticipation of finally putting on the dress was too high. She dropped the towel and walked towards the bed, on which the dress was waiting for her.

Gently, she picked it up. There was no zipper, the sleeveless dress easily slipped over her head and settled onto her body. Its hem touched her thighs halfway down, and the sensation made her shudder. Wearing this dress felt truly magnificent!

Kayla walked over to her mirror to confirm the dress looked as good as it felt. What she saw took her breath away.

The dress accentuated her figure perfectly. It covered her like a second skin, but without making her feel suffocated or otherwise constrained. Just perfect, soft material that ...

... started to tighten around her chest? Kayla squinted at the mirror, and then looked down on herself. There was no mistaking it, the dress was moving on her breasts, slowly tightening and gently rubbing against her nipples. Startled, Kayla tried to pull the fabric away from her, but she couldn't! The dress refused to move away from her body. In fact, she felt like it was moving even closer to her skin, embracing her.

There was no mistaking it now, the dress was definitely warm, and not just heated up by Kayla. She didn't understand how or why, but this thing was alive and had a mind of its own! Over and over, Kayla tried to pull the dress away from her, tried to pull it over her head to take it off, but it wouldn't let go. The fabric had now started moving all over her body, and it almost felt like a lover's hand caressing her skin ... but everywhere at once.

Unable to resist the sensation any longer, Kayla sank to her knees and let out a shuddering moan. What was going on? She should be terrified, but ... but it felt so good. It became difficult to think, as the dress continued to stimulate her body in ways she hadn't even imagined before. The last part of her brain that could still think rationally noticed that the dress had changed its shape, it was now more similar to a bodysuit, covering every inch of her.

A scream of pleasure escaped her mouth when she was made aware that this assessment had been incorrect - but swiftly corrected. The fabric had moved between her legs where it wrapped itself around her clitoris and started to lightly vibrate. Kayla, still kneeling, bent over and clawed her nails into the carpet under her as she felt an orgasm slowly rolling up inside her. The fabric seemed to sense this, lightly intensifying its vibration between her legs and stimulation of the rest of her body.

A deep moan escaped Kayla's throat, and she gave herself up to the orgasm taking over her body. It was intense. More intense than any orgasm she had given herself, and certainly better than anything a partner had been able to provide. Twitching, on the floor, gasping for air, she realised that the fabric wasn't done with her yet.

Kayla felt it pushing inside her, a weird sensation. Somehow, the fabric had made itself hard enough to do this, but it was still flexible and pressed on all the right spots while moving inside her. The vibration around her clitoris hadn't stopped, just changed to more of a pulsating rhythm. The rhythm ... it matched the movement on her breasts, around her nipples.

Almost too much. It was almost too much, the sensation of pleasure that rippled through her body, as she came, again. And again. And again. Leaving her on the floor shaking, panting, and wetter than during her shower.

She had completely lost track of time, track of how many orgasms she had gone through. There was no rational part of her brain left, the dress had reduced her to pure delight. And only then, when all thoughts had left her, and her body was unable to go any further, only then did the fabric withdraw. It changed back to the dress she had originally put on, leaving her feeling weirdly exposed.

"We can do this again", a voice in her head, sweet like honey, said. "I'm your dress now, and only yours."