Chp. 2

It was in that moment that Johnny and Dom both lost themselves in the overwhelming power of that orgasm, and in the response the drugs were having on their bodies. While the substance was unlike the one they had used previously in many ways, Dom had misunderstood a bit. It wasn't exactly less intense.

With this drug, an orgasm set off the production of genetically modified pheromones. These chemicals created an empathetic field around the person experiencing the orgasm, allowing those close to them to share their experience entirely. This happened even if the other partner didn't take any. When multiple partners all used the substance, one of their orgasms would set off a chain reaction in the others that could go on as long as their bodies could take before the clouds lifted. It would be an hour before Johnny and Dom came to in a soaked pile of one another, wondering what exactly they'd gotten themselves into.

The young man in the house next door had ceased to believe what he was seeing long ago, but convinced that the two he was watching were entirely too consumed with each other to notice, or care, and undeniably horny, he stood there at the window massaging his sorely hard cock and drooled from both ends. He had never really seen anybody having sex before, and he was drawn to the site magnetically. Sure he had seen plenty of porn, tried a few rudimentary, freely available simulations, the education programs, he'd even fooled around a bit over the years. But even then, he'd never gone far. Watching these two men was something he could hardly have even imagined.

The one on his knees was drooling constantly as he struggled to swallow down the other man's enormous cock. The man standing was bucking wildly, and it seemed like every time he backed up enough to get his cock out of the other guy's mouth, he was shooting rope after rope of cum. Walker, the brown haired youth, looked down at his hand in his pants. He used the free hand to undo his belt and unbutton, then pulled his cock out and started jerking it harder. He focused on the imprint of the standing man's cock through the other guy's throat. With each thrust, Walker could almost see the outline of his cockhead in the visible lump that appeared, stretching the skin on the kneeling man's neck from the inside. Walker came so hard it hit the window 3 feet in front of him with a splatter.

Walker quickly came to from the moment and pulled his pants up, making sure the two men weren't suddenly paying him newfound attention. He said a silent prayer they hadn't noticed or hadn't cared. He surveyed the cum streaked window, thought about cleaning it up, but left it. He walked over to the couch in the living room of the house he was squatting, thinking about his new neighbors and what he'd just done and seen.

He'd spent the past few weeks in the house on the beach. He liked it there. During the off season, the houses sat empty and open, and no one bothered to stop you from going in to most of them. It was still warm, and Walker liked being able to swim in the ocean whenever he pleased. It was lonely, though. In part, that's what he wanted. It was the first time he'd ever really spent any considerable time alone, having grown up in a corporate campus complex. There he spent virtually all of his time in communal spaces, sharing even his family's private sleeping quarters with his parents and younger sibling. This year, he'd finished his secondary schooling, and where most of his peers at the complex went on to university or technical training, Walker had chosen to take a year on his own before committing to what came next.

Like Dom, Walker had, kindly, a fondness, and more straightforwardly an obsession with the culture of the 20x0s. He'd read about posh kids taking 'gap years' between their times in their archaic highschools and colleges. While his situation had little in common with theirs, he consoled himself in the tough times of his year: no money, no food, and no place to go, yet with glamorous fantasies of 'exotic' travel in what was still a newly globalizing world.

Squatting at the beach, Walker thought, he did have it pretty glamorous in some ways, even if he was only a 2 hour's drive from the compound where he grew up. And it had been one of his goals for the year to get out of the city. It was also, he mused, a goal of his to get laid, in some form or fashion. He didn't know what he wanted or how he wanted it to go yet, and it's not like opportunities were jumping at him, but he knew he wanted to learn. He'd been through simulations with people and beings of many genders with many unique bodies, and while he didn't feel any strong preferences, he knew that watching these cock-clad men go at it was eliciting a desire deep within him. His mind danced dangerously close to a scenario he tried, for a moment, not to imagine.

Walker was tempted, though, and, perhaps, pulled ever so slightly by the diffuse pheromones in the air between him and the other two men. If so, he didn't notice. Slowly he let himself imagine what it could be like to join those two. He pictured getting on his knees in front of Dom's massive, pulsing cock. Saw himself dragging the tip of his tongue over the shaft, feeling the heat of the pumping blood. Walker knew despite his lack of experience that Dom's cock was genetically enhanced. He wondered if he could take it, and if he would enjoy it. He had loved the sensations of simulated cock sucking, but considered that the real thing may be different.

He walked over to the window in spite of himself, hoping to steal a glance at whatever was going on between them now. What Walker saw was just Johnny, half sitting, half laying on the couch, his legs spread. His body was wet all over, and the stickiness was palpable even from a distance. To Walker's surprise, Johnny looked up at him, through the dripping cum stains on the widow, and smiled.

'Oh fuck,' thought Walker, and then he thought it over and over again.

The final waves of orgasm washed Dom and I slowly back to the shores of consciousness. His cock was resting gently against my ass, still lazily leaking globs of cum. My own cock was mostly soft, also dripping. He slowly pulled himself off of me and we grabbed each other for a long, deep embrace. The cum and sweat that covered us both stuck our chests together in a wonderful mess.

"That was fucking... crazy" I said, twitching a little still.

"I didn't know it was gonna do that," Dom said, pulling away a little to look at me. "Are you ok?"

I told him that I felt great, but a little overwhelmed. It seemed like Dom had somewhat more awareness throughout our experience than I did, but not, necessarily, control. We ended up researching the drug a bit and learned that the intensity of the first chain of orgasms is the strongest by far. That reassured us both, as we settled back into one another and enjoyed the ebbing glow that followed what we'd done.

Eventually Dom went to take a shower. I layed on the couch and let our cum drip off of me and luxuriated in it. That's when I looked up and saw that guy in the house across the way again. There was something streaky and opaque on his window, partially obscuring him, but he was definitely there, looking. I remembered in a patchwork that I'd seen him with his hands in his pants, watching us, and realized the substance on the window was cum. I smiled at him, not thinking to move or cover up. He gasped and turned around quickly. I laughed a bit, then laid back and closed my eyes. Waited for Dom to finish so I could, temporarily, wash the cum away.

While I waited I thought about the younger guy in the other house. I didn't want to try anything too forward, but I was curious, and if the hand in the pants and the cum on the window were any indication, the other guy was at the very least curious as well.

'What if Dom and I just went over and introduced ourselves?' I thought.

Seemed innocent enough. Dom came around the corner into the living room after his shower, dripping and smiling, watching me still stewing in the mess we'd made. He walked over and sat near me, perched over my reclining head and gave me a kiss.

"I saw the neighbor checking us out," I told him. "Seemed like he liked what he saw," I said, motioning to the window across from ours where Walker's cum still dripped in lazy streaks.

"Damn," Dom said as he got up and started towards our window. His hand went to his soft cock, hanging 10 inches and heavy, as he recognised the cum.

"And you'll never guess. He's just your type," I teased. "Boyish and good looking in that 21st century kind of way."

Dom looked at me over his shoulder and gave me a playful growl as he walked back towards me on the couch.

"Why don't we go introduce ourselves, then?" he said, and my eyes lit up.

"Perfect. I'll go clean up," I said, and headed towards the shower, passing by him close and touching him gently at the hip as I do.

I walked down the short hall to the bathroom and went in. One wall, to the right from the door, was covered with a floor to ceiling mirror. I took time to observe myself. The sticky film that covered me was in some places caked and crusted, in others frothy and wet. I rubbed my hands through the sublime mixture from my balls, up over my chest, and to my mouth. I swallowed my hands to the wrists, flicking my tongue around trying to get in as much as I could. Then I reached down and got more of the stuff. This went on and on, rubbing and caressing myself, taking up as much of the cum and sweat layered on my body as possible, and then lapping it up. I was so caught up that it surprised me when I caught my reflection in the mirror. I was somehow stickier than I started.

Satisfied, I walked to the other side of the bathroom to the shower bath and started the water. I let the stream heat for a minute, then climbed in. I was surprised at how nice the water felt; I'd expected my sensitivity to be shot throughout my body after everything Dom and I had done. Instead, though my jaw definitely felt a bit sore, the rest of me was light and electric. I felt blood start to move back to my softened cock as I quickly washed myself, excited with the knowledge that I'd be covered again soon enough.

I got out of the shower and dried off quickly. I walked back to the main room to find Dom dressed and ready to go, a sly smile on his face. I could feel his playful, but urgent impatience in that moment. I went over to where my clothes from earlier lay in a discarded pile near the couch. I got dressed slowly, teasing Dom a bit as I wiggled into my clothes. When we were both ready we kissed briefly at the door and then began to walk to our neighbors', wondering what may be in store.

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