I first met my new neighbor when I noticed her walking her dog past my open garage. The dog broke away from her and ran into the garage to say hi. I don't know why but dogs always seem to like me. As I was wiping off my hands with a clean rag she came bounding in after the dog. It was hard to keep my eyes from staring at likely the most beautiful pair of breasts bouncing under her shirt I had ever seen as she came to a stop in front of me. She smiled at me as she bent down to leash her dog. I took in her tall thin form and amazing pale skin.

She brushed the long blonde hair from her eyes as she held out her hand. "Hi, I'm your new neighbor."

Noticing her accent I reached out for her hand, smiled, and asked "German?"

"Yes" she replied. "I'm Alessandra".

"John. Always nice to meet new neighbors." I replied as I bent down to pet the dog in an effort to hide my ever lengthening cock.

This woman was hitting my libido in every way. "Well, I'm sorry my dog bothered you. It was nice to meet you too."

I couldn't help but notice a slight blush and perhaps a smile as her eyes briefly took in the bulge in my pants as I stood up. "I think I'd best let you return to your work now. I hope to see you again soon." she said as she turned to leave.

"Me too" I smiled in return.

Turning back to the work on my car's engine I cursed my damn cock's mind of its own. "I hope I haven't blown it." I muttered to myself.

My cock was always an issue for me. Quite long and thick, even when flaccid, it grew to frightening proportions when aroused. A few smaller women I had dated had been astonished when they first saw it and practically ran away. I made to a point to date only taller women in the hope it would be less of an issue, with some success.

Later that evening, after dark, I had finished with the engine work, cleaned up, and was spending a few minutes polishing the car. My new neighbor and I had adjoining garages with a common wall. As I cleaned the car I began to hear a soft moaning sound coming through the wall, which was quite thin and uninsulated. I listened closer and now I was sure of it. These were the sounds of a woman in the throes of passion.

Walking quietly outside I peered into the side door of her garage, through a window partially blocked by a cloth curtain. The first thing I saw was a wide screen television on the left wall. Displayed on it was a black man kneeling behind a white blonde woman, also on her knees. The man was driving his large thick cock deep into the woman, lurching her forward with every thrust. Her large breasts swinging beneath her in rhythm with the fucking.

"Hmm...It appears my new neighbor has some interesting hobbies of her own." I thought. But when I repositioned myself to see the opposite side of the room came the big surprise.

There was my strikingly beautiful tall new neighbor completely naked on a couch in the middle of the garage. Headphones were on her head, apparently so she could listen to the television without alerting her neighbor.

What she had done to herself was amazingly erotic to me. Her long thin legs were spread impossibly wide, tied with rope on her ankles to the legs of the couch. Her hands were tied loosely in front of her. In her hands was an enormous black dildo, very realistic as if had been molded from the real thing.

She was watching the video, timing her thrusts the the dildo to the thrusting of the couple on the screen. Unable to hold back any longer. My cock straining against my pants, I reached for the doorknob. It was unlocked.

Entering slowly, out of vision to the side, she was completely unaware of my presence. I bent down to pick up a length of rope I found on the floor. Sneaking behind the couch I secured one end to the middle leg at the rear of the couch. Waiting for the exact instant she had driven the dildo deeply inside her, I reached over the couch, quickly grabbed her bound hands. Pulling them up and over her head, I secured the loosely tied hands with my rope.

Her bindings were now secure and inescapable. This all took only a matter of seconds. In the midst of her passion she was unable to initially realize what was happening.

I quickly placed my hand over her mouth in case she was inclined to scream. I scampered quickly around the front of the couch and looked into her eyes. I saw the look of panic change to quickly to the surprise of recognition.

"Shhh" I said. "You and your secret are safe with me."

I removed my hand from her mouth and smiled. She sheepishly, submissively, returned her own smile.