My name is julie and I am a sissy CD. I had taught high school as a male for years, though an effeminate male. Now that I finished my teaching career, my Owner, Madame, and I decided to fully embrace me being a woman and I would change my hormones to increase my breast size to 36D. Madame and i decided that we would celebrate my decision and go to our favorite bar called "Sissys." As the name implies it caters to the Cross Dressing community and provides a safe environment for girls like us to meet and chat.

I should explain that Madame is a genetic woman. I became her property when my father sold me to her after my Mum kicked me out of our house for fucking Daddy. Madame took me in and set me up in her brothel where I lived. Madame also paid for my education and medical treatments. In return I have worked in her brothel and willingly became her property. On my arse I have a branding (See Chapter 6 - Julie is a Whore) that tells the world I am a prossie and that I am Madame's property,

As we were sitting there having our drinks, another sissy named Maureen asked if she could join us. I knew Maureen, she is quite pretty and we have danced and even fucked a few times. Madame was gracious and offered to buy Maureen a drink. As we chatted, I noticed that Maureen was distracted and seemed sad. I asked "What's wrong sweetie?"

Maureen started to tear up and said "My boyfriend says I am a terrible cock sucker. Can you imagine how that made me feel?"

As Maureen sat there crying into her drink, Madam said "Listen Maureen, julie is the queen of cock suckers. Why not come to the brothel and spend the night with her. It will be my treat. Trust me dear, if anyone can teach you how to suck cock, it is julie."

Maureen brightened up and soon we were soon in my room at the brothel. Madame said "Go ahead Maureen, suck julie and let's see what skills you have."

Maureen came over to where I was standing and told me to lift my skirt and take down my knickers. I did as told and Maureen sat on the bed and started to jerk my clit. From time to time she would kiss the tip. I watched Madame roll her eyes behind Maureen's back. Both of us knew Maureen was indeed, a terrible cock sucker.

After I finally came, Maureen lick her lips and smiled "How was that?"

Rather than hurt her feelings Madame simply said "Let's call it a night. Maureen you can spend the night here with julie. Julie fetch a nightgown for Maureen."

Once I returned, Madame gave us both a kiss and said "Maureen, the first thing in the morning, julie will give you some suggestions that will help your skills. Listen to her and you will be proud to be a skilled cocksucker like julie is." Madame kissed us both and went to her room.

I undressed Maureen and put her skirt and blouse outside my room. During the night a laundry service would pick them up and return them to my door in the morning. As we both put our nighties on, I suggested that Maureen wear one of my bras. Once I put it on her, I inserted the 36D silicone tits that I used to wear before my hormones kicked in.

Maureen watched me change into my nighty. She asked "Why aren't you taking your stockings off?"

I replied "Madame insists all her prossies wear our stockings and garters 24/7. It gives us a much more sensual look. Maureen nodded "You do look sexy like that."

I smiled and offered her a pair of black stockings and matching black garter. After she had them on, I took her to the mirror and let her see how she looked. Between the better bra and tits along with the stockings and garter, Maureen looked like a proper sexy sissy prossie.

We snuggled and kissed in bed until we fell into a nice sleep, cuddling together. I woke up before she did and used the bathroom and then made coffee. The smell of the coffee brewing woke Maureen. I gave her a deep kiss and told her, the cock sucking lesson would begin now.

Maureen looked shocked. "I need to use the bathroom and shower julie. I know my breath must smell awful and I reek like a whore."

I smiled "That is okay sweetie, a good prossie learns to embrace the smells because they add to the erotic sensations."

Can I at least use the bathroom?" I said "Of course silly" and took her hand and led her into the bathroom. Once we got in there she waited for me to leave.

"No need to feel embarrassed dear, it is just us girls here."

Maureen protested "But I have to poop."

I leaned in and kissed her "I know sweetie, Madame and I put a mild laxative in your drink last night. Just trust me sweetie. Besides I have been doing scat play since I was a teen. The sight of a woman shitting on the toilet is something that excites me. Just do as I say, it will all start to make sense to you."

Maureen really had no choice, the laxative was doing its job so she lifted her nighty and pulled down her knickers and sat on the toilet. After pissing, I could see her struggling between the shame she was feeling about shitting in front of me and the need to shit. In time I heard the sounds of her shit hitting the water.

I smiled "No need to feel embarrassed dear. My sister Becca and I always do this together. In fact, Madame usually joins us as well. It is such a feeling of intimacy between women dear. Relax and embrace and enjoy it sweetie."

After she finished shitting, she reached for the toilet paper and first saw that I had removed the roll. I smiled and told her to stand up. Maureen did as I told her to do and I went over and pulled her nighty up and over her head, She stood there in just her bra, stockings and garters with her knickers at her ankles.

I knelt at her feet and helped her take her knickers off and then got back on my knees in front of her. As she moved her feet out of her knickers I bent over and kissed her feet lovingly. Then, still on my knees, I leaned up and took her 6 inch clit into my mouth and moaned softly as I felt it get hard. Maureen's soft moans told me she was enjoying it.

"Time for the lesson to begin Maureen. First, do you notice I am on my knees at your feet. That is the best position for sucking cock. Men love it because it gives them a sense of power having a sexy woman at their feet. Now listen carefully dear." Once she was looking at me I stood up and stepped back and smiled. "A good cock sucker knows to create an erotic experience dear. Notice, I undressed you, instead of just telling you to lift your nighty and tug down your knickers. A good cock sucker does all the work. Now just watch me sweetie."

I stepped back and slowly pulled my nighty off. As I did I gyrated my hips as if I were doing an erotic strip tease. Then I looped my fingers around my knickers and shimmied my arse as I slid them down. Once I was down to just my stockings, garters and heels I turned around and faced her and cupped my tits. "Do you like how my tits look sweetie?"

Maureen was quiet as she nodded. Then I turned around and bent over so she could get a good look at the branding on my arse. One one cheek is said "Prossie." One the other cheek was a series of 10 small circles, forming a larger circle. "Madam's family used to own livestock and used that circle pattern to brand the animals. Madame said by giving me this brand she was making sure I understood my place. I am nothing more than an animal. A sexual animal that exists to give pleasure. Let me pleasure you by sucking your cock properly sweetie."

She stood there as I went into my nightstand drawer and pulled out a pair of leather cuffs. "Maureen, I can see you want to please your man, you just do not know how. What you did to me was to just jerk me off and kiss my clit (cock) a few times. You only took me in your mouth when I was cumming.

I explained that a good cock sucker never uses her hands. With that I turned around and crossed my wrists behind my back. "Tie me Maureen. Once I am tied, I can't use my hands. All I can use is my lips, tongue and mouth. That is how a woman properly sucks a man's cock dear." She seemed to listen and absorb my words.

"Next, like I said, the best position for sucking cock is on our knees. You sitting on the bed as you do sends the wrong message. It is as if you are telling the man that you can't be bothered giving it your best effort. Finally, the very last thing a woman does is to take the man's cock in his mouth. The prossie uses her oral skills all over the client's body so by the time she takes his cock in her mouth, he is ready to explode.

i told Maureen to turn around and bend over the counter. "I am going to start by licking your arse dear and from there I will gradually work my way to your clit.

Maureen blushed and said "But I did not wipe my arse after I shat!" I giggled "That is just an added treat for me dear. Now stare at the mirror as I tend to you."

Maureen looked in the mirror and I could see how happy she was at how she looked. The padding in her bra and the stockings, garters and heels gave her a lovely feminine look. The professional wig I placed on her head finished the look we wanted. Soon she was moaning as I started to lick her arse. The licks were slow and long, leaving a wet trail that the air would get to and her sensual chills.

I moved closer and closer to the crack of her arse and soon I had the tip of my tongue running up and down her arse crack. I deliberately stopped for a few seconds so she could feel my hot breath on her most private spot. I gently started to push my tongue between her arse cheeks and licked her clean. I moaned as well, savoring the nasty taste of her shit. Any woman would be disgusted at doing what I did, but I remembered thinking "i am not just any woman."

I pushed my tongue deeper between her arse cheeks until I had the tip resting on her arse hole. I playfully bit the insides of her arse cheeks and could hear her moaning now. Then I started to hum as loud as I could. I knew the sounds of my humming her muffled by her arse cheeks, but she would feel the vibrations of that inside her arse hole. I felt her reaching back and pushing my face deeper into her arse.

Slowly I started to lick all the way down the crack of her arse until my tongue was touching the sack of her lady parts (balls). Being tied as I was, I was unable to wipe the drool from my face and soon my face and tits were covered in a nasty drool with little bits of shit mixed in.

I leaned back and said,"Turn around sweetie." When she did her 6 inch clit was rock hard and dribbling pre cum. I started to use my tongue and swirled all over her lady parts till they were dripping my nasty spittle and drool. I looked up from my knees and saw the awe and lust in her eyes and hoped she realized how powerful a woman is when she is on her knees like this.

I opened as wide as I could and took both of her balls into my mouth and started to give them a wicked tongue bath. I could feel her pre cum oozing into my hair and I knew she would not last much longer. I slowly started to grind my teeth on the base of her lady parts and she started to pull my hair and painfully twist it. That was the sign I needed.

I leaned back and let her lady parts pop from my mouth and then looked into her eyes. Never breaking eye contact, I took her clit into my mouth and started to suck it. I bobbed my head back and forth and she exploded in my mouth. After the first spurt, I pulled off her clit and let her paint my face with her cum. After she was done spurting, I took her softening clit into my mouth and drained her dry.

"Holy shit! That was amazing!" I smiled and said, "We are still not done sweetie. You know as well as I do, a man usually needs to pee after he has cum." I opened my mouth and nodded.

Needing no further prompting Maureen relaxed and soon was pissing all over my face, hair and tits. Just like when she was done cumming, after she finished pissing I took her clit in my mouth and finished her off. Just as I did that, Madame came into the room.

"Okay Maureen, be honest now, how does julie's cock sucking compare with yours?"

"Oh Madame there is no comparison! I realize what I did was terrible and I never made a connection between myself and the man whose cock I was sucking. All throughout this session, julie made eye contact and made me feel like no one else mattered in the world but me and the pleasure I was experiencing."

Madame smiled "What do you notice about julie dear?"

"This is crazy, she is still tied! She did all of this using just her mouth and not touching me at all! I never realized how lazy I was when I sucked my man's cock."

"Untie her Maureen." Maureen leaned over and kissed my passionately and then reached behind me to untie my wrists. She saw how red my wrists were and lovingly kissed them and then kissed my mouth. She giggled "julie, I can taste my cum, shit and piss on your lips!"

I smiled and said, that is what a cock sucker is supposed to taste like. Madame slapped our arses and told us to use her shower so that the clean up crew could get started. Once in the shower, Maureen got on her knees and gave me a really good orgasm.

Later that week, there was a delivery of a dozens fresh cut roses meant for me. I had to smile when I read the thank you note. It was from George, Maureen's boyfriend.