As John drove down the street that led to his old subdivision, he saw a large-ish jogger in a track suit and realized that it was his old cheating budding Pat. He was trotting along at a snail's pace. Sweat had soaked through his outer garments and plastered his greasy unkempt hair to his forehead. He was breathing so heavily that John could almost hear it through his rolled-up windows. Pat looked miserable and pale, like he might throw up soon. John couldn't help but feel a little enjoyment watching him struggle. Pat had salvaged his marriage by blaming the entire cheating incident on John. By telling his wife that John had been hitting on him unsuccessfully for months and had taken advantage of him while he was drunk. As the car rode past, he saw his former neighbor and sex partner finally give up and flop down on the sidewalk for a break. John chuckled a bit to himself.

The day went better than expected. John's youngest son had greeted him with a big hug and his oldest was significantly less chilly than he had been since the divorce. Before his son left John asked him if he would rather have his dad not go to his basketball game. The last thing John ever wanted was to embarrass his kids. His presence at the game was encouraged and a fun night was had by all. His ex-wife even asked him back to the house for a few glasses of wine.

They sat on Sarah's bed drinking and talking about everything: work, the kids, John's new house. It was very intimate. Unexpectedly Sarah asked: "Have you been seeing anyone?"

John wasn't sure what to say. "Not exactly," he managed.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I mean. I'm not in a relationship or anything." John was cautious. He wasn't sure if he was comfortable talking about this with anyone, let alone his ex-wife.

"Are you having sex?" She asked.

John turned red and laughed nervously. "So, is it a guy or girl?" Sarah had surmised from John's reaction that the answer was yes. John took a big swig and finished his glass of wine.

"It's a guy," he said shrugging.

"How did you meet him?" Sarah asked. "Is there just one? How many are there?" She had a slightly joking tone. For a moment John thought back to the time when they young college students. Before any type of relationship, she had been his best friend.

John laughed. "There's only one at the moment."

"Is he your boyfriend?" She asked, pouring herself another glass of wine.

"No. It's nothing like that."

Sarah looked at him expectantly. She made gesture urging him to keep talking. John realized that she wasn't letting this go. He also realized that he actually wanted to tell someone.

"I saw him while I was out running and then I ran into him outside of a liquor store," John started. "We started talking. One thing led to another and I invited him back to my place."

"What did you guys do?" She asked, her interest growing.

"We...had sex," John answered vaguely.

"How? Did he do you do or did you do him?"

John was on another glass of wine now. He sat on the bed next to Sarah and said. "He did me... on the couch in my living room," John continued. "First from behind and then he turned me over."

"Turned you over?" Sarah said, not quite understanding the mechanics of gay sex.

"Yea, on my back."

"How does that... work?"

"I just laid on my back and lifted my legs up. If you think about it, it makes sense."

"Did you go down on him?" John was taken aback. He had never heard Sarah talk like this before.

"Yes," John answered.

"Hmm." Sarah said, thinking about everything that John had just told her. In the few moments of silence, John realized that thinking about that night and talking about it out loud had started to arouse him. Sarah had moved closer to him on the bed.

"Is there anything else?" The tone of her voice was different now. He decided to leave out the part about swallowing Leo's cum and also the part where he got a facial, but just thinking about it had given him an erection. Sarah noticed. John started to feel embarrassed and made a move to cover himself.

"Don't get bashful now. It's not like I haven't already seen it. I mean, we were married for 17 years." She reached over and put a hand on John's crotch.

"Seventeen good years," she said. "I can't remember the last time I've seen you like this."

John froze as Sarah's hand squeezed the bulge in his pants. He was shocked and confused. Sarah pressed her body up against John's.

"What are you doing?" He finally managed to say, his voice filled with shock.

"I'm bringing you home." The smell of red wine was strong on her breath.

"I don't care if you have to think about men when we have sex," she explained. "You had your fun and now you can come home and put our family back together."

As Sarah unbuckled his belt and started to unzip his pants John thought about the day that he'd had. Being in his old home with his sons and getting along so well with Sarah. Her words had stunned him and for a moment he thought that maybe he could come home. Maybe he could move back in and they could just act like none of the last year had ever happened... But then reality hit John like a ton of bricks. He pulled away.

"I have to go," he said, flustered, and then bolted out of the bedroom without another word.

John ran down the steps and out the door as fast as he could, not realizing that his pants were still undone. As he got to his car and fumbled with the keys John also didn't notice that Pat was standing off in the distance watching him leave. Starting the car, John hauled out of the driveway and started on the road faster than was probably legal. Driving out of the neighborhood John didn't so much as glance back. He had to get Sarah, that house, and the idea of his old life out of his head. John reached into his pocket, pulled out his phone, and dialed but not before noticing that he already had several missed calls from Sarah. He wasn't quite proud of the conversation that happened next but John needed it to happen.

Speeding down the interstate in the dark of night, John made it back to town in record time and pulled into a crowded bar parking lot. Off to the side of the bar he saw Leo, that sexy beast, standing with his hands in his pockets and looking around curiously. John's windows were tented and he wasn't sure Leo would recognize his car. He pulled up beside the young man, rolled the window down partially and cocked his head in a gesture that let Leo know to get in. Leo hopped into the passenger side. He didn't say much but John could feel his excitement. John started to drive off and before the car had left the parking lot he reached over and grabbed Leo's crotch with his right hand, driving with his left.

"Don't worry. These windows are tinted so no one can see inside."

"Where are we going?"

"Not far. No one will see us." John wasn't entirely sure about that last statement but he didn't care. Lust, wine, and panic had clouded his judgment. By the time they pulled into the parking lot of a closed building John already had his hand down Leo's pants and was pulling it out. John pulled around to the back and shut the car off behind a dumpster.

As soon as John shut the car off, he dove onto to Leo's cock, opening his mouth wide taking as much of it in as he could. John choked when it reached the back of his throat and pulled up.

"It's so fucking big," he moaned, gripping it in his hands before diving back down on to Leo's hard, cut, cock.

"Fuck yeah." Leo grabbed the back of John's head roughly. John loved it. Soon his head was bobbing up and down vigorously on Leo's cock. John gripped the base of it with his hand and worked his mouth up and down the shaft as far and he could, trying to deep throat and choking a little as he failed. He took it out of his mouth and kissed up the length of it getting his own spit and Leo's precum all over his mouth before taking it in again and sucking hard and slow.

While John was leaned over the passenger side of his car Leo didn't say much. The young man simply moaned as John serviced him and reached over to grab a handful of John's tight muscular ass. Leo palmed it roughly over John's still unbuttoned pants and then slid his hand down the back of the tight briefs that were underneath them. That wasn't enough. Leo slid his cocksucker's pants and underwear down exposing him in the front seat of the car.

The sight of John's firm butt pushed Leo over the edge. He grabbed his cock with one hand and John's head with the other. John knew what was coming. Leo pulled John's head of off his dick and held it down. John opened his mouth and licked at the tip of Leo's dick as he began to tug on it. John's light blue eyes lit up with excitement. With a muffled groan Leo began shooting thick ropes of cum into John's mouth and all over his face. As the tension in Leo's body began to dissipate John finally sat up.

"That was fun," John managed.

"Yeah, it was."

As Leo was agreeing and zipping himself up his phone went off. He reached into his pocket and engaged in what seemed to be an aggressive call. "I didn't disappear," he said. "I'll be right back." Leo was smiling now. John was slightly curious about the conversation that was taking place as he reached into the center console of his car for napkins to wipe his face. He sat back in his seat thinking that he would go home, jerk off and try not to think about what had happened before this.

"I'm on my way back now," Leo continued. He gestured for John to start up the car. "I was getting a... birthday present." He said this with a little laugh. John was surprised. He didn't know what Leo had been doing when he had made the phone call - the one promising to give Leo the wettest, nastiest blow job of his life - and at the time he didn't really care. After Leo got off the phone John spoke up.

"I didn't pull you away from anything important, did I?"

"Nah, I was just out with some friends. You can drop me off and the end of the parking lot I'll walk back up to the bar," Leo said. John was still curious. The conversation he'd overheard, at least Leo's part of it, had interested him.

"But it is really your birthday?"

"Yea, it is." Leo didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

"How old are you?" It was first time John had ever asked anything personal about Leo. Their meetings, the few of them that they'd had, were always strictly sexual in nature. That didn't mean that they had to treat each other like pieces of meat.

"I'm 25," Leo said.

"Well happy 25th birthday."

"Thank you," Leo said with a smile.

"You know, after you're done for the night you can stop by my place for a real birthday gift." John hoped that it sounded nonchalant.

"Oh really, and what would that be?"

"Whatever you want. However you want."

"You keep talking like that and we might have to pull over again."

John soon reached the edge of parking lot where he had originally picked up Leo and let him out. On the drive home John thought about nothing. Getting back to his house was as much as he could concentrate on. He was expecting a quiet end to his night and if he was lucky maybe Leo would stop by the next morning to give him a good fucking.

But John's plan for the rest of the night was soon thrown out the window. Pulling up to his house John saw a familiar car pulling up behind and was immediately filled with confusion. He pulled into his driveway and got out of his car to see Pat pulling in right behind him.

John felt a dull anger and walking up to the door he had no idea of what to say or why his obnoxious former neighbor was even there. Part of him was curious and part of him just wanted Pat to not be there. Pat, never at a loss for words struck up a conversion in such a casual manner that John was slightly blown away.

"So, what were you doing with that black guy?" Pat asked with in the same manner that one might ask about the weather. "And why does your face look sticky?"

John's confusion was replaced by and overwhelming annoyance.

"What!?" He exclaimed. "How the hell do know-? Did you follow me?" John asked in disbelief.

"Well yeah, I needed to talk to you. I figured you'd be headed straight home and since Sarah wouldn't give me your new address, I figured I'd just, you know meet you here." Pat explained this as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"But then you went and picked up that black guy and then I had to wait. Have you been working out? You look great." Pat finished, willfully oblivious to the ridiculousness of his statements.

John stared at Pat and threw his hands up in an exasperated gesture. He turned around and headed to the front door of his home. Knowing that Pat would follow him.

"So, what happened with that guy?" Pat asked. He had changed out of the track suit that John had seen him in earlier. He was a little beefier now but most of the weight he gained seemed to have either melted away or settled onto his frame. For a moment John thought about how great his ass must look. But only for a moment. John wasn't in a mood to mince words.

"I gave him a blowjob. Not that it's any of your business." John looked Pat in the eye throughout this confession.

"That is so fucking hot," Pat said. "We should 69 right now."

John was not a malicious person. In fact, he was nice to a fault. But the way Pat stood in his living room acting as if nothing had ever happened pushed John to a breaking point.

"So, why don't you invite me upstairs?" Pat was obnoxious and oblivious. John had known this throughout their time cheating together. But that was the past and John had no time for Pat or any of the problems that could potentially come with him. He thought he should be angrier, but then realized that he couldn't muster up a feeling that strong for this man. John let out weary sigh and finally spoke.

"You're a garbage person and the only place I would ever invite you to is a dumpster. Having sex with you was vile and I'm ashamed that I got that desperate. I cringe every time I think about us fumbling around in that fucking basement and your stupid sweaty face and mediocre cock and that impish way you moan. I hated the awkward way you pawed at the back of my head when I blew you and the clumsy, toothy way you blew me. I mean, at this point if I'm going to have sex with a guy, it has to be a guy who actually knows what he's doing and isn't a total asshole. The training wheels are off. You're on your own." It wasn't a tirade. John never once raised his voice and delivered Pat's dressing down with an air boredom. He turned away from the source of his annoyance and headed up the stairs, not caring if Pat left or not. Thankfully, he was not followed.

John's rejection stung. Those words and the aloof, dismissive way they were spoken cut Pat far more than any angry tirade he'd ever gotten from his wife. He needed to collect himself, he thought. Get some of the fresh night air before going home. Pat drove for twenty to thirty minutes after leaving John's house and found himself in a parking lot near a popular trail. This particular trail had a reputation for attracting certain men but that wasn't at all why Pat decided get out of his car and go for a walk, he told himself. This place was in a safe neighborhood and Pat could clear his head without worry. As he got out his car, he told himself that he would simply walk around for a little while...

But then he came to a bench just by the opening of the trail and made eye contact with the man sitting there. The nearby light post showed that this man was well-muscled and had a shaved head. The man stood up and Pat stopped in his tracks. He was tall. Very tall. The man looked into his eyes with an intimidating intensity. He came closer. Pat's heart pounded with fear and excitement as the man stood in front of him. It was unmistakable that this man was one of those who came to this trail for more than just hiking or biking. Pat gulped.

"Come take a walk with me." The authoritative and manly stranger both aroused and intimidated Pat. He gawked at the way this man's muscles stretched the fabric of his clothing and found himself following almost involuntarily.

"What's your name?" Pat asked sheepishly to break the silence as he let this man lead him.

"Call me Ray." It was a command. Ray had Pat in his sites. It was the first but would not be the last command that Ray issued that night.