Part 3 of 4

In the annals of strange breakfasts, I am certain that the breakfast I shared with Anne and Liam that morning had to rate in the top ten. Three of us, sitting at a table sharing breakfast might not sound all that bizarre, but two of us were naked, and the other was a demoness. Imagine the devil taking the form of June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver sitting across the table from the most handsome of men, and a frumpy housewife and you begin to grasp just how surreal the whole thing was to me. Anne dressed the role perfectly; pristine period dress, pearl necklace, hair and makeup straight from a salon. Anne was poised, sophisticated, with a decidedly wicked sense of humor. She smiled and laughed a lot.

I have never seen Anne more relaxed, more carefree than at that moment. Make no mistake, there was absolutely no doubt who was in charge, who the star of the show was. All that was missing was the laugh track and the live studio audience.

I don't think Anne was possessed or anything silly like that. She was definitely not the woman I thought I knew as my best friend. I think I was finally seeing the real Anne, the woman hidden from everyone, even herself. Without doubt she was a dominatrix, and a well versed one at that, something that had never been hinted at in the ten years I've known her.

What other secrets did she have?

As for Liam, he was naked, and appeared not to be embarrassed in the slightest. And why should he be? The man was absolutely glorious! The physique of an olympian, his every muscle taut and defined. No wonder he found success as a nude model for the art department at his school! He was quick with a joke and his eyes, oh my god his eyes! The way they could see into me! He shared much in common with Anne, and it was hard to believe that they were not related. Knowing that beautiful body and his equally impressive cock had been at my mercy made me smile.

Before breakfast he was a sex slave, having jacked himself off with my feet, and now he was eating quiche, greatly enjoying himself, as if everything that happened was normal.

As for myself, I was not so comfortable with my body. I should have found something, anything at all in Anne's closet, as the sexual freedom I felt just a short time ago seemingly vanished the moment I took my seat at the table. For years I've struggled to hold onto my youthful body, and measured success a little at a time. I thought I looked okay, not great, but okay.

When I had clothes on.

But now, sitting naked I realized I was not twenty any more. I thought my breasts were too big and saggy, my aureola's were huge, my nipples slightly askew as if pointing at the ceiling and the floor at the same time. Long ago I promised myself I would have breastwork done to make them as they once were, but that time never seemed to come as well as the need.

What was the point of having a boob job if nobody ever looked at you?

I wish to god I had that boob job done before all this, as well as a tummy tuck and some work on that growing ass of mine.

Pleasantly plump my ass.

I was getting fat.

I should have least donned one of Anne's t-shirts, instead I've put myself on display for them to see in excruciating detail, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

I am very awkward as we eat, still trying to adjust with the surreality of it all. Blushing and keeping my head down, listening to Liam and Anne talk about school and other things, just as if they were mother and son.

The quiche was awesome though, and the events of last night really gave me an appetite.

"So, Liam." Anne said as we ate, addressing Liam as if we were in one of those old sitcoms, when the moral of the episode was explained. "What did you learn last night?"

Liam thought for a moment, nodded. "That not being in control can be fun."

"Anything else?" Anne asked, taking a sip from her steaming coffee.

Liam grinned, glanced at me. "Surprises can be good too."

"And?" Anne prodded.

Liam nodded. "That pleasing women is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be."

"But only if-" Anne started, gazing at him intently.

"I wait on my own pleasure until my partner is satisfied." Liam finished with a shrug. "Women take work, but are not impossible."

"Very good." Anne said pleased. "And what did you learn this morning?"

"That my fetish is nothing to be ashamed of." Liam answered.

"Indeed not." Anne said. "All it takes is to find the right partner to share that fetish with." She turned to me. "What did you learn last night Alice?"

Alice? Not Lady Katarin? What the hell? I frowned. It was hard to keep up with everything. "I learned that not everyone is as they appear, especially those you trust the most."

Anne giggled. "We all have our dark secrets."

"What did you learn last night?" I challenged.

"That my friend is a nympho." Anne answered. "Easily aroused, eager for new sexual experiences."

I flushed red, embarrassed.

Suddenly we all burst out in laughter.

"Who's up for dessert?" Anne asked cheerfully as she rose to gather dishes.

"Ugh." I exclaimed. "Not me. Pretty full after that awesome quiche."

"I'm up for it." Liam said as he rose. "I can help-"

"I got it." Anne said in a firm, but gentle manner that left no doubt she could handle everything.

It didn't take long for Anne to get the table cleared off.

"Alice, if you wouldn't mind?" Anne asked as she opened the refrigerator.

"Sure!" I said, grateful to be doing something. I rose to help.

"Lay down on the table." Anne said, searching her refrigerator for something. "Ah, there you are."

"Uh- what?" I asked, wondering if I misheard her.

"Get up on the table." Anne said, pulling out a can of whipped topping. Seeing my confusion, she grinned, the demon in her eyes once more. "You're dessert."

I'm sure my face paled. The shift in Anne was remarkable. A moment ago she was this carefree woman without a concern in the world, and now she was the Demoness from last night, her eyes hard, exuding strength, an indomitable will.

"I dislike repeating myself." Anne said sternly, shaking the can, the demon in her eyes growing angry. "On the table. Now."

I found myself obeying without understanding how she could command me so effortlessly.

I had to use the chair to hike my fat ass onto the table. I worried the table would break under my weight, but the solid oak table was made of sterner stuff. Hard and uncomfortable, the table was slow to warm to me, and I felt my nipples harden.

"Scoot this way. Here, use this for your head." Anne rolled up a kitchen towel, set it under my head.

Satisfied, Anne turned to Liam.

"Liam, your challenge is to eat everything I spray using only your mouth and tongue. Start at the neck and work your way down. You may not touch her in any other way. No hands, and-" She gazed at him meaningfully. "No cock. This is not about fucking, but foreplay. Most importantly, pay attention to how she responds. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress." Liam replied politely.

Anne popped the cap off the whip cream, sprayed a tiny amount on her finger tip and tasted it. She turned her attention to me. "Mm. Good. This may be a bit cold at first, but I promise it will warm up."

"Oh god." I said, excited and scared of what was to come.

"Alice, you may move as needed to help Liam achieve his task. However, you may not touch him at any time, and; this is very important, you can not orgasm, is that understood?"

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Spoils the taste." The Demoness said with a grin. "You did say you didn't want any dessert, so no orgasm for you, understand?"

"Yes, mistress." I said, repeating what Liam said.

Anne hesitated, gave me a look, and the slow grin that followed sent a shiver up my spine. Moments later, she was spraying whipped topping on my body. She was right, it was cold. I shivered, but said nothing as she decorated my body, starting at my neck, forming mounds on my breasts, encasing my nipples in the creamy substance. She continued, spraying a thin trail down over my belly, and a considerable amount on and in my pubes. She covered many of my erogenous zones.

"Hope you're hungry Liam" Anne said with a laugh when she finished. She didn't use all the can, but it was still more than enough. "If you'll excuse me, I need to get the dishes done."

Liam looked dismayed at the amount of topping he would have to consume. "I'm going to be diabetic by the time I leave here."

His comment made me giggle.

Liam leaned over me, frowned. "How am I supposed to do this without touching you?"

"Let me move closer to the edge." I said, scooting over a bit. "She said I had to help you didn't she?"

He nodded. "This is going to be hard."

"Why?" I asked.

"You're very sexy." Liam said. "It's going to be tough not to touch you with anything except my mouth."

"And tongue." I whispered, blushing from his compliment. He thought I was sexy? I was certain in the daylight I would have been hideous to him. I'm pushing forty, have a son in school not much younger than he.

"I don't know about being sexy." I said glumly.

"Mistress is right, you're too hard on yourself." Liam nodded. "You're a perfect MILF. You take care of yourself. You're fit, have beautiful curves, and a great ass. And your breasts-" He flicked a tongue across my nipples, drawing a surprised gasp from me. "Are perfect."

"Liam, finish your dessert." Anne said from the kitchen, a mother scolding a child. "Still have a lot to do today, and that driveway is not going to clear itself."

"Yes mistress." Liam replied setting to work.

He started at my neck, his tongue tickling me at first. I giggled at his touch, but soon felt the familiar warmth rising, his touch drawing forth minute jolts of electric shivers of delight throughout my body.

And oh my god what a turn on!

I moaned softly, wanting to pull him to me, to kiss his lips.

As if reading my mind, "No hands!" Anne warned from the kitchen.

I gave a stifled, frustrated snort. "Damn it Anne! This is torture!" I nearly shouted.

"It's supposed to be." Anne retorted. "It's called foreplay."

It was difficult for the Liam and I, as we essentially couldn't touch other, and I had to move this way and that to accommodate him. The one loop hole we found is that while we couldn't use our hands, we could touch our bodies. His hard cock occasionally pressed firmly against me at various places, as he struggled with his task.

God how I wanted that cock inside me again!

It was a lot of fun as we learned to work together. We spoke quietly, and he asked questions as he worked. He lapped up the mounds of whipped cream on my breasts with little trouble, and worked his way down to my belly and points beyond. The closer he came to my pubes, the more intense the jolts of electricity grew. It was like a million little kisses, working his magic on me with his tongue and lips.

"Not helping." Liam whispered as I struggled to stay still for him as he started into my pubes.

"Can't help it." I moaned. My husband didn't like oral sex, and it was rare for me to experience it even when we were sexually active, so the thrill of Liam going down on me was something I never thought to experience again.

The anticipation was killing me. "Oh my god, your tongue!" I whispered.

"Make sure you get all of it." I heard Anne say from a great distance.

That was going to be hard. My body heat already melted most of the topping, making it run, coating everything with non-diary product. I could feel it running down to my anus.

I was a disgusting sticky mess. It would take a lot more than Liam's tongue to clean me, but Liam was determined, careful not to miss anything. When Liam's exploration of my thick jungle found my nub, I damn near jumped from the table. I caught Liam's head between my thighs, nearly crushing his neck.

Oh my god! I don't think my clit has ever been so sensitive! I writhed on the table, my muscles clenching, paralyzed. Liam choked as he rolled with me, trying to free himself.

I wanted to orgasm so badly and it took every ounce of my will power to overcome it.

"Wait, wait." I gasped, waiting for the trembling to subside. I couldn't think of another time I've ever not wanted to reach orgasm.

"Sorry. Sorry." Liam gasped apologetically from between my legs, struggling for breath. "Didn't think you would be that sensitive."

It was several tense moments before I finally released Liam and he fell back gratefully.

"Jesus Christ!" I whispered breathlessly, my body coated in a fine sheen of sweat.

"I'm not hearing anything. What's going on?" Anne called from the kitchen, turning the faucet off.

Thank god she didn't hear what just happened.

"We're good." Liam said with a grimace, rubbing his neck.

He pulled the chair closer to the table.

"Careful." I warned, my senses still reeling from that near disaster.

"Don't think of me. Do math in your head or something." Liam whispered.

I nodded, confident the immediate danger had passed. I spread my legs for him once more. "Ok. You can start."

I knew just what to think of as he turned his attention to my lips. I've always hated how my labia minora, my inner pussy lips, looked. Dark and uneven, huge, a far cry from those I see in the videos I kept hidden at home. "Curtains of roast beef" is an expression I've heard used to describe pussy lips like mine. I feared Liam won't be able to finish, given how hideous my pussy is.

And then I felt his lips pulling on those same curtains, his tongue lapping up my wetness in his relentless search for the remains of the melted whipped cream.

"Oh my God!" I whispered, horrified by the eagerness he showed.

"You taste good." Liam murmured happily, a satisfied noise as he began to gently suck on my labia, cleaning me, savoring every new taste. I tensed, worried my threatening orgasm was close, waiting for it's moment to strike. All too soon he began to plumb my depths, his tongue going deep within me, touching, exploring. I couldn't resist. Instead I drew my legs closer to me, grabbing my ankles, spreading myself wider, encouraging him to explore me even more. My sensitive swollen clit buzzed like a door bell, nuzzled by his nose as he dove ever deeper into my wet depths, but I thought I was doing a good job keeping the orgasm at bay. He kissed and licked non stop, lapping up the remains of the white topping.

"Oh god." I breathed.

"You okay?" Liam asked, pulling away.

"I'm great. Don't stop. Keep going. Don't forget the crack of my ass." I replied, the orgasm I denied myself earlier lurking just beneath the surface, like a circling shark waiting to strike. I'm doing everything I can to fight it, but his powerful tongue strokes are becoming too much to bear. I fear the wrath of the Demoness Anne should I orgasm. She explicitly instructed me not to orgasm, and yet I knew I was only a heartbeat away from doing just that.

I start doing math in my head, taking the number one, doubling it to two, then doubling again to four, then eight, sixteen. Thirty-.

Oh fuck!

It's not working.

I have to stop!

I was horrified. The orgasm was so much closer than I thought, tearing through my resolve.

Frozen by fear, I couldn't move, speak, do anything to stop what was to happen. I'm a volcano and I'm about to blow, and no force on earth is strong enough to stop it. All I could manage was a pathetic mewling sound.

I resisted the orgasm with all the strength I could muster, but I no longer have the will, that wondrous tongue tearing away all my restraints. My body spasmed, and Liam hesitated, his tongue withdrawing, realizing too late he has gone too far. I grabbed Liam's head in an effort to push him away, but pulled him into me, forcing him deeper into my vagina. My moan is loud, carrying through the house. It's a soul searing moment, as surging tidal wave after tidal wave raced through me, shaking my very existence to the core.

Oh my god! What a magnificent orgasm, easily rivaling the one from the night before.

When I came to my senses, I sighed, my legs falling away, a great wave of satisfied relief flowing through me.

I'm happy, content.

"Oh shit." I heard Liam say from between my legs.

Steeped in radiating pleasure, I looked up to see Anne staring down at me reproachfully. It was a frightening sight, and fear wiped away the pleasure I was just basking in.

I displeased the Demoness.

"What did I tell you not to do?" She asked angrily, her eyes burning like hot coals in a furnace.

"Touch him." I replied nervously, the ecstasy of my orgasm evaporating.

"And?" Anne demanded, her eyes smoldering.

"Not to orgasm." I admitted, shamed.

"And what did you do?"

I looked away, a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"I will not tolerate failure. Get dressed." She said dumping my freshly laundered scrubs and coat onto the table.

A frozen chill gripped my spine. "Anne!" I blurted out. "Mistress! Please! No!"

Anne glared at me, her eyes hard, the Demoness angry. "Now."

And just like that, I was shown to the door.

Anne stood at the door waiting for me, imposing in her antique dress. Her features hard, distant, formal. She's peering through one of the glass panels on the door and to the cold sterile white world beyond.

I am beneath her notice now.

It's cold, snowing, the world a frozen in place outside, but I barely note it, my eyes filled with tears of shame, overwhelmed by a sense of loss, loss of something that was truly wonderful. I donned my shoes slowly, a child reluctant to go to school.

I can only hang my head in misery, a tear caressing my cheek.

I don't want to go. I'm being thrust from the warmth and ecstasy of eden for committing the sin of disobeying it's god.

"Have lunch ready at one." Anne commanded after I stepped through the door way. Her voice is as cold as the snow. A gust of wind carried a few flakes of snow into the foyer, quickly melted away. "Have all of your toys, books and videos ready for my inspection."

I blinked, thinking I misheard her, but before I can say anything, the door slammed closed behind me, leaving me standing in a foot of snow. I looked back to see Anne through the decorative glass, her form disjointed, scrambled among the different panes. She turned away, multiple versions retreating into the paradise I had just been thrust from.

... To be continued...